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Wednesday, June 30

postheadericon Adverteasers...

A couple of weeks ago, on June 12, Tila posted an open letter to advertisers, offering free ad space on the Flog. It's obvious she was desperate for ad revenue, because totally legit celebrity gossip blogs like TMZ and Perez don't need to give the goods away, advertisers go to them and offer money in exchange for ad space.

Tila claimed she was waiting on her ad managers to make some decisions about ad placement with any one of numerous agencies vying for her attention. Yeah, right. Anyway, as I've highlighted below, Tila claims her readership is made up primarily of folks in the 15-34 year old age bracket:

Well, if I had a flog that attracted primarily kids and young adults, I might consider ads for clothing, music, snack foods, you know the kinds of thing kids are interested in. I don't think I would place ads for female orgasm-enhancement products:

Or male organ enhancement products:

Or growth hormones aimed at folks who want to feel "20 again", when most of the readers haven't even reached 16 yet:

And I guess poor Mittie and beyondbettyjean are worried about their flawed faces, so they'll be needing a ton of this wrinkle cream.

All she needs now is some ads for Metamucil and an AARP sign up sheet.

WTF? Who in their right mind would place ads like that on a site they KNOW is over-run by kids? Who does that? I guess that same 'who' who does that is also the one who strips online for those underage kids, and offers to fly them out to LA, and who promises them shopping trips and who bands them together to bully other kids who question Tila.

Tila doesn't know the first thing about advertising or ad placment. Miss Mogul is likely banking on her Army of Perverts and Molesters who often sit in the shadows taking notes on the skantily clad pictures and the desperate teens posting their phone-bone numbers on Tila's Facebook page.

Well, as she promised, she does have advertisers, but if you saw your kid hanging around a site with ads for female orgasm enhancement and penis enlargers, how comfortable would you feel with the 'legit' news your kid is absorbing? She calls Perez a pervert, yet you don't see those disgusting ads on his site. Probably because legit, mainstream advertisers see his blog as a money maker so he can pick and chose the advertisers.

In the name of fairness, Tila does have a few other ads on her site that are more appropriate for her readers: a banner for a Bay Area band, a facial cleaner, Tila's godawful album (with 2/3 of the songs stolen from other artists) and a clothing line, so only half of her ads are completely inappropriate for her site. I wonder if this ratio will change when the big time ad agencies and movie studios put in their bids for adspace.

postheadericon Another day...another day of jelis hatin'

I don't know how many of you read the comments on Tilas FaceBook, Twitter, and Flog, but invariably some new age nimrod will pipe up in response to comments demanding Tila tell the truth, that the commenters are 'jelis', 'haterz', or the bestest JELIS HATERZ! When pressed, these folks will state that the jelis haterz are jelis of Tila's fame, fortune and good looks. 

The Tila fans, Army or Tila herself, can only come up with these superficial attributes that one can possibly be jealous of. No one ever says 'you're jelis of Tila because she's an honorable woman who gives of herself to benefit her community'. No, they say we're jelis because Tila could afford a botched surgery and end up with Picasso tits with nipples pointing in all directions like a compass all out of wack.

So, I decided that I would list all these attributes we could be jelis of and test y'all to see if you're really just jelis of Tila, and have no lives.

These are true or false questions. Sharpen up your number 2's, and no fair peeking:

1. I am jelis because Tila drives a nice expensive car

2. I am jelis because Tila is married to a wonderful man who showers her with love and respect.

3. I am jelis because Tila has raised up her children to be happy and productive members of society.

4. I am jelis because Tila has a gorgeous house and to-die-for furnishings

5. I am jelis because Tila hangs out with all the top A-list celebs and is considered a friend and confidante to many

6. I am jelis because Tila flies first class all over the world

7. I am jelis because Tila has a top notch blog that is read and respected by the upper echelon in media journalism

8. I am jelis because Tila owns a world renown record label showcasing the talents of some of our top musical prodigies

9. I'm jelis because Tila sits at the helm of one of the world's top fashion design firms.

10. I am jelis because Tila has a successful reality show on tv that follows her and her wacky antics

11. I am jelis because Tila's charity, Jayden's Angels has made significant contributions to deprived children

12. I am jelis because I can't wear a couple of belts strapped across my surgically enhanced wonky nipples in public

13. I am jelis because Tila is a leader of the brain trust known as Tila's Army, who reach out to others in a loving, positive supportive environment which teaches acceptance and giving back 

14. I am jelis because Tila needs me more than I need her. Without fans and critics, she's just like me. I can live with being me, she can not.

15. I am jelis because Tila can afford all the illegal street drugs that I can not.

16. I am jelis because Tila is always interviewing interesting celebs and has fun contests on her blog, including flying winners out to LA for shopping sprees and being treated like a celeb for the day.

Okay, kiddies, pencils down. How'd you do? Please tell me at least some of you answered TRUE to all those questions, cause I'd hate to make a liar out of the BrainTrust.

postheadericon New Stuporgirl!

It's not even 3:30 am but it is Wednesday, so here's your weekly edition of Stuporgirl! Let's visit our hero in one of her super important business meetings, shall we?

Enjoy! I have a good, though short post cookin' up for tomorrow later today, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 29

postheadericon Update on US, your loyal Rotspot writers

Hey guys. I moderate the comments, and I also see on twitter where y'all BITCHES are complaining that there aren't a lot of entries over here anymore. That's for a few reasons, let me explain:

#1: We're short 2 writers right now. The Gnome (mah wifey) is in jail for something called "absurd sex crimes" and she's currently awaiting trial. What can you do? You can post lots of jailhouse recipes for moonshine in the comments, or you can show up at the courthouse and try to stop the 12 midgets and 3 donkeys from testifying. I'll be doing the second. FREE OUR GNOME! FREE OUR GNOME!

#2: Rotty, the HBIC, is super busy decorating her bedroom. Here's a pic of it. You should all feel pretty lucky to see a pic of Hotty Rotty in her element.

So basically your dirty Uncle Eddie and your favorite Fatty Fat Fat are running the ship while our two companions sort their shit out.

#3: Tila is fucking retarded and boring. She wasn't doing anything that really caught our attention. She posted in her comments on her fail blog the other day that she's pregnant again.

How fucking dumb is that? Seriously, if she WAS pregnant (and nobody believes she is), she'd be posting that shit all over her fail blog, not just in the comments. And yeah, the other day she made a comment about posting proof of her mischairages (I didn't see it personally, but I've heard about it), and let Uncle Eddie tell you something. If you're really waiting on her to post proof, you're gonna be waiting a damn long time. You know she won't. She'll drop it for a while until she's pressed again, and then she'll get all ghetto-fabulous (you know she types with her head shaking all "oh no you di-int!") and say "I ain't gots to prove nothing to you HATERS!" Same shit, different day.

Anyway, faithful readers, tomorrow we'll have the new Stupor Girl for you, and maybe we'll be posting pretty soon about her hideous new hair or whatever the fuck she's up to now. I, for one, am kind of happy she got her FB back. Now I don't have to go to her stupid goddamn blog to know what her posts are about.

For all of you voicing your concern, I can happily announce that the Yeti has been vanquished and has retreated back to it's cave of solitude...for now.

Oh and one last thing. We've been getting a lot of inquiries on doing guest writing here. We've decided, if you're interested, you should write them up and send them to: We'll pick the best ones and post them. K thanks.


Monday, June 28

postheadericon SURPRISE!!! Tila's still a dirty rotten lying piece of shit! YAY!

Good morning my little jelis hater friends!! Hope y'all had a great weekend! Are you ready for my latest Perry Mason detective/lawyer-of-which-I-have skills? 'Cause I've got a doozy for you this morning!!!

Our dear little mogul was unable to go the weekend without telling some whoppers. Unfortunately, the mogul doesn't lie in a linear fashion, she's all over the fucking place, so you'll have to bear with me. This will be a long post, because there are a ton of screen caps, but I'll tie all the loose ends together and it should be clear.

Remember back on June 4 when Tila excitedly blogged about going on Celebrity Rehab? Well here, read this to recollect:

Tila claims here that she's addicted to prescription painkillers. Ok. That's noble of her to admit she has an addiction, and even more noble to seek help. Of course, this being Tila, she never does anything because it's noble, but that's besides the point. Continue on with the blog:

In between all the blah blah blahs in that wall of words, Tila claims God had created this opportunity for Tila to get help, she's facing her demons, and she's terrified of the withdrawals. She ends this section stating she just wants to get herself clean and sober. Very nice.

WHOA! What happened. How is she going through withdrawals already? The show hasn't even started yet. Hmmmm. Odd.

Oh, look, the last underlined sentence confirms that's it's opiates she's withdrawing from. Okey dokey, moving right along...

Later that same day, June 4, only 24 days ago, she blogs that the show has been postponed until July:
She claims she will continue taking opiates daily until the show starts and how difficult it is to get off them. Take special note of the blue underlined area, where she claims she no longer has to lie and she'll continue her "honest ways" BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG, that silly Tila, always making Fatty chuckle!

Tila continues with the Wall of Words and tells us about a billion times that she will be getting help in July, how difficult opiate withdrawals will be, and how she will embrace sobriety. 

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I read the Flog the other day, and while talking about her upcoming UK tour she answered a reader question about why she didn't go into rehab instead of touring.

Wow. She's going to spend the $30,000 and do it privately? You mean we'll miss her trying to make out with all the females for camera time? We'll miss her 'rages' and her 'fiesty temper'? Oh darn. Well, at least she's getting help, right? I do wonder how much of this was Tila deciding not to do it on tv, and how much was a condition of her release from a possible 5150 back on June 5. I will state for the record, that I don't know if she was taken in on a 5150. It's a probable outcome though, considering her tweets that day and the fact she was likely fucked up when the emts arrived (she claimed in one of these June 4 posts that she just took a bunch of pills), not to mention her arm meet hanging out. Anyway, when they take you in on a 5150, they assess your mental abilities on a day to day basis. Part of that assessment is gauging your willingness to begin immediate treatment. I guarantee you, a mental health facility will not let you go on your promise that you'll be going INNNN on your enemies on Celeb Rehab in a month. No.They will set up a treatment plan that you begin while you're there and will continue immediately upon your release.

Another reader questions how Tila could get a medical clearance for this tour, considering her admitting to her addictions. Here's where the golden moment comes, wait for it...

HUH? She got help months before Celeb Rehab? Well, why the hell did she bother signing all those contracts and promising to be on the show? Was it to steal the stipend they pay each participant? Was it to drum up publicity for the Flog and the rest of her cockamamie endeavors? But Tila said she NEVER lies. Just 3 weeks before she was so excited about beginning treatment, now she's completed treatment months before? But wait, she got off the pills "months ago", but the second to last underlined sentence says she's been sober a "few weeks". Double huh?

Oh wait, here she claims she was addicted to Ambien. Earlier in the above blogs she claimed she was addicted to "opiate pain killers". Ambien isn't an opiate. It's no where in the opiate family. Nor is Ambien a pain killer. Ambien is a sedative, as this blurb from states. 

And here is a blurb from which tells us what an opiate is:

So, Tila you disgusting piece of gutter trash, what the hell is the story? Is this another case of those being "in" on the joke getting it? I could care less at this point whether you get help or not. It pisses me off that you claim you're this all powerful mogul and yet you lie and steal every chance you get. I don't know of one mogul who got to the top doing the wacked out shit you do. What's the story bitch? You trying to pull a fast one over Celeb Rehab? Or did your stupid little SUICIDE HOAX stunt of several weeks ago cause your whole plan to backfire. I hope so, cause then I can sit back and smile broadly cause I was one of the folks who got that whole rescue thing in motion and to think that what I didn't know then, was that I had a finger in you fucking over your big comeback tv show. How funny would it be if you have to backpedal now on your addictions because Celeb Rehab took the show off the table because of that stunt.

Oh, and bitch, I'm still waiting for my apology AND your gratitude. Though, owning you in this way does have it's sweet rewards.

Friday, June 25

postheadericon RIP Michael Jackson

No other words are needed:

Courtesy:  Eshark

postheadericon Tila's biggest fans react

I was reading the comments to my last post, and I saw Fatty say this:
I never posted those tweets in my blog the day I reported on your stunt, because the kids were just that, young teenagers, and I didn't want to exploit their real-feeling grief of the moment, and I didn't want to bring more embarrassment to them when they realized you were just fucking around.

Well Fatty, you're a nicer man than I, because I'm about to show you how they're all reacting to Tila's blog post in my previous post in which she said basically that a lot of her real fans knew it was a joke.

Well Tila, I have 5 of your biggest fans right here.

If you're around twitter at all, you know that Mittiee is like, Tila's biggest fan ever. He is. He's an obnoxious, arrogant little turd, but he's like 15 (excuse me, Mittiee hit me up on twitter to have me make the URGENT CORRECTION that he's 16. Yes, this is what he had a problem with - that I got his age wrong. Oh god, so sorry. There's such a huge difference!) so we can forgive him for that. He also doesn't have the mental ability to argue with the "haters" as he calls them, so eventually he just stops trying and makes himself look more stupid. In any case, here's how he reacted to reading that shit tonight:

Feel good about yourself, Tila?

How about BeyondBettyJean? She and I used to chat back in the Hotspot days. She's a big Tila fan for sure. She was Tila's Army Member of the Week once, and I think she won that incredibly stupid "Make a video to show how much you follow my every idiotic word hate Piggy Perez!" contest. Let's see how she took this news:

Nice! How about now, Tila? You feelin' good? Let's continue. So these next three kids aren't anybody special. What I mean by that is that they don't stand out enough for me to know who they are, except that they argue with the "haters" a lot on twitter. But I know they're totally up Tila's ass, as is evidenced by these next tweets, and I see how they reacted to the blog she put up tonight:

Okay this next one I need to preface a little bit. This kid...oh my Christ. I don't even know that this is a kid - I don't know that any of them except Mittiee are kids. But this one needs to learn the definition of a mistake PRONTO.

Ugh, I wonder what their parents think? Okay listen, this wasn't a mistake. A mistake isn't something you do over and over again. A mistake is something you learn from and, in this caliber, you never do again. It's not fucking hard to not pull a suicide hoax, kids. Unless you're a grubby little attention whore.

What we need to remember - and more importantly, what TILA NEEDS TO REMEMBER, is that she has a following of CHILDREN and YOUNG ADULTS. Look how worried these people were! And she feels good doing this to them? Is she implying that they aren't "REAL" fans because they didn't know it was a joke? Because they worried about her she questions their allegiance? Some role model you got there, kids. Seriously. Grow the fuck up. You're the reason she's doing this. You're the ones who kiss her ass no matter what she does. You're the ones who show her ZERO consequences for these actions, thus telling her it's okay to jerk you around. I'm sorry, but this is what you get.

You know, I have some Tila Army on my twitter. They're decent kids. Yes, these ones are kids. And you know what they tell me? That they don't like it when Tila calls herself their "Mother," or their "God/Religion" because they already have one. They aren't in the Tila Army the same way these people above are. They don't live and breathe for that vile woman. They think for themselves. So I salute you, you free thinkers of the Tila Army. They're just looking for acceptance, and for friendship, and I can't fault them for that. But some of these other ones...whew. I just don't even know.

Parents, take an active role in your kids lives. The end.

Thursday, June 24

postheadericon Tila admits fake suicide attempt

But not in the way you might think.

So I'm sitting here, watching TV with my twitter open, and suddenly everybody is like "OMFG Uncle Eddie! Did you see?" So Christ, I had to go look, and here's what I see. It's a big ol' slap in the face to fucking everybody.

Wow. So she full-on says it's fucking movie make-up. I just...I don't even fucking know what to say about this. We know it's not, Tila. How do we know? You've had the scratches in other pictures you fucking retard! Do you just not shower? Is that it? You just didn't wash the fucking movie make-up off? NOBODY IS BUYING THAT, RETARD. NOBODY. I fucking hate you so much, Tila. No joke. I seriously fucking hate you, and if I ever saw you in person I would pierce your fucking temple with your ugly ass stilettos.

Here, check out these two posts we have up: Here and Here. These are DAYS after that incident - that one of her shooting the video in her bathroom was over a week later. SEE HOW THE FUCKING SCARS ARE STILL THERE?

And, you fucking mental midget, explain why you went on psychological hold afterward?

Come on Tila. You're a fucking idiot and only your army of 6 is going to buy this. Nobody thinks it's movie make-up, nobody thinks what you did is ART. You're a complete and utter failure and I honestly fucking hope you commit suicide. I really do. I will do a fucking dance and throw money from a hot air balloon. And any of you who don't like me saying that can choke on my fucking dick because I don't care AT ALL what you have to say. Tila Tequila is a vile piece of trash even the least bit of human treatment that I can scrape off my fucking shoe.

postheadericon UMA's say what?

Oh my god, Rotspotters, it's been such a busy week for Uncle Eddie. I've been fighting a vicious Yeti with Rotty, and Tila found out I'm really the "leader of the Resistance" and that I'm a 16 year old named Chandall (no, I'm not kidding, she really thinks that - that post will be up soon, I give it to Rotty). Ugh, it's a hard knock life for a 16 year old leader, especially when they're 27 and GODDAMMIT TILA THERE'S NO LEADER, THIS ISN'T YOUR RETARDED ARMY.

Anyway, I've been working on this post for days, making sure everything is nice and legally golden for me to post. Enjoy it, fuckers.

So let's start with the other day, when Tila was going on and on about her upcoming UK tour, where she's going to perform at the UMA's.

Heh, well okay Tila. Right. So immediately everybody starts pointing out that the UMA's aren't until September. This is, of course, more of Tila's famous embellishing, because what she really means is that she's performing at the launch party which is in July.

Anyway, soon after, I start getting emails and DMs on twitter that people have emailed the UMA's to voice their concern. I want to make very clear that nobody at the ROTSPOT sent them to email, they did this of their own accord and wanted me to know. Fine, right? I mean, I don't care if you email until the cows come home, especially when it was done out of genuine concern like this one I got:

Here's another one that was sent out and then sent to me:

Cool. So I decided the best thing would be to sit back and wait to see what happened. And boy, rotspotters, I didn't have to wait long. That second email there? That one quickly received this as a reply:

Okay, so it just seems to be a form letter. But note that it does say that if the UMA's don't say it, don't believe it. No big deal, right? Right. Until that top email got this reply:

OH SNAP. What's that you always say, Tila? Pow? Well yes, then POW YOU STUPID CUNT. I guess your shit is finally coming back to bite you? Oh yeah, and what happened to your guest appearance you were supposed to do on Wendy Williams when you were in NYC? Same thing? Oh.

I encourage any of you NOT to send out emails just to be nosy little busybodies and try to screw things for her. Then she's right about all of us. HOWEVER, let me make this fucking crystal clear. If you have a genuine concern - which many of you do - then by all means you fucking email. You email, you call, you do anything you can. Some people may fault you for this - and some may fault me for this post - but you can all choke on Uncle Eddie's huge cock. And if you want your email featured here, don't hesitate to send that shit to me or any of us here.

Thanks for the emails, guys, you know who you are. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Wednesday, June 23

postheadericon New Stuporgirl!

You guys, this might be the best Stuporgirl we've ever had. Don't forget, you can add the artist on twitter and send her ideas: @StuporGIRRRL

And now, Uncle Eddie proudly presents to you...


Now we've gone through all of the Seven Deadlies. Have any ideas? Something you'd like to see? Please send them to the artist! You can also post them in the comments here if you don't have twitter.

Monday, June 21

postheadericon Tila is a classy, fashionable broad.

HA! JUST KIDDING! Besides, if I was going to make a post about how classy Tila is(n't), we'd be here all day.

So tonight Tila decided to make a new video. Well, before that, Tila was bragging about being on TMZ's blogroll, but you can go here and see she isn't. I think she was at one point today but they removed her. Here's a screen cap...notice anything?

Mmhmmm. Anyway, that was the buzz around twitter today. All of us "jellis haters" were laughing our asses off because Tila kept INSISTING she was there, even though we can all see she isn't.

LOL, you're a stupid bitch, Tila.

ANYWAY, she started going on and on about how she was going to make a video. Whatever. It was supposed to cover UPS or some shit. I don't know. What I did notice was this:

Jesus Tila, desperate much? Gotta get all of your underage, barely literate, idiot fans to tune in, right? Classy! So keep that in mind when you watch this:

So anyway, isn't it cute how she advertises she isn't wearing a bra, then she jumps up and down for her underage fans? SO CUTE, TILA. And remember when Tila wanted to crash and burn in the world of fashion, so she asked for submissions from people? I tried to find the post here but I couldn't. Maybe one of you will and post it in the comments? Pretty please?

Edit: forgot I had a screen shot of it:



Goddammit. Just...goddammit. You're so stupid, Tila, it makes me sick.

And speaking of getting sick...dude, every time she smacks her lips up to to the camera...I seriously want to vomit. It's like a foul smell comes through my computer. It makes me so sick, but everybody on twitter begged me to take one for the team and grab the video. SO I DID, YOU ALL OWE ME.

Okay. There we go. Tila is an idiot.

Sunday, June 20


Ya know, you never have to wait very long to catch Tila Liar-Face in a lie. And yesterday when she posted a blog about she and Leighton Meester wearing the same dress, I just knew the other hooker shoe would soon drop.

So, she's trying to make a point about how she and Leighton were wearing the same Herve Leger black and white bandage dress, and had a poll asking who wore it best. Fair enough, a lot of blogs/publications are doing that. No harm, no foul. 

But, Tila being Tila she can't just post up a poll. No. She has to first brag about her 'celebrity' and how rough she has it that she can only wear her eleventy-million dollar dress one time, otherwise the paps and magazines will jump on her for committing a fashion faux pas. Cue the fucking violins. And then she goes on to insult her friends who she gives these eleventy-million dollar dresses to, because they being common folk, they can wear the dress more than once.

So, you can imagine my delight when, in answer to some jelis hater on Twitter, who asked how she felt staying home while Perez was presenting awards at the MMVA's, she posted up her own videos from last year's MMVA's, when she was a presenter.

My, my, my. What do we see here. Could that me a Herve Leger black and white bandage dress?

EGADS!!! It couldn't be! Tila NEVER lies!!! I guess this just makes her common folk, by wearing the same dress twice. Of course, I'm sure Tila bought one dress for the MMVA's last year, and then gave that one to one of her poor friends, and then purchased a new one for the New York Press Tour (I hear Mittie called dibs on this second one!).

I had considered writing this up last night because I wanted to comment on her  Who Wore It Better poll. Now, I'm not a fashionista, by any stretch of the imagination. I do have an art background, and so I have an understanding of what 'makes' a piece, and what doesn't. That said, Tila's ensemble is a pile of crap. What the hell did 9Head do, rummage around in a Salvation Army clothing drop off bin,  with a coat hanger and a flashlight in the middle of the night? Not one piece speaks to any other. It's a mish-mash of clothing pieces, with no cohesiveness about it. The red glasses--FAIL. The blue sparkly jacket by some famous fashion designer, whose name Tila claims to have forgotten (I saw something like that on a blue-light special, I'm jes' sayin') is completely the wrong shade of blue, the wrong cut, the wrong style, well let's just say its COMPLETELY WRONG!. The necklace is too low nestled between her silicone cereal bowls. The rings might work if she was working the other accessories. You can't see the shoes in this pic, but they're white stilettos that wrap around the ankle. FAIL (when your main outfit is a 'bandage-style', wearing shoes that continue the bandage theme, makes it look like you're a mummy, not a fashion-forward mogul icon). And don't even get me started on that tacky 1985 Mervyn's belt.

At first I didn't get Leighton's take on the outfit, but I didn't find it as offensive as Tila's. I'm not a fan of the glitzy sweater, but paired with the necklace, I can see how it subdues the whole outfit and does make it work in a more unexpected way. I think the dress has such a powerful dynamic, that covering it up with a jacket or sweater really doesn't do it justice. 

So, who wore it better, Leighton did. Not a fan of the overall look, but there's a cohesiveness that Tila's version lacks. 

Oh, and need I remind you, Tila's version costed the astronomical price of $4315. Considering the dress is available on eBay for $200, the belt was marked down from $6.95 at Mervyns, the jacket was borrowed from Bea Arthur before she died, and the shoes were on sale at Hookers R Us for $24.95, I think perhaps our little mogul might, just might, be fudging her numbers. And yeah, for reals the dress is $200 on eBay. It's under $1500 brand new and it was from the Fall '08 collection, so Tila was already committing a fashion faux pas by wearing clothes a couple seasons too old.

postheadericon Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies (and the mommies in the daddy role) out there! But you know, no matter what you do, you'll never be as awesome as Tila's dad!

We all remember Tila recently talking about her father's involvement in the Vietnam war. You can read our post about it here. Here's a bit of a recap:
- Tila's dad is the son of her great-grandparents
- He left his sisters, ages 4 - 16, alone during the war
- He bribed the Viet Cong into letting him & Tila's brother onto a boat to America
- He left Tila's pregnant mother behind in Vietnam during the war


But you know what else? He's also a jailbird!

What a life!

The funny thing? There's a picture of Tila's mother, father, brother, and sister floating around. I'm not going to post it here because they didn't do anything wrong (except raise a lying tramp). But yeah, he's hardly "tatted up." He hardly looks like the kind of guy to have been in jail, or to get "some hoe's" face tattooed on him. Jesus Tila, you really couldn't be more of an embarrassment to them, could you? But you keep trying, don't you?

In any case, as we wish our dads a Happy Father's Day, what we really should be thanking them for is not raising us to be like Tila. Thanks, dad!

postheadericon What happened to Tila's Facebook page?

For the past 24 hours or so, when you try to view Tila's Facebook page, you either get the Facebook home page (if you're  not logged onto your account), or you're looped back to your own Facebook page if you are logged in. 

I asked Mr. Google about this and he responded with a cached page of hers from yesterday, but no answers. I viewed the cached page and searched out the folks who were shown as 'friends'. Tila was not listed as a 'friend' on any of their current pages.

So, what happened? Did Facebook shut her down because you can see her wonky Picasso nipples through the sheer bra fabric on her profile pic? Did they shut her down because she posted suggestive videos to her self-stated army of 15-35 year olds? Did they shut her down because it appears she's forming a cult of minor children? I don't know. And, as to be expected, Queen Wonky Nipples isn't talking.

I was under the impression when you delete your Facebook page, a viewer sees a page that says something to the effect 'this profile no longer exists on Facebook'. To be re-routed back to your homepage, as if Queen Wonky Nipples never had a Facebook account, is a new one for me.

If Facebook did shut her down, I say AMEN! It's about time and I'm glad someone is taking this shit seriously.

If she deleted the page on her own, I say AMEN!!! It's about time she put an end to that trash.

First her Hotspot goes down, and now, hopefully Facebook. She better grab on to Perez while she can, she's sinking fast and he seems so buoyant and stable next to her!

Tick tock, tick's just a matter of time before we say bye bye to her Twitter and blog. 
Saturday, June 19

postheadericon Road Side Bomb

So tonight Uncle Eddie was getting his freak on at the movies, and when I got home I saw this tripe:

You're probably thinking that it's such a nice thing for Tila to do! No wait, you're probably thinking that soldiers don't need torture like that. Maybe you're thinking that's worse than waterboarding. Or maybe, just maybe, you're remembering last year when she said the exact same thing:

Screen cap taken on 4/20/2010, do the math

Funny how she says she ALL OF A SUDDEN got the offer, when she SUPPOSEDLY had that offer last year! LOL Tila, what a fucking ridiculous thing to lie about. Did you think we wouldn't remember that? Did you think we wouldn't have a screen cap of you saying it last year? Tila, you are a dumb ass, and even though you insist you're always 10 steps ahead of us, YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE NOT.

I think it's good news that she's lying about it. Just like she's lying about performing at the UMA's next month. LOL, just you guys wait, Uncle Eddie will cover THAT story in the next couple days.