Friday, July 2

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Yeah so a lot of you saw me telling Sheriff to "fuck right off" in the last post here.  Yeah yeah, I was harsh.  Damn people, I always tell you guys what a dick I am, but then when I show you, you act all surprised.  That's your bad, not mine!  Here's what it said:

Update #2!
So I've gathered from the comments that these were taken in August of 2008.  Thank you.  Although that wasn't really the point of this post.  I wanted you guys to see these pictures so you'd stop emailing them to me and asking me if I'd seen them.  And anybody else who wants to leave your little bitchy comments like YOU, Sheriff, you can fuck right off.  Again, I can post whatever the fuck I want here.  Nobody went "searching" or "pushing" for a story.  These haven't ever been featured here and I felt they should be.  Christ, we love most of you, but some of you are really pissing all of us off lately.

NGL guys, I was hurt that my boyfriend/BFF Sheriff had turned on me and said meanies to me.  So then on Facebook we had a big blow up, but then we made up (real talk: I had Tricky Troy the one eyed prostitute give him a BJ, and we all know Tricky Troy gives the best blowjobs around).  Here's Sheriff's take on all of this:

So here I sit. Upset, disgraced, publicly humiliated with a cold compress on my mangina. I don't have any norcos left from my recent surgery cause I ate them like candy otherwise I would take them for the pain I feel inside. I've often wondered what it would feel like to be accepted by others, loved, or just well received. Apparently at the rotspot we are only here for them so don't go looking for that there. You know, like other hoguls need their minions. It has come to my attention that we all need our own blogs to express our opinions on how we feel on life, love, and what the fuck am I talking about?

Hey Eddie! How about a game of Hogul Monopoly? Only if I can be the rented car game piece.

I love you man!

Can we get back to being jelus haters now for fuck sake!

Fuck you too Eddie! Haha!

He's also asked me to put the update back up on the post, so I will.  Obviously we're back to being BFFs and secret lovers, so everybody can STFU and let it rest now.  Everybody congratulate Sheriff on getting a beej from TT (HAHA see what I did there?) and let's hope Tila does something soon so somebody can post on that.  I know she made some kind of a post apparently "busting" us haters and belittling some poor hat.  Maybe we'll post on it later.  Right now I'm busy eating ice cream off of my boyfriend of which I have's chest.

And just in case you don't think this post is Tila-enough, here's something hilarious that Jesus just posted on twitter:
If Jesus says it, you know it has to be true.  If you're not, you should follow that guy because he's hilarious.  Like @GaryJBusey hilarious.


Eduardo Retardo said...

In case you missed what happened, here's a run down:

Sheriff left a comment that I took as srs bsnss but it was only sarcasm and I was like "I FUCKING HATE YOU SHERIFF I HOPE YOU DIE AND YOUR DOGS DIE AND YOUR CATS DIE AND YOUR GOLFISH STARVES TO DEATH" and then he was like "OMG FUCK YOU EDDIE I'M NOT GIVING YOU A REACH AROUND EVER AGAIN" and then we cried and hugged it out like total gays and now we're friends again.

He asked me to make a new post so he could tell his side of the story, and since I'm so filled with love and ha-penis, I obliged.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I past go and I want my $30,000!

The Gnome said...

oh you two
3 some?!

Joann said...

Glad you two made up and things are back to normal. Maybe Eddie had a bad day and/or Sheriff did, words were said...anyway it's over and done.

Kudos to you both for putting your tiff in perspective and getting back to the matter at hand.

You can't post about EVERY idiotic thing Tila does everyday, she's too toxic.

To keep your sanity you have to take a break from her every now and then.

I truly understand and besides it won't be long before she does something that will blow us away, and you guys will be back to tearing her a new one. lol.

Eduardo Retardo said...

LOL look at Gnome, pretending she has to ask for a 3some. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. <3

Ericka said...

Yay! Hapenis and lub, ftw <3

Prof. Chaos said...

I knew Eddie and the Sherriff would be sucking face again soon. No grudges held at the RotSpot. Time to break out the KY and Wild Turkey and make it official.

Anna said...

Can't we all just get along?

BKiddo said...

I have to join in with Ericka and say "Yay! Hapenis and lub!".
That was a good one dolly!

BKiddo said...

Ok, sorry to bug you all agian. I hate it when I double post.
I went to look at dipshits tweets awhile ago, and she was twating that somehow hater's got "an innocent man" fired?
I have no idea who would do something like that, other than tila herself, or she's once AGAIN making up a steaming hot plate of BS, before we all go and enjoy our holiday weekend.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I fucking hate these post! You guys suck! it's all better.

Claudia said...

Okay, I almost choked on my fluffy peanut butter & jelly sandwich Uncle Eddie! I almost died laughing (and choking) under the Jesus comment section. All I can say is Priceless :)

BTW, you might wanna update your disclaimer section as well to include: WARNING, this site might make you choke, spill hot drinks, pee your pants, or run your non-waterproof mascara. That way no law suits are involved!

Ha Ha, Great site!

goldenhum said...

love it.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

BoyToy Music video coming soon!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I am currently writing a song for youtube about boytoy. You guys at rotty owe me $30,000. The production cost and my music label are so time consuming, I'm trying to fit in the time to buy another 12er of Keystone light.

jayden said...

Oh for fucks sake. Next thing you know you're going to be saying you're raping him in his sleep while eating pizza. Apparently you're both kind of sentimental like that.

I love you, man!

Prof. Chaos said...

BKiddo, is the firing post for real? Do you think someone really got fired? Prob someone posting on any site during work. As if THAT would ever happen ... hahaha ... OMG, my boss is coming. I need to hide the desk stains made from shooting Diet Coke from my nose while reading these posts? Does 409 kill all proof that I'm on RotSpot or do I need bleach? Better safe than sorry. Bleach it is!! Or Keystone, same difference.

As an aside, Happy 4th Everybody!! You all make me laugh, cry, gag, everyday. It's like marriage without the commitment.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Last week when Uncle Eddie and I were having our mandatory nakey time (it's in the Rotspot bylaws section 69, paragraph 7) he said something that really hurt my feelers and then ate all my HoHos, and well, when you take a fat girl's HoHos away, you can just imagine the outcome. Suffice it to say, Uncle Eddie is still smartin' from the asswhoopin' I rained down on him, so yeah, he's a little sensy and unfortunately the good Sheriff got in the middle of that kerfluffle.

But Uncle Eddie did make it up to me when we was jelis hatin' the other day at Taco Bell, so now we're all smoochie woochie again.

Sandra said...

I love this site, you guys are the best! Glad to see everyone has made up. Thanks for bringing the laughs all the time.

Isis said...

Oh for the love of Zombie Jeebus on a Smucker smeared cracker:

If she fired an innocent man then FUCKING RE-HIRE HIM.

Stop being a fucknut Tila because your tweets make me want to punch out one of the remaining Golden Girls.

krissylu said...

I am glad you guys made up. Hopefully Sheriff enjoyed his bj :)

Isis said...

Oh and pee ass, I e-mailed you guys some Fourth of July lulz

BKiddo said...

Prof. Chaos,
Man, you're guess is better than mine, she just threw that little carrot in between her "reporting" old celeb. news yesterday.
She was just serving up another peice of poo pie to her army kiddies. (they gobble that stuff up, ya know. lol)
I'm thinkin' you might go with the magic sponge, just due to the smell factor, and your boss might wonder where the Keystone went.
love ya all and enjoy the 4th!

fata morgana said...

Pointy-head is mentioned (barely) for July 15.

Mark said...

Happy 4th of July to my Americian Cousins! ...I couldn't find anywhere else to post it, but I had to comment on Tila's Tweet from yesterday:

TilaOMG said: "I was supposed to go to Maui for my 4th of July weekend, but dammit. I'm so addicted to my work."

LMAO, yeah right Tila, and I was supposed to go to Buckingham Palace and have high-tea with Bonnie Prince Charlie for my 4th of July weekend, but dammit. A dog ate my plane ticket.

LOL "go to Maui", surrrre, 1st Class no doubt, 5 Star Hotel I bet?? We're all so impressed with somehting that was obviously never going to happen in the first place...

Pop goes the 4th, and pop goes another one of Tila's pointless lies.

norma said...

Ummm, ISIS, what do u men "punch out one of the remaining Golden Girls"? There IS only one remaining GG, & that is the fabulous Betty White. Your joke failed. Sorry. U get an "A" for effort.

Joann said...

Have a happy 4th everyone. Stay safe and sane guys.

Thanks for the link fat morgana...I was wondering which bars would she be appearing at and you can tell she's not a big time celeb there or here. Her name would be listed as a main attraction instead of at the bottom as an afterthought.

When she appears in these bars half naked in front of a bunch of drunken men and women who are yelling and screaming at her she takes that as "ooh they really love me". Little does she know it's the alcohol talking and the drunken men are lusting at her boobs and ass hanging out.

She's nothing but a sex object to these men...that's why she performs half naked...if she didn't no one would pay attention to her because she has no other talent to hold the attention of the audience. She can't sing and those songs she tries to sing are about as popular as shit on a stick.

I wonder who keeps promoting her...there's no way she making any money for them.

And, if she was suppose to go to Maui she would go, after all she has a "staff" to write her piece of crap blog or she could take her laptop with her and blog from there.

Tila's not fooling anyone but her moronic army. She was never going to Maui. She wants them to think she lives this glamorous lifestyle.

If she's not tagging along with Mr. Bradshaw to his events she has no place to go. Few, if any, people in Hollywood like her or want her around.

Isis said...

I only worded it wrong. I meant to say the one remaining Golden Girls, I can't help that I type faster than I think lol

Seagal said...

Unlike Tila, I am actually going to Hawaii, Kona that is, and not just for a visit but to live. Everybody here is invited to come and visit..LOL But really I am moving there in October.

Why would she, at the last minute say she was suppose to go to Maui? If she was really going she would have been blabbing about it for weeks, even if it were a lie. Seems like it was another one of her last minute, "I need to make my lil' Army think they are so very important to me that I would give up a trip to Maui for them so they will continue to kiss my ass" lies.

She is getting pretty desperate with the lies it seems to me. They are getting more and more rediculous.

Would love to know who the guy is who "jelis haterz" got fired. Who and WTF is she lying about now?

imoutofit said...

Yay, makeup butt secks for Uncle Eddie and the Sheriff!

I hope everyone of yous beeches have a great 4th of July. For those of you who do not live in the USA, go ahead and partake in a little slap and tickle to celebrate along with your American jelis haturz.

Tyranny4U said...


ZOMG! The best 80's show EVAHR!! and her name is Betty White! How could you not recall? Waaaaah! =)P

Kind of sad, really, to put Golden Girls into perspective, the first actor to die on GG was the dude that played Sal Petrillo (obviously Sophia's hub and Dorothy's da). Then came Stanley Zbornak, I think from heart failure in the 90s. Estelle, Bea and Rue came respectively afterwards.

Although I've seen the reruns for many years now, I love falling asleep each night watching an ep. The show and it's characters/actors never seem to become redundant to me after all these years. I heartily guffaw during each episode. Fucking brill!

Treva said...

Happy 4th y'all!! *kisses*

Jacqui said...

Pointless post. Let's just keep the drama on here Tila related.

I also don't like how entitled some of the blog writers here are becoming... the unnecessary attitude some of you display whenever a commenter disagrees with you is kind of ridiculous. Yes, you can write whatever you want... so can we. Some commenters piss you off? Waaaaaaah. That's some fine Tila-esque attitude you're developing, and it makes me sad in the pants because this site used to be so laidback and cool. The snark should be directed to those whose stupidity warrants such vitriol. ie Tila, her army of imbeciles, Glenn Beck. Not commenters who voice criticism.

The Gnome said...

You think we're entitled? We are. This is not YOUR blog. YOU do not spend your time writing here, nor do you spend time researching what you're trying to say.
Why are you here? To disagree? Come the fuck on. Not a damn one of us writers have changed. What has changed however, is the fact that each and every god damn person now thinks that they deserve some sort of explanation for what we post. If you don't like it, go to a different site. Plain and simple.

Isis said...


Snarkiness is the way we play around here. If you're going to have a bug up your ass about it Eddie's right: leave. Nobody will miss your passive-aggressive crap anyway.

Now this is the issue we got so mad about: boytoy said "who cares if you don't have legal clearance to write about Tila having been an escort, give the readers what they want". She then got her ass handed to her and proceeded to try to convince everybody she didn't mean to start drama. Bullshit.

If you, Jacqui, came up in here whining about how you didn't care if any of the blog writers got arrested or sued for posting what you wanted to read, you're damn skippy I'd give you the same "venom", drama queen. You're making it sound like they're chomping the heads off anybody offering any kind of criticism and if you actually paid attention to what actually happened, as I just explained above, you never would have made a comment like that in the first place.

That was the entire point of why they got pissed off, how many times must I repeat myself in order to get it through the heads of people like you?

One of my readers tells me they don't care if I get arrested or sued yes, I'm going to tell them to fuck off and if they don't, they're blocked.

Nobody should have to deal with that type of drama on their own blog. You want drama that badly I could direct you to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenty of drama bloggers who live for that shit, breath it like it's their oxygen.
But as I am a big girl and do indeed wear big girl panties on the rare occasion I am not going Commando, I'd rather just tell you tits or GTFO.

angela said...

I believe that Casey is in a better place. Personally, I believe that when Tila found out that Casey had be disinherited, Tila, threw Casey out of her house and withheld Casey's medication.
Tila didn't give a fuck about Casey.

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