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Saturday, February 20

postheadericon The TRUTH of the matter is ...

...her name is Jeri Lee. We start noticing her appearances seem the same as TT's!!

And then one of the fans have something to say:

Noticing a pattern yet?

I don't notice much mention of TT, do you!? Ooooh here's the ONLY mention of her.

I'll let the posts speak for themselves. I'm thinking that the reason for anyone appearing has NOTHING to do with TT. Still not embarrassed!? Hahahaha!


Bloglogger said...

THIS IS DESPICABLE! I have a 17 yr old daughter and if this FREAK EVER solicited her to come live in her morally offensive world and WORK FOR HER in trade for living with Tila, I would SERIOUSLY KICK SOME LEGAL ASS!!!

Tila posted to a 15 YR OLD GIRL the following:

"@LissyLovesTila so u can leave Germany Lissy & come live with me for free & in return you have to work for me! deal? =)"
34 minutes ago from web in reply to LissyLovesTila
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I am truly shocked beyond speech at the audacity, arrogance and her sense of entitlement that made her think she could DARE SEDUCE a MINOR CHILD from her own family!!!

I'm pissed, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have to give you kudos for what you are doing, exposing Tila and her continuous lies.

I bet it keeps you busy because her lies jump from one subject to another at the speed of lightning. LOL.

IMO, I KNOW Tila is truly out of her mind.
She desperately needs mental help.

One of newer tweets is:"When I get back from tour, he & I are getting tatoo's 2gether, then I keep doing my job, but once belly starts getting big, Im movin 2 Texas
7 minutes ago from web"

I think you are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. How can this not make you crazy..LOL.

Jennifer said...

haha just went to Jeri's FB page
comment from Thien Nguyen
'what went down in sydney? just wanted to let u know u shate all ova tila :D'

Says it all right there about comparative performances;)

Anonymous said...

I still don't get this. Is she just touring with her? EXPLAAAAINNNN

Anonymous said...

Sounds like to me this was a boobs and bums show which I have nothing against, but now it makes sense the Aussie boys would not be going for the singing.... Just the chance to see ass!!! That's why there were heaps of old sleezy men

melissakisses said...

im lost/so is tila jeri lee n vice versa???

Anonymous said...

No, the crowd was there FOR Jeri, not Tila :)