Sunday, October 31

postheadericon Seriously, Michael Lohan?

I must say I'm incredibly touched by the comments on the previous post, there bar has been set high here and I can only to keep up with the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, I mean the lovely ladies of the Rotspot, and Uncle Eddie of course.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. As most of you have seen by now, the whormanitarian is now BFFs with Kate Major and Michael Lohan. Yes, the crotch kicking, daughter using, and multiple restraining order owner. So of course he tries to team up with Tila to get her scraps while Lindsay is in rehab and he can't abuse that connection. But wait a minute, Tila has written about Michael, repeatedly...

Oops, looks like that link is now gone. But why would she get rid of it now?

Ah, that's not flattering at all, I guess that's why she deleted it. Granted there are still plenty of negative posts about them still on her site, but she has the benefit of claiming they were written by "Tila Staff". So now, Tila has different things to say about Michael and Kate...

Awww, that's some sweet stuff. I used to think I was a warm and caring individual, but apparently my rap sheet isn't big enough to qualify. Anyone up for a crotch punch? No one? Well damn. I'm sure Michael had equally sweet things to say about Tila, right? Right?

Credit: Radar Online

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ouch. Even with Tila saying nice things, deleting posts about him (which she never does - yeah fucking right), and inviting him over to her apartmansion for movies and popcorn, the nicest thing he says about her is that she's a "business associate". That's gotta hurt. Even those she's "proud to call her friends" won't return the statement. No Tila, there is no way he's trying to use you.

It's funny that she's so afraid of people "leeching off her fame" yet the people she chooses to hang out with are the ones who were so desperate for attention they leeched off Jon Gosselin's tubby ass. So the Has-Been, Wanna-Be, and Never-Will hit up a Halloween party in a 13,000 sq ft mansion (remember folks, you must be sure to include all the details to make yourself seem better than you really are), a party so big she actually had no names to name drop.
Anyone else think it's wrong for Michael Lohan to wear a cops uniform? Or do you get one free after 5 arrests?

But hey, there's no way this thing with Michael Lohan is going to end badly, she's just a woman who likes to accuse men of abuse, and he's a man who's been accused of hitting multiple women. I don't see a problem, do you? The big question is going to be whether when it goes down (and it most definitely will) is it just part of the big plan to get publicity? I can't help but think this is some way for Tila to get her hands on Lindsay, which is funny because as big of a fuck-up that Lindsay has been of late, at least she can say she's not Tila Tequila.
Saturday, October 30

postheadericon New perspectives and all that jazz ...

 Man, I get a LOT of emails from you guys!  While we have all been on our hiatus' I got soooo much mail about why we SHOULD be writing on a constant basis.  I'm biased so I agree!  Hahahahaha.  Gnome and I have decided to add a couple new faces here at the Rotspot.  I can't wait for the new freshness of anxious new writers.

So welcome "lolercopter" and "Awesome A".  I have a feelin' you'll fit in juuuuuust fiiiiine ;)  Now, get to fuckin' writin' bitches!!

Friday, October 29

postheadericon Tila Finally "Wins"


Tila has recorded her first ever - court win. But alas kiddies, it's also a comical fail. Just a bit ago, TMZ posted a story showing Tila coming from a court room where she successfully lobbied for a restraining order against the wannabe-can't-rapper. There's too much drama for this mama to cover all the angles, but dude is dumb, and Tila got the happy little bit of famewhoring by calling the media out for another shoot.

She argued to the judge she was terrified enough that this guy needed to be kept away. She begged for 100 yards (the standard distance when a restraining order request is filed and usually granted). She got her order alright. She thinks it's "great news". What she doesn't realize, yet again, is the judge is actually smacking her in the face with it.

What distance did Tila successfully get? 10 yards. Yes, 30 feet. The average road is 12 foot lanes each way and 3 ft shoulders for a total of 30 feet. Dude can stand across the street from her apartmansion (and interestingly, I expect an address leak soon from documents required to be filed for a current address of the applicant) and toss ketchuped tampons at her doorstep. They can even be in the same restaurant. The only restriction.... distance. What does this tell me? The judge did enough to keep him from actually smacking her, but absolutely giggled on the inside with the distance ruling.

30 feet? Average of 3 car lengths.
30 feet? The average length of two standard living rooms.

Yeah. Instead of 300 feet, or 30 cars away... he's still close enough to spit on her. At least, the watermelon seed spitting world record is 68 feet. Straight spit? 100 feet. You are now educated on spitting.

I wonder how the poor kids of Africa feel about watching a humanitarian send herself by holographic magic to LA. Probably don't care, they are still waiting on the clean water Tila swore she was bringing through charity to drink.

Those bottles of Faygo were hurled from 10-100 feet. We're still all good.

Tila posted up her own blog (did we expect less? She needs all the famewhoring pity me bullshit she can get). But I just have to make a few points, cause I'm literally LOLing her and I'm getting odd looks from the cats.
All those red underlines - are examples of defamation. In fact, in court cases - it can be considered enticement or provocation for reactions. I counted 13, I could have missed one. That's not to include the previous rantings of her claiming Garry tried to kill her. Why does all this matter? The blue and red underline is her claiming she is going to sue HIM for defamation and slander. Oh the sides, they hurt! In Tila's little fucked up world - deletion of tweets and posts means what she has said never existed.

From all the current stories available to me at this time - no where during this particular hearing before the judge, was it ever mentioned that Garry cut her. If she had, he'd have a warrant out for his arrest for attempted murder. In the prior link to the post on this very site - Tila ALREADY CLAIMS TO HAVE FILED A RESTRAINING ORDER!!! Well, her powerhouse Alan Gutman did. Where was her tweets on that? How did the judge have no prior knowledge of an existing order or order request? Why are there no existing police records of Tila filing anything on Garry? Oops. Tila fails again.

I must also point out in her rantings... in pink, she reiterates he tried to kill her. Again, lacking from court documents, no warrants or even police questioning and you can be sure a judge, when given evidence of attempted murder would be ordering a 100 yard order (minimum) pending arrest. Silly silly Tila. Is this like when you "got us shut down" *snicker and waves* - or am I vibrating hard enough to make the blog reality?
Thursday, October 28

postheadericon Garry's Spillin' His Guts ....

He's so butthurt and honestly I can't blame him.  Buuuut, I'm PRETTY SURE we warned him and he told us to get fucked.  Anyhow, he's goin' on about how he's gotta clear his name because she's paid off Shyla (yes he still thinks he's involved with her I guess) but he's pullin' skeletons out of her closet ... but they are basically the same ones we've been pullin' out.  However, he did leave us a nice little present:

Apparently that's the birthday card she gave him on his birthday.  I find it sooo fuckin' hilarious that she ALWAYS throws out the "god card".  Seriously, Tila Manson fits goddamned perfectly!  She's so fuckin' delusional.  I'm startin' to think her connection to Texas is David Koresh and Waco.  I've got my fingers crossed that she'll end up with some Jim Jones'alike deal and drink the koolaid.  A girl can dream can't she?

He goes on to tell us about her CR4 contract cancellation and how Vivid gave her around half a million bucks to make out with and fuck strangers in some trashy low budget porn.  Yea, I'm pretty sure we called all of this didn't we ;)  ....

Garry, we KNOW she's a liar.  We've WARNED you about what a demon that scunt is.  I give it two weeks and you'll be runnin' back to her ghettofabulous apartment nuttin' on those wonky tits.

Good Luck Sir ... I'm really hopin' you've finally learned your lesson with this sick bitch.  You see what happens when you hang out with her ... right!?!?  Need I mention Casey Johnson?

postheadericon Double Double Sneaks and Trouble; Lies Escape and Herpes Bubbles...

Lordy Lordy Lordy it has certainly been a busy couple of days in the land of the internet.

For those of you who haven't followed the drama, let me break it down for you...don't you worry your pretty little faces though, I've included lots of pictures and videos in this here post to keep the masses entertained.

A few days ago, there was a mysterious man holding signs calling Tina all kinds of "names" while she was conveniently showing up 2 hours late for her own birthday.


Well it turns out that Garry Sun is the one responsible for the poster sized name calling.

This isn't the first time that the self proclaimed paparazzo has had a fall out with the Porn Muppet. Don't you guys remember when Tina eluded to the fact that Mr. Sun was in fact the one responsible for arm-meetgate 2010? No? Hmmm...let me dig...ah yes, there she is...Here is that little diddy for your reading pleasure. You see though, Herpes Queen deleted her blog post shortly after she wrote it. But why Tina, why delete if it's true? *shrugs* Nothing is EVER lost in the land of the interwebz folks...please DO remember that.

Anyway, so here on one hand we have Garry selling his soul story to TMZ. Which sent the twitterverse buzzing, and it took just a smidge over 3 hours for this story to be vehemently denied, again TMZ has the story.

What?! You mean Garry wasn't dating Shyla Jennings the porn star?! And she was NEVER kidnapped?! *scoots to edge of seat* And you mean to tell me that Shyla Jennings the porn star has NO idea who Garry Sun even is?! *snickers* Uh oh...but wait...Tila says that Shyla warned her about Garry's plans BEFORE now. Cue eerie stalker music....

It seems someones been taken for a ride. But wait....Garry wants us to know something!!! Something IMPORTANT!!! Now, before I post this...I want to go back a smidget....remember when I said nothing is ever lost on the internet? Well these next 2 videos are a primo example of that. The sneaky bastards over at Hollywood TV tried deleting these videos....Lucky for all of you, I'ma mothafuckin magician, and snagged 'em up!

Hmmm....I dunno Garry, I'm still not convinced. I do especially love how you acts like a chickenhead though. And the fact that the video is taken in front of the Sheriffs office sign means it has to be legit right? Wait, what's that? You have more "PROOF"?! *gasp*

Oh yes, I see....right there...the facebook page. "She likes it on your couch"? I'm going to ruin the fun for everyone....THAT, right for Breast Cancer Awareness. You see, Garry (and all the other men who were confused as to wtf women were talking about), that was a game. It was a sly little message we received in our facebook inboxes, telling us to put a status message saying where we like to place our purses. Purses, Garry. Purses. Also, allow me to just elaborate on something right see in the bottom left hand corner, "Skyylar Voss Photography".

WHA?! *DING DING DING DING* Shouldn't that be a big red flag? Well...I guess maybe not for Garry, or some of the other poor souls who have NO idea who this freakshow is. I'm not going to go into a whole lot of details, but you guys can go read the blog on TilaTruths site...

I don't have a problem with Garry. Even after he called me a dick because I was merely asking for proof. I have on occasion, been known, to in fact be a dick.

I'll just wrap this up as saying....I, along with the rest of the world really REALLY wanted this to be true. The thought of Tina being whisked away in handcuffs for something other than a shitty photoshoot had me giddy with anticipation. Sadly, this is like finding out Santa doesn't exist. Truth be known, I don't think the troll has the mental capacity to even think up a ploy like this, but I'm sure she's somehow involved. Troll-faced attention whore sure. Troll-faced SMART attention whore, not so much. Besides, Tila's been known to cry abuse talent suicide pregnancy miscarriage baby daddy engagement rape wolf on several occasions...if she is in fact involved, why should this be any different?

Psst...Here's a on those links in red to read about some of the past scandals *wink wink*

Gnomie, over and out.

Tuesday, October 26

postheadericon I have a present for you Rotspot Readers!!!!


I'd like to take a quick second just to wave and blow a kiss to Tila The Cumstain and her Lolyers....look cunts, still here. *smiles and curtsies*

Now, while I've been busy having NO LIFE for 75 hours a week, it seems that the half black, half white, half vietnamese, half french, straight lesbian with bad implants from the mean streets of a gated community in Texas has a whole bunch of NEW news to tell the world!!! Or does she?

First things first....The Princess of Syphilis had a birthday. I know, I know, who fucking gives a shit. She's another year older, and it sure does show. HOWEVER, while she was out selling her vagina to transients for coke celebrating her birthday, someone was dead set on letting the whole world in on what seem to be quite a few skeletons in her STD riddled closet. I'll let you guys use your own intelligent brains to figure this one me, well I'm thinking for once it's not just Tila's snatch that smells fishy.

*Points and laughs* BAHAHAHA!!!! Tila a kidnapper? Could she really be that stupid? Never mind, that's rhetorical....BUT....BAHAHAHA...we here at the Rotspot have our own opinions on the validity of this sad, albeit hilarious ploy for attention.

Seriously though, can you guys picture her all thugged out in a black ski mask with her ridiculous blue contacts and midget frame wielding an air soft gun? "I wasn't kidnapping anyone officer, I was only offering them candy out of my windowless van with no license plates." *bats eyelashes*

Whether it is, or it isn't is completely NOT the point here people....
Tila, pay attention...I know you're reading this and frothing at the corners of your overly made up you SEE how completely irrelevant you are? No? Here...let me show you...

HAHA!!! He called you Tina...but surely your next victims fan site would know your name right? I mean after all, YOU are Tila-Mutha-Fuggin-Ugly-Tequila!!! Not to mention the fact that they crushed your entire tiny make believe world by letting you in on the real secret...James Franco doesn't even know YOU exist you disturbed little troll.

Ah, for shits and giggles, let's just take a look at SOME of Tilas fails that The Rotspot has helped to call the gremlin out on....

  • suicide
  • miscarriage
  • apartmentcondomansion
  • suicide
  • domestic violence
  • pregnancy
  • multiple pregnancies in a 9 month period
  • suicide
  • personality disorder
  • drug addiction
  • manager
  • charity
  • adoption
  • "recording artist" (I use the term artist here very VERY loosely)
  • garage sale/swap meet
  • suicide
  • porn star
  • life

The list could literally fill pages, but my attention span isn't that great...and really we all know she's a fucktard. The bottom line is this Tila, at the end of the day all you have to offer anyone is a used up vagina and two rock hard crooked implants.....the difference between you and a hooker in Vega....oh wait.... *snickers*

This is Gnome, over and out.
Thursday, October 14

postheadericon Don't believe everything you hear :)

Hey assholes!

Soooo I was moderating comments and checking my email and had several people inquiring as to why we haven't updated in awhile.  Quite honestly, we're all very busy and pretty bored of the skank.  That's as honest as it gets.  NOOOO Tila's lolyers haven't sent me ANYTHING and even if they had I'd laugh in their face and post it on here as I did before.  Don't believe everything you read/hear :)

C&D Posts:

I'd also like to take serious time out to say thank you to the three resistance members who have donated to Salem Friends & Felines.  Thanks to Sandra from Australia, SaigonWhoreNumeroUno, and Just One of Many.  These were the names the donations were given from and I can't even  begin to express how proud I am to at least be a part of such a cool group of people...with the exception of the few crazies!!  

So in short, we'll be back ... either when our schedules loosen up or we are interested in making fun of the cuntscab.  If you are interested in writing for the Rotspot you can submit your inquiries to us at 

Keep hatin' bitches :)