Friday, October 29

postheadericon Tila Finally "Wins"


Tila has recorded her first ever - court win. But alas kiddies, it's also a comical fail. Just a bit ago, TMZ posted a story showing Tila coming from a court room where she successfully lobbied for a restraining order against the wannabe-can't-rapper. There's too much drama for this mama to cover all the angles, but dude is dumb, and Tila got the happy little bit of famewhoring by calling the media out for another shoot.

She argued to the judge she was terrified enough that this guy needed to be kept away. She begged for 100 yards (the standard distance when a restraining order request is filed and usually granted). She got her order alright. She thinks it's "great news". What she doesn't realize, yet again, is the judge is actually smacking her in the face with it.

What distance did Tila successfully get? 10 yards. Yes, 30 feet. The average road is 12 foot lanes each way and 3 ft shoulders for a total of 30 feet. Dude can stand across the street from her apartmansion (and interestingly, I expect an address leak soon from documents required to be filed for a current address of the applicant) and toss ketchuped tampons at her doorstep. They can even be in the same restaurant. The only restriction.... distance. What does this tell me? The judge did enough to keep him from actually smacking her, but absolutely giggled on the inside with the distance ruling.

30 feet? Average of 3 car lengths.
30 feet? The average length of two standard living rooms.

Yeah. Instead of 300 feet, or 30 cars away... he's still close enough to spit on her. At least, the watermelon seed spitting world record is 68 feet. Straight spit? 100 feet. You are now educated on spitting.

I wonder how the poor kids of Africa feel about watching a humanitarian send herself by holographic magic to LA. Probably don't care, they are still waiting on the clean water Tila swore she was bringing through charity to drink.

Those bottles of Faygo were hurled from 10-100 feet. We're still all good.

Tila posted up her own blog (did we expect less? She needs all the famewhoring pity me bullshit she can get). But I just have to make a few points, cause I'm literally LOLing her and I'm getting odd looks from the cats.
All those red underlines - are examples of defamation. In fact, in court cases - it can be considered enticement or provocation for reactions. I counted 13, I could have missed one. That's not to include the previous rantings of her claiming Garry tried to kill her. Why does all this matter? The blue and red underline is her claiming she is going to sue HIM for defamation and slander. Oh the sides, they hurt! In Tila's little fucked up world - deletion of tweets and posts means what she has said never existed.

From all the current stories available to me at this time - no where during this particular hearing before the judge, was it ever mentioned that Garry cut her. If she had, he'd have a warrant out for his arrest for attempted murder. In the prior link to the post on this very site - Tila ALREADY CLAIMS TO HAVE FILED A RESTRAINING ORDER!!! Well, her powerhouse Alan Gutman did. Where was her tweets on that? How did the judge have no prior knowledge of an existing order or order request? Why are there no existing police records of Tila filing anything on Garry? Oops. Tila fails again.

I must also point out in her rantings... in pink, she reiterates he tried to kill her. Again, lacking from court documents, no warrants or even police questioning and you can be sure a judge, when given evidence of attempted murder would be ordering a 100 yard order (minimum) pending arrest. Silly silly Tila. Is this like when you "got us shut down" *snicker and waves* - or am I vibrating hard enough to make the blog reality?


The Gnome said...

lmao! seola, i literally LOL'd!! <3

Just One of Many said...

hahaha...thanks, Seola, glad you gals are back to blogging.

You forgot to mention one of the elements for defamation--damage. Tila's reputation in Hollywood is as shitty as it can get; Garry hasn't worsened it in any way.

I've never even heard of a judge granting a TRO for 10 yards. Why even bother?

xKiharux said...

On TMZ, I noticed at the end that Tina said she 'has no idea who Garry Sun' is. I laughed so hard, I actually left a comment, telling them to look at her fail-blog and notice she's been talking about him since it opened.. what, almost a year ago now?

Joann said...

I hope the skank relishes this moment because I think it's the last one she will have before she goes down.

el Poopo said...

Someone should email the judge this website so can have a cup of tea under his blanket and read up!

Ben said...

I love that the restraining orders lists her name as Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, something that bitch has denied for years.

FUYU said...

Huh, I'm just going to watch this all unfold... I have a feeling it's going to turn out to be nothing as usual (arm meet gate).

Looking at Garry's responses to his twitter.. no one's really filling him in on the fake girlfriend or what ever the heck she is to him. Shouldn't someone let him know?

HottyRotty said...

Oh, he's been told. He's just a fuckin' dumbass.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Great post Seola!

Kate said...

Any male/s she comes in contact with becomes fodder for a lolsuit with this bitch. She's claimed she's going to file for sexual harassment almost all of them.

Jeebus tits.

Jacqueline said...

Her English is so poor

Vintage Pink said...

it just gets funnier and funnier!!! and how those 15 year old idiots miss out on all the laughs, I will never know.
it is so obvious.

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