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postheadericon For Love or Money Part 2

I'm gonna pass on Tila's "hater" rant because she addressed some of the questions I had brought up in my earlier post about whether their relationship was really love or just for financial gain through TV or trying to get that billionaire fortune she often referenced. The one thing I like about Tila is the more she opens her mouth, the more she screws up her own lies.

I had one response to that tweet. No fucking shit. Every guy/girl/slime she meets the bitch becomes Mrs. Whatever faster than most people say hello. I think half the reason she stops at Mrs is because she doesn't know their last name yet. While we all know she was Mrs Casa Wilson for all of 2 weeks (in her ginormous head at least), at this point she denies it, of course.

It's so fucking hilarious that she continues to deny known information. Constantly. I have to guess it's mostly because her fans are seriously some of the dumbest people in the world, and they forget anything as soon as she stops talking about it (except for that one who I'd put money knows Tila's cycle - you know who I'm talking about).

So Tila's in her standard love shit that she does 5x each year when someone brings up the fact that it's not even a year since Casey died.

While truthfully I believe that some people can fall in love in less than a year after a person's death, especially those who have to watch loved ones suffer from diseases, but come on, it wasn't a year, there was Casa and hints at 15 or so others. Her heart moved on in less than 40 days, and that's from her own meth mouth.

But in my research and observation, the answer of love or money comes down to this comment:

Look at the boxed line "I haven't felt this in love since 5 years ago". You know she means it because she put 6 exclamation points behind it, that's what you do when you're really serious about something. So the guy she's with now (and seriously some of her fans still think he's a girl, I don't get that fake fucking decoy) is #1, 5 years ago is #2, that puts Casey as #3 unofficially, but definitely not top 2 based on her own fucking words.


If you go back up to the "She will forever be in my heart" comment, than that means that she's sharing space with #2 and #1 there also. So yeah, she may be remembered fondly by Tila, but in the end, we got the answer to the question we all wondered about.


ericka said...

I'm curious as to whether anyone else noticed that in her last blog post she alluded to having sexual relations with that comedian -

"So I ended up going back to my hotel room and went to sleep! Overall the night was super fun and of course some other things happened but of course that’s NOT FOR BLOGGING ABOUT! Muahahahahhaha!!!!!"

In the very next paragraph talks about how much she missed her "Love".

David said...

ill give it a week before we see tila on radaronline or tmz with him/her/klingon "love interest" with pics she sold to them lol.

Jessica said...

I love you, dude! I have to admit: I lost interest in Tina's shenanigans a long ass time ago. I just can't get over that witty humor. Your up there at the top of the list, lolercopter! You guys rock!!!!!! (Count 'em)

hiuh said...

tila thinks she is SO big and bad blocking all the truth speakers because her "mansion" video came back to slap her in the face BUT the truth IS... we won... SHE backed down. not us. We were the ones who we're right about her 'gossip blog' failing. and her so called "haters" are smart enough to figure out her little lies and it pisses her off. SO she had to throw a little tantrum and block everyone. hahah, you idiot whats the point of having a blog if a) you can't even keep up with celebrity gossip like planned and b) you have to block everyone?
OK.. SURE. i bet we will be right about one more thing too.. she is going to turn the comments back on bc otherwise she will crash and burn. i personally don't care. i kind of want her to keep the comments off, bc while its fun to read others calling her out.. its a double edge sword for her... she will lose more than she will gain. COOL PLAN TILA. either way, you look foolish once again.

starfish said...

hey guys guys! guess what!?! extra extra read all about it...shes getting her MIND FREAKED! hAAAAAAAA

shes afraid the haters will stalk and obsess over her......nah! not really...

Drexel Spivey said...

Does she not realize that the Titanic sank? What a moron.

starfish said...

oh nevermind i dont think its the mindfreak!?! if it is, who really cares!?

Sandy said...

She lives for us haters. We make up about 90% of her site's traffic and she fucking knows it.

This banning haters stunt of hers won't last long. She needs her fix from us like she needs her drugs. We are her drugs. She can't even go a day without mentioning haters, she can't.

Joann said...

LMAO @ "I think half the reason she stops at Mrs is because she doesn't know their last name yet." true lolercopter.

I think everyone in the free world, except her AOI's knew Casey was not the love of her life. I don't think Casey was even the LIKE of her life after she found out Casey had been cut off from the family's mega fortune.

She said in the screen cap above she wanted to go home so bad to see her baby Onyx THEN she mentions this secret love.

So as of now Onyx is #1 and the mystery lover is #2. If she is so in head over heels in love why would she mention missing her dog before her lover?

IMO, I don't think she has a lover male or female. Tila's talking shit again and I still say Onyx is not living with her.

Anybody think she might be doing Kate or ML or both? Just a thought. LOL.

Moogle said...

What I want to know if Thien is up to date on her annual taxes, since she supposedly raked in a cool mill for the last tax fiscal. I would LOVE to see her get royally fucked by Mr. IRS! I hear tell that offenders do NOT want to be sent to the Fed Pen. hehe

But I digress.

Now that she banned the "h8rz", I wonder what fuckery she will pull to generate interest towards her Flog? You KNOW she will reopen her comments to all again. She's so predictable in her childish ways. It's so hysterical that I almost want to feel sorry for her. It has to be harsh to live your life in a lies. Her parents must be horrified and disgusted with her antics and the rubbish she spews.

I wonder why there aren't more people from her past that are willing or wanting to be forthcoming with what Thien was like back in the day? I remember that one post about a so-called school mate but that comment seemed a bit contrived and sketchy to me as the commentator never again posted other sordid details. I won't rule it out though.

Good post lolercopter.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Sheriff Gauncent's free write.

One day I was born to a family that taught me that being a whore was a good value. Sometimes I spread my whorism throughout the day by updating my haters and my army that I have a dog and a place to live and I like to wear lingerie over and over and over again. I also like pizza and ramen noodles. Today is a good day. I will show you that I have a place to live and have a dog and a car. Tomorrow, I may meet someone and tell the world that I am so important that you will need to know that I have a place to live, a dog, and a car.

To be continued...

Cheyanne said...

Yet another photo of that dog sleeping. Y'know, there's only been a handful of times I've seen Onyx up and running around.
I really hope that dog is okay.

That said, yet another awesome post. I just really hope when Tina says she's got a new love, she doesn't mean Lohan's pops.
I mean, I'm probably WAY out of the water here (but really- she's been insane before) but Mr. Lohan doesn't seem to be too happy whenever a camera pops up (did ya'll see him dodge Tina's cameras? He always turns away or changes attitude when that camera pops up) and Tina says she can't post pics of her man- I mean. Love.

I don't know, like I said, I'm probably way off, but it's fun to think about.

Anyone else surprised she didn't pull the psychic card when she was talking about gambling?

I think, for the Holidays, I'm going to make myself a Tina Titquila bingo card for 2011. Spaces like "fake miscarriage" and "being stalked" are sure to keep me entertained all year while I read this blog. =)

Madame Toast said...

Does Tila ever shut up about the "Haters" I've never seen a "celebrity" get so bent out of shape and spend so much time talking about "Haters". She makes herself z-list! If I was a fan of someone so "obsessed" with non-fans, I'd be done with them.
There are tons of websites made to hate on certain celebs, every single one has people that have nothing nice to say about them. If Julia Roberts decided to be a screwed up trainwreck spreading lies and ruining lives, it would take all of a day for a group of people to stand against her. The difference? She'd spend all of 5'minutes thinking about it and probably never acknowledge it or them.
Tila doesn't realize no matter what she does, who she's not goin to stop, it won't go away and as long as she keeps lying and being ridiculous the "Haters" win. Of course beating Tila in life is like beating a fat kid at dodgeball :)

pani95 said...

Well while she was dating Casey she was never away form her home!!!

Sammi said...

Omg ericka, I thought the same exact thing!! I guess her "love" is fine with her screwing around..

SammiDe said...

I think she IS fucking ML and KATE, and I too noticed how Papa Lohan's whole demeanor changed when Tila put him on camera! & I NEVER check her blogs only what they post here so I dunno MUCH on this secret love but I bet the Apollo guys a friend and the real lovers are as a I said above. *Shivers* Gross just the thought of it sickens me. W/their HOT DOGS! HA!

Mimi said...

Oh looky. Pansi missed us "haterz" so much he had to drop by and leave a comment! LMAO

Funny as hell!

Kungfukitten said...

I too wondered about M Lohan. Don't you think Tila would love to give birth to LiLo's little sister? That would be one way Tila could get her to acknowledge her because the seductive/advice tweets certainly didn't work.

Bannana Smoothie said...

Hey fellow "haters", check this article out:

It's crazy as Tina can get but if Garry Sun is telling the truth, Tina should rot in jail!

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