Tuesday, December 14

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So the CNN "interview" (which means Tila rambling on in qualities like an iReport on Skype) has been posted up to the interwebz today. What irritates me when her stuff gets posted, is that anyone who gives the authorization to do so, doesn't fact check whatsoever. Video will be at the bottom, quotes are the direct transcript as posted. As always, sectioned out and my thoughts will follow.

Onto the CNN video:
Hi everyone! I'm Miss Tila and I'm gonna have a little chat with you guys about online privacy, so *meth smack* take some notes.
Uhh.... this statement is quite misleading. I thought it was going to be about how to show your twat to kids, put up videos that get taken down, show everyone how to fall off a chair pretending to strip, pose for paps in a tree and put up public videos and rants against every man for all being the baby daddy. I was wrong! BTW, all the (sic) in there, is her words, not typo's from me. It's exactly how she said it, even if it doesn't make sense.

CNN Montage of all the people knocking her on their respective shows.
I actually started WAY before social media was even, ya know, a thought. *giggle* I actually built my own website (Hotspot). I started it when I was 19, next thing to make a long story short - which everyone knows the story - then I got really huge on MySpace, I was actually in the Guiness Book of Records for having the most friended person on a social network.
Okay, so the first snippet, in all it's rambling incoherent glory. So she started before social media was a thought? Gee, I guess I missed the rewriting of the internet history back in the days of AOL profiles, Geocities, Friendster, etc. Okay, so she was "discovered" at 17 and has claimed her infamy as young as 18, but didn't start until she was 19 with her own site, which THEN led to MySpace? Umm... MySpace didn't start (in a very limited format) until 2003 and not a full social site with profiles until 2004. Tila was 22. She'd have then had her site for at least 3 full years, admitting it's failure apparently. She was in the GBWR for all of a minute too. I know it was in the online edition, I don't do print, but possibly for 2006 (since Tom would have been friended more than her upon MySpaces opening) maybe made it into a print edition. Dunno.

I love the claims of how "she" built her website. Considering she's about as dumb as a box of fucking rocks, and after 9 years apparently cannot create her own damn blog, which as of yet, still hasn't changed since her first saying in August, then again in early November that she was revamping it. Apparently, the "freelance" choreographer/writer/blogger/widget writer/twenty other things with no job that she has hired can't get it together.
But, ummm, I've realized is, is a lot of pros and cons to being on the internet. But I just happen to be a celebrity or whatever, but just, at the same time, ya know, a celebrity that a frie-I'm friends with everybody else, and they feel like "Oh, Tila's my friend, ya know, we're friends". And sometimes they can become *meth smack* delusional with that and then they feel like they own me, and it's just dangerous, just I- I can't trust anybody anymore.
She likes to keep calling herself a celebrity. Most sites call her a Z-lister, pseudo-celeb or flat out celebutard. Reminds me of a TV show where someone keeps repeating what they want someone to call them, so that it becomes true. Now all you bitches bow the fuck down and start calling me Princess Seola. That way, I'll become one. I wish the Tila Army 12 would see through the fucking glass window with this one. Not only has she insulted them numerous times about their stupidity, but here again, to their face, Tila is always saying "I'm cool with my Army, they love me and I love them..." and "tell me another celeb who's so cool and close with her fans that we are all friends". While she rambles on about them becoming delusional, maybe, it's because of the fact that she constantly promises them something, falsely lies about bringing them to her house or taking them shopping. These poor souls actually have no maturity to believe she's lying to them - they aren't delusional, just trusting. Too bad that 100 incidents to cause mistrust doesn't come across to them. She can't even "trust" her "delusional" fans anymore. What a sad world.
Let's say I'll tweet like "Oh, I'm gonna go eat a hot dog" and then there's a picture of me posting (sic) up eating a hamburger and they're so obsessed that they're (sic) be like "She's a patho(go)logical liar" she said "you're eating a hot dog, but there's a photo of a paparazzi who shot you eating a hamburger, you're a liar", and it's like oh my god, and it's just like, it - it's crazy and I think it's because I am too assessable (sic) and I think that I, um, need a plan to still keep in touch with my fans, but have a, you know, a-a, a line that I draw where I'm not too assessable (sic), even me I need to realize, I used to tweet all the time, like I'm heading to this and that, I'm heading to the gas station, blah blah blah and then like, people would pop up, ya know, and -and it's dangerous and so for even regular people they should be really careful about what they say or where they are going because you never know people out there, that you don't know - everything that's private to you, meaning your safety, keep that off the internet... keep that off the internet.
I wanted to break this up, but it was all a run on sentence and I couldn't get a good spot. She really and truly said this, verbatim - all the rambling, all the words that either don't exist or make sense.... Okay, so first off - no one cares about the piddly bullshit about hamburgers versus hot dogs if that were to actually happen. Let's get to semantics though - saying you are having one thing and then having something else is technically still a lie. If she can compare the callousness of the actual lies we caught her in, as being as silly as food - it really shows how little she thinks of the lives she hurts and the people caught in the cross hairs of her stupidity.

Tila isn't exactly ACCESSIBLE - yes Tila, that's the correct word. Assessable is for people in a... *light bulb and rainbows go off about Seola's head* psychiatric ward. (As in, is the patient assessable or too mentally out of it to be assessed.) Anyways, anyone who even posts or Tweets to Tila is under threat of Tila constantly saying she's going to file a lawsuit and call the cops and we are all stalkers. One poor dude (as evidenced in a blog here previously) who walked around her old neighborhood for years was even called on by Tila. When she had her garbage sale, a whole 20 people showing up, of which we know at least 5 were haters. Yeah, she was there, she was "assessable" and no one even bothered when it was free and legal to do so, let alone actually access her in any way.

Now, Tila tweeted when she did the blurb for CNN.December 7th. Oh, she's gonna be soooooo private. Oops... what's this?That would be Tila, on December 10th, tweeting where she's going! You pathogological liar! I guess us "regular people"don't need to Tweet spots we are going TO GET THE FUCKING PAPARAZZI TO SHOW UP. Especially since we weren't planning photo ops with tired ass musicians (you know, like Kid Rock...'s impersonator) who can't get paps to chase him either. Since that interview, aside from the tweet on where she's going, she put up yet another video... while still crying over privacy.

Now all that said, a tangent - I've stumbled across something - did you know Tila has a lazy eye? Yes, it's true! I've been perusing old videos of her, before she went too hardcore druggie, she had a slight lazy eye. In certain videos of this past year, it's become more noticeable and as of late, is extremely noticeable, at least to me. My hubs busted his eye on a gravestone (long story) when he was a kid, so he has one by injury (and truly no notice except when he looks extreme left). When he has taken medication for post surgery and such, his muscle control is lowered, making it insanely noticeable. All the shit Tila is on, is actually making it much more easy to tell when she's high as a muthafucking kite. Her eyes shift faster because of the drugs, but it also makes the eye exaggerated in movements. Check for yourself!

Here is Tila, right before Tampongate last year - pay attention to HER left eye, as to the viewers the eye on the right. Quite subtle, but still there.

Now, this video from a couple days ago. Pay attention to the eyes, bitch can look in two directions at once because she's soooo stoned her muscle function is impaired.

Again, evidenced somewhat in the CNN video, but obviously, she wasn't nearly as high because it was under a bit more control. What do you all think?


tasha said...

Oh wow, she does have a lazy eye! I never noticed it before! oh and Ms Seola, I love reading your posts, (I love TRS in general) but they're so entertaining! :)

Joann said...

Tila is, IMO, a freaking, pathological lying piece of crap who tries to stay relevant at any cost. She is a joke now, has been for quite awhile and will continue to be so.

Tila said she talked about her AOI's in her CNN video....and she did but what they don't know is she called them delusional saying they think they own her and was obsessed with her. LMAO

Funny, she didn't put her CNN video up on her piece of crap blog like she said she would so her AOI's could see it. I wonder why...lol.

BigPoppaPhat said...

LMAO saw that vid for the first time, that smacking is so annoying, and yea she's cross eyed as hell. I can't believe people watch that then call her an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the two videos after the CNN video and I can't really tell that she has a lazy eye in the first video (I think because the lighting in the video was too dark). However, she looks stoned as fuck in the second video. She might as well have eyes on both sides of her head! lol Awesome blog!

FUYU said...

Thank you so much for transcribing the CNN interview Seola! UGHHH I don't even want to watch that crap and hear her meth smacking. I could almost hear the smacks in transcribed version lol.

I saw lolercopter (sorry lolercopter, I love stalking your timeline!!) trying to contact someone about the show on twitter and the guy replied with "most-friended person ever seemed like an interesting voice in an online privacy series." WTH!?!

About the lazy eye... I'm not sure ...but after watching the "wild night" video (btw watching it felt like claws on a black board) I realized that the severity of the lazy eye in that one could be from her contact lenses. I used to wear color contacts in the past and if you get disposables they don't stay in place sometimes when your eyes move from side to side and also when you blink.... ooooor, it could also be the result of both in action (lazy eye and cheap contacts) LMAO.

booga said...

... i am deeply disturbed.. why does she talk like she's black? And her singing voice is making my ears go deaf.. jesus christ... does she really need to tell the world shes getting laid?? i hope she gets hit by a car soon.. shes a waste of life... and you have ppl dying everyday.. good people dying evryday from cancer, war, hunger, etc.. and this bitch ggets to live... not fair.

alison m m said...

I have a lazy eye. She is definitely mixing her meds, because it will make that happen.

alison m m said...

I have a lazy eye. She is definitely mixing her meds, because it will make that happen.

Alyssa said...

ugh... how many times can she do that annoying meth smack thing?? does she have a ring on her left hand ring finger? another engagement?? lol

Drizella said...

such a whore.

Lori said...

you know what really annoys me? she is very conceited. she puts down her fans by making them seem like they are all so obsessed with her, but then she puts these manipulative hopes in their little heads with her responses. yeah, myspace was not around when she would of been 19!! maybe electroshock or some sort of abuse is making her lazy eye. paris hilton has a lazy eye too...also, i recollect someone on the comments section here making a comment about how her fans will get mad if she eats a sandwich when she says shes going to have a hot dog....ha! hot dog! anyways, tsk tsk.......have great holidays all a yall!!! ((i have a blog too, uh, if anyone wants to peruse it!?! perhaps maybe!!??!!)

LOLz4EVz said...

that video of her in her bathroom made me feel so uncomfortable... yuck! why is she sucking and smacking imaginary things?

Lori said...

whoa weird!!! i pressed play on the first video and the battery commercial was playing at the same exact time as the same commercial playing on tv!??! HA! that was strange...sorry just wanted to share that...

Lori said...

hah! that is so funny that one of the labels is lazy eye. tila is probably sucking the candy so we cant tell if its the meth smackin' lipsmacking rambling nonsense, or the CANDY!!!

im sorry!! ha! whats going on with the comments? they aint showin' up!!!

Wykid Hyjinx said...

Holy shit! Ur right! LMAO! Her right eye is staring at her nose while her left is straight on! She wonky eyes to match her wonky tits!

Caroline O'Grady said...

I'm no expert, but there is certainly something off about her eyes... Even the AoI should be able to see that! It's subtle but creepy as hell, 'specially on the pre-Tampongate video. She looks to be possessed by a twitchy demon!

Far as that CNN video goes, what makes her an authority on internet privacy? Bitch exploits the shit out of her life on the internet on a daily basis! CNN must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with content for their site.

Girl is messed up. So entertaining. ;D

Anonymous said...

She was quite heavily edited in the CNN bit, you can hear the break points, as in her typical style, she would have been rambling with lots of 'emmms' and 'ahhhs.'

Do you think she got that gig only by someone recently posting her address online? I can't possible envision a moment where CNN would actually want her other than that? Has CNN really sunk that low?

Still referring to herself as a MySpace champion is like calling oneself the best anorexic. No one wins.

chickenrotini said...
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Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder why she thinks she's a "celebrity".

kawaii_chelle said...

I noticed this too!!

Have you guys realised when she goes on these benders and is showing up in the "media" she rocks the blue contacts?

She has been constantly high for a few weeks now - she is really happy and clearly on drugs in her videos. It wont be long till this bender ends and she will go recluse and crying out to her tila army, saying how alone she is. I have witnessed this so many times.

She is way too predictable.

Moogle said...

ROFLCOASTER. Zomg, even her eyes are trying to run away from the bitch. She looks severely cross-eyed in the bottom vid. Perfect still shot. AHAHAHA!!

For someone of her small stature she sure has big hands. You know what they say about big hands, right? Extra large and loose beefy meat curtains!

Thien is such an asshole. Lawls @ "ASSESSable"

Hopey said...

Holy crap you guys....this trick is with Dave Navarro!!!! I almost fell out of my chair when I read this..peep it here..


Cathy said...

I could not make it through more than 10 seconds of any of those videos. She is a moron of the highest degree. the rotspot would not even exist if she did like most celbrities (I use that word quite loosely here) would have kept her disease ridden mouth shut. We didnt need to know everytime she shit.

If you want to be famous, you must live with the understanding that your life really isnt yours. If you cant stand the heat.....go away please go away

Jacqueline said...

HA HA...All she did is rambling on "CNN"....lmao....she should take her own advise.

And funny thing she say "Normal people"...lmao...what's normal?...ooops!....she ain't normal.....ja ja

Anonymous said...

LMFAO she is stoned as FUCK. And I think it's funny as hell that she straight-up calls her fans delusional... and she screams at "haters" for being stalkers... so she basically hates everyone. And it's so obvious the reason why she's not talking about Apollo, the guy she's screwing for drugs, is because he's a nobody who probably has her favorite drug connections. And he's probably not making her pay a dime for them, he's a junkie too and doesnt give a fuck. It amazes me that this is the trash that gets away with the things they do. I used to feel sorry and scared for her drug use but now, she's so far gone, I dont even care anymore. She's not getting help, I actually think she wants to die.

Good shit, Tila. Really classy. I feel sorry for the people who actually like her though (except for the ones who just think she's hot, they're morons). They really have serious mental issues.

I've actually felt like she's had something wrong with one of her eyes for a long time... it's always looking off in some creepy direction.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say this about her eye, but I thought it was a bit outlandish... but after thinking about it for a minute, I'm just going to straight-up say it.

That picture of her where she has one green contact in and the other eye is her natural color... remember the video where she claims she was in some car accident where all her teeth got knocked out (her teeth are obviously fake), and another one where the car flipped 80342 times... her "six near-death experience" video, it may still be on Youtube, I'm not sure.

I wonder if she has a fake eye. It just does NOT look right. Haha I dont know, like I said it's pretty far-fetched, but just an idea.

Cheyanne said...

I never noticed Tina's lazy eye until now.
Freaky. O.o

Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe the fake eye thing was a bit excessive, but I definitely think something happened to it back when she was younger in an accident. I'm actually really glad you mentioned this because I was going to bring it up a few weeks ago on her comments board.

Cake Betch said...

Can someone please explain to me what Tampon Gate was? I googled it and see that she did a naked video rant on UStream - but was there actually a tampon hanging out?

Sheriff Gauncent said...

The lazy eye is due to working in a nail salon and breathing acetone. All asian nail salon bitches have this.

Anonymous said...

@Cake Betch

I won't post a link. But if you're really curious, search for "Tila Tequila Tampon" on Google Images. Shouldn't be hard to find.

Also, if you want a good laugh, keyword "Tila Tequila ustream" on YouTube. Look for the thumbnail of her doing a striptease on a chair. I won't spoil it for you. Watch the video. It was from that same night. :)

HottyRotty said...

@Sheriff: I love that comment ... I REALLY do! <3