Tuesday, January 4

postheadericon 1 year ... RIP Casey Johnson

A year ago we woke up to headlines of Casey Johnson dead at 30.  I still have a hard time believing Tila is innocent in the whole thing but that's what the police are for.  Rest in peace Casey Johnson ...


deluwiel said...

I believe Casey was not well and so vulnerable as to be manipulated and used by Tila. I don't know if Tila had a hand in her death, whether directly or indirectly (I do believe in my heart that she knew Casey was very ill and hoped to cash in if she passed, so did nothing to get her needed medical attention). Even when innocently asked how SHE'S doing Tila spouts off about how disrespectful a question it is (how is it disrespectful to ask after Tila's welfare in her time of grief?). The fact that she completely refuses to say word one about Casey speaks volumes.

Just One of Many said...

Piece of gutter trash...on a side note, gotta love that in that pic, Tina has lost one of her disgusting blue contacts and has two distinctly different color eyes.

Joann said...

I don't think Tila outright killed Casey but IMO, I think she knew more about Casey's death than she told the police.

I know the police closed the case but I'm wish Casey's family would've hired a private investigator to find out what REALLY happened to Casey.

Mark said...

RIP Casey. I think that Tila probably found you dead of natural causes and then ran to Huston and started tweeting to cover it all up. She was probably paniced because she still had your diabetic medicine at her place and not having it is what killed you.

BKiddo said...

So many things that tila did before and after Casey's death really bother me.
I would've loved it if Casey's family hired a private investigator.

Diddley Squat said...

I agree with everyone who says Tila Tequila had bad intentions - and maybe worse.

Casey's rented house at 12036 Summit Circle - just off Mulholland Drive - was a wreck and she was behind on her rent. She'd been living with friends since before that alleged Jasmine Leonard burglary (end of November 2010). Most recently she stayed with Tequila, until the two had an argument. Basically Tila threw Casey out because her dogs "were pooping all over my house" (HLN, Jane Mitchell Issues, 15 January 2010). But oddly, Tila let the offending dogs stay. That seems revealing.

Then Tila says she flew off to Houston on New Years Eve.

A friend of the Johnson family living at 910 North Orlando Avenue in Hollywood occasionally let Casey "crash" in a guest house in the rear (neighbor Richard Kramer) when she "needed to chill out" for a while. And there Casey went, and there she died, her body not being discovered for at least two days afterward.

I'm not implying the owners of the Orlando Avenue home should have checked on her. The impression I have is that the purpose of staying over at that residence was to be alone, to be given privacy.

No one, as far as I know, has reported what Casey had with her at the Orlando Avenue guest house. But we did see the well-publicized confrontation that happened when Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips went to the Tila house to claim Casey's dogs and personal property. Included in the latter was insulin and syringes. Does that mean that Tila sent Casey away without the medicine that kept her alive?

And did anybody see the entire Ustream exploitation video - the supposed "engagement announcement"? It's just astounding how many times Tila makes reference to the Johnson & Johnson wealth. That basically is the main thing Tila talks about on the video.

Kat said...

I'll never understand why Casey Johnson gets so much sympathy. She fucked up her own life just as bad as Tila.

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