Saturday, December 25

postheadericon Merry Christmas

I wonder who she's gonna try and kill off "marry" this year ...

Merry Christmas Rotspotters!  And I mean that from the deep pits of my dark, emotionless, mean ass heart!! ;)

<3 Rotty

Thursday, December 16

postheadericon Doing the Nasty

I can't speak for you guys, but it unfuriates the fuck out of me when Tila says she's going to get a hamburger and instead eats a hot dog. How can that slut lie about meats like that?

Bitch, please. You may lie to CNNTech, but it doesn't mean it's the truth.

Now I don't care who Tila is having sex with, I really don't. I'm writing this to address something about her recent liasons that I find odd. At first it appeared she was with Apollo, then a few sightings with Dave Navarro and people start thinking it's him. I believe he's too famous for her to keep their nasty a secret, she can't help but brag.

All we know of sure is that Tila is in her version of love. I highly doubt it's real love, I think she only likes the initial spark of a new relationship as she's often accusing them of felonies shortly when that spark fizzles out. On Nov 23rd she reveals to her fans that she's "crushing" on someone.

But the next day she's addressing non-existant rumors about her being engaged because a ring was spotted on her finger.
From a crush to engaged in 24 hours? Sounds like a certain something we've heard before. Now at this point, no media is reporting on her, no one does. There were a few pictures of her at Kate Major's birthday party which mostly likely Kate, Michael, and Tila called the paps over there before trying to pose like they're not posing. She definitely is a poser. Yeah, I went old school for that one.
And because no one is asking, Tila has to reveal, and she tells her fans that her new lover is a *gasp* female all while begging for privacy yet revealing more and more with each post. Keep in mind the pictures from Kate's party have already been released and one of those pictures is:

So while this pictures if floating around cyberspace she's telling her fans that her lover is a girl, which must make him feel masculine. The sad part, they believe it! She even posts this picture a few days later on her facebook with him blocked out trying to get her fans to guess who she's kissing. I don't now how many times this needs to be said, but she's definitely not a lesbian, if anything she's gay for pay. Now as she's in full blown love she starts spouting her usual shit again. I found this one to be the best comment by her.
Now soulmate is one of those definitive terms. You only have one soul, so you can only have one soulmate. Of course for when you're a whore who doesn't know the meaning of words (love, friendship, integrity) I guess soulmate means "the person you're currently dating". I'm not trying to bring CJ back into things, but I'm sure every new relationship Tila gets in CJ is going "Seriously, what the fuck?!"

So by now we know who the guy is that she's dating and the few gossip sites that still report on the midget are finally revealing her name when she gets caught doing the walk of shame out of Dave Navarro's place. To me, this seemed odd, but in a couple of ways. There's talk that Dave is her man, if that's the case then she was with him and faked being with Apollo, or Apollo is her man, and she got caught screwing someone else. Now of Apollo is like any of the other people she's dated, all she has to do is make up a lie and he'll believe it. By chance she is actually dating Dave Navarro, that means she hired someone to pretend to be her boyfriend to throw off the minimal media coverage she gets. How full of yourself do you have to be to cover up a relationship no one is asking about?

Now me, I'm not believing it's Dave, she was at a party with him a few days before and he probably said he wanted to have sex with her, so she did. Dave dated Jasmine Lennard, who was the girl who got CJ in all her legal trouble, so which makes more sense Tila is in a secret relationship with someone famous and keeping it quiet, or Tila screwed someone to make a girl jealous? If it walks like a whore, and talks like a whore...

The next part is a little more random, but it's something I caught on to and it keeps with the not-Dave guess.

I apologize for all the pictures of Tila, I don't like looking at it either, I suck it up for you guys. Those pictures are all before and after the Dave-walk. Yet that night...

Surprisingly, no ring. now would she take off her ring to go visit the man who put it on her finger? No. Of course, I don't think she'd take it off when she was cheating on her fiance either. This chick must have a billboard outside like McDonalds that just keeps putting up #'s as each customer walks out the door. I feel sorry for guy #1,000,000,001. No prize is worth that unhappy meal. Blech.

Now we won't know who Tila's real boyfriend is until she accuses him of rape and decides she's going to raise their imaginary baby on her own, but the big question is did she actually rent an actor (and an unattractive one at that) to pretend to be her boyfriend, or did she whore herself out to the first known name not to throw something at her?

When it comes to Tila, I tend to go with the option that includes the word whore cause it's usually right.

Wednesday, December 15

postheadericon Dissed Over A Dress

It always warms my heart when Tila disses her fans, yeah the first time it was mean, but after a couple hundred times they should know better. They're always talking about how they're a family and always have each other's backs, but they really are so blind about how Tila treats them. When she was in Vegas for the MMA awards she did what people go to Vegas to do, she sat up in her hotel room on her laptop tweeting. Seriously, how pathetic is that?

So she asked her fans what dress she should wear, a question she knew would excite them because girls love playing dress up, and her male fans would imagine her in full wonky.

Tila has the chance to wear an outfit picked out by her fans, which truthfully would've had them feeling great. They could brag on twitter that they chose her dress, they could also brag about that in real life, but odds are they would either get the shit kicked out of them, or laughed at until they cry. So does Tila make their dreams come true? Hahahahahahaha. They say gold, she says fuck that, your opinion doesn't matter. Obviously she already knew which dress she was going to wear, I doubt if she even had a gold dress there, she was probably referring to the one she ended up wearing to Kate Major's birthday.

But what was so special about the black dress that she would break the hearts of a half dozen 14 year olds?

It doesn't look like anything special? But then again, I'm a guy, and not a guy like Mr Bradshaw is a guy, I have my own eyebrows and only wear makeup on Halloween. Luckily a fellow resistance member @blairsanchez (she spotted it, I just wrote it up, so all praise be to Blair)pointed this picture out to me:

This picture was taken from a ustream performance of Casey's favorite songs in her memory, not to be confused with the live event that Tila put on in Casey's memory featuring a full orchestra...oh yeah, that never happened.

Now I'm not usually one to call someone out for wearing the same dress twice, I wear the same clothes all the time. But then again, I'm not a big baller mogul who drives a car named after another car.

So it's nice of her to diss her fans to wear a dress she's already soiled before, that's Thien for you, always keeping it classy.

Tuesday, December 14

postheadericon Tila on CNN Online

So the CNN "interview" (which means Tila rambling on in qualities like an iReport on Skype) has been posted up to the interwebz today. What irritates me when her stuff gets posted, is that anyone who gives the authorization to do so, doesn't fact check whatsoever. Video will be at the bottom, quotes are the direct transcript as posted. As always, sectioned out and my thoughts will follow.

Onto the CNN video:
Hi everyone! I'm Miss Tila and I'm gonna have a little chat with you guys about online privacy, so *meth smack* take some notes.
Uhh.... this statement is quite misleading. I thought it was going to be about how to show your twat to kids, put up videos that get taken down, show everyone how to fall off a chair pretending to strip, pose for paps in a tree and put up public videos and rants against every man for all being the baby daddy. I was wrong! BTW, all the (sic) in there, is her words, not typo's from me. It's exactly how she said it, even if it doesn't make sense.

CNN Montage of all the people knocking her on their respective shows.
I actually started WAY before social media was even, ya know, a thought. *giggle* I actually built my own website (Hotspot). I started it when I was 19, next thing to make a long story short - which everyone knows the story - then I got really huge on MySpace, I was actually in the Guiness Book of Records for having the most friended person on a social network.
Okay, so the first snippet, in all it's rambling incoherent glory. So she started before social media was a thought? Gee, I guess I missed the rewriting of the internet history back in the days of AOL profiles, Geocities, Friendster, etc. Okay, so she was "discovered" at 17 and has claimed her infamy as young as 18, but didn't start until she was 19 with her own site, which THEN led to MySpace? Umm... MySpace didn't start (in a very limited format) until 2003 and not a full social site with profiles until 2004. Tila was 22. She'd have then had her site for at least 3 full years, admitting it's failure apparently. She was in the GBWR for all of a minute too. I know it was in the online edition, I don't do print, but possibly for 2006 (since Tom would have been friended more than her upon MySpaces opening) maybe made it into a print edition. Dunno.

I love the claims of how "she" built her website. Considering she's about as dumb as a box of fucking rocks, and after 9 years apparently cannot create her own damn blog, which as of yet, still hasn't changed since her first saying in August, then again in early November that she was revamping it. Apparently, the "freelance" choreographer/writer/blogger/widget writer/twenty other things with no job that she has hired can't get it together.
But, ummm, I've realized is, is a lot of pros and cons to being on the internet. But I just happen to be a celebrity or whatever, but just, at the same time, ya know, a celebrity that a frie-I'm friends with everybody else, and they feel like "Oh, Tila's my friend, ya know, we're friends". And sometimes they can become *meth smack* delusional with that and then they feel like they own me, and it's just dangerous, just I- I can't trust anybody anymore.
She likes to keep calling herself a celebrity. Most sites call her a Z-lister, pseudo-celeb or flat out celebutard. Reminds me of a TV show where someone keeps repeating what they want someone to call them, so that it becomes true. Now all you bitches bow the fuck down and start calling me Princess Seola. That way, I'll become one. I wish the Tila Army 12 would see through the fucking glass window with this one. Not only has she insulted them numerous times about their stupidity, but here again, to their face, Tila is always saying "I'm cool with my Army, they love me and I love them..." and "tell me another celeb who's so cool and close with her fans that we are all friends". While she rambles on about them becoming delusional, maybe, it's because of the fact that she constantly promises them something, falsely lies about bringing them to her house or taking them shopping. These poor souls actually have no maturity to believe she's lying to them - they aren't delusional, just trusting. Too bad that 100 incidents to cause mistrust doesn't come across to them. She can't even "trust" her "delusional" fans anymore. What a sad world.
Let's say I'll tweet like "Oh, I'm gonna go eat a hot dog" and then there's a picture of me posting (sic) up eating a hamburger and they're so obsessed that they're (sic) be like "She's a patho(go)logical liar" she said "you're eating a hot dog, but there's a photo of a paparazzi who shot you eating a hamburger, you're a liar", and it's like oh my god, and it's just like, it - it's crazy and I think it's because I am too assessable (sic) and I think that I, um, need a plan to still keep in touch with my fans, but have a, you know, a-a, a line that I draw where I'm not too assessable (sic), even me I need to realize, I used to tweet all the time, like I'm heading to this and that, I'm heading to the gas station, blah blah blah and then like, people would pop up, ya know, and -and it's dangerous and so for even regular people they should be really careful about what they say or where they are going because you never know people out there, that you don't know - everything that's private to you, meaning your safety, keep that off the internet... keep that off the internet.
I wanted to break this up, but it was all a run on sentence and I couldn't get a good spot. She really and truly said this, verbatim - all the rambling, all the words that either don't exist or make sense.... Okay, so first off - no one cares about the piddly bullshit about hamburgers versus hot dogs if that were to actually happen. Let's get to semantics though - saying you are having one thing and then having something else is technically still a lie. If she can compare the callousness of the actual lies we caught her in, as being as silly as food - it really shows how little she thinks of the lives she hurts and the people caught in the cross hairs of her stupidity.

Tila isn't exactly ACCESSIBLE - yes Tila, that's the correct word. Assessable is for people in a... *light bulb and rainbows go off about Seola's head* psychiatric ward. (As in, is the patient assessable or too mentally out of it to be assessed.) Anyways, anyone who even posts or Tweets to Tila is under threat of Tila constantly saying she's going to file a lawsuit and call the cops and we are all stalkers. One poor dude (as evidenced in a blog here previously) who walked around her old neighborhood for years was even called on by Tila. When she had her garbage sale, a whole 20 people showing up, of which we know at least 5 were haters. Yeah, she was there, she was "assessable" and no one even bothered when it was free and legal to do so, let alone actually access her in any way.

Now, Tila tweeted when she did the blurb for CNN.December 7th. Oh, she's gonna be soooooo private. Oops... what's this?That would be Tila, on December 10th, tweeting where she's going! You pathogological liar! I guess us "regular people"don't need to Tweet spots we are going TO GET THE FUCKING PAPARAZZI TO SHOW UP. Especially since we weren't planning photo ops with tired ass musicians (you know, like Kid Rock...'s impersonator) who can't get paps to chase him either. Since that interview, aside from the tweet on where she's going, she put up yet another video... while still crying over privacy.

Now all that said, a tangent - I've stumbled across something - did you know Tila has a lazy eye? Yes, it's true! I've been perusing old videos of her, before she went too hardcore druggie, she had a slight lazy eye. In certain videos of this past year, it's become more noticeable and as of late, is extremely noticeable, at least to me. My hubs busted his eye on a gravestone (long story) when he was a kid, so he has one by injury (and truly no notice except when he looks extreme left). When he has taken medication for post surgery and such, his muscle control is lowered, making it insanely noticeable. All the shit Tila is on, is actually making it much more easy to tell when she's high as a muthafucking kite. Her eyes shift faster because of the drugs, but it also makes the eye exaggerated in movements. Check for yourself!

Here is Tila, right before Tampongate last year - pay attention to HER left eye, as to the viewers the eye on the right. Quite subtle, but still there.

Now, this video from a couple days ago. Pay attention to the eyes, bitch can look in two directions at once because she's soooo stoned her muscle function is impaired.

Again, evidenced somewhat in the CNN video, but obviously, she wasn't nearly as high because it was under a bit more control. What do you all think?
Saturday, December 11

postheadericon If a Tree Falls in the Forest..

Tila knows which side her bread is buttered - and it ain't that lame ass clique she calls fans (and also calls stupid, sheep, etc.). You see, when Tila "banned haters" a mere week ago, she whimpered and whined and all the Tila Army 12 praised Tila for her strength. Her strength in ignoring to make it go away, I suppose.

Tila is already changing her tune. Her site traffic is down... WAY down. As in 90% down. An average "me me me" post before, garnered around 250 comments, mostly yes, from haters. I think my total comments make 3, and that was months ago or so. When she tried to block out the baddies, she actually screwed up two ways. Her average post now only gets 25 comments, the average post with those 25 comments comes from approximately 15 people. Total. (Both are averages, a couple posts with lower comments, a couple with higher and the commenters are usually the exact same 15 people.) Her second way - lost dollars to CPC advertising.

So what's a girl to do when she's failed at everything in life and tries to block out all the "baddies" that are out to get her? Why, wait a week, act like she's listening to her fans and let the haters back. Advertisers on sites like hers won't pay upfront for ad placement like they would with someone like Perez Hilton's site. They pay per click. Massively less traffic, means massively less "oopsie" clicks that generate the few dollars she needs for her fix.

So a week later, slutho tweets:You see, not a single hater in anything I can find on the whole of Twitter actually cares about not commenting. In fact, most of us think it's incredibly funny. We're not missing anything out of our lives by not being able to comment on her site what a slut she is. Though I'm sure some are missing the fun games on how to bypass her censorship, which included words (still or at some point) "lies, slut, whore, murderer, liar, skank, Juggalo, chunks, miscarriage and dozens more.

In the whole 6 people that directly responded to Tila, none of them supported allowing haters back. Tila will still do it because she desperately needs the money from advertising, and she desperately needs validation that her fuckery and stupidity are actually reaching someone somewhere. Right now, she's screaming at her computer, shaking heavily, crying, rambling and wondering if anyone is paying attention to her, because without hater comments, she has no idea whether her shit-for-brains schemes are grabbing enough attention - because according to Tila, all press is good press, or all attention is good attention. She NEEDS this validation.

She created a web of lies and deceit in which no one, not even her own family wants anything to do with her. She blows off friends after they've passed their usefulness to her or they catch on to her antics and tell her to "shove it ya dumb cunt". She has no one because she's a loser - the kind of person that without the internet, would be in a cardboard box somewhere, begging for quarters to buy her next fix. She's living off other people (each time she moves, someone else has to pay up, when she lost all her friends at the time, she got booted from her last house) and is now living again, with some dude and a friend paying her way for her. Her dumbass blew through her porn earnings by leasing a car she can't even drive.

Now, she's missing that validation again. Her beef curtain blow hole is drying up without the attention. Probably why she's been seen walking even more funny, as of late.
Saturday, December 4

postheadericon I wanna fuck who Green!??!

Remember back during her Juggalo escapade she was all singin' "I wanna fuuuuck Toooom Greeeen"!?!?!?  If not, click on that link right thuuuur and watch the videos of her gettin' pelted by the mean ole Juggalo's while she's takin' off her clothes and talkin' about fuckin' Tom Green.

Apparently the newest "love" in her fucked up, drug induced, pathetic excuse for a life's name is Apollo Green.  He's some scrubby wanna be rapper with a $99 beat machine you buy at Sam Ash or Guitar Center or maybe even using some gay ass Fruity Loops program ... either way ... he's some hood rat wantin' to make it big.  And what OTHER way than to sleep with the most well known attention whore hooker in LA!?!?  Right!?  I mean, she makes herself out to be WAY more than what she is so he thinks she is WAY more than what she is ... look, she's ASKING to be used by these niggas.  Plain and simple.  I don't blame the dudes at all.  I'll high five the dude once all is said and done!

I'm gettin' email on what he looks like.  Do you guys REALLY care?  He's nothin' too special really.  There aren't too many pictures of him, bein' as though he's really a nobody.  Also, Tila has made him put all of his social networkin' on lockdown in fear that Rotspot will find him ;)

Really!??!  That's your hot and sexy dude Tila?  Looks like he broke out of Alcatraz!  Really!??!  I guess as long as he can put on shades and stop makin' duckface then he's considered sexy ... Except look!  He's got a baby bump like you! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and all that jazz a bit early fuckers.  I don't think he's much to look at but if he can tear down her world ... more power to him.  I almost wish Chris Brown would get a hold of Tila.  I know, I'm a cunt ...

So Rotty, how do YOU KNOW it's him!?!?!?!?  I mean, you just have some mean muggin' pictures of a wanna be rapper up there!

Friday, December 3

postheadericon For Love or Money Part 2

I'm gonna pass on Tila's "hater" rant because she addressed some of the questions I had brought up in my earlier post about whether their relationship was really love or just for financial gain through TV or trying to get that billionaire fortune she often referenced. The one thing I like about Tila is the more she opens her mouth, the more she screws up her own lies.

I had one response to that tweet. No fucking shit. Every guy/girl/slime she meets the bitch becomes Mrs. Whatever faster than most people say hello. I think half the reason she stops at Mrs is because she doesn't know their last name yet. While we all know she was Mrs Casa Wilson for all of 2 weeks (in her ginormous head at least), at this point she denies it, of course.

It's so fucking hilarious that she continues to deny known information. Constantly. I have to guess it's mostly because her fans are seriously some of the dumbest people in the world, and they forget anything as soon as she stops talking about it (except for that one who I'd put money knows Tila's cycle - you know who I'm talking about).

So Tila's in her standard love shit that she does 5x each year when someone brings up the fact that it's not even a year since Casey died.

While truthfully I believe that some people can fall in love in less than a year after a person's death, especially those who have to watch loved ones suffer from diseases, but come on, it wasn't a year, there was Casa and hints at 15 or so others. Her heart moved on in less than 40 days, and that's from her own meth mouth.

But in my research and observation, the answer of love or money comes down to this comment:

Look at the boxed line "I haven't felt this in love since 5 years ago". You know she means it because she put 6 exclamation points behind it, that's what you do when you're really serious about something. So the guy she's with now (and seriously some of her fans still think he's a girl, I don't get that fake fucking decoy) is #1, 5 years ago is #2, that puts Casey as #3 unofficially, but definitely not top 2 based on her own fucking words.


If you go back up to the "She will forever be in my heart" comment, than that means that she's sharing space with #2 and #1 there also. So yeah, she may be remembered fondly by Tila, but in the end, we got the answer to the question we all wondered about.
Wednesday, December 1

postheadericon Tila and MySpace - Myth or Fact?

Every month or so, someone comes across another post, comment or whatever, somewhere on the net claiming to be the reason Tila is famous. Why anyone would actually want to cop to any part of her fame is beyond me, but eh, it happens. I'm here with this post to show the truth, once and for all. The most recent I have seen is not just someone who claims to know someone but rather someone who claims to be the "real McCoy". This tool Gerard Spinks is publishing that he is now the engineer behind the scenes. I'll break down this particular post first.

It was yesteryear circa 2005. Seems a mighty long time ago, I know. In 2010, things move at the speed of light even in a dull economy. Myspace was the new new and as an engineer and marketer, I was all over it. I have been developing marketing systems for quite some time now over the Internet so I saw Myspace as another potential avenue to market products and services.
MySpace wasn't "new new". It had been in operation since 2003 as a storage site. In 2004, it transitioned to the site you know today. My account is from 2004 and let me tell you, I'm not one to latch onto social media. Aside from that, claiming to see the "potential" in marketing when MySpace had those damn ad leeches from the start is about as egotistical as one gets.

I was sitting around my house chillin in Atlanta and cruising around Myspace. I had like 25 friends and somehow I click on a girl named Tila Tequila who had like 125 friends which was a lot back then. As people on Myspace did, we started talking. Her pictures on her Myspace were full frontal nudity and held nothing back.

Always into marketing, I hit her up on the email and asked her what was her plan to market herself. It looked like she was already doing a great job but I didn’t quite think the full on nudity was working for her. In a series of emails, we begin to discuss how best to market herself and her music. She shared
that she really wanted to be an artist. I shared with her that she should try and get corporate sponsors as she attempted to grow her brand.
This is quite "valley girl" so to speak. I don't know many engineers who speak in street slang, but I digress, I'm sure there is a few. I'm sure dude just randomly clicked to chat and just "stumbled" across the nudity. Now, this dude is claiming 2005 she only had 125 friends. This was after she was in Playboy and a bunch of no name stuffs. Now, even I had 125 friends quickly when everyone was friending everyone. However, this capture from the WayBack Machine (the uberest site on the internet for prior caching of webpages) on August 10, 2004, Tila already had 36,000 friends.Over time, as you can see in this search engine query, it took her quite a while, but each date brings her numbers higher.
  • August 10, 2004: 36,000
  • November 13, 2004: 68, 000
  • January 15, 2005: 111,000
  • February 11, 2005: 135,000
  • April 12, 2005: 212,000
And so on and so on. There's more dates in between and more after. You can see though, it was a gradual incline. Through these two years, she was promoting her MySpace in various off market mags and the cybergirl crap. What else is ironic, in those very pages, she actually specifically states she's not interested in the advertising crap.
After chopping it up for a few weeks, I tell her that as an engineer I found a way to build an automated robot to get Myspace friends quickly without ever being on the site. I told her that I tested it but Myspace had a limit of how many friend requests you could do in one day of around 100 or so. Tila Tequila then drops a bomb on me and tells me that she has an engineer friend at Myspace who worked in Southern California. This friend could take most of Tom’s original friends in the database and transfer the database files to hers. She asked me if I thought she should do it.
Okay, likelihood that not only would an engineer just magically find a person with 125 friends "accidentally", and the likelihood that Tila would respond, and the likelihood that she actually knew anyone at MySpace who is an engineer is about -892%.

Without hesitation, I said hells to the yea. No joke, on a Friday night Tila Tequila had around 200 friends. On Monday, she had over 250,000 friends and this launched her into the Internet star that she became. I then told her to reach out to Cingular Wireless and they would see her numbers and sponsor her just on numbers alone. They did. The engineer who helped her did one more database transfer and gave her another 250,000 friends which then made her seem like an overnight success which in the United States, turns you into an immediate media darling. She then turned viral. Because she had so many friends, other people would friend request her just to be down and try to leave comments on her front page. The rest is history.
Without hesitation? You mean, without thinking about the law? So "no joke", at no point in 2005 did Tila ever have 200 friends. She had well over that as pervy dudes couldn't wait to get their rocks off at nudies on MySpace for free. This douche is also trying to take credit for making her an "internet star" when she'd already been around on the net for a couple years hocking her beef curtains. But she never "turned viral". She was always viral - the free clinic in LA can confirm that.

Now, factoid and internet archives aside, the legal aspect.

Not only did Tila and this supposed engineer use the internet to set up (since he was in Atlanta) interstate internet fraud and hacking, but the engineer at MySpace also breaking the law by divulging and giving away coding (as that engineer apparently couldn't do it and had to give the info across state lines to some dude he didn't know in Atlanta) to a person he couldn't trust, but that no one, not a single person would notice the overload of data over a weekend by transfer? Come on. Anytime any engineer accesses... I wanna say data mainframe, but that's not right... anyway, accesses a secure network (and since MySpace stored personal account info, would have been required to do so), their ID is stamped onto everything. This is one of the reasons. So the massive data transfer would have set off alarms in the first place, someone would have checked to see what was up and most likely checked internal logs since the data coming in would have been corporate information.

Each person that passes this story off as their own is admitting to fraud, data hacking, terms of service violations, interstate internet fraud for not only themselves, but Tila and the "engineer at MySpace". All that aside, the dude that is claiming it this time can't even do simple coding on his OWN site!

postheadericon Little Miss Slutty

Miss Seola has quietly been working das emails the last few weeks in preparation for this blog post. We heard, about a year ago, of Tila incorporating her brand into a business entity titled Little Miss Trendsetter, Inc. She espoused that it was her new deal, this that and the other would be under it, yadda yadda. At the time, in a short search, it was not attached to anything. I dug deeper just to see if there was something I missed in my query. As a business owner myself, I am aware not all state databases are really kept up to par. Imagine my surprise, I stumbled across several gems.

One, Little Miss Trendsetter exists. It exists in California. It has existed since 2006. It's registered to Tila as the incorporation, but mysteriously has an agent. (The mystery comes from the fact that Tila claims to do all these things herself yet nothing is ever actually done by her. Boss Lady my busted ass left pinky toe.)

Tila also incorporated a secondary business. Wanna hear what she called it? Billionaire Business, Inc.Yeah, I laughed too.

The agent listed is part of Level Four Business Management. Posing as an interested party for private reasons, I contacted the agent. No answer to any emails under which propositions and questions were asked in relation to the businesses. I waited on this info for quite a while. An agent representing a business with the sole purpose of being employed by a firm to DO business not dealing with agent requests is interesting. In fact, neither business is attached to any projects since 2006. And yeah - in 2006, she used her BIRTH/LEGAL NAME - the very one that just last year she called us and Perez racists for using. There's your evidence that she used it YEARS before making up that bull shit "racist" story as her legal name.

What is also interesting in all this, is the fact that not only does the agent not care about the work requested, but during a review of charitable contributions for both businesses revealed no disclosures (which for non-profits are required by law to disclose) to any businesses or corporations. Additionally, during my searches - Jayden's Angels was never attempted to be registered in conjuction or separately from these two endeavors. Alas though, it seems as though the truth is in Google. When searching the name, what are the first results?

Top 3 are exposing her lies, the 4th is her "me me me" post - lying about not actually "setting it up" when several blogs, including Rotty's post months ago on the situation showing Tila stating this charity was official.

postheadericon Speakin' of Address ...

Yea ... that "mansion" ... is owned by a couple of Russians.  They bought it back in April of 2007 and are RENTING it out to Tila motha fuckin' liar Tequila!

How do you RENT a 3 bedroom, 3500ish sq ft "mansion" and call it your own ... again?  And get busted ... again?  I guess it looks like time for a big ol' fancy yard sale again too now isn't it!??!?!

Here was the ad:

I've actually had this info for quite awhile.  I've been waaaay too busy to fuck with it but in light of recent events I just had to post to *point and laugh* at the idiot once again.  I mean, come the fuck on Tila ... you SHOULD know by now that lying about stupid shit like this just makes you look like the stupid fuckin' skeeze that everyone harasses you about.  Give it up already.