Tuesday, January 4

postheadericon Farewell to Arms

In agreement with Rotty's decision to shut the everyday (as of late, weekly-ish) blog posts here down, I wish to thank all the readers who've read and commented on the crazy whore bat we've all come to know and loathe.

It's been extremely fun to write for Rotty and at times controversial, but always to expose the slut that is Tila.  As of late, we've all sort of needed a break from the theatrics which provides the creep show for us to view.  The topics after the Juggalos and the psycho kindergarten rhymer seemed to pale in comparison.

I could go on and on about her non-existent merch site (later this week... later this week), the iPhone app introduced 18 months ago and never fruiting, the fact that she'd have 9 kids by now (and twins December 10th), the dozens of trips overseas (like her lottery winning trip that she never took), the money she won in Roulette (a single number pays what?), the fact she's so broke that right as she gets to Paris, she gets robbed and can't even afford to buy a new camera (uhh, if anyone goes on vacation, who doesn't buy another one to even take personal pics?) or what not.  But it's all been done.  Tila's just rehashing the same old lies and as much as integrity is possible, it didn't make for good reading.  I think Tila has simply run out of lies.  After lying about all the pregnancies, adoption, ambassadorship, baby daddies, wealthy fiances, abandoned doggie, 3 mansions, how do you top alleged murder and kidnapping?  You can't really.  I think of the scene in Jerry Maguire where Tidwell (Gooding, Jr.) talks about dating a single mother.  "She's been to the puppet show, she's seen the strings."  And yes, we've seen a string or two too!

I'll be around as a moderator in a new forum arranged with Rotty's direction so we can make our short comments and keep dialogue, but simply put, Tila is unworthy of any lengthy posts anymore.  As sad as the poor creampie throated junkie is, even me puttering around on Cityville is more entertaining than to look up much on that whore for now.  I think the forum will be the best spot for all of us now, as the comments on stories were always intriguing and full of fun and jokes, but will require less maintenance and more input from you all, our faithful readers.


Unknown said...

"creampie throated junkie"!! POW! hahaha

BKiddo said...

Much Love Seola, and Thank You.

Anonymous said...

will there be a link to this new forum?? thanks tila is so redundant....but it is still fun to talk about her.

k.colds said...

That is a good decision. Thanks.

SammiDe said...

Thanks for all the laughs Seola♥ it has been fantastic! Can't wait to see this new Forum, I still stop in now and then to check to see if it's posted! Still happy to know all the post are here still! :)) so I can STILL get my fix on your reading style and just check out "Older Post" So thanks for ALL the post, it was a BLAST as well as it was that I met some truly amazing people from here! ☻ Rock on Rot Spotters ♥, you will be missed! Take care.