Sunday, April 11

postheadericon Looks like the joke's on ...

... YOU  Tila! Hahahahaha. Yes, let me catch my breath from laughing at this bizarre adventure of the Casa and Tila extravaganza!!!

Ok, so ... three days ago I recall the lovebirds rekindling their previously mutually revoked week long "marriage".

If you're not aware, Tila and Casa are supposed to be traveling to NYC today for her busy week there promoting her new "single" being released:

On twitter earlier someone tweeted the following:

Which put me into investigation mode considering Tila's constant desperation for publicity.  I started diggin' and this is what I found.

I know, that doesn't show me anything about the plane or doesn't mean anything does it?  They're always fighting.  Who'd expect any different?  Silly TRS! 

Earlier in the day I'd noticed a few pictures he'd posted so I went back to check them out and noticed the comments:

Say whaaat!??!  NOW it looks like she's HINTING at Garry being her man.  But TRS, it just says that it's his hand, right?  Well, you're correct but ... it looks like Tila is desperate to get Garry to be on "her side" so it's looking like she's going to slob on his knob while whoring herself out in NYC for the week so that he won't continue his friendship with Casa.

Casa even airs out his dirty laundry on FB telling his sister that it's war again with the "wifey".

Yea, this is all fun and stuff TRS but you SAID that Tila was causing issues on the flight, did you find anything out about that?  Well, funny you kiddies should ask.  I actually found A LOT about what is going on.  You see, it seems that Tila caught Casa cheating (hahahahahaha *points and laughs*) with FOUR different girls.  I hope they all know what STD's Tila is carrying around and go get tested before their vag's turn into a rotspot like hers.  It seems that Tila had some big argument with Casa and held up the plane, even children were watching her dramatic engagement with the flight attendants (we know how she loves to put on shows for kids - sicko), with complaints that Casa wasn't allowed on the same flight as her since she "canceled his ticket".  She goes on about how he conned his way through security (yea right liar) to stalk her.  She also mentions her "real man" while making a few "I love you baby" posts to Garry.  My favorite part is:

"Ok Thank GOD for wifi internet on Plane. I have officially file a restraining order against you, and you will be arrested the minute you step off of my airplane. SO get ready, You're going to need bail money when ur in jail in NYC today. Restraining order filed."

Hahahahaha!  Ooooh goodness.  My sides hurt from laughing at just how fuckin' stupid this cunt is.  Seriously, does she NOT know that a restraining order is NOT that easy to get?  I mean, you certainly don't just go to a website and POW have police officers waiting to escort a dude off the plane who obviously had a valid ticket to get onto the fucker in the first place.  It's a great read gang, check it:

So WHAT happened on the plane TRS? Well, I'd have hoped the whore got escorted off for being a psycho and making a scene but it looks like after her mania attack she just passed the fuck out.

That's right Tila, pop a few downers with some Jose Cuervo and you'll be at your normal state in no time!!!

UPDATE:  Don't get all excited, it's nothing important.  A few people have asked what happened after all of the airplane drama so I went on a hunt.  Obviously Casa was NOT arrested at the airport like Tila had promised he would be (no shit Sherlock) so she went back to FB to taunt him some more:

 Tila is already professing her love for Garry.  This bitch dick hops so much that I'm surprised she doesn't have to walk around with a diaper on to keep all of the "creamy oreo middle" goodness from running down her legs.  Anyhow, looks like Garry is the new victim.  Good luck Garry!  There isn't enough comet, bleach, & brill-o pads to wash off what this hooker gives you.  POW!

UPDATE:  Casa says he's done for good.  We'll see.  Crazies love each other.


OliveOyl said...

Tila, learn your Vietnamese, you fool! Casa is referring to himself as a woman when he says, "EM YEIU ANH." Let me clear a few things for you:

EM means WOMAN (sister, female self)
ANH means MAN (brother, male self)
YEU means LOVE

With that in mind:

1) Love (YEU) is spelled wrong
2) Casa referred to himself as a woman. (EM)
3) Casa referred to Tila as a man. (ANH)

Tila, how stupid can you get? Laughing my freaking ass off right now...

HottyRotty said...

Hahahahahahahaaha, thanks for the education kimtram! They're made for each other I think. I'm sort of hoping he goes on a beating spree and hospitalizes the bitch. THEN she'll know wtf it's like when she's crying fucking rape, domestic violence, etc. I'm over this cunt.

OliveOyl said...

Yep. I also need to add that Garry is a idiot as well, trying to preach to others about love and religion when he's friends with the very person that is anything BUT that. He took Tila's stupid supermarket pics and made money off her ass. Clearly, he's just riding the train. If anything happens to Tila, he (along with her other "friends") should be prosecuted for enabling her downward spiral. He tried to preach to me online about how I need to be more loving when I insulted Tila, and then said he would block me when I told him he wasn't God, just some guy with 200 some followers. Then he tried to say that he has 5 times more followers than me.. his best defense! What a pussy.

EDIT: I changed my name to my twitter name :)

Unknown said...

This stuff is gold. You couldn't make it up.

HottyRotty said...

I know. FREE entertainment.

The Blotspot said...

This is only the beginning. What is in store for New York? Only time will tell. Agreed Jayden Gold. roflmfao!!

Tilatakedown said...

YESSSS so happy that fake account helped with this!!!!

Fatty McFatterson said...

I looked up the lady who tweeted about Tila on the plane and if you read further down, you see where she's eager to clear about any confusion about them traveling with Tila. She's quick to say they are just standing in the same line, next to her, lol. What a maroon! (Tila, not the lady and her child)

Jennifer said...

Omg I just flew into new York tonight too. If I had seen her at the airport... I don't know what I would've done. Maybe tossed her into a garbage can? I can't wait for her to leave my city :(

Cathy said...

ahhh the Casa drama. What a loser for wanting her back. Yes you can talk about raping him on twitter and facebook but he is the one who needs a restaining order LMFAO.
I LOVE IT. What a dumbass. I dont feel bad for either of them GARRY OR CASA. Let them swim in the drama filled kool aide pool that is TILA. They have obviously drank the water!!

Anonymous said...

janajustsaid: Here is a comment i came across over on hotspot. On page 16 of her CVS shenanigans video. Might be something rotspot would be interested in researching to validate it. I feel he is right on about Tila. But I know the main reason you all "gOoOoO INNnnNN" on Tila is to expose her billshit, and bring awareness about her grimey, manipulative, advantage taking ways. Keep up the awesome work, we're all right here with you SUPPORTING you through it all. The tila resistance has more supporters, fans and followers than Ms. Tila herself does. How does that feel Mrs. Rotten-smelly-pus? POW! POW! BANG! BOOSH! WAAAHH!

Anonymous: 04/10/2010 7:29 PM
Why are you people/haters still giving her the attention? THIS is exacly what she wants from you all. If you guys quit talking about her she seriously wouldnt know what to do. I do know she would get more crazier if you all quit talking about her because she strives attention and needs it. When she logs onto twitter everyday its not her fans that she looks forward to hearing about. It's what you "haters" have to say. Yes, she still reads some of the fan stuff but why do you think she talks about her haters so much? Like I said, she wouldnt know what to do with you all because she obviously has more people that dont like her, than fans. So, the more you all continue to write stuff on her blogs, the more you all are paying her. So shes getting the last laugh! THATS why shes doing the things shes doing! So I think all the people that dont like her should stop sending her messages on myspace,facebook,twitter, on her blogs, whatever because thats what she wants. Her blogs are the only thing she is getting payed for. Ok, now that I have busted the bubble and said all this, Tila will probably know who I am. Now I am questioning if this tweet will get deleted. But,i'm pretty sure atleast 1 person that doesnt like Tila will read this before it gets deleted. Spread the word!! Thanks!
P.S. also, why do you guys think she keeps posting the links on twitter about 5 times every single time but only rewords what it says? Because she wants to make sure you all will go to it and comment! Enough said. I got my point across.

Jennifer said...

Yeah I go to rotspot, tilatruth, and spiked to see what she is up to, and sometimes to celebritytweet to see how her fan base is growing. (anyone think she is adding fake followers every day?) But I try to avoid at all costs from actually going to any of her sites or responding to her directly in any way. Perhaps it is better to just watch and report her antics. Jeering and sending her inflamed messages only adds oil to the fire and makes the resistance look like they are contributing to half her drama. She is probably patting herself on the back every time someone hates on her cuz she is 'so smart' and 'pulled one over the haters'

HottyRotty said...

Well, I don't go to her site ... the only time I'm ever there is if I'm grabbing shit to write about. I WILL tell you, and I have a post coming soon about it, that she DOES make money off of all of the links she spreads. That IS true. I have soo many stories in the works, it just takes time to get shit 100% straight to form an accurate and hilarious post.

I don't write for her, I write to make fun of her. She'll go away, it will just take persistence and patience :)

Thanks @anon4:10 for the info :)


Anonymous said...

Im the same as you jennifer. I usually never respond. Once in a while when she really lights a flames under me, or i think of a clever reply. But i usually just refrain and come to the blogs to read up on her. I havent been to her actual twitter in over a month. Feels pretty damn good too. And yes i believe she makes fake accounts just to increase her followers. And i think she makes them on most of the social network sites. Rotspot has called her out plenty of times. She's pathetic. She outs herself all the time. She is stupid enough to post stuff on discussion boards and what not on facebook and we all know her writing style and intelligence level. Shes on a downward spiral, and she is starting to fall faster and faster by the day. No scratch that, by the hour. Shit is going to hit the fan soon. Have your chicken wings and beer ready for the Superbowl breakdown of Tila fucking Tequila. "Its going to be the most EPICC of all time" I'm sure she would even promote her own mental instability as long as she got some posters or a reality show out of it.

Unknown said...

that's crazy, but not surprising. prob planned for more publicity. gary to record it/take pictures of it. i don't know. i cannot believe she caused commotion on a plane, in flight. safety at stake. i would have taken her down. selfish bitch. sorry. that makes me mad.

Anonymous said...

oh and p.s. if you ever need screen shots or anything from casa FB, im friends with him on there. Most of you all know who i am on there. send me a message if you need anything :]

Noname said...

Does TT think everyone is so stupid that they would believe you can get a protection order while in the air and she didn't even have to go to court? I guess, maybe, some of her tweens will believe her as they seem to believe everything she says. And there is NO way in hell casa could have "conned" his way through security. FUCK! She makes me so angry. She so self centered she doesn't give a shit that she is making all those people and children extremely uncomfortable on that flight because she wants to have a tantrum. She just thrives on drama.

And casa is begging her to be with him? What a fuckin idiot!

I am so happy I have normal sane people in my life :) Please keep us up to date on whats going on with the c&t drama..I know you will :)

Joann said...

I pretty sure this is a publicity stunt.

Tila tells so many lies and makes up so many stories it's almost impossible to know what's true and what's not, but I think this is a another "April Fools's joke" her and Casa made up.

Filing a restraining order while on the plane...mmmm, don't think so Tila.

I like how she makes sure to let eveyone know she is staying in a penthouse(which we know she's not)and the part about her canceling his ticket(which cost $1,000) and him conning security and sneaking on HER plane was hysterical.

Fatty McFatterson said...


I think the person who posted that has it wrong. I think sites like Rotspot, TilaTruth and SpikedTequila are actually doing a service to Tila's sanity. Imagine if none of us were responding? What lengths would she then go through to get attention. We think it's bad now, believe, someone like Tila who breathes attention will go to any lengths to get that attention. If we don't give it to her for this crazy stuff, who knows what she'll do to ensure it.

The airplane drama is actually case in point. I don't think there is an American over the age of 16 who doesn't know the protocol for inflight behavior. No one is getting away with any shenanigans these days. After 9-11 I was very very aware of what I did and said at an airport and the behavior I expected my young kids to display. Airlines are very tough and I, for one, do not want to do anything that would compromise my safety or possibly get me kicked off with FEDERAL VIOLATIONS for interfering with a flight. I mean, this is really heavy duty stuff and nothing to play around with. The fact that Tila would go there, knowing the consequences, makes me believe that she thought it would get her a lot of press, but no sanctions.

The fact that Casa was allowed on board after all the drama also tells me that Tila was pretty full of shit about Casa encountering any probs with law enforcement in NY. There is NO way he'd be allowed onboard in the first place if there was any question of any continued shenanigans from either of them. If flight attendants in LA thought he was a risk they would not have put him onboard just to be escorted off my police in NY.

And there is no way she could initiate a Restraining Order online. A Restraining Order is a court order and I don't know of any courts that are open on a Sunday afternoon.

Dee said...

Remind me never to pick up a random guy while sausage shopping (really, no pun intended) at the grocery store.

Those That Do said...

I live in NYC and NO YOU cannot file a restraining order on a Sunday for acts committed in another state what a stupid dumb bitch. I like how it took 12 hours or whatever to get here... we will see if she is on tomorrow.

Those That Do said...

oh and secondly they do not have WIFI access on a plane you have to use your credit card if you wish to go online lying bitch about even something you can simply prove wrong.

Anonymous said...

1 - Agreed with airport security as tight as it is these days, they would not have let either fly if disruptive or potentially dangerous from the outset

2 - Why aren't her PR flying with her? Any PR worth it's salary would be right there to buffer these situations. I can only think their mantra is 'any press is good press.

3 - She seems unable to have a relationship where the police aren't involved in the ending (only demonstrates her immaturity, volatile temperment and lack of normal social capacity, she uses police as 'rescuers')

4 - She's found her perfect match, Casa seems more than willing to be very public about his relationship with her. I suppose if he's happy to put risque photos and videos out there as quickly as they have, it says a lot about his character, so I guess it's no surprise.

5 - He's cheating with four others? In less than two weeks (+ a few days break) of their relationship he's been having sex with five total women? Damn. Glad he's rearing a child, great role model.

dina a.k.a. KiKi said...


(xkikikrushx) =)~

Anonymous said...

Just read the post and all the comments and I gotta say is this woman is fucking nuts!!! And I agree, I have no doubt that Tila likes to goat the haters because she makes money from the hits to her hotspot page. That's why I only post on her FB page and most of the time no one even knows I'm a hater. It's so fucking hilarious!!!!

Does anyone know what happened after Tila and Casa landed?

Anonymous said...

video at LAX - Tila's verbal diarrhea about Casa, Casey, pregnancy, miscarriage, and missing her flight. She's in a baaadd mooooddd NYC week is off to a great start!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - forgot the link:

Anonymous said...

deluwiel: Thanks for the link!

That made my day. She looked like a fucking dear caught in headlights when they asked her about her rumored "pregnancy" LOL. She didn't what the fuck to say!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, her hair looks greasy and her glasses are lopsided as hell...what she can't take ten minutes to take a shower and take her fugly glasses back to lenscrafters to have them straightened out?

Unknown said...

Anyone else notice how she has a huge blob of white powder on the tip of her nose in that video? And if she missed her original flight, how in the world did Casa "find" her and use the original ticket she bought for him?

Unknown said...

She must have been the only celeb (on any list..."z" to "a") at the airport. I love her attempt to look like a business woman. How can you pretend that you're professional when your lady bits are plastered all over the internet? Just let it hang out TT. We've already seen everything.

ArtistJess said...

she's on foxnews right now talking about how deranged her haters are.

Anonymous said...

So the laryngitis cleared up, I guess. Of course, her sister the nurse who graduated from the most prestigious nursing college in the universe must have had a hand in her miraculous recovery. After all, she got Tila through a miscarriage and onto a plane to Australia in about 5-1/2 hours, right? And what the hell is up with those stupid glasses now? Are they supposed to make her look intelligent and serious? With the stringy bleached hair, lumpy ill-fitting jacket and hooker shoes - yup, she's the consummate professional businesswoman. Can't wait to see the highlights from these interviews!

Joann said...

@deluwiel...thanks so much for the link. Love the closeup of the white stuff on the tip of her nose. Tila's wearing glasses and that god awful suit to make herself look more business like. She ain't fooling no one but herself.

The interviewer was totally making fun of her about getting a private jet to fly the rest of the way since she missed her flight and was a "VIP".

Talking about haters on Fox News? Shouldn't she be talking about her many "fake accomplishments" and how she is a mogul.

Noname said...

Thanks so much for that link deuwiel. TT looked the fool. She definately DOES NOT like being called out on her BS. I, also, loved when she blamed the paps for her missing her flight and the guy turned it around and said wasn't it her drivers fault because he picked her up late. She couldn't come up with a good answer. Also when asked about Casey she acted insulted as she sayd she won't talk about her any longer as that's her private stuff????????? Excuse me? She was blasting about Casey all over radar and everywhere else, and now it's private? makes me wonder if the Johnsons put the gabosh(sp/) on TT talking about casey. And then the She didn't know what to say. She looks pretty haggard. What can I say about that rediculous suit w/hooker heels? LMAO Anyhow, PAPS-1 Tila-0 in this interview.
Oh yea, and if she missed her flight how in the hell did casa end up on the same flight?
Oh the lies will bite you on the ass everytime Tila.

Unknown said...

also, i wanna know if the lady that tweeted about tila was sitting in COACH. hrm.

adellett said...

So according to that video apparently Tila isn't pregnant anymore! Geeze, who would have guessed?
I love when she starts ranting about her miscarriage and the cameraman zooms into her eyes. Is he looking for tears, or dilated pupils? LMFAO.
I agree with whoever said that the fight with Casa was staged for publicity. I think that she was probably going to flip out on that cameraman for attention as well. It is almost as if she has a checklist of what other celebrities have done to get attention and she is checking each and every one.
Pretend to be the victim of domestic violence (Rihanna)? CHECK!
Crotch shot for the paps (Brit, Paris, Linds) CHECK! You can see pics of that on her website.
Announce that your adopting babies and trying to become ambassador of a country (Angelina) CHECK!
Try to get in a fight with someone on a plane (Naomi Campbell) CHECK!
Trying to start pathetic, one-sided celebrity feuds with people like Perez (like Rosie/Donald Trump)? CHECK
Claiming her lover cheated on her with multiple women (Tiger, Jesse James) CHECK!
Can anyone think of any more? What do you think is next? Shaving her head like Britney? Joining some freaky religion?

Anonymous said...

She looks horrible in the video. She used to be good looking. Now she is gross. Her glasses are fugly. No where near being cute. Wtf does she have them on? She doesn;t want to talk about private stuff yet she has no problem showing off her private parts/rot spot/ nasty place you dont wanna touch even with a 70 ft pole.

She was probably late for the flight because she was doing some drugs.

Unknown said...

Tila must be a total dud in bed if the dude is cheating on her within a few days of their meeting.

Anonymous said...

@Fatty McFatterson

I completely agree with you. I think rotspot and Tilatruth and the other blogs are doing the human race amazing justice and bringing light to her bull. and i agree with Anna about her making money on her hotspot. She baits eveyone in. It does make a little sense. She does post the same link a million times in one day.

Anonymous said...

So nobody in her "entourage" thought to tell her she had white powder on her nose? Brings the whole "I can be classy too" outfit together right? Good job Tila.. good job