Sunday, November 28

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Appropriate and Fitting .. No!?!??!

postheadericon Scurrrrrt ... Scarred!?!??!

That's right, put that shit on hold!  Readin' through comments someone threw me a gem.  Since I totally have no life except Tila I totally forgot that she had a "scar" on her face from those mean ol' Juggalo's back in September.  A lovely commenter here at Rotspot mentioned that in her newest photo op on the 21st of the month it appears that her newest "beauty mark" trademark is missing.  Nothin' new for "Miss Tila".  Seems she always comes up missing on shit she's used to claim a second or two of fame ...

postheadericon Slores Galore!!

You KNOW you've sank to the bottom of the Z list when you're clingin' to attention and fame by ridin' the coattails of Michael Lohan and Kate Major!  ... Gross!

I particularly love the middle two images.  Tila's face looks AMAZING!  With her head cocked back, lookin' like some alien troll force comin' out of a human head.  Then alongside that, we have Kate Major makin' a stank face ... I'm guessin' Tila's breath was still rank from eatin' KM's rotten crotch prior to the party or from them all playin' pass the glass dick, I hear that shit makes your breath pretty nasty too. 

My take on this whole "threesome" deal with Blohan, KM, & TT!?!?  He's the pimp, they're whores ... pretty simple.  Just because you get paid more money than the trashy hooker walkin' down the street in the small town doesn't make you any less of a prostitute.  You see, suckin' cock and fuckin' for cash is all the same any way you look at it.  

Anyhow ... it's all fuckin' gross.  He's an old baldin' dude that probably molested his children or at least let uncle Jed molest them for a hit or two.  Look how fucked up LiLo is ... there's a reason for that folks.  It's no wonder TT would end up around this fuckbag.  

Oh and for those of you who don't know what a "glass dick" is (don't feel bad, I didn't either) it's a meth/crack pipe.  (Thanks Queen LaQueefa!!!) 

Thursday, November 25

postheadericon Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful day, isn't it!?  A day where Americans run around visiting "loved ones", putting on fake faces, pretending to enjoy the time hustling and bustling around to later then turn around and bitch and complain about having to do so.  A day where we all post patriotic/religious/pc facebook and twitter status' about what we are "thankful" for.  So ... with that being said ... let's raise our glasses of cheap wine with mouth full of charred animal flesh and toast to freedom of speech because THAT'S what I am thankful for on this glorious day!  Oh, and the day off with pay helps too!  Happy Thanksgiving Fuckers!

Wednesday, November 24

postheadericon Amy...

To you, I have THIS to say...

There feel better? Now you've been PERSONALLY acknowledged....

 Allow me to elaborate here...

This site is NOT here to cater to your whims. Believe it or not, you really are irrelevant to our lives. You're awesome because you can come talk shit in a comment section of a personal blog? Wow, kudos to you. I haven't been around to watch your "I'm not attempting to start a flame war"....but given what I just saw in the last 10 comments, I think you need to shut the fuck up. I'm sick of you already, God only knows what the rest of the poor people that are having to read your shit think.
You wanna know why there's no posting about Tila? Because NOTHING is happening. We aren't here to make shit up...when something big happens, it'll be posted. Until then, please feel free to use the middle finger as you see fit....


Gnome out!

oh and ps ~ I'll say it again...suck a nut if you guys don't think we're "newsworthy or credible"....I have a ballsack for an avatar...I'm not trying to be CNN. If you don't like what's written here, don't come to our site. *grins*

And instead of posting your comments, I mean ... you're totally right, I'm not going to post your comments in the comments section anymore.  No one wants to hear from you anymore, including the readers.  They are making fun of you and telling you to go the fuck away.  So get the hint and steer clear idiot.  So ... instead of posting your ignorant comments, I'll be sure to print screen them for you and post here.  You see, I WANT people to see the dumb shit you say.  You make yourself look like one dumb son of a fuckin' bitch and you just validate everyone's point even fuckin' more.  So, while you're proverbial dick is growin' by the millimeter by doin' what you think is "big girl/boy talkin' to the Rotspot girls"  we're all gettin' some serious laughs out of what a fuckin' retard you are.  Please tell me that you're at least like seriously retarded and I promise to stop makin' fun of you ... because otherwise you're just one stupid son of a goddamned bitch who needs to get a grip on reality and internet.  For realz!


 Oooooh Ammmmy, you're oooone baaaadassss biiiiitch....yoooou suuuuure toooold meeeee!  Yea ... fuck off slore!

And the saga continues ;)  Amy is pretty butthurt, ain't she!?!?  I've been tipped off to the internet predator Amy Steele.  Coincidence!?!?!  Maybe someone is jealous that this site isn't about them and wants our undivided attention ....

Update:  IF this IS Amy Steele who was harrassin' us poor ole Rotspot girls, all I can do now for REAL is point and laugh!  Check it out!  Who's the loser!?!?!  ;)

postheadericon For Love or Money

We've been exploring the suspect actions of Tila around the time of Casey's unfortunate death, so I figured I would take a look back at the romance of that relationship. Of course, I'm using romance in the loosest form of the word. And after seeing a recent comment on her officially failed flog that she's once again saying she's engaged (3rd time this year), I think it's time to address it again. After all, her relationship wasn't a gimmick, was it?

Now everyone knows that the only thing that matters to Tila is material possessions, and bragging about them. She doesn't "go to the store" she "goes to the store in her lambo" (fucking hate that word btw). So you can imagine the sweet words she uses to describe Casey.

Hmmm, I wonder what Tila found attractive about Casey? Now the little cock goblin tells everything on her facebook, from bowel movements to anal ass lube, and as much as I could find, this is her first post ever about Casey. I must say, that's love, the kind of love that inspires poetry. How Tila fans can read that and respect her still has me baffled.

Keep track of the days because the countdown will show how deep her love is (hint: it's about 1 sheet of paper viewed sideways).

So after knowing someone 1 day, either 1 of 2 things happens, she either accuses them of a crime, or....

So on the same day of her announcing her date with Casey she announces their engagement. Now Tila claims to have met Casey around the time of her arrest, so that would put them, at most, knowing each other for a little over a month. Now I have nothing against short fast romances, they happen successfully all the time, but as you can see with the 2nd tweet in that pic what Tila really cared about. "I'm rich bitch", yes that's how she announced her engagement. Not "I'm so in love", not "I'm so happy", all she cares about is the money that she thinks she can get.

Of course the imaginary TV show offers come rolling in, because that's what this whole thing was about, because when most people have "no intention" of doing something, they don't. To top it off, another mention of a mansion. It wouldn't be Tila if she didn't have that claim. Now at this point in Tila's financial transaction relationship Casey has been arrested for Grand Theft, which means it's time for Tila to dish some e-justice like only she can.

Yes, for no reason she's getting that other girl arrested for having Tila's now girlfriend arrested. Huh? Only Thien can bring the e-justice with such authority, and only middle schoolers will actually read that and not think "That bitch is crazy".

So by now in their relationship, Tila is ready to reveal why she really loves Casey, right?

So every day Casey brings Tila millions of dollars worth of gifts, yet when Tila says that Casey was broke, she blames her family, not the millions of dollars in gifts Casey had given Tila. Well, that's because Casey never gave her millions in gifts, of course, and Tila once again contradicts herself. Sad thing is that if Tila had followed up with her gift to Casey, she would still be alive. Such a shame.

Quick side note, Tila had claimed that "monkey face" was only in reference to Shawne Merriman "because his face looks like a monkey", but I doubt Merriman was the one denying the authenticity of her ring. Ooops you racist bitch. And yes, you can still be racist and have sex with black men. Oh, btw whore, we're still waiting on that "proof". Add proof to the list of the many things she has promised and left hanging.

Sadly, 27 days after Tila's first tweet about her, Casey passed away. Drug addiction is tough, I can't imagine how tough it was with a user and enabler filling your head with lies while trying to heal you with love, and not the life saving medicine given to you by a liscenced physician. What did he know, Tila read about it on Wikipedia.

So after 3 days of "greiving" Tila is tired of it. I believe this is around the time the paps came over and we had the fuckery that was Tila up a tree (and sadly not hanging from a branch).

She's talked a lot about people "exploiting Casey", and that's what the big fight with Perez was about. There is nothing more exploitive than using someone's "dying wish" for your own personal agenda, especially when you weren't near the person as they lay alone and dying. And to add further insult to death, Tila now claims she knew something was wrong. Right. If you did it was because you knew her medicine was at your house and you had seen her react to a late dose before.

Tila gets over relationships like people get over colds, and despite the claims that Casey was the love of her life Tila moved on, quick. I can understand wanting a warm body next to you, but at least wait for the previous one to be cold before moving on.

This is where I feel bad for Tila. She had to go 23 days after Casey died without sex. I don't know how she handled it and think she should be commended for it. That's really tough to do. Keep in mind, that's after her death, not burial. And of course, 34 days after Casey died, Tila is "raping" the father of her baby who she now claims to be engaged and in love with.

You want some more surprising news? About month or so after him, she's engaged and "raping" Casa Wilson.

It's hard to believe someone is in love when a month later they're in love with someone else. For a person in their late 20's, they love like someone in their early teens. Was she in love with Casey? Maybe. Were they doing it to get a TV show? I think that's obvious. There was one common theme coming up in all of Tila's tweets and it wasn't love. After all, what's love got to do with it?

Monday, November 15

postheadericon CJ Recap

Alas, we are coming upon a year soon, since Tila met Casey Johnson. Sadly, Casey would only have a few weeks to live after meeting Tila. We have lots of info on the situation. There are many people with mixed feelings on what happened. Casey was a tortured soul, who, by all accounts was under "tough love" by being cut off from her wealthy family. Her friends feared her situation, tried to help and she shut them down. Tila, knowing no shame, professed her love for Casey minutes after meeting and Casey shot down, not even getting the time to spiral downward.

I could post a lot of information here on what happened, how it happened but we've been linked by one of our readers to a very excellent blog that states it far better than I ever could. It's definitely worth a full read and recap as we come upon the month and the year anniversary in about 6 weeks of Casey's death.

The blog posted HERE was done by a blogger unrelated to the Rotspot. It's in full detail and I will only use a few excerpts here:
Since Casey Johnson's untimely and tragic death on January 4th, Tila's behavior has become increasingly erratic and disturbing - starting with confusion over whether or not Casey had passed away, or was in a comatose state. Since then, Tila has posed in trees for paparazzi outside her home, posted several offensive and downright nasty blogs on her website, and stayed up for days at a time updating her twitter with manic, self-absorbed and sometimes incoherent rants for as much as 12 hours at a time.
Since the beginning, Tila has been consistent in one thing: her inconsistency regarding her whereabouts December 28th, 2009 through January 4th, 2010; and regarding her knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Casey Johnson's death.
I hope that an investigation is launched into the whereabouts of Tila Tequila in the time frame in which Casey disappeared and was eventually found dead. I hope that Tila is brought to justice for withholding the truth and tampering with evidence in a death investigation. I hope Tila is held accountable for her actions, not only by law but by the media and by her "fans", who at this point seem as delusional and caught up in Tila's lies as she herself is.
There's much more here, laid out in detail, I suggest checking it out.

As for satirical pictures, given Tila's comments on telling Casey to avoid her drugs and pills, I feel this is an accurate portrayal of a possible scenario regarding Tila's mentality over Casey.

Sunday, November 14

postheadericon Tilas Upcoming Video


For the first time - and I was on the ball to correct it thanks to a fellow Twitter user - the part you may have seen about Yung Mazi involved in the video is incorrect. When I did some research there is a 6 degrees Kevin Bacon issue (actually two) that put them under the same heading during my research in which they were connected and the names were juxtaposed. In this particular instance, I was not diligent enough in identification. My apologies for the mix-up, I know when I've made a mistake and will openly correct it.

We have seen the Tila tweets on shooting her "music video" for Walking on Thin Ice. A remake, because Tila has no originality of her own, of a Yoko Ono song. That said, I can't find a single personality Mazi O has worked with that is anyone at all or has become anyone. He does have some sort of public access show, according to his website though. (Disclaimer: I don't know the underground local scene to LA, so maybe they have a cult following there.) has a some pretty clear stills of the video shoot, a few follow:
Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that Lennon was brutally and innocently murdered and her cover of a Yoko song includes murder? From the stills, it appears to be... a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MURDER. Can we say "I copy GaGa's Paparazzi" much? So... Tila, who claims every man she has ever known has beaten her, defends a woman beater, works with one and portrays a domestic murdress. That's low. ETA: It should also be mentioned that in a couple of weeks, it will be the 30 year anniversary of Lennon's passing. A man of peace and respect. His wife's song, by an "Army Commander" who encourages war between otherwise unknown people.

And gawd, why would anyone shoot Tila from the backside? This makes her synthetic Wal-Mart weave look so obvious and ratty! It appears that she hasn't taken the time, or more likely money, to get her hair color fixed before ordering the synthetic hair color, otherwise, she's purposely trying to look like a skunk or PePe LePew after everyone cartoon.

There's a video Mazi has posted but since it's just the CD track over Tila and he must be too broke to afford a phone with a real camera or mic, it's pretty ishty quality.

And just to terrify you with this whole post:

I present... BRADSHAW!!!!!! (Who recently styled another hobag of LA, Natalie Nunn, who'd I had forgotten about since the show ended a year ago.)

Friday, November 12

postheadericon RO's and Ho's

Addition below

Alright, you knew it was coming from me. A post on the order Tila obtained today. The conditions are a full order, 100 yards, 3 years with option to renew later. This IS standard and grants the normal distance as we have made fun of in the past with the 10 yards. But Seola, what does this all MEAN? It means nothing. Why? Because Garry showed up late to court and in the state of California (according to my research, I don't live there) when a judge is ruling on an RO, if the other party is not in court for whatever reason during the hearing, it's considered a default judgment. This is done to not waste the courts time with a trial date reset. You can't really state your case if you don't actually show up... to state your case. This is also a setback for Garry in terms of the civil suit pending, but only barely.

Some things to note as of this blog's post time: During Tila's appearance, she reiterated he was batty, but did NOT - and this is a biggie - did NOT state at any time did Garry harm her, touch her or threaten her. Her words turned into "I feel threatened", not "I was threatened".

So what is a mature 29 year old woman who is fearful for her life to do after getting out of court, getting a default judgment for the RO? (Hint: It's not like Merriman who kept his mouth shut after getting HIS $2 mill default against TILA.) She hides her antenna, pops her alien head out, declaring... "I win!". Now, this is the same woman who claimed she is soooooooooo gangsta, she could take on the Juggalos. She's afraid of some wannabe "rapper" who honestly, I could probably take. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm not claiming to be hardcore or have gangbanged out in the hood before I got a TV show for sluts. In fact, she's the only one, in his time around celebs who has even mentioned his name or had a problem with him. Aside from that fact, this is the same slut who was telling Loni Love to "bring it" when Love could have swatted her like a fly. Remember, Tila knows... well, nothing really, but she claims to know Jiu Jitsu.

Could Garry fight it? Possibly, but not worth it. 100 yards is barely enough to get out of Tila's stench of self-loathing, self-hating, wartly presence. She'll never be at any event worth a damn that Garry could cover. He'll need his moolah to defend the civil suit, because given what he said, when he said it and her saying what she said (all that's been covered here), a reasonable judge/jury would basically tell them they are both big mouths and they are responsible for their own lawyer fees.

Onto Tila's blog post, which starts with another years old re-hash of a picture of her, since she knows she ain't even close to looking decent these days.

I have the BEST NEWS for you guys today! So I just got back from the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse to testify against Garry Sun’s lies and threats against me in front of the judge, and the judge granted me a 3 year restraining order against Garry Sun and his lies! On top of that he has to stay 100 yards away from me at all times and is not allowed to make contact of any kind, nor harass me in ANY WAY! Whether it be in person, phone, blabbing and talking more Sh!t online, as he has been doing!!!!!!!!!!
Why is what Tila has to say important? Because she's digging her own hole on this one. Reasonable expectation on an RO is that the party wanting the RO must also keep their distance and cannot inflame, engage, or otherwise taunt the RO'ed party.

So during all this drama that took place, Garry Sun has been proven to be a liar over and over and over again, and the judge can see right through his lies and see’s that he is DEFINITELY an unstable person who can cause harm to me and that is why the judge granted me the 3 year restraining order this morning!!!! The best part???? Sun did NOT even show up on time and when he did finally show up, my lawyer, Alan Gutman, went straight over to Garry and served him his restraining order right then and there in the courthouse!!!!!!!!!!! BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
If the judge actually felt Garry was this dangerous, he would have ordered Garry to undergo psychiatric testing and possibly a 5150 to establish his ability to function in society. A judge can be on the hook if he allows a person he reasonably believes to be unstable to walk around and hurt someone else. But, why is the serving of the RO the best thing ever? Maybe it's because I've actually been pregnant, or been engaged, or been married, or been on several travels around the world.... but watching someone you claim to be a loser be told to stay away from you is the "best ever"?

So you see? For all those who doubted me, I really hope you guys would stop thriving off of negativity and drama. It’s not good for anyone and as you said “THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL” and it just did! I am SO HAPPY that I am now protected BY LAW from this crazy man and I just pray that he leaves me alone. I just want to move on with my life as I have been doing and I don’t want any drama. I don’t know why he continues to make up lies about me when all it will do is get him in trouble. So today is a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
It took me a few minutes to contemplate the idiocy of her statement in "thriving off negativity and drama". I'm still not sure how to approach this, while my body and fingers have a hard time staying still while simultaneously laughing and rolling my eyes. But remember that statement, I'll be bringing it up again shortly.

Thank you everyone for your support and my only wish now is for Garry to just please go away and leave me alone! If he doesn’t? Then he’ll face up to one year of jail time!

Ok so let’s all celebrate!!! Woohooo!!!! Gooooooooo TILA ARMY! See? He got what he deserved. Now let’s move on from all this B.S. and enjoy the finer things in life! Today is a beautiful day in LA so I’m going to go out and celebrate my victory! Garry has slandered me beyond belief and I will handle that in another case coming up for defamation and slander! You can’t just go around making up these highly serious allegations against an innocent person and think that you can get away with that! But for now…. I’m really happy!

More "I want to move on" stuff. We personally have the proof on slanderous statements Tila made (and tried to cover up). All that aside, she's so happy, she's gonna call the paps and let them know where to photograph her. But pay attention to the bolded statement. Wait wait wait - you want to move on, but now you want to go into another legal battle which will be tossed? She goes on about "highly serious allegations" but she's made an allegation against Garry for attempted murder. So Tila runs her mouth some more in the comments:

The first comment, another "moving on, but not til I try to sue him" post, with another reference to his psyche. The comments are seemingly harmless in and of themselves, but each time Tila says it, will be considered as evidence of provocation.

The comic relief in this post comes from Your Mother. (I love how that sentence came out.) That's just priceless and pretty much sums up the entire debacle. Every single post Tila makes on her flog, and every single comment she makes in that section, and every single tweet on Garry (including her tweets from court during her hearing) is her digging her hole... well, when her flapjack pussy lips don't get in the way of the shovel. At this point, it's a peanut gallery spectacle for me. I'll be entertained because they both are mental, nothing will happen to either of them in the court case at this point and Garry will talk his little heart out, giving us the lolz on Tila. Being that Tila has some sort of public platform, all her comments will be used against her if Garry decides to speak. Why? Because they are enticing him to need to address himself publicly to refute Tila. See, even if you are the one holding the RO, you can't just go around saying what you want to say either.

Ya stupid hooker.

Joann mentioned this on my last blog post:
I don't care if she got the 3 year RO because Gary don't want to be around her anyway and evidently Tila thinks she has won her case against Gary and she's innocent of everything Gary said about her. lol.
One thing this made me think of to mention is that Tila getting the RO is not a confirmation the judge believes anything she had to say, a vindication for her, nor an admission that Garry was lying. So Tila posting about how great things are, how the judge believed her, etc. is all a lie and could actually piss the courts off for implying the judge made any sort of statements about the accusations against Garry. So score one for Garry for Tila bragging...

Thursday, November 11

postheadericon Like Oh Em Gee!

So check this out - Tila makes a big announcement on Veteran's Day. Now - we all know Tila's extensive USO tour takes so much time out of her schedule, but at least SHE could be the one to post the thanks for our troops, right? Because like, POW! Soldiers are like, awesome, and they've begged her to come over.... riiiiiiight? Nope - because it's "Tila Staff" who takes the time out of their busy day.
But alas, Tila was working on yet another post of "look at ME, look at ME". As usual for my posts, I'll paste the quotes, add my thoughts and save screen shots for the day she eats more of her words... ya know, as opposed to just pills, Cup'O'Noodles and meth.

We already know Tila has claimed to want to switch the format of her site. It didn't happen. However, I want to refresh your memory before I go to today's post. October 21st, exactly 3 weeks to the day prior:

In just a very SHORT 6 months since my site has been launched, it has been doing so well thanks to all of you, my readers! So I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who continues to show my site support by coming here everyday, as this site wouldn’t exist without you! I love you!

Anyway…I remember when I first started building this site from scratch, I wouldn’t sleep for days on end! At one point, I almost threw in the towel because it was such hard work and took up so much of my time that I became EXHAUSTED! At one point I had NO LIFE because this website WAS MY LIFE!
Yes, in 6 short months, she's managed to... do nothing. See, her fans are just so unhappy with this format that has been "so successful". I just like the second paragraph because Tila has claimed to spend $30k on her site (pay herself?) and have a staff of 20-30, of which, none are currently declared under any registered businesses affiliated with Tila. She also makes fun of Perez and how she has soooo many more readers - her case is based upon "comments", so that means the Rotspot actually outdoes her AND Perez! Don't you feel lucky to be reading about our thoughts on skankwhores? I mean really!!! You are sooooooooooo special! Oh Em Gee!

Now, moving onto today (we'll revisit the 21st in a moment), I posted this November 5th:

Next topic!
What happened to "my blog won't be about celeb stories anymore but more about ME ME ME!"? It's still an RSS feed of other stories, and quite frankly the most boring ones. All the "exclusives" that any other rag had the slightest interest in were sold to other outlets. Way to treat your fans to "you you you". You sold off all the stories AND copies of documents, instead of driving traffic to your site. Is that because you know it's failed so hard that if you didn't put it up there, no one would see it? Sorta like that tree falls in the forest scenario?
Hmmm... curious at best, but my point remains the same, here's what Tila has to say.

I just wanted to stop in really quick to let you in on what’s been going on in my busy world these days! There is A LOT going on, but I’m going to try to make this as short as possible so you don’t have to end up reading a book in this blog! haha! Ok so first big news is that I have decided that I no longer want to blog about celebrity gossip. I liked it better when I had my OWN official website, where it’s just all about me. So that it’s easier for my fans to keep up on my life and what I’m doing next and where I’ll be next…etc. Just like how my other official website (domain changed because she's a whore) used to be! I realized that with this Celebrity Gossip Blog, a lot of my fans get confused because they actually come to my website just for me, and not to read about everyone else! Supply and demand! :) I noticed that this is what my reader’s want, by the traffic I get each time I post something. So, that’s one big news I am really excited about!

Let's just start by saying Tila's "really quick" is only in the mind of a meth fueled rant. So we are back... again... to the "I'm going to post about ME!" bullshit. I, as a great reader-between-the-liner, see this whole paragraph as "no one cares to read my RSS feed and it's not all about ME ME ME, so I'm going to make it all about ME ME ME to feed my ego!". Alas, we move to her "realization" that "fans" don't come to her site for the INTENDED PURPOSE she started out with. I like her admitting failure. That and that her fans are too stupid to know which posts are about her and which are about celebs, apparently. Why don't they come there for celebs? Because they get their celeb news from actual sites. She concluded this by her traffic, when clearly, her traffic on her own posts are due to the lolz we get from her retardedness.

So starting on November 15th, that will be the LAST DAY you guys will be reading about celebrity gossip on my site! After November 15th, I will either temporarily shut down this site and put up a splash page while I work with my web team to come up with a new design and layout for my BRAND NEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE..or the second option is to keep the site open, so this way you guys won’t have to miss me too much and i can just blog when there’s an announcement I need to make about my life, where I’ll be next, new projects, or simply because I want to keept in touch with you guys..etc. So right now I’m debating on which way I should go….. So I need your help on that! Should I keep my website up so that I can still keep in touch with you guys, or is it better to just put up a splash page while me and my web team work on the new layout for my brand new official website? Me, personally, I wanted some time off to lay low and just let everyone forget about me for a while and just put up a splash page, while I’m working on the new site. That’s what I initially had in mind, but since I love my Tila Army and my reader’s, I want you guys to help me decide on whether or not I should keep this website open or put up the splash page while I work on my new website design. Leave comments and let me know what I should do! :)
More "TELL ME YOU LOVE ME - I NEED VALIDATION!@!#!$@$%" crap. A few things jump out here: one being that she has no idea how to run a test site, because she can't function without taking it all down. Two being that a web "team" (that she already paid thousands for) can't bring a site within a week or so, assuming she's already been working with them? I can redesign a site from scratch in 2 days, graphics and all. And let me tel you kids, I'm not the best out there. Me, personally - I prefer she goes away for everyone to forget about her - just letting you know Tila. And stay that way!

Regardless, I’m really excited to turn this website back into my OFFICIAL WEBSITE! No more celeb trash gossip! Although my site has been doing really well with that stuff, I just felt like it was interfering with MY OWN announcements and news! So again, starting on November 15th, you will no longer be reading about celebrity gossip on this website! YAY! It’s time for a change and new beginnings and I am doing JUST THAT!
Turn it back? It never was, it's not even good enough for a has been! But you see, 3 weeks ago, it was soooo successful and everyone just like, OMG, LOVED it - that Tila is calling it celeb trash gossip. And the purpose of her site to begin with, as she stated over and over and over - was "interfering" with her ME ME ME ME ME ME LOOK AT ME bullshit.

As for my NEW WEBSITE, it’s going to be even better than this one! My team is already working on the new layout with me as we speak! I hope it’s not going to take TOOOOO long, but if anything, I still have this site so if they don’t finish in time for when I want my big re-launch, I can still always use this site to blog for now. So yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy get ready for a super duper dope MISS TILA OFFICIAL FAN SITE!!!!!! This new website will be all about me, my life, tons of photo galleries, my tour dates, new tv shows, magazine shoots, etc etc… Everything Miss Tila! So I’m super excited about my new website! I have had a lot of fun with this site being a celebrity gossip site, but then after a while, I just felt like I was no longer passionate about it. Plus half of these celebs are my friends and I don’t wanna have to keep telling my staff who they can and cannot blog about. It’s a pain in the ass! So that’s it! will now turn into a MISS TILA OFFICIAL FAN SITE!
"I hope it's not going to take too long" actually means "I hope I can down enough meth and pills to stay awake!!!". We see here, if she were to be totally honest, if it's all about the things she mentioned, it will be two posts of drama, "plans" that never come to pass, FAKING "charity work", FAKING pregnancy and adoption" and lying about things in the works (a la App, comic book, two TV shows, book, USO tour, 130 city world tour, going to -insert foreign country here- to do work) that we get to point and laugh about. Half the celebs are her friends though, doncha know? Even though most of them don't realize she exists and those who do, think of her as a punchline. Even her latest "LOOK AT ME" stunts ended with two declarations "not friends, just business" and "I don't even know Tina Tequila".

Now onto her "works in progress":

1) Shooting my new music video for “WALKING ON THIN ICE” this weekend! Going to be extremely amazing! Can’t wait to show you guys the finished product!

2) I just did some more work with “MTV” I can’t tell you what exactly it is yet, but let’s just say for now that you’ll be seeing me back on TV very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOO! :)

Does that video come with the porn, or is it a separate soundtrack? Who did you steal the song from? How many Powershot clips will you turn into one?

"MTV" isn't the MTV we know, it's for a new network called Moneyhungry Trash Viewing. I think we are on our 7th or 8th "I'll be back on TV soon". Still hasn't happened, thank GOD!

3) Miss Tila in Italian “VOGUE” magazine……….. yes. VOGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! yessssirrrr! This is another dream come true that I can check off of my checklist! :) more info coming soon! Miss Tila going HIGH FASHION now! What better way to do it, than be in “VOGUE?” damn that’s HOT!
Probably in an ad for hoochie pants. Frankly, I think the only person who actually made any deal about any overseas Vogue was Janice Dickenson (great company there). My million dollar guess is an ad, if it actually happens. Tila's head alone wouldn't allow for a cover. If you are a believer in Vogue (a desperately falling mag in these times), feel free to write them a message.

4) MIss Tila Merch line as well as Miss Tila Iphone App is almost done!!!! I’m trying to push them to get it launched by December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all of my new merch, clothing line, and Iphone app! I have been working extensively on these projects and put a LOT of my time into it, and that’s why you guys will understand why it’s been taking so long once you see the finished products! They are super top notch quality and you can tell that I put a lot of time and effort into building all of this!!!!!! So get ready for some SUPER AMAZING “TILA MERCH/CLOTHING LINE” and “MISS TILA IPHONE APP” coming out hopefully by this DECEMBER!!!!
Okay, so.... I posted "Next topic! Where's the iPhone app? Why did your dating site die after less than 6 months active? Why did your clothing line you bragged about die after a year? Where's the comic book?" in the same post. The reason I posted it, we know she failed at merch several years ago when she was actually somewhat popular. She's been talking about the merch site for more than a year and the earliest note I have on hand says she was launching the iPhone app as early as June 2009. Each time a fan asked about it, she ignored them or said "that's why I've been too busy to chat with fans".

5) I have been laying low for a while, and will continue to lay low because I have been working on something HUUUUUUGE behind the scenes that’s been taking up all of my time! I can’t tell you guys yet what it is, but just KNOW that by 2012, you will be seeing a LOT more of Miss Tila on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POW!
Anyone else just think it's absolutely stupid for a 29 year old "woman" to be saying POW!? Okay, that aside, we've also been hearing about big screen this and that for more than a year. IMDB is pretty accurate and on top of the game for things even announced, Tila has no acting credits or projects other than a slutty Hooters chick in a 4 year old movie. She portrayed herself, a very degrading part in fact on Cleveland Show, which was actually quite tame to her.

So, backtrack to 3 weeks ago.
O HOOOORAY for our 6 month anniversary!!!!!!!! I remember when I first launched it, hater’s kept telling me that I was going to “fail” at doing this…. but hey… look who’s still blogging and look who’s still coming back here everyday to read about what’s new?? I’m looking at you, haters! I’m really happy that I decided not to throw in the towel.. ...I hope that in another 6 months, It will continue to grow, which I have no doubt that it will! I will continue to dedicate my time to update you guys on the latest news and continue to interact with all of my reader’s here.
EPIC fail. Just EPIC. You failed, you gave up and you aren't still blogging!!! This whore don't even remember what she said! Though, we never did get those green screen, goofs, any celeb interviews that were coming weekly with those "big names" you already lined up and "hottie of the week" that wasn't YOU. You couldn't even keep up with Tila Army member of the week - you already profiled the two!

As a side note, one of her biggest fans, who everyone knows, and must be a dingbat to boot is incredibly sick. Tila didn't address her at all, the very girl who was an "Army Member of the Week" and gave Tila a birthday present. She does address another one though, talking about ME ME ME. Way to address a very sick fan but go with another and talk about YOU YOU YOU!

Ya dumb slut.

postheadericon Just for Laughs

Now, I'm a Chris Crocker fan ever since they shoved his video on the body of that one dude in that parody of 300. You know, Meet the Spartans. Tila also claims to like the way that Chris Crocker presents haters and what not, but I wonder if she's seen this..

:) Oh Chris, thank you sooo much for making me think of you today to stop by your youtube and see it.

Now, laugh everyone :) HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA*cough*
Monday, November 8

postheadericon Tila's Big Move...HaHa

Today on Tila's flog she talks about moving into her new 3 story house. She makes sure to tell us all the details, but has yet to show ANY photos at all (like she ever has). In this blog post she seems to be fascinated by an elevator because she's too lazy to walk up 3 flights of stairs. For someone that wants to get involved in 'charity' work and can't even manage to slump up 3 sets of stairs... oh sad sad day.

But that isn't all, she claims that one of the MAIN reasons she wanted to move was because of *cough*someone*cough*. It's really sad that she is trying to make it seem like Garry, oh my bad, 'someone' is basically a threat to her safety.. Tila, come on, don't tell me you're trying to hide from the reporters that are seeking answers now thanks to Garry's recent interviews..

Tila ends her post with something along the lines of her 'blog' changing yet again. Is it going to be stuff about 5 year old Merch? More crap about *shivers* work, or maybe her coming clean (like THAT would ever happen). Well, whatever pointless thing it is I'm sure the RotSpot team will jump on it and give you all the deets :)

Added Note: I am so making a I support Garry Sun t-shirt and going to post it all over.

Saturday, November 6

postheadericon You be the judge ...

Okay so most of us have now heard Garry Sun's interview with Ghostriderradio from yesterday.  It was a very good informative interview.  You know, there is so much controversy over whether he's famewhorin' or not ... my take on it is this:  We have NO CLUE what this man is going through right now or even if he's tellin' the 100% truth.  All we can do is form opinions and please don't get all crazy on each other over opinions.  His encounters and stories are much of the time backed up with evidence, unlike Tila's.  Are any of you really skeptical that Tila could have either had something to do with Casey's death or knew about it before she "found out in Houston"!?!?!  Gnome and I have been sayin' since day one that we thought she had involvement with it.  Between different anonymous resources and checkin' into some shit myself we have found a lot of evidence that proves her stories don't really add up around that time.  In Garry's interview he mentions that Tila was on a plane that day with a very well known celebrity/socialite that she told not to tell anyone he'd seen her.  So ... we find this:

Hmmm...but it seems that Tila had already flown back from Houston on Dec 27, 2009 according to HER TWITTER: 

 And then she mentions that she's home in LA on Dec 29, 2009 via her Saynow account:

And when did Casey die!?!?

You be the judge ...  Good thing I'm NOT the judge or Tila would be executed by public hanging.  She'd at least go out loving the attention it would bring, no?!?!?! 

Friday, November 5

postheadericon Hodge Podge

I've got a mix of thoughts today kiddies, so we're entitling this post Hodge Podge. It'll be all over the place but my points are short, so feel free to pick and choose what you'd like to ponder. We'll start with the somewhat connection/argument about the restraining order.

We've already poked the fun at the 10 yards aspect, but in the midst of comments, I'd like to clarify a few things by comparison to another douche that was also around Tila. Raz B. In case you haven't heard, Marques Houston successfully filed an RO against him. There's again, too much drama for this mama to cover all the angles, but suffice it to say - Houston felt his life was threatened. Now, here's the fun part - Tila also claimed this against Garry. I have copies of both orders filed and some even argued that Tila was granted the RO so therefore she didn't have to pay. I present for you a comparison of the RO's. What makes this interesting is there's somewhat of a similar thread in that they knew each other, had some history, had some really psycho stuff claimed from both sides and someone felt creeped out enough to go file. Difference? You emailed, tweeted and/or PMed me how I might know what Tila did or didn't bring up during RO being issued. I could tell you all day that not only was she given 10 yards so it basically protected her physical being but not really anything of consequence, but she had to pay for it. Well, here's your proof - so to speak - about a truly threatening situation with proof and Tila's claims and the judge doing what he had to to get her to go away. (Both copies were available via Radar Online.)

Now, here are the orders, side by side. Notice the difference in yardage. Tila asked for and was denied 100 yards from the man she "claims" on the internet (but apparently not to the judge - curious no?) attempted to kill her. Houston's claim is that Raz B threatened. See the difference in severity? If reasonable information was provided, or even a slight remote bit of proof as Houston showed, Tila would have been given the full 100 yds.

The other glaring point is the filing fee. More often than not, people without proof or people who threaten lawsuits often are required to pay the filing fees upfront. Those with real issues are not required as the judge deems it necessary for safety. 'Ello - what's this?
Tila had to pay the fees to file. Houston did not. What makes that important is the judge not only felt she wasn't in enough danger to warrant a regular, run-of-the-mill RO, but made Tila pay for it. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's logiiiiiiiiiiiiiistics. (Sorry, couldn't get that out of my head and you kinda need logical thinking - aw hell, you know where I was going. :D )

What did Tila's lawyer, Alan Gutman say when Garry first filed on Tila? Well, it's quite ironic:
"Mr. Sun's filing shows that anyone can file anything in a courthouse. He will undoubtedly be held accountable by appropriate authorities for making these false allegations."
FYI, as far as I could find, not a single "authority" has charged or investigated Garry for anything. (This does not mean he hasn't, but given both people's propensity to blab....)

Next topic!
Garry's Radio Interview - while it makes for some damn good fodder for us, some insight, whatever you want to call it, Garry is beginning to leech onto the famewhoring himself. He has a strong case for a counter suit, but when you go to far... you help her. Do I think Garry should defend himself? Yes - at the right place and right time, say.... in court. But since I only care about lolz around Tila, speak away my dear, we're enjoying it! All that could come out of it, is the judge laughs and tosses them both - as it stood and I noted in a prior post of mine, Garry had a case to win. I don't believe that is the case any longer.

Next topic!
Tila buying another mansion - I've covered the failed logics in which one would not only buy Raz B a mansion, but herself a mansion, then move again a few months later, one thing dawned on me earlier today while wafting in self pity that my ice cream melted. If one had planned on a trip for months to go out of the country, hell the continent, why would you set a closing date for the times you were "supposed" to be away? Curious no?

Next topic!
Where's Rob, the New Zealander (I get that right Pix? :) ) Where's the Texas Twinz? Where is that hot girl group that "won" a singing show (Gah, the name of the group escapes me for all to hell!)? Where's that hot football star you represented? Where's that hot model you stole from Ford? We were supposed to see them by now!

Next topic!
Where's the iPhone app? Why did your dating site die after less than 6 months active? Why did your clothing line you bragged about die after a year? Where's the comic book?

Next topic!
By now, if we counted all of Tila's pregnancies and stories, in the last year, she would have 4 children, 4 more adopted (with one being Ava Johnson) and twins on the way next month. Most of them named Jayden. Most of them with 5 different baby daddies. In fact, where's the bills Tila promised her fans (and haters alike) from her medical visits, her miscarriage and her IVF?

Next topic!
We are approaching a year out from TamponGate. Will Tila mark the anniversary by shooting a tampon out of her twat in two weeks?

Next topic!
What happened to "my blog won't be about celeb stories anymore but more about ME ME ME!"? It's still an RSS feed of other stories, and quite frankly the most boring ones. All the "exclusives" that any other rag had the slightest interest in were sold to other outlets. Way to treat your fans to "you you you". You sold off all the stories AND copies of documents, instead of driving traffic to your site. Is that because you know it's failed so hard that if you didn't put it up there, no one would see it? Sorta like that tree falls in the forest scenario?

Next topic!
What happened to Tila raving over being with Kid Rock? We knew you wouldn't admit to being with an impersonator! Were you so drunk and coked out that you couldn't tell the difference? What about Franco?

Next topic!
Where's the lawsuit against ICP and the Gathering organizers? The lawsuit against Raz? Casa? Numerous blogs? In fact, where is ANY lawsuit?

Final thought:
As we enter the holiday season, expect more from her. We haven't seen the end of this paparazzo/Tila battle on the internets. It'll be tossed out of court, but she'll cry she won, then open her mouth. Prepare your screencaps kids. She did the same thing when she was ordered to keep her cum trap shut and didn't and tried to delete it faster than she typed it. As it winds down from all the fun over the next few weeks and the court case is heard, she'll be crying for more attention. Maybe I should open a pool up about what day she'll tweet how lonely she is and "this time last year, I was with my wifey" for sympathy from her mentally deranged teenage bottom dwellers.

postheadericon Interview with Garry Sun ... need to hear this.  All I have to say is ...

She has the mind of a serial killer...


I am SO glad Garry is talkin'.  Only time will tell what's really happened.  All I can hope for is that Garry is tellin' the truth and can get this bitch taken down.  You know, he'd be MY HERO for sure.  Just sayin' ....

UPDATE:   Thanks to our little detective readers here at the Rotspot we have come across this tweet from the scunt herself back on Dec. 31, 2009.  Could this be the celebrity/socialite that Garry is speaking of!?!? 

Only time will tell.  I have to say kiddies that I'm thinkin' Garry is the real deal here.  I HOPE he doesn't take any sort of buy out and becomes BFF's with her again like um ohhh maybe ummm ... Carlton Jordan.  Remember when Carlton was going to do a "tell all" on his blog and "shock" the world!?!?  Then we waited ... and waited ... and waited until his bitchass became BFF's with her stupid ass all over again.  Garry, please do the world a favor and FINALLY COMPLETELY expose this bitch.  She's RUINING lives, including her underage child fans.  And Casey Johnson, this is some REAL SHIT that needs to be looked into.  This info needs to get to the Johnson family...

postheadericon A Whore By Any Other Name...

While this post is mostly about stuff we already know, it's something Tila has always denied and of course, if it's something she's denied, that means she links to proof of the fact that she's lying. Yes, she's that dumb. This post isn't just about pointing out another one of Tila's numerous lies, it's about the blatant disrespect she has for her fans. She lies flat out to their faces, for no reason at all.

We'll start with one of my favorite comments on her site

"What's a Thien?" I can't tell you how much laughter I got from that simple comment. It really is a shame that people look up to those they know nothing about. As we've seen from the C&D we know that Tila's real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, she's from Vietnam, it's a normal name over there. We don't mock her name, we mock the fact that she's afraid of it. So when confronted by a fan, does Tila tell the truth?

Of course not! If Tila told the truth... you know what, I can't even finish that thought because the idea of Tila telling the truth is so implausible that my mind is actually blank, and that never happens. However, not only does she lie, but she then says that by calling her that we're being racist. I have no problem with celebrities changing their names to something more suitable for American audiences, but why disrespect your fan by lying to a simple question?

She not only lies to her fan, but gets her fan to apologize for not knowing the "truth". As far as making fun of her heritage, um, look in the mirror bitch, you're the one lying about your Vietnamese name, not us.

The funny thing is her fan base seems to be dumb enough to believe her lies, even when Tila in her victory dance over her 10yd restraining order linked to the Radar Online post that featured this
Ooops, better start working on spin story for that. She said Perez lied when he pointed out her real name, she called those on her flog racists who pointed it out, but in the end, it turns out to be just another lie from a sad sloppy slut.

Wednesday, November 3

postheadericon Just some more "evidence" AGAINST Tina...

Tina Tina of these days you will learn to shut that overly made up, loose, dick sucker of yours. Do you not understand the ridiculousness that comes out of it? Jesus fucking Christ, rocks have a higher IQ than you do, AND they stay silent...take notes slut.

So here's the 411 on what this post is going to be about....from time to time, Little Miss Whorebag forgets that she's hated, and posts blog after blog of lies. She also seems to forget that the ones who despise her, are not like her army of retards, and can actually put her lies together to reveal her for the scandalous, lying skeeze she is....i.e. screen cap like a motherfucker. This post, my beloved readers, is going to be just that. She wants to claim she doesn't know Garry, and he's been obsessed with HER from the get go? Really? That's's the "evidence" that seems to say otherwise.

Everyone climb on my lap time machine...and away we go.

First was a dark night in April when we first heard about Tinas 23239834 baby daddy/fiance/std partner. Casa Wilson. This ended with her having him thrown from a plane, blah blah, almost arrested, blah blah, and ultimately resulted in their unfortunate break up. Cue, Garrys name....

Uh oh...the lovebirds start fighting...and then we have... *gasp*

wait wait wait....Garry went to New York with Tina?! Surely he stalked the gremlin there right? She didn't willingly invite him?! And hold the fucking phone, she LOVES him? Since when do you love your stalkers? Hmm.....tsk tsk tsk..... maybe they're "just friends"....*snickers* Or, maybe they're fucking. Who cares. BUT, this clearly shows that Garry wasn't "stalking her against her will".

Somewhere in between Casa and our next stop, we had arm-meet gate . All of twitter watched the debacle implode on June 5th. The twat bandaid faked a suicide attempt, then claimed it was movie makeup.....then she refers to herself as a "bad ass gangsta bitch" and admits to cutting herself.

Alrighty...destination # 2. A beautiful day on the 22nd of June....Garry Sun's birthday.

What in the fuckity fuck fuck? BEST FRIEND? Not stalker?! You mean, *gasp* they KNOW each other?! So, which is it Tina, were you lying about him being a friend, or are you lying about him being a stalker? Fuck me, you're stupid.

Tina has since deleted that blog if this surprises anyone. But here you go, please feel free to read it in its entirety. *smiles politely*

This brings us to our last stop. A warm day in August. August 4th to be exact. The "romantic friendship" between Cuntzilla and Prophecy ended abruptly. She accused him of being the one that ginsu mastered her arms.

That's a pretty bold statement to make. And it seems she filed a lolsuit and a restraining order back then.

That's peculiar...

So wait, she filed ANOTHER restraining order, this time for him being a stalker? *shakes the confusion off*

It hurts my brain to even attempt to understand how someone could be as heinously dumb as the sociopath known as Tila Tequila. Stay tuned kids, I have no doubt that this latest event will have apocalyptic size repercussions for the porn muppet.

Garry, I know you're reading. And I only have one thing to say to you. I may be a dick, but looks like I was right. Here's your page of "evidence". Have fun! *winks*

Gnomiekins over and outie out.

postheadericon Will Tila Bless the Rains Down in Africa?

Greetings all, sorry if I ruined the Toto song for you, I'm a sucker for pop culture and can't help slipping some in here and there. If you don't know the song, please don't tell me, I made a Punky Brewster reference the other day that went over the head of the person it was sent too, that made me feel old (call me Soleil, I still love you). Anyway, TRS is all a flutter with the biggest bit of fuckery since Arm Meet Gate and while I can't wait to see how this plays out, I want to address something that everyone knew was a lie from the moment it left whore lips.

Be warned though, the following post does actually include something good Tila did, sorry, in uncovering the lie, I also found a bit of truth. If she had left it at that, we'd have nothing to report, however her extreme narcissim (isn't it sad that extreme doesn't feel like it describes it enough?) caused her to distort and lie. As with just about everything she does. So since it's Nov, let's break down an October promise.

And we all know after the sex tape "incident" that Tila had her passports pulled, because you can't do charity work with a sex tape, right? Oh wait, now it's okay? So of course she invites the 15 year olds in her army to join her in Africa. Yes, between "it's so dangerous I could die" and the next post, Africa has gone from bling-bang to a camping and fishing resort.

We all know she's just shining the little tikes on, that even if she was going that if one kid offered to go with her, she would ignore them (much like the girl in the UK who traveled hours to see her at Tila's request, only to have Tila give her the shaft). But they fell for it, hook, line, and sinker (oh shit, she can fish). But in an effort to expose, the charity was e-mailed, and they responded with this:

So congratulations Tila, like a lot of us out here, you donate to charity. You also lie about what you do with the charity as well. We know you're a certified race driver, but you're not a certified well digger. This e-mail came AFTER all of her claims, so she was never going to go with them on their expedition. Of course, we all knew it deep down, but proof is always best.

BTW, this is a really good charity (despite dealing with Tila) and the people are really nice, so if you're ever looking for somewhere to donate, consider them.

I think the real question of this post is why does Tila hate her life so much that she must always has to try to make it better than it actually is? Something to think about.