Thursday, October 28

postheadericon Garry's Spillin' His Guts ....

He's so butthurt and honestly I can't blame him.  Buuuut, I'm PRETTY SURE we warned him and he told us to get fucked.  Anyhow, he's goin' on about how he's gotta clear his name because she's paid off Shyla (yes he still thinks he's involved with her I guess) but he's pullin' skeletons out of her closet ... but they are basically the same ones we've been pullin' out.  However, he did leave us a nice little present:

Apparently that's the birthday card she gave him on his birthday.  I find it sooo fuckin' hilarious that she ALWAYS throws out the "god card".  Seriously, Tila Manson fits goddamned perfectly!  She's so fuckin' delusional.  I'm startin' to think her connection to Texas is David Koresh and Waco.  I've got my fingers crossed that she'll end up with some Jim Jones'alike deal and drink the koolaid.  A girl can dream can't she?

He goes on to tell us about her CR4 contract cancellation and how Vivid gave her around half a million bucks to make out with and fuck strangers in some trashy low budget porn.  Yea, I'm pretty sure we called all of this didn't we ;)  ....

Garry, we KNOW she's a liar.  We've WARNED you about what a demon that scunt is.  I give it two weeks and you'll be runnin' back to her ghettofabulous apartment nuttin' on those wonky tits.

Good Luck Sir ... I'm really hopin' you've finally learned your lesson with this sick bitch.  You see what happens when you hang out with her ... right!?!?  Need I mention Casey Johnson?


Ben said...

Rotty, I love you, but you owe me dinner as I read "nuttin' on those wonky tits" I lost what I had eaten tonight.

alison m m said...

450G to fuck eight sweaty slimy strangers
Why would Shyla want her name connected to Tila? She obviously wouldn't, and so has taken a walk and is denying it all. A buy out is not about money, it is playing poker. And we know how Tila loves poker.

Ben said...


Shyla was tweeting Charlie Sheen's hooker after that story broke. I think she just wants any name fame.

Not saying the Garry thing is true, I'm pretty sure The Gnome nailed it, but homey is still convinced it's her. We're dealing with some simple minded folks.

Hannah said...

I think you have something with the Waco thing, Rotty ;) Isn't there a vid floating around of Tila claiming she grew up in a cult community? She's such a creep.

Garry fucked himself over, he should have learned his lesson and just walked away. If Tila wasn't in on this story she's at least eating up all the attention. BECAUSE HEY OMG LOOK HER NAME IS IN TMZ AGAIN!!!! SO FUCK YOU HATERS!!! She really couldn't be dumber. And I love how she's threatening jail time for him. AGAIN. How many people has she put in jail now? 10? 20? Sometimes I forget that's where all you TRS girls and us mean, scary haters are.

Props for all the amazing dirt you guys manage to ninja up!

Joann said...

This is why I was praying Gary had concrete proof of everything he was saying before he put it out there. I wanted him to put her away for the rest of her life.

I still don't want to believe Gary and the skank was in on this from jump street but he is being made to look like a fool at this point.

I'm hoping he has something that can turn this around because I know the skank was in on this from the start.

Knowing how the skank works he should have had ALL his ducks in a row before he went public with this and he needs to shut the hell up on his twitter talking about how the skank killed Casey.

Even if he had the proof what good is it going to do him now when he didn't turn her ass in after Casey died.

If he's willing to go jail for withholding evidence just to see Tila in jail too then fine, but I don't think he's willing to do that.

Vintage Pink said...

I cant stand his faux-rap shit. and it appears that he is even dumber than we thought.
how is that possible?!?!