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Wednesday, August 18

postheadericon It's a red letter day for Tila!!!!

Well today is the start of Tila's big payout!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Yep, the dreadful events of the past weekend will soon be paying big dividends. Oh not from her lolsuit, but from her fans! See, Tila is on Twitter begging for "letters and other stuff" from fans. Cue the Amazon wishlist making a re-appearance. You know, there's something just so classy about a "celeb" exploiting a situation for their own personal gain, that just warms the cockles of my blackened little heart. I know, I know, you're thinking "Fatty, the poor woman has been through so much. Already in bedrest for 5 days, and from the looks of her Twitter she'll continue to be in bedrest for the foreseeable future, or as long as the gifts come in, whichever comes first". OK, FUCK IT, I CAN'T FUCKING HOLD BACK, IT'S NOT "in bedrest" you fucking stupid twatmuffin, it's "in bed" or "on bedrest". Get your fucking terms straight, omg, I feel this urge to throw blue poo, I just don't know what fucking comes over me. Sorry for that outburst...

I guess I have to be more sensititive to this poor, "fiestly" little mogul. Look, she is still on opiates, for 5 days now, to counter the debilitating pain of faux stitches. I mean c'mon the most those bitsy band aids could cover would be one stitch, and we all know those superficial cuts didn't require anything more than a swab with antibiotic cream.

Ok, I know, I'm just a meanie genie. Here, in the interest of helping Tila, I'm providing all haters, fans and Juggalos the address where you can send gifts of money or other items in Tila's name. This violence against women and moguls must stop NOW, and we should all give generously in Tila's name:

Peace over Violence
1015 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90017
According to their website:
* A donation of $25 provides 2 hours of crisis counseling on the hotline.
* A donation of $50 provides a hospital or court accompaniment for a rape survivor.
* A donation of $75 provides a scholarship for a woman to take a self-defense class.
* A donation of $100 provides clothing and counseling for a survivor who is taken to a hospital for a medical examination following an assault.
* A donation of $800 pays for the training of a volunteer counselor advocate

If you're in the Netherlands, please donate here:

    Dutch Center for General Issues in Healthcare 
    & Prevention of Sexual Violence Vinkenburgstrasse 2A 
    Phone: 31 30 230 40 06 
    Fax: 31 30 234 38 18 E-mail:

If you're on Twitter, please send the following tweet:

if you feel what happened to Tila is wrong, please donate here in her name to stop violence against women

or conversely, if you feel this way, send this one:

if you feel what happened to Tila is RIGHT, please donate here in her name to stop violence against women

Thank you. I'm sure Tila will be proud that her name is used in the name of good.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of Fatty. The organizations referenced are real charities to help women who have suffered at the hands of others. If you wish to give to another organization that helps women, please do so. Women's shelters all over the country are in need of financial donations and clothing, for both women and children. My point is to divert funds going to Tila, when she's using "violence against women" as her mantra. A real celeb would ask that donations be made in their name (or someone you love or respect), not that donations be made to them directly. I requested donations in Tila's name only because it would be ironic, but if you don't think that's appropriate, then donate any way you wish. Just don't break open your piggy banks and give to Tila. Thank you.


MsWonkyTits said...

I agree. If her stupid Armytards are going to send her something, they should send to charity. I stil plan to send her some nice gifts to the address she posted. I've got a few ideas on that front.

Donating to ANY charity is important. Violence against women is certainly something not to be taken lightly. I just don't think I can do it in her name.
I think I will do it in Chipotle's name ala Tila's record site.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Don't forget poor CHUNKS!!! You saw him on that stage, so head-dented and sad!

Unknown said...

If I had the motivation, I'd send Chunks a get well card to Tila's address. Poor little fella.

Unknown said...

I just saw where Tila said on Twitter that she had to take off her shirt because there was poo on it. She implied that anyone else would've done the same... but I'm pretty sure anyone else would've LEFT when the poo was flung. Who honestly hangs out for that and says "Well, I may as well get some on my tits too!"?
Oh, wait, the kid that fondly recalls playing in dog feces as a child. That's who.

andmommymakescrazy said...

imma send her a watermelon and a dildo.

Prof. Chaos said...

Donations should be made in Chunks name. He took more damage than Tila did. He has more fans too.

Ben said...

Even the army is oblivious as to what drug rehab means. Getting off drugs means not taking them again, not bragging about getting good shit. I'm sure if she had a real Dr helping her he would be furious she took the prescription in the first place, but luckily he doesn't exist and this proves all along she's just a lying ho bag.

I would love to be defending ICP against her. 5 minutes of her on the stand and the jury would be giving ICP all her riches (the broken lamp and the Honey Nut Cheerios)

Fatty McFatterson said...

Ben I'm pretty sure Garry Sun got the Honey Nut Cheerios in the settlement!

Joann said...

@Jess...if Tila had poo on her shirt why didn't she get her ass off the stage. THAT'S WHAT ANYONE ELSE WOULD HAVE DONE.

No doctor put Tila on bed rest. She put herself on bed rest to get sympathy from her nitwit army and also to make it look like she suffered a lot from the "scratch down" she received from the Juggalos.

Tila is not only a pathological liar but she lies by omission also.

You notice she never said "my doctor put me on bed rest", just, "I'm on bed rest" so naturally people assume the doctor put her on bed rest.

The only bed rest she should be on is where she is strapped down to a gurney in a locked down mental ward. This skank gets more mental as the days go by.

And, the doctors didn't give her any strong medications to take either...that's the rest of her pill stash she's taking.

She can talk about taking them openly now because people think it's medication the doctors just put her on.

And, as far as I'm concerned, anybody who WILLINGLY stands in front of an angry group of people and let them pummel you with all matter of disgusting things, not for 2 or 3 minutes but for a whole 15-20 minutes gets no sympathy from me. This has to be the biggest fool of the century.

Hell, even Lil Kim said she was outta there and she is definitely a gangsta. She ain't no fool though.

Tila you're not gangsta and never will be. What you are is a desperate broke down ho so hard up for some bucks and publicity you would let yourself be abused and humiliated in the most disgusting way and at A PUBLIC EVENT YET.

I see why men only want to "f" you but will never marry you or even consider you marriage material and after this last publicity stunt you just pulled they may not want to "f" you anymore. You give skanks a bad name.

You have no respect for yourself so why should others show you any. SMH.

If I was to send you anything it would be a strong piece of rope to hang yourself.

Anonymous said...

If she got poo flung on her shirt why wasn't it blue? You know since there was a port a potty there. She's so stupid.

FUYU said...

Oh come on... she wants fan letters cause she was put on bed rest?? As if she doesn't use her laptop in bed? Someone should send her some port-a-potty "poop and piss" or some rocks for Bradshaw to throw at her - just in case she wants to self inflict more damage to blame on juggalos a week later.

cray-zee asian said...

The medication puts her out like a lightning? Her butchering of the English language hurts my eyes. Please make it stop.

Also, I guess she learned from the fake charity because she's not making up some retarded "Tila's charity for women" or some shit like that.

She's just blatantly asking for items and donations. Blech..

Bunny3.1415 said...

I got 5 stitches one week ago for gashing a cm deep cut in my leg (thank you pane of glass) - no pain meds (not even tylenol!) and I work in shipping/receiving - and I bike to work! So fuck your face, Tila.

Anonymous said...

Tila is milking the situation for maximum publicity.

Knowing her fame whoring ways I bet that she keeps stressing violence against women in the hopes that another media whore (Gloria Allred) will help her extort some money from the concert promoters...

Caroline O'Grady said...

I am seriously considering sending the 'Mogul' a letter. But what to write? What serious words of advice could reach her drug-addled brain anymore? Is it even worth a shot?

Joann said...

@ Caroline....NO.

Jubilee said...

Hang on, isn't she 'addicted' to opiated, therefore wouldn't she be either being prescribed them, or wouldn't they NOT be allowed to prescribe them? Also, these 'make her sleep light lightning' LOLOCAUST at that by the way, but she's been addicted to them for ages? Can someone please bring up the fact she said she had an opiate addiction in a post?

Danielle said...

Send her something but make sure your envelope is big pretty and decorated on the outside so it gets noticed lulz. then put a picture of poooooooooooooop- summary of Tilas career

Anonymous said...

i retweeted it, also, the term roses is commonly used for dollars for craigslist hookers...

not sure how i know that tho haha

Anonymous said...

SOMEONE!!! send her a watermelon and a dildo and more baby chunks take pics of that shit too ha!