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Tuesday, February 23

postheadericon The reason why ...

Today commenting has been disabled and prior comments hidden. Why? Simply, we are tired of weeding through the arguments and we feel that they are a distraction to the situation at hand. We are focused and dedicated to putting a stop to this woman using children for personal gain. Have any of you defenders even BEEN to ? They use a photo section to give a little taste of what being a member is like. If you click on the recent photo section (you do NOT even have to be a member to see this) by page 3 you will see pictures of children. By page 21 you will see some nudity and by page 23 you see genitals. NSFW so I do NOT advise you looking through them at work. And this is part of the "benefits" of being a VIP member from We had a parent comment earlier that his son had told them he wanted to register for her music since she doesn't have an actual CD. She uses this fake music thing (basically playing karaoke with already established artists music) to get these children to join her site. She KNOWS this is attracting perverts.



I apologize that we had to remove commenting. We never wanted to have to do this. Like we've said, we started this blog for fun and we have now ran into a very serious issue in which we, as human beings, cannot overlook. Once again, we thank everyone for all of the aid and support while this topic is pending investigation.

A valid tip I received via email:

If you DO have a tip please contact either of us:
Monday, February 22

postheadericon Agencies to report to ... can help. Every little bit helps. I want to make a few things clear. In the beginning of creating this blog it was intended for mocking TT's bizarre antics and actions. We've said things in jest and mockery and while it's comical when it's watching her life become a trainwreck it is NOT comical for us to sit aside when we find out the info in which we have found out. This is the fact: Fourteen year old children are being influenced by sexual ambition of this adult. Tila Gnome and myself, along with many others and supporters, simply want justice to be done. We want the website to be reviewed and adjusted or removed to protect these teenagers from experiencing this influence any longer. However, the website is not the only thing to blame. There is phone/video documentation of her voicing her desire to be phone sex partners with a child. She promotes her pornographic "shows" on Ustream to the same child. That in itself is proof and should not be tolerated. Her charity is a fraud. You can call the IRS to confirm it. She is accepting money for a charity that does NOT exist based upon a CHILD that did or does not exist. It is said that Joe Francis financially backs TT's website. Would it surprise you that this man has already been charged with child abuse and prostitution in Panama City back in 2003? He's also been prosecuted on tax fraud and yet another incident involving a young girl that he couldn't keep his hands off of. Do you see a common trend here? We are realists. We are not lawyers, we do not pretend to know all of the laws. What we DO know is that we feel concern and fear for these children. We could just step aside like many others do and figure "Nothing is going to come of this" but what kind of women would we be? Call us what you want but this is one thing that we are both very compassionate about.

If you're still not convinced, you are entitled to your opinion and whether or not you think that we do, we respect it. Not that I wasn't already nauseated at everything I'd discovered, I was completely mortified yesterday when I saw the following:

"But I guess either 9 years or 90 years old....they'll probably all have the same reaction right??? Age ain't nuthin but a number."

She spells it out right there. Time after time. I don't need to beat a dead horse. I DO want to give you all the info to report this. Please, if you feel this is wrong, help us do the right thing.

When reporting any internet related crime, please include:
  • URLs of location(s)
  • Location of chat room(s)
  • People involved (screen names, etc)
  • Date/Time/Place (If you know these)
  • Name of victim or perpetrator (include screen names for chat rooms if you know them)
  • Details of what exactly you're reporting. Be thorough.
  • Name to report: Thien Nguyen aka "Tila Tequila"
Most of these agencies will let you remain anonymous if you choose to do so.



Links to report crimes against children:
Links to report the charity fraud:
I would like to thank everyone who are working together on this, including the email tips, suggestions in the comments section, and messages on Twitter. If nothing else, we will get some answers and hopefully some justice.
Sunday, February 21

postheadericon Child Minor Theme ... (Very Serious)

Recently we found TT's taunting Lissy, a 15 year old hardcore 'army' member, to be a bit disgusting. See previous entries below:
In the following YouTube Video Tila CALLS a FOURTEEN year old boy who is begging her to go on Ustream while on the phone with her. He has the Ustream screen up on his computer. Keep in mind, this is where she strips, masturbates, pulls tampons out of her vagina, has foreplay/sex with other partners, and allows the SAME stuff to constantly go on in the chat rooms on her website. Take notice that she ALSO tells them that they are NOW "phone bone" friends. Just fuckin' sick. I've mentioned this previously but I decided to post it here to make it easier for you guys.

Also, I'd like to make reference to Tila Truth as this is the BEST article I have found on the following incident involving a woman stealing photos of a little girl and photoshopping them to look like her OWN mother and passing them around Tila's ADULT Chat Room:
The mother found out about this going on and has written about her experience with the entire thing:
This morning as I was browsing through my emails, reading all of the comments, I notice a father by the name of Allen had left a message. I know a LOT of time we breeze through the comments so I wanted to take time to post his comment here. This is SERIOUS GUYS. THIS is the REASON I make this blog. She NEEDS to be stopped!! You see, ANYONE can register at the hotspot (buzznet). Anyone can watch her LIVE performances and she does them because she KNOWS young, impressionable children are watching her. She RECENTLY added you must be 18+ yet no one is monitoring it.

And to Allen, I would like to help you in any way that I can so please do not hesitate to use anything that I find to help further your case.

UPDATE: If there are no new updates on whether or not she's pregnant, married, gay, straight, happy, sad, ugly, drugged out, etc for a day or so it's because I'm busting my ass on this very serious issue. Please understand as I'm sure you do! Thank you!

Tila REWTEETING tweens having PHONE SEX with her!!!

UPDATE: We are gathering all of the info you all need to report this to the various places it should be reported. Our very next entry WILL BE on how to report this issue. Thanks for your patience!!


postheadericon What goes on at the "Hotspot"!??!

WARNING: Disturbing Content Below!!!
This was JUST brought to my attention!! And I haven't even had time to READ IT ALL but I am sooo in shock that I just have to share it with you! I WILL update this as I go through this!!!

There is a blog known as "Freaks of the Hotspot" and I am reading some VERY disturbing posts ... This blog exposes the underage child interaction on the "Hotspot".

We can report the Hotspot to the FBI here.

UPDATE: We are gathering all of the info you all need to report this to the various places it should be reported. Our very next entry WILL BE on how to report this issue. Thanks for your patience!!


Saturday, February 20

postheadericon Where the fuck am I again?

So, I was given the link to a video where Tila's performing in Australia this last week....I watched it for several minutes...and them came across this little gem at the end....
Tell me Tila, were you so incredibly fucked up that you forgot where you were? Lay off the drugs when ur doing a "concert" honey, fans don't approve.
Enjoy my precious peaches, enjoy.

special thanks to @TessDeco for giving me the link to the full video

Here's the full one for your viewing pleasure...there's a snippet of her singing "Like A Virgin" in here.....(grab ear plugs, you've been warned)

postheadericon Copyright much?!

Tila claims in this video taken over the weekend that SHE wrote "Blue Dress" which was ACTUALLY WRITTEN by Depeche Mode.

When will she fuckin' learn? JHC!!!!

UPDATE: I went through and clipped the video to make it easier for you. She says it TWICE!!

UPDATE: Here is Tila stating back in OCTOBER 2009 that SHE wrote Blue Dress

*Special thanks to our beloved Eduardo Retardo for the heads up on this*

postheadericon Reviews in Oz!

What a class act for a "pregnant" woman, no!?! Her ass is lookin' a little granny along with her face I must say. Anyhow, according to Adelaide Now the "trainwreck" as described didn't impress them much with the following-like performance.

They confirm what we already know. "....where she found herself performing to literally tens of people." "...presumably to make it look like a paparazzi ambush." And talks about her arriving on her "budget JetStar flight" flanked with "five men".

postheadericon "Tila"-Life in a Crackheads minute... we all know that a lot can happen in anyones life in the span of 24 axis can shift, poles can reverse, babies can be born, dreams can me made or destroyed....blah blah blah....BUT if you're Tila Tequila, it only takes you 8 hours and the whole fucking solar system can practically stop orbiting the sun.....
I read through her latest round of tweets, and I swear to God I've seen a puppy with a straighter train of thought...I did my best to pull out the high points...but fuck, there was a lot of shit to cover.....

So first...we have Tila proclaiming that she's NOT going back to LA...but rather going to go live in Texas to be with her "one and only"...Keep in mind this is a woman, who by all rhyme and reason should STILL be mourning the fiance she was so madly in love with...

Next we have her asking her very YOUNG and VERY naive fan Lissy (FROM GERMANY) to come live with her...then 2 tweets later, she retracts her offer....(Just so you guys know...THIS part is actually very sad to me...I feel soooo sad for Lissy...she worships this pathetic waste of skin, and all Tila can do is take her hopes and dreams and shit on them)....

Here, we have Tila talking about her adoption again...only THIS time, she states that she's IN THE MIDDLE of adopting this Russian child, and that "the process takes about a year, so I have time..." although, if you remember correctly, she stated that she was going to go to Russia after her Australian tour, and that not only was she APPROVED, but that the adoption was almost done....

Then she states that her and her baby daddy are going to get tattoo's when she gets home....(um...newsflash gremlin, pregnant women CAN NOT get tattoos....and NO tattoo artist would even think about doing it)

This is quite possibly the best couple of tweets out of this rant that there is.....she decides she's getting married!!! (wonder who the poor sapped she conned is)....THEN she completely changes directions and proclaims to the world that she was beat up recently!!! *GASP* (since when does throwing yourself down, and hitting your stomach with a chair qualify as abuse?)

And last but not least we get to witness her having a simple little domestic discussion with her soon to be hubby....because after all, doesn't everyone argue with their significant others via twitter?

Whew....I'm honestly not sure what to do or say I offer congrats or condolences? I can't even keep track of how many times her brain switched gears....
One thing's to be said....this whore gets crazier and crazier as each hour ticks by, I'll be expecting the drug induced crash rants as soon as her plane touches down.....

UPDATE:This is the tweet where she stated she was SINGLE...about 8 hours prior to her happy engagement

postheadericon Isn't there a law ...

...against offering a CHILD to move in with you without EVEN consenting parents? I'm steaming pissed right now that this sick bitch is giving some 15 year old CHILD ANY sort of advise MUCH less giving her false hopes of allowing her to LIVE WITH her! This is fuckin' sick! Didn't Michael Jackson get crucified for ALLEGATIONS, while TT is posting it all over TWITTER for the WORLD to see!?!?!

Take notice that she mentions a FIFTEEN year old come and WORK FOR HER. Child labor anyone!?!? Absolutely fuckin' sick ....

UPDATE: For those of you wondering proof of Lissy's age please see below.

And speaking of CHILDREN. Tila KNOWS that this is the majority of her army. She's mentioned it more times than I can even count!! I mean ... see!?

postheadericon The TRUTH of the matter is ...

...her name is Jeri Lee. We start noticing her appearances seem the same as TT's!!

And then one of the fans have something to say:

Noticing a pattern yet?

I don't notice much mention of TT, do you!? Ooooh here's the ONLY mention of her.

I'll let the posts speak for themselves. I'm thinking that the reason for anyone appearing has NOTHING to do with TT. Still not embarrassed!? Hahahaha!

postheadericon 18 "golden" weeks!!!

According to TT's tweets a few weeks back, she should NOW be approximately 18 weeks pregnant. Last night, while humping the stage, deep throating the microphone, and rubbing on her nipples "performing" she's using quite a few threads (and I mean that literally) to cover up her huge baby bump!!!

She did a GREAT job at hiding the bump since I don't see one AT ALL. However, as usual, TT can't cover up those fucked up nipples. She should go INNNN on and sue the doctor that performed that boob job!

And for reference, both of these ladies are runners and in GREAT shape and they are 18 weeks pregnant. TT always claims that since she's so petite and in such great shape that her bump doesn't show very much and she can "suck it in". It's actually quite opposite. For thinner, in shape women the bump shows much earlier. In most plus size women, the bump doesn't show until the later part of the pregnancy.

TT sure knows how to suck it in!!! Most women LOVE their baby bump. That's really healthy for the baby, right? Give it up already!

postheadericon Like a pregnant virgin!?

Huh?!? Right from the hotspot TT shows us how a pregnant virgin gets "touched for the very first time" ...

She's quite proud of per performance eh? Comparing herself to MADONNA?!?! Are you fuckin' serious!? That woman is a legend!!! And for a PREGNANT woman to be acting so raunchy!??! Apparently YouTube wasn't that impressed with the show. According to TT, they deleted her ENTIRE account. Well TT, you DO realize that porn is in direct violation with terms of service, right?

But she won't leave without plugging her newest gossip blog, threatening Texas by transplanting her ignorant ass there, and telling us all what jealous haters we are. *yawn*

postheadericon Trouble in paradise

Apparently her and AR debo soo woo baby daddy "baby dadda" had been arguing while she was trying to get her video to upload. Poor TT!! Have no fear, it looks like the fake baby won't be fatherless after all!

Or will it? An hour later she's single again!? Did your imaginary boyfriend dump you? Or wait ... you FIRED HIM and NOW he was using you for press!? You've used that one before TT!

Even though it looks like trouble in "paradise" it seems that everything in her head was reconciled within the hour! Couple of the year!?!?

With all of this on again, off again ... I'm a lesbian, bisexual, straight, hermaphrodite, asexual, celibate, alter personalities, drugged out rants, etc ... I don't see little sick, orphaned, Jayden the second coming "home" to miss Tila anytime soon ... do you!?

postheadericon Is Raz reconsidering ?!?

Possibly! Looks like Raz may have done a little thinking while "little miss trendsetter" has been off doing her own thing and forgetting about him already! He's asking Maurice for advice. Perhaps he's not getting the results he wants with TT management, eh? Or maybe he's catching onto her lies. Who knows.

And Maurice gives HIS opinion:

We'll just have to wait it out and see. Hopefully the kid makes the right move :)

Friday, February 19

postheadericon Basic Math for Dummies ...

...perhaps THAT's something TT needs to put on her Amazon Wishlist! Here you see her earlier in the day claiming that the venue only holds 900 even though yesterday she claimed the venue was sold out and held 1500 people.

And THIS was yesterdays ramblings ...

Today over at the hotspot TT brags about singing "Blue Dress" for THOUSANDS!

Boy, you SURE ARE going to have issues booking venues for your "new artists" if you don't learn some basic math TT!

postheadericon Crazy "for" you ...

Back on New Years of 07 Linda Strawberry (seen on the right) and TT were still "crazy" about one another's friendship. And might I add, TT has what appears to be a glass of champagne in her hand to toast with her group of besties! Didn't she say she was allergic to alcohol. I digress ...

Not too long after that they took this cute little video (bad quality) while obviously fucked outta their gourd.

Linda Strawberry is was a long time friend of TT and recently ditched her BFF and opened up about it in a blog last month:

To be quite honest, I felt quite sad for Linda. I'm not famous, neither were my friends or life experiences ... but I can relate. Linda appears to have eliminated her trashy lifestyle and moved onto higher levels (she recently announced REAL pregnancy) and I hope she continues to do so before it's too late like her friend, miss Tila.

postheadericon Tila shows us her "Baby Bump" from Australia...

So, I'll have you know, that I suffered through the most painful 3 minutes of my entire life for you guys!!!! All so that I could bring you further proof that the dirty little gremlin isn't in fact pregnant....
Here are screen caps taken directly from her sound check in Australia....

If you don't mind listening to what I can only say sounds like a chicken stuck in a garbage disposal...then check out the full vid HERE.....

Just because I'm an asshole, and want to FURTHER debunk any claims Tila makes about being pregnant...Below is a picture of Kristie Moore (30), who is a personal trainer AND a curler on Canadas Olympic team....she's 5 1/2 months pregnant....just a couple of weeks further along than
whore bag Tila claims to it me, or is there an actual baby bump here? weird....

It seems that TT has locked her latest entry. Whether we try to post anon or with our registered user names. What don't you want us saying TT?

So, thanks to the wonderful people in Australia we have a picture of Tila from her concert in Adelaide....aside from the fact that she's wearing some sort of lace curtain wrapped around her, you can also clearly see that there is in fact NO baby bump.... :)

Uh ohs...what's this? ANOTHER PIC from Australia!!! Hmmm...still no baby bump...fuckin WEIRD!!! special thanks to @Mr_Dinh for being a photography genius :)