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Wednesday, March 31

postheadericon Tila admits miscarriage

Last night before Tila's talks of raping her soon-to-be hubby (we're working on those two stories as well right now), she gave us some "personal info" that we've all been waiting to hear:

She also admits to having "artificial insemination".  We just keep catchin' her with her pants down right now, don't we?  Girls just want to have fuuuuun!  Ooooh girls just want to haaaaaave fuuuuuuuuun!  Boy, we are having a BLAST here at Rotspot tonight!!

postheadericon Oh the tangled webs we weave....

It seems that today was a busy busy BUSY day around twitter. Lots of information seemed to be spewed from all was a little difficult to wrap my head around...although that could have just been because I was inebriated...this love affair with Jack is gonna kill me, but that's a diff story...

There were some busy little beavers loitering around twitterville this morning. And I'd just like to say that we had been given the information that was posted(and then some), but weren't exactly sure what could and/or should be done with it.

However, in light of today's events, I've basically taken it upon myself to determine that I believe the poster and their affiliates 100%. "How can you know?" you might ask....well you see, it seems like the rotten twat Tila confirmed the information herself just by tweeting one of the antagonizers.

*Click the name to see "HelpingHelper's" tweets...they're extremely interesting*

And now, that I'm using this thinker-cap of mine...I've remembered some previous tweets where Tila not only changed the sex of her baby, but also mentioned "helping a lost girl"...

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at how vile this creature is...but honestly, I'm damn near at a loss for words....and THAT is saying A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT!!!!

We will update as more information becomes available

postheadericon Tila's kickass comic part 2

Did you guys know that Wednesdays are New Comic Book days? Well they are, and why should it be any different here at the Rotspot? Because Uncle Eddie thinks you've all been such good little boys and girls, I present StuporGirl, Volume 2!

Stuporgirl sure knows the value of an education!

Man, I can't wait to see what befalls our favorite super-mogul next week! I have a feeling it's going to be pretty awesome! Stay tuned kids, same POW time, same POW channel!
Monday, March 29

postheadericon Tila makes an ass outta herself...


There's so much that could be said here...yet no amount of apologies would be enough for what I am about to subject you all to.

I'm trying to figure out the thought process behind her drug induced rants tweets, but I honestly can't come up with one that makes sense. What I can't for the life of me understand, is why the porn muppet Tila insists on subjecting everyone to thoughts about her mangled orifices...

I'm hesitant to even write about this shit, because I know that she's only doing it to actually GET written about. (she loves our blog)

But you guys have requested to be kept up to date with her shenanigans, so here you go...blame yourselves.
I'll cliff notes version this shit for you in case you don't want to ruin your own retinas....I'm willing to take one for the team, because I'm awesome like that....

In true Tila fashion, she never misses an opportunity to attempt to make herself seem more relevant than she really is....She talks about her "appearance" on The Cleveland Show. (The entire thing consisted of 18 words and 40 seconds) She insists that they weren't making fun of her, and that it was "her real voice"...view it for yourselves...what I think is the BEST part, is that she's too fucking stupid to realize that they used her own voice TO make fun of her...

Next she goes on to state that anyone given the opportunity would fuck her....I don't know about the rest of you...but:


Here we have the irritating twat the ever classy Tila telling everyone how horny she is, and how she's going to film her anal sexcapades.... *gag*

And last but certainly not least...we have Tila announcing to the world that she will be calling the paparazzi herself for a failed photo-op going to the grocery store to "shop" in her lingerie....

Pictures of the candid affair....*stabs fork in temple*
To see the article that accompanies these pictures, please click HERE

Let it be said, that I'm trying to hold down my very balanced breakfast of whiskey and beef jerky as I write this....and I just um...*shudder*

Fuck you all.

UPDATE: TMZ apparently thought the same thing! Great minds DO think alike!

So I'd also like to point out that there WERE children in the grocery store where she's dressed like a stripper and bending over. Hopefully I can find out WHERE the store is and all and send them the pictures and have Tila banned from that particular store.

And what do you think THIS kid was looking at?

And of fuckin' COURSE the skank had to run to twitter immediately after reading our blog update to brag about the kid "checkin' her out".  What a fuckin' sick cunt.

She is just begging for attention from us tonight isn't she?  Silly whore.  *yawn*  The ass play shit is already stank and old.  Move on to another attention whore scheme.

Sunday, March 28

postheadericon Tila's new comic book

Happy Sunday, bitches! Your baby daddies here at the Rotspot have a special treat for you because we love you all so very, very much. Come sit on Uncle Eddie's lap and see what we've got.

So we've all been seeing our favorite midget mogul hyping up her new super amazing fantastic and wonderful comic book, right? **special thanks to everybody who sent me screen caps when I was too lazy to look for 'em myself**

OMG WOW. Shit, excuse me, POW! There we go. Anyway, if I know you guys, you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation! No? Yeah, me either. But don't you fear. We happen to have our grubby little hands on Tila's super kickass comic book! Fresh off the cutting room floor! You ready?
Wait for it...
wait for it...

POW! I can't wait for that to be turned into a movie! Summer blockbuster for sure!!
Wednesday, March 24

postheadericon For fuck's sake.

Good morning, bitches. Our favorite midget mogul POW was being her usual classy self this morning on facebook and twitter. First off, she took more time to respond to her haters on facebook. She posted these two updates, saying everything at her garage sale was only $1 and everybody needs to stop bitching:

Which, of course, made millions of braincells commit suicide in fits of rage. Among others to call her on this obvious lie was Pretty Pete, who posted something so fantastic it got Tila herself to come out of her meth-coma the woodwork and respond to the haters. Unfortunately she then deleted Pretty Pete's comment, but here's her response:

Seriously, it was barely an hour later. It was only a few posts up! Okay so it's not a big lie. In fact, it's a small, stupid lie. That's the thing that drives me fucking nuts about Tila. $1, $20, $3,000, it's not important. It's overpriced, and it's stupid to assume people will pay that much at a garage sale, but it's not important. The thing is, she'll lie about anything and the Tila Army falls for it hook, line, and sinker. I know you'll all share your opinions in the comments after this post, so if any of you can tell me how you can watch someone lie about something so trivial (nevermind the big stuff, like the pregnancy, miscarriage, and charity) and still follow her blindly, please do. Seriously. And don't say it's okay because she's hot. She's disrespecting you. She's basically calling you stupid with every lie because she knows you'll believe it.

So then the classy boss bitch mogul POW made her way to twitter where a truly revolting conversation took place.

Nicole Allen first asked Tila this question:

Yeah, okay, so it's a little, teensy bit bitchy. But hey, it's the truth, ain't it? Tila could have chosen to ignore it. People have said way worse things to her...Hell, even I've said way worse to her...and she's ignored it. The thing is, real celebrities get this shit all the time. You don't think people badmouth Angelina Jolie, or Madonna, or Lady Gaga? They do. But real celebrities ignore this shit. But choosing to respond is Tila's prerogative, and here's how she chose to:

Let's look on the bright side, everybody. At least she's telling the truth.
And then she kept going.


Really I'm just speechless. And before one of you geniuses tells me she's kidding, thanks, I got that. That's not even close to being the issue here. She's an adult. She's 28 fucking years old and she claims to have an empire. Mogul boss lady Pow whatever. And she has an "army" of followers who believe everything she says and will defend her until the very end. Why? Can somebody actually give me a logical explanation???

I'm waiting.
Monday, March 22

postheadericon And the garage sale reviews are....

Not good!!! This actually makes me literally LOL at how fucking pathetic she is.

I was given the link to a video which actually goes a little bit more in depth at Tila's swap meet this past weekend. Several of her "fans" were interviewed....but NONE of them were happy. Twist this how you will can see with your own eyes what a failure she was/is.

To see the entire video along with some added footage of Ashley Tisdale's parking ticket click HERE

On a side note, I just want to point out a couple of things before any of you STILL try to defend Tila....
  • Remember in the Radar Online Video where she says "I don't know how this turned into a meet and greet".....Really? That's weird, because I'm pretty sure you told all of your fans you'd be on hand to sign autographs, and they'd be FREE for anyone who bought anything. You also told your fans they'd get to take pictures with you....
  • She was selling her shit for MORE than list price on a lot of it....correct me if I'm wrong, but since when does garage sale mean ripping people off? I know inflation's a bitch...but that's for NEW items..not second hand used shit....
**Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say she's including tire AND wheel (WHEEL, NOT RIM!!!)...but even so...that fucking tire isn't 2 g's....**

So what have we learned today kids....
  1. Tila's trying to scamming what few fans she has left
  2. Tila's garage sale truly was a bust
  3. Tila refused to take pictures with the fans that actually DID show up to meet her.
  4. Tila tries to manipulate yet another essence, making her fans out to be crazed stalkers whom she didn't "intend to meet".
Wow Tila, you're a class act aren't ya!!! Truly one of a kind!!! The kind that belongs in a gutter. :)
Saturday, March 20

postheadericon Tila's Swap Meet....

*special thanks to Neenahboo for being fucking amazing with her Iphone*
*SHE is the reason we have pics AND video to disprove Tila*

Alright, so there was a lot speculation that Tila never actually showed up at her own swap meet used merchandise liquidation event garage sale...this isn't actually true....she did eventually arrive, but about 2 hours late. There weren't droves of people there....there was maybe 40. Leo Madrid and Mr. Bradshaw were both on hand for the event...and I'm told they were actually extremely nice. I'm also told Tila was a complete and utter mess. She could barely write her name on any of the pictures she was attempting to sign. She was completely out of it.
The cops ended up actually leaving, because there was nothing for them to do.

A woman from Radar Online showed up at Tila's home, and called Tila from outside telling her "Yeah, I just got here..." so, I'm sure we can expect to see some BREAKING NEWS event from them soon...

The bodyguards acted annoyed, and rushed everyone through the home. The "free pictures" that her fans were supposed to receive if they bought something...weren't free at all. They were actually 10 bucks....

Updates coming as I get them...

11:44 am Cali Time --Tila's security detail arrives....small crowd is visible...Tila's still wasn't there...12:23 pm Cali time--Video of LAPD arriving at Tila's house...she didn't call them, her neighbors did!!!

Alright, so Tila's finally responded to the failed attempt at publicity....we all knew she would attempt to make it out to be bigger than it was....
FOR THE RECORD: There WAS a helicopter hovering around....they were tracking a drunk homeless man down the street and around the had NOTHING to do with Tila!!! lmao
It did however have EVERYTHING to do with the fact that she lives in ghetto-wood

Friday, March 19

postheadericon Tila spews her venom in RazB's direction...another failed attempt at publicity! I'm approaching this whole RazB "drama" with an open eye...I'm like fuckin DeNiro when it comes to Tila's shenanigans....and we all know how her and her gays like to fake fights in order to stir up a little bit of controversy.
Remember the Carlton Jordan bullshit...first they were fighting, he was mad (probably because she wouldn't let him borrow her shoes), then they're BFF's again.

It seems like Tila was in the mood to sue she was threatening all of us mean bloggers again with Tila's decided to throw RazB under the bus for apparently releasing a song of hers....feel free to insert raucous laughter here....

The best part about this, is Raz, like any scorned homosexual man, turns into a bitch and basically starts retweeting what other people are doubt because there's some sort of NDA involved here....and he can't TECHNICALLY come out and tell everyone that Tila's label is in fact bullshit.
*sidenote, I love all you gays...but it's no secret that gay men are bitchier than women*

Like the attention whore and master manipulator that Tila is...she attempts to twist it into her being the victim....AS USUAL...

There was a whole lotta blah blah blah after this...because Tila can fill a page with bullshit like no one else I've ever encountered.....
But never one to miss a beat at shameless self promotion the dirty gremlin Tila ends her rant by reassuring her followers she will no doubt find someone else to rip off find a new artist to sign, because everyone loves her! POW! *gag*

Wednesday, March 17

postheadericon Tila's trying to take more children hostage....

Well it took her a couple of weeks (4 to be exact) to get with the program, until she realized what we were saying about the Russian adoption agency she was claiming to use...but in typical Tila style, she had to twist it to her advantage...

And now it seems that the munchkin monster mogul is trying to snatch herself more children...she's even taken to the wonderful world of the internet to announce her plans!!! Let me actually voice my utter disgust for this freak for just a second....who the fuck goes from talking about wanting to hump their laptop to adopting a young child, and then a 14 year old in 5 tweets? FIVE!!!!

I'm convinced that in Tila's brain, she thinks adopting a child is the same as buying a new pair of fact, didn't she compare losing a child to a pair of Louis Vuitton's? She sure did!!!

Tila doesn't seem to understand that children aren't for publicity. They're not something you just "buy" to accessorize with.

It seems like the dirty troll has given this some thought however....she's realized that if she adopts a young adult, that she would actually have a built in baby sitter, slave and maid!! The only vision I keep seeing over and over is Tila being similar to THIS type of mother. God help those poor children.... *sad face*

postheadericon My gift to you...

Happy St. Patricks Day Fuckers!!!

Tuesday, March 16

postheadericon Spiraling out of control or for media attention?

Either way, it's something that former friend Linda Strawberry and now ex-contestant ex-possible-love-interest Dani Campbell both share a growing concern for.  For those of you who don't know Dani, she was one of the final two contestants on Tila's fake reality show "A Shot of Love"

Back in November Tila began tweeting about how she was actually in love with Dani and how MTV wouldn't allow her to pick her.  Dani was pretty devastated when Tila picked Bobby so Sabrina Haley with ourscenetv got with Dani to ask her if she was aware and if she had any interest.  

Then in January, Dani decides to express her concern about her once possible love interest, Tila Tequila.

It's almost heartbreaking just like it was with Linda Strawberry.  Unfortunately, this doesn't look like it's going to be a happy ending for anyone ... especially Tila.

(Funny how Tila seems to be seen with alcohol a LOT.  Considering her severe allergies to it!)