Tuesday, January 4

postheadericon Dearest Tila ...

Dear Tila,

I know you check my website daily and I'm totally flattered.  We are sure you are somehow sighing with relief that we have not posted your sextape/lie/bullshit antics recently. We are sure you will post how the haters have been sorted out by your lawyer, that we have been shut down.  We have not been shut down and will continue to remain a blog on the internet for all to read.

The fact is Tila, we just got bored. You did exactly what we thought you would do. You proved us all right. You did not have a baby. You did not adopt a baby. You were addicted to drugs. You did not bring down every artist that was more interesting or famous than you. You did not take over any gossip website or outlet, instead yours failed. You did not sell more albums then Gaga, in fact you never released a song much less an album.  You did not go to Africa to save any children from poverty or distress. You did not sign Rob, or the Texas Twins or in fact any poor soul that thought you might be connected. You failed to get a formal Ford Model any work. You did not sue the ICP, Casa Wilson, Garry Sun, me or anyone else. You did in fact lose your loyal friend Mr. Bradshaw, Leo Madrid, and countless others who frankly got bored with your antics. You didn’t adopt a Russian orphan, you definitely weren’t in any major movies like you claimed you were workin' on, you didn’t go on any worldwide tours, and you most certainly did not and will not become an ambassador … Maybe spread your legs for one or two ;)  You made a sex tape, you insulted your last remaining fans and it’s all you can do to hold on to the last breath of fame you have. It’s a death rattle. Oh!  And speakin’ of death, I still think you had a hand in the death of Casey Johnson … we’re all still waitin’ on the dedication concert with a full orchestra that you promised.  I guess slobbin’ knobs for lambo’s was much more important.

You did exactly what we predicted. You failed.

The more we pay attention to you, the more you have reason to exist. And like Vultures who have been sickened by the bad meat you reek of, we can no longer vomit your emotional ruin.

So this is not a goodbye Miss Tila. Consider yourself irrelevant.

Until of course we can report your eventual demise.

The Rotspot Crew

In the meantime, I am workin' on some forums (as per request by the readers) for interaction between you guys.  Keep checkin' back for when they are active.  Thanks to everyone for the leads, support, etc.  I feel this is the appropriate time to lay the bullshit to rest.  However, the site will remain up for the world to see what a piece of shit Tila Tequila really is .... take care Rotspotters!!  I'd also like to give special thanks to JB for MONTHS ago writing out, sending me a version of this letter for Tila and gettin' my wheels movin'.  You've done so much for me, Eddie & Rotspot and I can't say "thank you" enough.  

<3 Rotty

postheadericon Farewell to Arms

In agreement with Rotty's decision to shut the everyday (as of late, weekly-ish) blog posts here down, I wish to thank all the readers who've read and commented on the crazy whore bat we've all come to know and loathe.

It's been extremely fun to write for Rotty and at times controversial, but always to expose the slut that is Tila.  As of late, we've all sort of needed a break from the theatrics which provides the creep show for us to view.  The topics after the Juggalos and the psycho kindergarten rhymer seemed to pale in comparison.

I could go on and on about her non-existent merch site (later this week... later this week), the iPhone app introduced 18 months ago and never fruiting, the fact that she'd have 9 kids by now (and twins December 10th), the dozens of trips overseas (like her lottery winning trip that she never took), the money she won in Roulette (a single number pays what?), the fact she's so broke that right as she gets to Paris, she gets robbed and can't even afford to buy a new camera (uhh, if anyone goes on vacation, who doesn't buy another one to even take personal pics?) or what not.  But it's all been done.  Tila's just rehashing the same old lies and as much as integrity is possible, it didn't make for good reading.  I think Tila has simply run out of lies.  After lying about all the pregnancies, adoption, ambassadorship, baby daddies, wealthy fiances, abandoned doggie, 3 mansions, how do you top alleged murder and kidnapping?  You can't really.  I think of the scene in Jerry Maguire where Tidwell (Gooding, Jr.) talks about dating a single mother.  "She's been to the puppet show, she's seen the strings."  And yes, we've seen a string or two too!

I'll be around as a moderator in a new forum arranged with Rotty's direction so we can make our short comments and keep dialogue, but simply put, Tila is unworthy of any lengthy posts anymore.  As sad as the poor creampie throated junkie is, even me puttering around on Cityville is more entertaining than to look up much on that whore for now.  I think the forum will be the best spot for all of us now, as the comments on stories were always intriguing and full of fun and jokes, but will require less maintenance and more input from you all, our faithful readers.

postheadericon 1 year ... RIP Casey Johnson

A year ago we woke up to headlines of Casey Johnson dead at 30.  I still have a hard time believing Tila is innocent in the whole thing but that's what the police are for.  Rest in peace Casey Johnson ...

Saturday, January 1

postheadericon Happy New Year!

Hope you partied your guts out like Tila was when that shot was taken.  Only good things to come in 2011.  Remember that "major film" Tila claimed to be workin' on!?!?!  Rotty got her ...

Wishin' everyone a happy and healthy New Year from the Rotspot ...xxoo