Thursday, September 30

postheadericon Tila Offender Checklist

We've all been through the randomness of Tila insults, fakery and sluttery. (Yes, I just made those two words up.) Now it's time to see where you measure up in the "I'm an offended jelis hater checklist".

Share your score, share your stories, but overall - see where you rank in how offended you can be with Tila! Mark your answers, then count the points! You can post your score without posting your answers too! Format is the points allowed, the check box and the topic it applies.

Social Media
Are you?
1 - () A Twitter user - Twitter users are devil-worshiping hateful, violent racists

Are you?
3 - () Black - monkey face, blind, on welfare and she's sent by God to change blacks
1 - () White - non-ethnics who have no taste in music and aren't gangsta (won't link to Tila, comments section on a Drake Post)
1 - () Vietnamese - a race of Tila's and "3rd world"
1 - () French - by association

Personal Life Events
Have you?
4 - () suffered from a miscarriage?
6 - () suffered from multiple miscarriages?
5 - () suffered from mental disorder, diseases or illness?
4 - () been suicidal?
5 - () attempted suicide?
3 - () been a cutter?
5 - () suffered the loss of a fiance, spouse or committed lover?
3 - () suffered true disfigurement due to an event beyond your own control?
2 - () Lost important things in your life due to drug use without getting "paid" for your story?

Family Life Events
Have you?
3 - () Cared for a family member suffering from mental disease, illness or disorder?
5 - () Lost a family member to suicide?
4 - () Lost a family member due to drug use?
3 - () Been shunned by your family because of their snobbery or absurd cultural standards?

Minor Insults
Have you?
1 - () Wrote and recorded YOUR own song and had to promote it? "I wrote Blue Dress".
2 - () A mother who has been through the pain of childbirth while Tila says she's a "MILF"?
1 - () A mother who has been through the trials of adoption while Tila says she's a "MILF"?
1 - () Spent a long time training and mastering martial arts?

Points You LOSE - this section to deduct points because you're an idiot
Have you?
-4 () ran your mouth so much you got bitch smacked and then kept running it? *Juggalo*
-2 () lied about your youth to make you seem tougher than you are? (At one point on MTV's bio, Tila gave them the info that she was raised through the age of 8 at a Buddhist temple. After finding out the lie, MTV removed it, however dozens of sites referenced it.)
-2 () Done the whiny EYAH at the end of words during karaoke while sober?
-1 () Done the whiny EYAH at the end of words during karaoke while drunk?

There are many more we could have added and I could link some more, but I've been sitting on this for weeks! I'll post links to each section as I come across them.

*Note: While the topics are serious, please remember that no value can really be placed on many of these answers. All points systems are rather immature and are purely for entertainment.

postheadericon Fatty's Last Stand

Over the last several months I have been privileged to write with and for, some of the wittiest, snarkiest, bitchiest and just simply most fabulous folks I have had the pleasure of ever knowing. We were brought together to expose the lies, the manipulations, the lulz, and frankly, the very sad and troubled life of Tila Tequila.

A couple of days ago I wrote to the Rotspot gals, and let them know I would no longer write about Tila for the blog. I’m just plain burnt out. There comes a time when blogging interferes with life, and life interferes with blogging. I have addicts and self-destructive people in my own life who, despite, all my love, concern and full-fledged dedication, continue on the path they wrought. I can’t help them, and I can’t help Tila. When you expend so much energy on people who have no vested interest in health and healthy relationships, you end up spirally down a similar rat hole of despair and helplessness.

To Tila Army and Tila fans. Your idol needs help. She doesn’t need your platitudes, your false praise, your ‘loyalty’, or your continued ass-kissing and hand-holding. Ironically, she needs what we all need in our lives, a really good ass-kickin’ Jelis Hater. A person who calls her out for her self-destructive and dangerous behavior. Someone who says ‘fuck it, I don’t care whether Tila likes me or not’. You’re not being disloyal by saying ‘hey Tila, you look really fucked up on that Gossip Queens tape’, you’re showing her you care enough to risk whatever relationship you think you can ever have with her.

Thank you Rotspot girls for inviting me into your world. You are some of the sweetest most compassionate bad-ass bitches this world has ever seen (oopsy, did I just ruin your reps?).

Thank you Rotspot readers, commenters and Fatty fans. You have consistently given me more smiles, laughs and thoughtful moments than I can ever pay back. I want you to know I’ve read every comment on the Rotpsot, whether the article was posted by me or not, because I appreciate the feedback, the information, and the slice of your own real life moments you often leave.

For those who’d care to follow me on Twitter, my user name is: Fatty_4ever. If you have any questions, or concerns, please tweet me.

Thanks to all. Keep on bloggin’ bitches!

Fatty, Commander of the Fatty Army, the baddest, fattest bunch of HoHo-eatin’ Tweeters!

And then there were 4.

postheadericon We Hate Tila Because of Twitter - PopCrunch

The other day, published this article: 15 Celebrities We've Grown To Hate Over Twitter.  Guess who made the list?

The whole thing was just aces.  Finally it seems to be becoming common knowledge that Tila fakes pregnancies, miscarriages, break-ins, etc, and that she's FUCKING INSANE and an attention whore to the max.

Honestly, I think the Rotspot & all of you play a LARGE part in that.  If we weren't here, pointing out her ridiculous bullshit on the daily (or, you know, the every-other-daily) I don't think so many people would know.

Oh, but I guess is just a bunch of "fawkin hatas," as Tila so eloquently wrote in her Facebook status the other day.  She proves every single day what an uneducated simpleton she is, why do we expect her Tila Army to be any different?

Way to fuck your career, Tila.  Thanks!

Wednesday, September 29

postheadericon Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Meth Mouth

My oh my, what's this I see on TMZ?


Check out the full article here.  And in case you're curious, she's STILL denying she made a porno.  Nevermind two.

Tila reacts!

Here's what I love about this.
A) She has previously said she'd never make a sex tape.  

We've featured that screen cap here a million times.  She also said this once, which is super ultra mega classy:

B) She keeps saying "whomever is leaking this..."  Does that mean she's filmed so many sex tapes that she doesn't know who could be leaking it?
And darling, we know it's not a sex tape.  It's a full on porno.  What the fuck are you going to do when it comes out?  Idiot.

Check her out, crying on Facebook and not skipping a beat to proclaim how fucking AMAZING she is by doing "so much charity work," i.e. she sat on her drugged out ass at a gala and danced with a kid who thought she was on Flavor of Love and didn't know her name (it's not like she bothered to learn his, either).

Aww, she can't stop crying!  You guys, let's all feel bad for her.  It's not like she dug her own grave or anything.  Come on, everybody!  Let's stroke her ego!


Tuesday, September 28

postheadericon Embarrassment, Party of 1

Lots of you saw Tila's appearance on The Gossip Queens.  In case you didn't, check this shit out:

First off, it's okay to be scared of a brick flying at your face (No, I know there wasn't a brick.  Everyone knows there wasn't a brick.  But for the sake of argument, let's call it a brick, because it's what Princess Meth Mouth is claiming now).  Even 50 Cent would have ducked that shit, Tila, and that dude has been shot in the face 20,000 times or something.


Thirdly, Loni Love is my new favorite person ever.

Fourthly, I am majorly disgusted at the thought of Tila making out with that Jersey Shore bitch, OR Tila releasing 300 pages of people she's slept with.

Lastly, TILA, YOU DO NOT KNOW JUJITSU.  You don't move correctly, and besides that, you're too tiny for it to really be effective.  Sucking cock for Japanese business men does not equal any kind of martial arts so kindly shut the fuck up.

**Thanks to my homie lolercopter69 for filming this clip ghetto style and uploading it for the Rotspot!**

Wait wait wait, before I forget.  Tila wrote this a few days ago (of course, the Rotspot scooped her stupid ass AGAIN and had this up DAYS before she did):

Look how many times this dumb bitch says she was a "guest host."  Tila, being a guest on a show and being a guest host are two entirely different things.  Jesus fucking Christ, I forget how stupid this bitch is sometimes.  Her segment was just over 4 minutes and 30 seconds.  THAT DOES NOT MAKE HER A GUEST HOST.  But the part underlined in black was my favorite.  The show IN NO WAY centered around topics she brought up.  It was mostly Loni Love making fun of her for being a dumb whore with no substance.  That's why she won't disclose any of these so called "topics," because they don't exist.

You know, sometimes I feel bad for all the names I call the Tila Army because they're just kids.  And then shit like this happens, and suddenly I don't feel so bad anymore.  Watch them fall for it, hook line and sinker.

I have to say, it makes me feel all warm inside watching her juggalo scar wink.  It's a reminder of what a dumb, talentless, widely-hated whore she is and she'll carry it around forever.

Saturday, September 25

postheadericon Sorry Casey, Tila's Finally in Love!

I woke up and the jellis haters are going crazy over what Tila tweeted today:

Aww, Tila's in love again!  I guess it's time to recycle that lie.  But wait, here's my favorite one:

Oh, FINALLY.  You're FINALLY in love.  Snap.

You guys know why that's so fucked up?  You know what yesterday was?

Way to announce that you're FINALLY in love the day after Casey's birthday, you stupid cunt.  Jesus fucking Christ.

Remember my last Casey Johnson post?  This one?  Well, Tila wanted us to take it down.  She claimed it was defamation.

I wonder what she'll think about this one? 

I mean, she's just rubbing it in everyone's face that she didn't care about Casey.  Casey was a meal ticket, a ticket to stardom and nothing more. 

Tila, you're a disgusting fucking cunt.  And I'm still waiting on my answer about Chunks!

Friday, September 24

postheadericon Carlton Jordan's take ...

Hey guys and dolls.  Thanks to our readers leaving comments we've come across the following post from Carlton Jordan's Blog.  You know, the on again, off again, on again, off again employee/friend!?!?  They've been "off" for a little while now and this is his reaction to her "new classy" look:

Source:  Carlton Jordan 

 You know, even though he was a butthurt little bitch when we called him out for planning to "out Tila" and then went back to suck on her proverbial cock, I like this kid.  His inserts were funny as fuck and had me chucklin' for awhile.

Thursday, September 23

postheadericon The Tila Recycle

Hey guys, great news!  Tila's making an iPhone app!

Speculation on twitter is that this amazing new app will not only call the paparazzi & alert them to your whereabouts, but it will also file sexual harassment suits against you when you touch it!  (Thanks, twitter friends!  Add your own "what will Tila's iPhone app do?" in the comments!)

Wait.  Does this sound familiar to anybody?  IT SHOULD.  This is another one of Tila's classic lies, recycled for our lulzy pleasure.

Note the time stamp.  This screencap was taken on 4/21/2010, so you have to add 5 months.

This one was taken the next day, 4/22.  I love how that one says they're available for download, yet ends with "info soon."  Which is it?

Oh, so now it's launching in a few weeks?  That's funny, I didn't realize a few weeks meant over a year.  I included the page number in case you guys would like to go see for yourselves.  These are from the archive of her old twitter, here:  By the way, the time stamp TODAY on these last two caps says she tweeted these things 471 days ago.  Nice.

I must be wrong, you guys.  Tila can't just be recycling old lies.  Her Tila Army must be smarter than that, right?  RIGHT!?  And Tila said she's always 10 steps in front of the haters...that has to be true!  Right?



Tuesday, September 21

postheadericon The Gossip Queens

Here's a little random Tila update for you guys.  Earlier she tweeted

Well, I couldn't have cared less.  A few people asked which show it could be, but there was no serious conversation...until this happened:

Oh, that's awesome.  Nevermind the fact that LOGO is the GLBT channel, and we all know how Tila feels about the gays, right?

I don't know how LOGO would like you calling people "homo" or "homo bitch fucks," Tila.  But God knows I appreciated that you did it.  Sometimes I forget how classy you are, and you always do something to remind me.

ANYWAY.  What show is it?  It's gotta be The Gossip Queens.  Here's a shot of my TiVo listings for that night:

As you can see, the only shows on that night are Buffy, The Gossip Queens, and RuPaul's Drag U.  And I know the pristine, enchanted beauty that is RuPaul would not disgrace her stage with that slag.

If you're curious about the show, Fatty sent me this link: Alec Mapa, Michelle Collins, Loni Love set for Gay Gossip Show.  It's apparently The View for the gays. 

So there we go.  Apparently Tila was a hot fucking mess.  Now the question remains: to tune in, or not to tune in?

Oh, and if you want to link LOGO to this post, feel free.  Although the show has already been taped, so it's too late for them to call her on her blatant homophobic remarks.  And I'm sure they're unaware that she uses the lesbian coin whenever she can, even though she totally is NOT a lesbian.

And wait...what happened to her quitting the gossip trade?  Oh wait, LOL.  I took Tila at her word again.  MY BAD, GUYS.

Monday, September 20

postheadericon Guest Post: Who is Mr. Bradshaw?

Here is a guest post, highlighting the LUXURIOUS and SENSUAL Mr. Bradshaw.  It was written by my facebook husband/internets lolyer, Jon Bukan.

Well HELLO Gems! It's ME.. your bedazzling cohort, The Other Mr. B.. Bukan that is. And today GEMS, we are going to have a little look at our favourite glue gun fashonista. Mr. Bradshaw. Stylist to the Stars. Ok, Stylist to quite a few celebs that no one likes/cares about/ are washed up.

Oh and If I jump from the first to the Third person, try to keep up. It's how we do it in WeHo.
( er, West Hollywood for all those in Ohio )

I have personally always had a soft spot in my heart for La Bradshaw. I don't know if its his eyebrows that are clearly drawn on with a Sharpie. Or could it be the Vaseline slick pout that he pulls like a 15 yearold girl EVERYTIME he gets his photo taken? I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that he mistakes self importance for self belief. Whatever.

But what is this? Could it be true? The screen shots my fellow Rot Spotters have collected tell us GASP* that the biggest Gem Of Them All has left the Condomansion? Oh dear readers, so it aint so!

It seems that Tila has worked her magic again and one more gay hits the dust. And boy has Tila gone through our beloved gays.

First there was Leo Madrid. Ahhh Leo, Tila's handy assistant. We actually liked Leo. We thought not only was he cute, he had smarts. We could not understand for the life of us why such a talented guy would hook up with a noxious shred of psychotic rat shit like Tila. But a girls gotta eat, right Leo? After a very few months, we saw Mr. Madrid use that talent to move on to better and let's face it, cleaner pastures. Saying that, every single picture of Leo at a club with Tila looked like he wanted to kill himself from the shame of being seen with her.

And then we started to notice something interesting. Something with quite large eyebrows. Something that wore accessories that were Bedazzled within an INCH of their lives. Something with a forehead that you could shine till it glowed in the dark. The One and Only Mr. Bradshaw. Who is he? Where did he come from? Are those heels he was wearing?

The truth is, Mr. Bradshaw is a stylist with, in our humble opinion Gems, not alotta style. In fact (and here is a secret) Mr. Bradshaw is not really named Mr. Bradshaw at all. Just plain old Anthony. But Yanno, everyone wants their 15 minutes and Tony (as I like to call him) found his 3 and a half dressing Tila in the most style free outfits he could possibly dream up. In fact, one night after I plucked Uncle Eddies toe hair and poured him a glass of Blue Nun we decided that Tony was dressing Tila like a douche bag for the fun of it. I mean Tony, were you in fact high when you put her in that Belt 'O Bra getup?

There were other issues for us. We often felt like stealing his Bedazzling gun and stomping it into small pieces when he would use the term of endearment “Gem” for all of his 3,000 followers on Twitter. Oh and by the way, any one who he considers a Jelis Hater is called a Pebble. So yeah. Guess that's us Rotspotters. Pebbled. But moving on.

HAI ANTHONY YOURE NOT LADY GAGA. You have not quite earned the privilege of naming your *cough* fans.

And there was the singing. For the love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It sort of speaks for itself.

But enough about that. Lets just pop a bottle of our best Faygo and be the first to congratulate Mr. Bradshaw for coming to his ever loving senses as he seems to have dropped Tila like a he would drop a house on a witch. We don't know why, we don't care why! We just know that Tila took to her blog and made it fact. Good enough for us here at the Rot Spot!

But beware Mr. Bradshaw, Tila likes to plot her revenge. I would click my heels as fast as I can sister, and get the hell out of Oz.

She may get you and your little dog too!


And this is breaking news. As opposed to breaking wind. Our beloved Mr. Bradshaw has come out of the fakey name closet. He has, after much reading of the Rot Spot, decided to change his name to Anthony B. No really. And innit crazy how all of the sudden, hours after we posted he decided to change it up? Coincidence? I think NOT. Anywho my little bedazzled cousins, have a gander at this update on his website. Mind your ears, they might bleed.

Sunday, September 19

postheadericon Asian Hooker to Wannabe Chola!?!?!

 So, just as she did a couple months ago, and then again last month ... TT has changed up her rat's nest yet again.  Last month she left her blond bob behind, got some cheap weave, and went back to her "golden blond signature look" that no one even knew was a "signature look" for her.  But if you want to call a frizzed up mess of swamp hair a "signature look" then look no further, TT has claimed that "signature look" for herself....until today.  NOW TT is claiming that she is going "back to her roots" (which isn't as sexy and fun to her) to show the "real Tila".  I also work in the industry with lots of weave and shit and can tell you that the ONLY thing to "fix" a jacked up weave without spending a LOT of money on a new one is to dye the whole shit black.  You can't see the imperfections as much.  (Look below for a surprise about her "roots")  Also, I'd love to point out that she REALLY looks like a fuckin' Asian Escort now.  More so than ever.  There is NOTHING classy about that bitch and no matter WHAT she does she will never gain that description from anyone in the fuckin' world. 

Senior pic taken from Ghostrider Radio's blog 
- article here.  Great read!!!!

Honey, you can change your hair all you want ... it will never reverse all of the fuckin' nasty whorific (yea I made that word up bitches) shit you've done and we all know will continue to do.  I really wish you'd shut the fuck up about your "scarred" face.  Bitch your shit has always been jacked up, you just put a fuckin' inch of makeup on that shit.  You're fuckin' lucky someone didn't put their boot in your grill and knock all of your teeth down your cumguzzler.


That shit was even more horrible than usual.  My favorite parts:  her pretending to know how to actually play something on piano besides banging on the keys, her bob flyin' around while her cheap weave limply hangs down, the screeching that she thinks is singing, and her constant attempt at trying to be seductive and sexy.  She's OBVIOUSLY on something because you can hear the slurring, how she keeps fucking up and trying to make out with the webcam.  

Put down the sharpie (those eyebrows are HORRIBLE) and stop inviting everyone to your fuckin' pity party.  We get it, you're lonely and have no friends.  You put yourself there cunt.  You have to lie in the bed you've made.  Comfortable?

UPDATE:  This JUST in!

It appears that TT is such a fuckin' liar and narcissist that she actually went in and mirrored the image to look like the "non beauty marked" side of her face.  Why would she do that?  I guess because she REALLY liked the pic and then realized her "scar" didn't show up in it like she'd like so she mirrored it to look like it was the "non flawed" side of her alien fuckin' face.  I thought she didn't care about looks anymore?  Pathetic.  Truly patfuckinthetic!!!

Photo credit and lead by:  Lolercopter69

postheadericon I Can't Even Come Up With A Headline For This

I'm apologizing in advance for this post. There are few times you'll read something from me that doesn't contain snarky, bitchy commentary...hell, you can even call it jelis hater talk. I'm so appalled and disgusted, and yes, I guess you can say, concerned, about recent Tila events, that I'm just going to be straightforward and report the facts. If this means my Jelis Hater decoder ring and spanky-time with Uncle Eddie has to end...well, life is full of regrets, and Uncle Eddie is easily woo'd back with Kool-Aid and Ripple.

Last night two items caught my eye on the internet: the first was the Yahoo news ticker which reported 13 Los Angeles area people, including 8 children were feared dead in a cult suicide bid, led by  their 'leader', Reyna Marisol Chicas. Read about it here.

The second item caught my eye immediately afterwards when I checked out Tila's flog. It's not so much this particular post that's troublesome, but the fact that Tila's lies and manipulations and distortions of the truth are as active as ever, and her Army still drinks it all in without regard to logic or facts thrown in their faces by Jelis Haters: 

Many of us here at the Rotspot, both writers and commenters, have likened Tila's "Army" to a cult, and have expressed grave concern that Tila's influence and manipulations may someday have devastating consequences, for her and/or the Army. Personally, I think that day is fast approaching. 

Tila continues to blog about how 'real' she is to her fans, yet she also says no one knows the 'real' her, and so she posts blog after blog and vlog after vlog to convince her readers that she is a 'tomboy', 'girl-next-door', 'sensitive', 'vulnerable', 'strong', and lately, 'grown up'. Her actions outside of those posts continue to defy her words. Of course her Army validate her, and it's that continued validation of Tila's own lies that I fear the most, because it gives her carte blanche to say or do anything and have a captive audience who will support her, no matter what.

As I read the comments, I was struck by this exchange:

Despite ICP's public statement that they offered Tila the money out-right, and all the video and witness accounts that report Tila not only refused to leave the stage, and full-on provoked the crowd, Tila would have you believe ICP's statement was false (I think they did offer her an out. They have no reason to want to take on the liability of her injuries, or that of the audience, because if anyone knows Juggalos, it's the folks who are the focus of the following, and they would know exactly what Tila could expect if she followed through and provoked them!) and that her provocation and insults were innocent fun.

With that blog (and the accompanying vlog of her HORRID piano playing and caterwauling singing) she posted several photos of her new black  wig  hair. This one in particular is the cause of my alarm:

Notice the huge gash on her cheek? That is a substantial injury from what it looked like 6 weeks ago, when the hospital thought the smallest band-aid in their arsenal would adequately cover it:

How does that superficial cut go from the second picture to the top picture within 6 weeks? Well, I guess the same way a bandaid goes from a tiny dot typically used for zits and the like, to the 1" behemoth we saw plastered on her cheek, long after its dutiful life was spent...Tila did it herself.

And, if that's a real scar, and I think it could be, there is no way she had stitches as she claimed. That divot has not been stitched, because it would have been much narrower, and if the wound really started out that large, facial reconstructive surgeons would have attended to it. No way the ER would stitch a wound of that magnitude on a Hollywood 'model/star/mogul'. 

Why do I think she might be faking the scar? First of all she references throughout the blog and the vlog that she 'hopes it will go away'. Scars don't go away, and one of that size and depth wouldn't fade into obsurity, but it seems she's fore-shadowing when she no longer has access to makeup/or prosthetics. Also, while she proudly showed extreme closeups of the initial wound, she refuses to zoom in on that one. Tila, being the biggest attention-whore who has ever walked the planet (yeah, there's proof to back that claim, lol) would jump on the chance to flaunt such a compelling injury.

But if the scar is for real, it means Tila gouged her own face for attention and sympathy. Her Army of course, serves both to her on a silver platter. There are several people who claim to be 'Army' who are a concern to me. I won't name names, but anyone who reads the Flog comments or follows some of these folks on Twitter, know who I'm talking about. If ever there was a cult mentality, it's aptly displayed in regards to Tila. Some of the comments/tweets I've read make me believe that mental illness is rampant in the Army. When people say things like 'if anything ever happened to Tila I would kill myself. I just couldn't go on' and offers to avenge the wrongs perpetrated by any and all who have hurt Tila, that tells me that if Tila isn't careful, she could have people acting irrationally on her behalf. 

My advice to Tila is run. Run far away from Hollywood. You're not meant for Hollywood by your own admission. Hollywood has never been interested in 'tomboys' or 'sensitive' or 'strong' or any of the myriad of adjectives that you use to describe the 'real' you. Hollywood is primarily interested in the salacious, the desperate and anyone who willingly sells their soul for camera time. "Tomboy" doesn't sell. Degrading yourself and your name does.

Oh, the black hair looks horrible. It totally ages her and with her current makeup, makes her look washed out and sickly. 

Thursday, September 16

postheadericon Rinse, Repeat ...

We haven't had one of these in awhile, even though she seems to do this every month.  I wonder which personality this is?  When I read these I use the "Caroline" personality with the forced Brit-cent.  It's much more entertaining that way.  Try it!

Okay so tonight Alienface decided to try and use her slithering ways to slide into Eddie's pants, all the while Dm'ing Fatty to try and start shit between Eddie and Fatty.  Retarded right?  Well, I'm not going to ruin Eddie's fun as I'm sure she'll let you guys in on it ;)  I will let you know though, that Tila is one dumb motherfucker to think she can fuck with any of my girls.  Bring it bitch!

Anyhow, after that little twitter fun Tila posted a new dear diary blog.  It's full of the same old shit ... you know, she's leaving, going to a third world country, talks about all her hardships, God, and how she's going to be the more down to earth, sweet, grown up Tila.

Yea .. remember when she got the blond bob, tried to wear "business attire", wore the red over-sized specs on her alien dome, and went on her "business trip" to NY?  That's when she "officially" changed her name from Tila Tequila to Miss Tila ... because she was an "older, more classy, business mogul" Tila.  On the SAME trip she "performed" at the Crazy Horse.  Need a reminder of her new "classy" business attitude?

Oooooh ... there IS something NEW to come out of this "Waaah, I'm losing followers so I have to 'leave' for a bit to get attention" post from the Stripper herself.  In the comments section underneath it appears that JUST LIKE Carlton Jordan, Leo Madrid, and Garry Sun, Tila has now parted ways with Mr Bradshaw (aka 9head).

So who the fuck does she have left?  Bitch really needs to get her life in check.  I'm sure Onyx is trying to escape as I type this.  Looks like everyone is saying good fuckin' riddance to this parasite.  You're irrelevant Tila ... washed up ... cracked the fuck out. 

Oh and I'd love to add that if she blows businessmen and ambassadors for 50k for a weekend just imagine the money she's making for 30+ days in Africa and Egypt!  So much as to where she's going to leave her "civilization" behind.  However, reminder ... she'll check in from time to time when she has ice packs on her thighs while shoving her beef curtain 'meet' back into her gaping hole after the whole tribe has gang banged her fugly ass.  Just sayin'....

Monday, September 13

postheadericon Ah, True Love

One of our readers (who is also my twitter friend) sent this in tonight.


I mean, we all knew Casey was nothing but a meal ticket to Tila.  This was evident when Casey died and Tila posed for the paparazzi in a tree, or with a flower between her breasts.  Not to mention that BIG SMILE on her face.

But this?  She couldn't even PRETEND to still "love" Casey.  I mean...just...goddamn.

This reminds me of all that crazy shit that Tila spewed after Casey died, like the one that said something like "God got angry at us because angels aren't supposed to love each other, so He took my angel away."

Oh wait, I found it in my archives:

Hey Tila, go fuck yourself.

Hey, Tila!  Thanks for confirming that you read the Rotspot!

Update 2! 
Okay, here's the rest of the conversation.  You can see that Tila is an idiot, which I'm sure comes as a HUGE shock.

I don't think it really matters if we read your comment again, you stupid whore.  For Christ's sake.  Then she gets all defensive and threatens to ban her fan there.  From my source:
"She and her friend sent some music to Tila and were also made spotlight of the week on Tila's crap blog."

Nice job, dipshit.  Alienate ALL of your idiot fans.

postheadericon Can Tila REALLY Be That Stupid? PART DEUX

This is a follow-up to this post.  Read it, if you haven't.  Since that post is a few days old and a little pushed down, I decided to make a new entry so you wouldn't miss this hilarious update.

Here's a little backstory.  So Nick B. (I believe that's his name) at called Tila a Saigon Whore.  She got offended, called him a "racist" and a "sexist."  So the he said:
I'd like to personally apologize to each and every one of them for using the term "cheap Saigon whore" -- "cheap Ho Chi Minh whore" would have been more appropriate, considering that Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City after it fell to the communist North Vietnamese Army (NVA) in 1975. Again, apologies. Having a B.A. in History from one of the best schools in the country, this is especially embarrassing for me.

Then Tila tweeted that he publicly apologized, thanks to the Tila Army emailing him and calling him out.

No joke.

People want me to include this part, too:

I like how she seems real concerned there for a minute...then drops it with "whatever" and goes about her merry, whore way.

Anyway, now we're up to speed.  Tila posted a blog, calling him her "hero of the week" for publicly apologizing.  Since I'd rather shit twice in my own shoes and wear them around town, I'm not going to her fail blog and taking screencaps of it.  CelebSlam has done that for me, so I present to you, their response to Tila's blog:

I'm really surprised she didn't figure out (read: someone told her) that he wasn't apologizing.  So she still thinks he is, and that just KILLS me.  Honestly, I think she has that little respect for her Tila Army.  She knows they aren't smart enough to go read it themselves, so if she says he apologized, then GODDAMMIT it must be so!  And sadly, I've yet to see any of them even attempt to clue her in.  No one has even bothered to whisper to her "Tila, sweetie, you look kind of stupid here and the haters are having a field day with it." Nevermind, I see in the comments of her fail blog that Super Stalker Extraordinaire BeyondBettyJean tried to explain it to her, to no avail.  BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU PEOPLE SAY, YOU'RE NOTHING BUT FACELESS CUSTOMERS TO HER.  And you're too stupid to see that.

That just makes me sick to my stomach.

If you haven't yet, head on over to CelebSlam and tell him how awesome he is.

Saturday, September 11

postheadericon We Will Never Forget

As an American I remember the morning of September 11, 2001 vividly.  My boyfriend and I were on the way to the DMV.  We were at the drive through window of Starbucks and listening to Howard Stern on the radio.  All of a sudden Howard mentioned that a plane hit the first tower, he was wondering what caused the pilot to go astray and have such a horrible accident.  Then the second plane came ... and by this point we knew it was an attack on our nation.  It was a scary day, I won't lie.  No one knew what was to come out of the attack ... and none of us could have ever imaged such devastation.  America was glued to their TV's and we saw so much sadness that day ... and the next month or so to follow.

My heart still hurts for those who lost loved ones in this horrific attack.  Thank you to all of the NYPD/FDNY and our Soldiers that helped save lives and especially those that gave their lives.  Religious or not, everyone should take a minute out of their day to at least pay respect and to honor the fallen.  You will never be forgotten. 

Friday, September 10

postheadericon EXCLUSIVE! Tila Publicly Thanks Fatty and Rotspot For Exposing Biff!!!!

I've been sitting on this story a few days, hoping we'd get some Biff tweets or some more psycho Tila tweets to round out the story. Unfortunately, no-can-do, so I'll report on what was tweeted by Tila a few days ago.

Remember about 3 weeks ago, I broke the story of Tila's stalker-turned-secret-bf, Biff? See the original story here and and follow-up story here

On Tuesday of this week, Tila tweeted a personal thank you to me, your pal Fatty and the Tila Resistance, for DMing her about the stalker escapades of Biff. Of course, silly Tila mis-spelled our name, but we all know who warned her first:

Here are her tweets on the subject, as she pretends she's just now finding out about Biff through DM and tweets from her Tila Army:

And here she claims she never met him and how scary he is pretending she's his girlfriend. Yet, as I pointed out in the previous posts, Tila and Biff seemed to have a back and forth conversation about him bringing cigerettes over, and talking lovey-dovey to each other.

I believe these tweets speak for themselves, and are evidence that Tila and Biff were an item for a minute. The fact that she is just now acknowledging those alleged DMs and tweets from her army from 3 weeks ago, and the fact that Biff has been radio-silent since I first broke the news, tells me that they had a major falling out and Tila kicked him to the curb. There is no other reason to bring him up at this time. Tila is doing what she always does to the men in her life: kick them to the curb, stomp on them, make vicious accusations against them that have no merit, but are designed to bring embarrassment and possibly legal action against them, and then publicly humiliate them in a bid to ruin them professionally, financially or both.

I love the 4th tweet from the bottom on the above screen cap, because the tweet about Tila crying on the phone came directly from the tweets one of my sources provided me, that was posted up on that followup blog. That mean Tila reads RotSpot *waves to Tila*!

Biff obviously can't quite let go, because she tweeted this on Thursday:

True, no names are mentioned, but it's obvious Biff is texting her and she's enjoying playing him for the fool.

Well Biff, you can't say you weren't warned. You timeline is full of tweets warning you about Tila and providing evidence of the destruction she causes in the lives of her former lovers. In the history of the world, I don't think a psycho stalker was actually warned by so many people around him that the subject of his obsession was crazier and more dangerous than him. When people try to save the psycho stalker from the victim, you're dealing with about 15 levels of off-the-chart crazy.

As further proof of their love gone sour, Tila has been tweeting up a storm the last few days. The month prior to this week, she was laying low and getting laid. Now that she no longer has a boo in the house, she's on her drug-induced rants and regrets. Notice how combative and aggressive she's being lately? She's trying to pick fights with anyone who will give her the time of day, desperately acting the gangsta bitch to validate her own self-worth, now that Biff has somehow hurt her little mogul feelers.

Fortunately for Tila, her condomansionium has a revolving door, so just as one sucker slinks out, another one will soon slide in. Hope they brought their wet-naps...there's a whole lotta STD-riddled snail slime to clean up before they mount that walking petri dish.