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Monday, June 7

postheadericon AHA!!!! It wasn't suicide it was MOGULCIDE!!!

Ok, I think I've FINALLY figured it out. I think I know why the mogul-tard did the fake suicide thingy! I swear we need a C-Fucking-SI team to get into that mis-shapen mogul head of hers, but after much thought I have thrown out the theories that this was done to garner more attention for that stupid blog or to create the beginnings of her Celeb Rehab story arc....Tila bragged last week that she was going to get a press pass to the MTV Music Movie Awards last night. She intended to blog from the 'other side' and everything was going to be all hunky-dory POW!!!

Hidden in one of her wall of words she had this little gem:

So, this was all a little bid for sympathy because MTV refused to give her a press pass or an invite to the award shows, because, duhhhh, they only recognize real press and legitimate news outlets (I bet Perez got both a press pass AND an invite, SUCK IT TILA!) and they only recognize legit A-D list celebs, not someone on the ZZZZ list!

Now Tila couldn't come right out and admit she wasn't invited or issued a pass, and she had already, why don't we do something to ourself that will garner some sympathy AND give us a great excuse to say to our fans (don't forget the  jelis haters!). "Oh, POW, I got like 30 press passes to the MTV Awards and like Tom Cruise promised me the first dance and POW MOGUL! all my paparazzi are on standby, but because Jane snuck in last night and chopped my arms off I won't be going, I know my Tila Army WHAM POW totally understands and all the haterz who say I wasn't invited, well, I don't give a fukkkk what you think because I NEVER LIE!"

I almost wish none of us had broke this story and then we could have just waited for Tila to reveal her MTV lies, and BAM POW we come out with all the facts! Eh, her Army of Morons and Halfwits wouldn't have believed us anyway. After all, we're all just fat, jealous, welfare losers who have nothing better to do than call people names (fuck you Piggy!!!) and tell lies (how was that cocksucking at age 15 going for you Khloe?) and make up nasty shit (I see you need a little Valtrex there Rihanna).

Oh dear, I just broke a fingernail....someone hold, I'll just take some opiates and go to sleep.

Nigh night Fatty Army

little fatty


alison m m said...

All spare money and energy in my house goes to saving endangered road kill that is not quite dead yet.
I can't see that you were doing any different to us.

Mimi said...

Anyone remember her Dear Diary post back on May 17- "Dear Higer Upper"? Go back and read that entry...she's been planning this for much longer than a few days, although I admit it was a convenient excuse to not be able to attend any of the MTV events. I think this whole thing has more to do with Celebrity Rehab than anything else. I think she is going to blame this whole multiple personality disorder for the drug addiction she is faking (I do believe she has an addiction, but I don't think she's being completely honest about her drug of choice). If Celebrity Rehab doesn't catch on to her lying ways before they start filming, which is quite possible since she makes it so easy, it will be interesting to see how she twists this fake suicide attempt by Jane! Take a look at the diary entry for May 17 and see what you think.

boytoy said...

I wonder what would have happened fatty if you never called the cops?

Mark said...

There was someone named "Kathy" expressing this same MTV awards theory in a user comment in the Spiked Tequila article about the hoax posted June 6, 2010 4:14 AM.

So I think someone else figured it out first, but it makes sense. Mind you, who among us could really understand Tila's thought process...

Her actions were selfesh, childish, riddled with lies, no responsibility taken for her actions, shifting the blame, etc... I don't understand the thought process, but yeah, that sounds like classic Tila behavior.

BKiddo said...

Hey there Mimi,
I don't go to her site, but I wouldn't be superised if she posted that in her Dear Diary.
I think last Thursday, (could've been Wednesday), she tweeted something to the effect of "Get ready for things to get really crazy around here".
I'll quit being lazy and go look it up for the exact words.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Well Mark, I guess I can attribute it to great minds thinking alike!! I went in search of that comment, but didn't find it :( There's also a sidebar on Spiked Tequila's site that says 'recent comments' where people appear to be talking about the MTV award thing but when I click on it, it says 'page not found'. Can someone tell me how to view those comments. I'd love to read their take on this. Thanks!

BKiddo said...

She tweeted on Wednesday, pg.6 (as of now), "Whoa, it's been crazy on my side of town. Ahhhh! The "quiet" before the "Storm" is to hit right about now."
The next tweet says:
"I'm leaving SOON! Ahhhh! Send me some love! LOL Cuz I'm about to take u on a crazy ride with me! xox".
That would put it 3 days before she posted her latest and greatest.
Also, as of two hours ago, she began tweeting again. Just about the MTV awards though. Old news as per usual.

Rottiecolt said...

Fatty, this theory is RIGHT ON! This makes sense, more than anything else.

This makes Tila's Entire fiasco Premeditated and In My Opinion, that makes her worse off than any of us even thought!

She is EXTREMELY Mentally Ill (and the self proclaimed drug use isn't helping)for her to plan this then post all her Jane BS on her site, both of her FB's and tweet it to.

The Fact that she thought nothing would come out of this (LAPD, Psych Evaluation)just proves how Insane she really is!

Oh Boy! She will certainly have some LIES! LIES! And More LIES! when she returns to her Mansion/apt!

Jana said...

To BKiddo:
So it makes sense. If you think about it, Wed is when the original pictures were taken correct? June 2nd? Then she tweeted on Wednesday: "Whoa, it's been crazy on my side of town. Ahhhh! The "quiet" before the "Storm" is to hit right about now." and
"I'm leaving SOON! Ahhhh! Send me some love! LOL Cuz I'm about to take u on a crazy ride with me! xox".
Like you stated: "That would put it 3 days before she posted her latest and greatest."

So if im correct she told us it was about to get crazy probably right before her "Jane" attack. But for whatever reason didnt post the pictures and tell us about the attack until 3 days later (June 5). Hopefully im making sense here.

From what im gathering and figuring out you are correct BKiddo.

Oh and BTW rotspot, for whatever reason i post on 2 accounts when i post comments. I think. Anyways just wanted to make you all aware so you dont think im trolling or anything. Its just i do whatever is saved at the time i comment. I think im going to use this id more often cause i just saw that i can have follow-up comments emailed to

Mark said...

Hey Fats, Spiked fixed it, it's working again. It's the 6th comment down in the "Big Drama over the weekend" article.

Great minds think alike!

BKiddo said...

Hey there Jana,
When Gnome posted the proof that she took those jacked up pic.s 3 days prior, Mimi's comment and now what Fatty and Mark are thinking, it all makes perfect Hogul sense.