Sunday, October 31

postheadericon Seriously, Michael Lohan?

I must say I'm incredibly touched by the comments on the previous post, there bar has been set high here and I can only to keep up with the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, I mean the lovely ladies of the Rotspot, and Uncle Eddie of course.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. As most of you have seen by now, the whormanitarian is now BFFs with Kate Major and Michael Lohan. Yes, the crotch kicking, daughter using, and multiple restraining order owner. So of course he tries to team up with Tila to get her scraps while Lindsay is in rehab and he can't abuse that connection. But wait a minute, Tila has written about Michael, repeatedly...

Oops, looks like that link is now gone. But why would she get rid of it now?

Ah, that's not flattering at all, I guess that's why she deleted it. Granted there are still plenty of negative posts about them still on her site, but she has the benefit of claiming they were written by "Tila Staff". So now, Tila has different things to say about Michael and Kate...

Awww, that's some sweet stuff. I used to think I was a warm and caring individual, but apparently my rap sheet isn't big enough to qualify. Anyone up for a crotch punch? No one? Well damn. I'm sure Michael had equally sweet things to say about Tila, right? Right?

Credit: Radar Online

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ouch. Even with Tila saying nice things, deleting posts about him (which she never does - yeah fucking right), and inviting him over to her apartmansion for movies and popcorn, the nicest thing he says about her is that she's a "business associate". That's gotta hurt. Even those she's "proud to call her friends" won't return the statement. No Tila, there is no way he's trying to use you.

It's funny that she's so afraid of people "leeching off her fame" yet the people she chooses to hang out with are the ones who were so desperate for attention they leeched off Jon Gosselin's tubby ass. So the Has-Been, Wanna-Be, and Never-Will hit up a Halloween party in a 13,000 sq ft mansion (remember folks, you must be sure to include all the details to make yourself seem better than you really are), a party so big she actually had no names to name drop.
Anyone else think it's wrong for Michael Lohan to wear a cops uniform? Or do you get one free after 5 arrests?

But hey, there's no way this thing with Michael Lohan is going to end badly, she's just a woman who likes to accuse men of abuse, and he's a man who's been accused of hitting multiple women. I don't see a problem, do you? The big question is going to be whether when it goes down (and it most definitely will) is it just part of the big plan to get publicity? I can't help but think this is some way for Tila to get her hands on Lindsay, which is funny because as big of a fuck-up that Lindsay has been of late, at least she can say she's not Tila Tequila.


Misty said...

This is going to be a new classic when it all falls apart. I really hope they all go down hard. I was actually, sort of, rooting for Michael Lohan. In the choice of Lindsey's parents, I think he is better than Dina.

Now that he is associating with Tila - no more support. What could she possibly have said that he is overlooking her blogs - he is such a wanna-be fame whore, you know he googles himself as well.

Tick Tock Tila. Tick Tock.

Cathy said...

Welcome and awesome post. The abuse part I didnt think to link!

Wow Michael Lohan. Theres a media man whore z- lister to befriend Any press is good press for the two of them right? right? ...hears crickets from all reputible news stations.

Kungfukitten said...

I was kind of surprised at Tila's Dear Diary post too because of how Lindsay previously reacted to Daddy Dearest attending Tila's 29th birthday party. How is Lindsay going to feel about all of these pictures on the Internet showing her dad groping a nearly naked Tila on Halloween. I don't think Tila or Michael really care about Lindsay and are putting their desperate need for attention first. So sad.

Janelle said...

Jesus, they're all absolutely perfect for one another! I can't wait till they all turn on eachother which shouldn't take much time at all. I wonder who will sell the other out first? That pic screams Z list! I love your last last sentence "Lola", it's so true!!!

Anonymous said...

is that halloween party she went to for bel-air magazine? thats funny i got the same invite for the party. if so, 75.00 for a fully hosted halloween bash, with adam lambert, janice dickison and more were supposed to be there. it was for SHARE, inc, assisting developmentally disabled, abused, and neglected children.

justmyopinion said...

Tila is using these dumbasses, plain and simple. She's looking for publicity (like anyone cares about this 3some)But you know she's going to accuse him of something. Maybe she thinks Lindsay will pay her off to save "Daddy" hahahahahaha, excuse me..Or Tila is trying to get info on LL so she can sell it.
All in all WE ALL KNOW the dirty bitch is UP 2 SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!
Good post!

Jes said...

I wonder when she'll claim he raped her, or that they have an erotic affair...*shudders* ya know, when people tend to sleep to gain power, you go up the chain, not down... it goes for the both of them.

Vintage Pink said...

lol, "at least I am not Tila"
truer words were never spoken.

Joann said...

"But hey, there's no way this thing with Michael Lohan is going to end badly," heart skipped a beat lolercopter until I kept reading. lol.

The only reason Tila changed her tune about Michael and Kate is because she thinks there is something in it for her.

I don't know what these three cooked up together but we all know it's going to be an epic failure.

It might take a month or two, maybe less, but it's going to be a doozy.

I wonder who will be accused of what? There are so many scenarios I don't know where to start.

Knowing how Tila works, she will probably stop mentioning them on her piece of crap blog.

I don't get the part of Tila trying to get her hands on Lindsay lolercopter so you have to go more into detail about that.

Great post though.

SammiDe said...

I am disgusted by this whole thing!

& Kate Major, HA need I say more!

Shannon said...

He prolly only briefly called her a "business associate" because he payed Tila to blow him

BKiddo said...

This is going to be interesting.
Maybe they're trying to spin a new reality show--"The Biggest Users"?

Pretty creepy threesome for sure.

Nice post.

lolercopter said...

@starfish do you still have that invite? Something you can scan and e-mail to me?

It might be worth including in the post after I do some additional research.

gillianthemad1013 said...

I'm just saying, bragging that Michael Lohan is your friend is scraping the bottom of the barrel. But actually have him not reciprocate the sentiment? That's just the definition of pathetic, Tila.

gillianthemad1013 said...

Also, Kate Major is a MAJOR (no pun intended) D-list-fucker. She used to go out with Jon Gosselin before she latched on to Michael Lohan. She even manages to be further down the list of stardom than Tila, but not by much.

Anonymous said...

sure i can email you it lolercopter