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Saturday, February 20

postheadericon Trouble in paradise

Apparently her and AR debo soo woo baby daddy "baby dadda" had been arguing while she was trying to get her video to upload. Poor TT!! Have no fear, it looks like the fake baby won't be fatherless after all!

Or will it? An hour later she's single again!? Did your imaginary boyfriend dump you? Or wait ... you FIRED HIM and NOW he was using you for press!? You've used that one before TT!

Even though it looks like trouble in "paradise" it seems that everything in her head was reconciled within the hour! Couple of the year!?!?

With all of this on again, off again ... I'm a lesbian, bisexual, straight, hermaphrodite, asexual, celibate, alter personalities, drugged out rants, etc ... I don't see little sick, orphaned, Jayden the second coming "home" to miss Tila anytime soon ... do you!?


Anonymous said...

She needs help... and FAST!

Anonymous said...

I thought she was supposed to be going straight to cold dark Russia to pick up her sick orphan Jayden? It's so hard to keep up with all the storylines and I'm sober. No wonder she's having trouble.

Anonymous said...

Plus, she said that he was there in Aus. with her!

Anonymous said...

For the record, "hermaphrodite" isn't the correct term... and by using it in reference to Tila you're bringing shame to all those born with what are called ambiguous genitals... so yeah, don't use "hermaphrodite"

Anonymous said...

^ Please. No matter what Tila identifies herself as, she'll be brining shame to everyone who identifies that way too.