Thursday, December 16

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I can't speak for you guys, but it unfuriates the fuck out of me when Tila says she's going to get a hamburger and instead eats a hot dog. How can that slut lie about meats like that?

Bitch, please. You may lie to CNNTech, but it doesn't mean it's the truth.

Now I don't care who Tila is having sex with, I really don't. I'm writing this to address something about her recent liasons that I find odd. At first it appeared she was with Apollo, then a few sightings with Dave Navarro and people start thinking it's him. I believe he's too famous for her to keep their nasty a secret, she can't help but brag.

All we know of sure is that Tila is in her version of love. I highly doubt it's real love, I think she only likes the initial spark of a new relationship as she's often accusing them of felonies shortly when that spark fizzles out. On Nov 23rd she reveals to her fans that she's "crushing" on someone.

But the next day she's addressing non-existant rumors about her being engaged because a ring was spotted on her finger.
From a crush to engaged in 24 hours? Sounds like a certain something we've heard before. Now at this point, no media is reporting on her, no one does. There were a few pictures of her at Kate Major's birthday party which mostly likely Kate, Michael, and Tila called the paps over there before trying to pose like they're not posing. She definitely is a poser. Yeah, I went old school for that one.
And because no one is asking, Tila has to reveal, and she tells her fans that her new lover is a *gasp* female all while begging for privacy yet revealing more and more with each post. Keep in mind the pictures from Kate's party have already been released and one of those pictures is:

So while this pictures if floating around cyberspace she's telling her fans that her lover is a girl, which must make him feel masculine. The sad part, they believe it! She even posts this picture a few days later on her facebook with him blocked out trying to get her fans to guess who she's kissing. I don't now how many times this needs to be said, but she's definitely not a lesbian, if anything she's gay for pay. Now as she's in full blown love she starts spouting her usual shit again. I found this one to be the best comment by her.
Now soulmate is one of those definitive terms. You only have one soul, so you can only have one soulmate. Of course for when you're a whore who doesn't know the meaning of words (love, friendship, integrity) I guess soulmate means "the person you're currently dating". I'm not trying to bring CJ back into things, but I'm sure every new relationship Tila gets in CJ is going "Seriously, what the fuck?!"

So by now we know who the guy is that she's dating and the few gossip sites that still report on the midget are finally revealing her name when she gets caught doing the walk of shame out of Dave Navarro's place. To me, this seemed odd, but in a couple of ways. There's talk that Dave is her man, if that's the case then she was with him and faked being with Apollo, or Apollo is her man, and she got caught screwing someone else. Now of Apollo is like any of the other people she's dated, all she has to do is make up a lie and he'll believe it. By chance she is actually dating Dave Navarro, that means she hired someone to pretend to be her boyfriend to throw off the minimal media coverage she gets. How full of yourself do you have to be to cover up a relationship no one is asking about?

Now me, I'm not believing it's Dave, she was at a party with him a few days before and he probably said he wanted to have sex with her, so she did. Dave dated Jasmine Lennard, who was the girl who got CJ in all her legal trouble, so which makes more sense Tila is in a secret relationship with someone famous and keeping it quiet, or Tila screwed someone to make a girl jealous? If it walks like a whore, and talks like a whore...

The next part is a little more random, but it's something I caught on to and it keeps with the not-Dave guess.

I apologize for all the pictures of Tila, I don't like looking at it either, I suck it up for you guys. Those pictures are all before and after the Dave-walk. Yet that night...

Surprisingly, no ring. now would she take off her ring to go visit the man who put it on her finger? No. Of course, I don't think she'd take it off when she was cheating on her fiance either. This chick must have a billboard outside like McDonalds that just keeps putting up #'s as each customer walks out the door. I feel sorry for guy #1,000,000,001. No prize is worth that unhappy meal. Blech.

Now we won't know who Tila's real boyfriend is until she accuses him of rape and decides she's going to raise their imaginary baby on her own, but the big question is did she actually rent an actor (and an unattractive one at that) to pretend to be her boyfriend, or did she whore herself out to the first known name not to throw something at her?

When it comes to Tila, I tend to go with the option that includes the word whore cause it's usually right.


Anonymous said...

Don't mind me I'm just feeding the fuckery.

Vintage Pink said...

Is Dave that desperate???
seems unlikely. she probably went over there, pretended to fall asleep and he let her stay.
Then she called the paps to "catch" her.
Or was too drunk to drive???

manda.dominkovic said...

Seriously, guys, don't u see that this is THE SAME "engagement ring" that CJ gave her? U know, the "17 carat diamond" ring...
Btw I always found it odd how Tila said, Casey wasn't able to pay her phone bills etc, because her family cut her off when it comes to money, yet she was able to buy this huuuuge ring for Tila after they got engaged. Lies, after lies, after lies. Its such a shame the girl can't finally grow up...

lolercopter said...


Yeah, that's the party where they met up, he probably came onto her and invited her to Perry Ferrell's wife's birthday, which is the night she was caught leaving a snail trail out of his place.

Hannah said...

Is it just me or is that the same ring that Casey supposedly gave her?

As far as Dave Navarro goes, I think she was just a desperate man's booty call. I think she would be shouting it from the hilltops if she was dating an actual celebrity.

Anonymous said...

(I apologize in advance if Rotspot has said this before, I'm hungover and can't remember)

I'm so freaking glad I'm not the only one that honestly thinks she's not bisexual/lesbian, just trisexual (she'll try anything sexual ahahaha I kill myself). But seriously, is it just or me did being bisexual become kinda "popular" there for a bit (blame it on the Britney and madonna kiss) and all of a sudden, Tina is bisexual. Yet after her show she kept dating guys (except for hanging all over a girl at some premiere once in awhile). Then CJ happened, and she was lesbian, full on lesbian. No boys. THEN after CJ passed away, she turned right back to how many guys? Urgh.
Tina is the type of person that wants-needs- to push the envelope just to get a rise out of anyone who will feed into it. She's proved that for years. Personally I think her lesbian/bisexual antics fall into that category. She does it just to shock, or get people talking, and that's it.

Alanna Kay ♥ said...

Joann said...

Hahahaha @.."How can that slut lie about meats like that?" and "trying to pose like they're not posing".

You say some funny stuff. I use to check your tweets on Tila's twitter, before you came to TRS, and your tweets about her would have me ROTFLMAO.

Anwhoo...I'm with you on this one lolercopter....she's not nor has she ever been a lesbian.

She'll PLAY THE PART OF BEING A LESBIAN but she wants to get paid and/or publicity for doing it.

I will always believe the only reason Tila cut CJ out of her life was when she found out CJ would not have access to the family's fortune until CJ changed her lifestyle. BUMMER.

I'm sure Tila had big plans on how she was going to spend CJ's portion of the family's money but after finding out CJ WAS REALLY cut was goodbye Casey.

As far as her "lovers" are concerned....she has none. These men only want to f*ck Tila and some probably swindled her out of some money by stroking her ego.

The Z-list wannabe's in Hollywood know Tila is an easy lay so they tell her what she wants to hear(you're the only one, I'll never leave you, you are beautiful, you are so sexy etc, etc)and automatically she's in love, engaged and about ready to get married.

The only thing is I don't think Tila is aware that men only want her sexually and that's it.

She's most likely in "some type of a relationship" with someone a little bit more famous than she is and he's asking her to keep it on the DL until the time is right to announce it, which will be the 12th of NEVER. lol'

He will end things and she will cry rape, being pregnant, he stole from her, beat her and all other vile thoughts will emerge from her nasty mouth.

Skank is a joke.

SammiDe said...

Well the pic above confirms she's fuckin Dave & that no name actor she hired, ha female my ass. She is NOT lesbian she only does it in HOPES news stories will pick up the story? When it's obvious they don't care anymore TINA!! The Bisexuality novelty has DIED OUT!

Now with that being said, those boys better go get tested, hope they wore a rubber!!!!! HA!

Joann said...

@manda.dominkovic...I agree, it's the same fake ring.

nanina27 said...


alison m m said...

It is all disinformation as usual, because she is busy with much darker plans.

Moogle said...

Bless your heart lolercopter! You have managed to use the word "unfuriates" in a sentence. Hehe =) I'ma borrow that verbiage and randomly pepper my conversations with it. (that might get me a psych eval as a gift from my friends for Christmas)

That whole hot dog analogy is really about dick. Because she can only think with a dick in her mouth. Hamburgers and hot dogs. Pshaw! Me thinks what she might have been trying to say about herself was that it's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

Have you guys read about Garry's/Thien's recent shenanigans? His latest accusations involves Thien's brother. (looool) Preposterous, I say! It's so outlandish and just bad writing. Not even David Lynch would touch that wacky story with a 10' pole. It sounds like a pr0n screenplay instead. Can you imagine? I dun wanna.

I will never listen to "Jane Says" ever again. In fact, I will burn all my Janes Addictions cds. Dave Navarro is dead to me. Waaah! Filthy pig.

"...if anything she's gay for pay." ~lolercopter

hahahaha ahahhaa haha I think I'm in e-love. lolercopter, you rock out with your cock out. <3

Moogle said...

Thien has a serious case of Munchasen by Internets. She patterns her sad life to match whatever flavour that is eating up the latest Hollyweird gossip sites in a bid for attention. She's a bottom feeder preying off other z-listers in a tepid bowl of alphabet soup.

She's so in "love" with herself or the image she manufactured that she cannot stand to make videos of herself without filming in front of a mirror. Who does that? That's not normal behaviour. Can't this mythomaniacal bitch afford to purchase a tripod in which to set her cheap arsed camcorder on?

I've never known anyone who has extreme shifty (and wonky) eyes as she does. Her eyeballs bouncing all around in its sockets. It's like playing Pong on auto.

Her shifty eyes and her inability to look directly into the camera (the viewers so we can see her looking at us), her darting eyes looking upwards to the left and right and suddenly downwards and speaking with eyes cast downwards and inappropriately widening of her eyes, her constant "erms" and "ahhs" oft speaking in fragments and tangents are all signs of deception.

When it comes to pathological liars (I wonder if Thien has been diagnosed as having antisocial or sociopathic tendencies?), I've got to give a bit of props to her as it seems to me thus far, she's the only fauxlebutard to not only manage to rewrite her outlandish and hysterical history (right Ti-Lun?), but her whole life seems to be just one big lie.

How fucking sad does one have to be to attempt to validate ones existence on Earth through the practise of deceiving others? How fucking pathetic does one have to be to participate in a game of one-upmanship and with whom, exactly? Seriously, who is she trying to impress? All 9 of her retardobots in her AoIs?

Cheyanne said...

Hey guys, this is SUPER OLD Juggalo news which doesn't need to be rehashed, but a member on a forum I frequent says she met Miss Tina Tequila in person after the incident. When regular joe schmoes asked Tina for a picture, the response was:
"Sorry, I don't want pictures of me like this online"
^Screencap of the post.

jayden said...

She's probably fucking Navarro's gardener or pool boy.

Screaminmime said...

Ya know...with all the time Tila spends on her knees...she still looks like she sucks in bed!! What a waste of a good education, as they say.

tui said...

Hey kiddos, this article is worth a read for the comments. It always warms my no-heart to see how widely despised & ridiculed the skank is. Celebrity my ass!

Isis said...

I see the "haters" are allowed to comment again.

Pixilix said...

The Asian Gutter whore made an error on her blog post not once but twice said the next eclipse is at 20094 ?!? its suposed to be 2094! made the mistake not once but twice haha

Lori said...

I will never listen to "Jane Says" ever again. In fact, I will burn all my Janes Addictions cds. Dave Navarro is dead to me. Waaah! Filthy pig.

isnt one of tilas personality, jane??

hey, has anyone heard from the funniest, wittiest journalist nikki ranney? id like to know what she thinks of this whole tila/dave craze....ha!

Isis said...

Yeah Tina, having used your logic to figure this out, the next one is going to be at tapioca o'clock. better jot that down in your palm pilot.

Seagal said...

I'm soooooo disappointed in Dave if any of this is true. Why would he hook up with one of the biggest skankiest losers on the planet? I always thought he was a good guy with brains and now I am so disgusted, if in fact it's true that they're fuck buddies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping it's all BS.

SammiDe said...

O' please she is just hoping to get put on that show "Rockers Wives", LOSER. I wish she would disappear already! She is mimicking haters and all, so lame.

Bridget said...

i really want a post on homerbartt. he's such a fucking enigma

BKiddo said...

Not the right place to put this but oh well.
Merry Christmas to all. May you all be with the ones you love and may you all have and keep that fiesty magic in your hearts.

SammiDe said...

hehee funny cuz I came here for the same thing BKiddo, MERRY CHRISTMAS ROTSPOTTERS!!! Hope you guys/gals make a GREAT ONE!!! ♥

BKiddo said...

I'm with ya SammiDe. Hope yours was happy and bright!

lolercopter said...


HB is either a troll or someone with a mental illness. Given the fact that he claims to be 25 but can't remember something 2 screen inches away from what he's typing, I'm leaning towards troll. Either that or we'll see him wearing a mask made out of Tila's skin as he does the tuck-back. Either way Dave Navarro will still be attracted to him.