Thursday, October 28

postheadericon Double Double Sneaks and Trouble; Lies Escape and Herpes Bubbles...

Lordy Lordy Lordy it has certainly been a busy couple of days in the land of the internet.

For those of you who haven't followed the drama, let me break it down for you...don't you worry your pretty little faces though, I've included lots of pictures and videos in this here post to keep the masses entertained.

A few days ago, there was a mysterious man holding signs calling Tina all kinds of "names" while she was conveniently showing up 2 hours late for her own birthday.


Well it turns out that Garry Sun is the one responsible for the poster sized name calling.

This isn't the first time that the self proclaimed paparazzo has had a fall out with the Porn Muppet. Don't you guys remember when Tina eluded to the fact that Mr. Sun was in fact the one responsible for arm-meetgate 2010? No? Hmmm...let me dig...ah yes, there she is...Here is that little diddy for your reading pleasure. You see though, Herpes Queen deleted her blog post shortly after she wrote it. But why Tina, why delete if it's true? *shrugs* Nothing is EVER lost in the land of the interwebz folks...please DO remember that.

Anyway, so here on one hand we have Garry selling his soul story to TMZ. Which sent the twitterverse buzzing, and it took just a smidge over 3 hours for this story to be vehemently denied, again TMZ has the story.

What?! You mean Garry wasn't dating Shyla Jennings the porn star?! And she was NEVER kidnapped?! *scoots to edge of seat* And you mean to tell me that Shyla Jennings the porn star has NO idea who Garry Sun even is?! *snickers* Uh oh...but wait...Tila says that Shyla warned her about Garry's plans BEFORE now. Cue eerie stalker music....

It seems someones been taken for a ride. But wait....Garry wants us to know something!!! Something IMPORTANT!!! Now, before I post this...I want to go back a smidget....remember when I said nothing is ever lost on the internet? Well these next 2 videos are a primo example of that. The sneaky bastards over at Hollywood TV tried deleting these videos....Lucky for all of you, I'ma mothafuckin magician, and snagged 'em up!

Hmmm....I dunno Garry, I'm still not convinced. I do especially love how you acts like a chickenhead though. And the fact that the video is taken in front of the Sheriffs office sign means it has to be legit right? Wait, what's that? You have more "PROOF"?! *gasp*

Oh yes, I see....right there...the facebook page. "She likes it on your couch"? I'm going to ruin the fun for everyone....THAT, right for Breast Cancer Awareness. You see, Garry (and all the other men who were confused as to wtf women were talking about), that was a game. It was a sly little message we received in our facebook inboxes, telling us to put a status message saying where we like to place our purses. Purses, Garry. Purses. Also, allow me to just elaborate on something right see in the bottom left hand corner, "Skyylar Voss Photography".

WHA?! *DING DING DING DING* Shouldn't that be a big red flag? Well...I guess maybe not for Garry, or some of the other poor souls who have NO idea who this freakshow is. I'm not going to go into a whole lot of details, but you guys can go read the blog on TilaTruths site...

I don't have a problem with Garry. Even after he called me a dick because I was merely asking for proof. I have on occasion, been known, to in fact be a dick.

I'll just wrap this up as saying....I, along with the rest of the world really REALLY wanted this to be true. The thought of Tina being whisked away in handcuffs for something other than a shitty photoshoot had me giddy with anticipation. Sadly, this is like finding out Santa doesn't exist. Truth be known, I don't think the troll has the mental capacity to even think up a ploy like this, but I'm sure she's somehow involved. Troll-faced attention whore sure. Troll-faced SMART attention whore, not so much. Besides, Tila's been known to cry abuse talent suicide pregnancy miscarriage baby daddy engagement rape wolf on several occasions...if she is in fact involved, why should this be any different?

Psst...Here's a on those links in red to read about some of the past scandals *wink wink*

Gnomie, over and out.


alison m m said...
makes me very suspicious

alison m m said...

there was a press release yesterday from AVN films about something Shyla is in involving lesbian seduction, so it reeks of invisible theatre for publicity purposes.
(Girlfriends Films Cast Explores 'Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 33'‎)

FUYU said...

Oh my lawd.... Skyylar is doing photography now, huh? I guess she would take a person's picture and then photoshop her head on their body then. XD

Joann said...

I, too wanted this to be true. I was really hoping and praying Gary had the proof to put this skank behind bars.

I am still going to see how this plays out though.

Tess said...

Well ..I'm finding this whole debauchery just plain too stupid to believe.

So Garry Sun's "girlfriend" is really this chick Skylar who's pretending to be Shyla Jennings? That means Garry's relationship with this impostor is strictly on-line because if he actually met her in RL, he would know she's not really Shyla Jennings..right?? So Garry just bought this Skylar/Shyla's story about being kidnapped and tortured and he believed her? ..and acted on it??


Then there's the men with guns who showed up with Tila at Garry's parent's house ..and nobody called the police!!

So where does the real Shyla Jennings fit into all of this? Getting ready to release a lesbian porn tape with Tila?

How desperate are these people? It's all so stupid...

Just One of Many said...

Ugh, I can't...this is too much for me. Can't we just fast forward through this one and get to the next fake baby? It is almost Christmas, after all.

Anonymous said...

what the heck??? HA! this is all so very utterly RIDICULOUS!

Jacqueline said...

WOW....I can't stop shaking my head. These fame whores planned all this bullshit. I can't stand any of them.....maybe they should all do a 3some video?! to S UP.

BKiddo said...

Damn Gary, get yo shit together.
Like anybody was going to fall for the stupid posters, and pretty much everyone knows about the purse game.
I was thinking the same thing as FUYU.
Good post Gnome--crakin' up over the Dick tweet.

BKiddo said...

By the way, ol' Gar is lookin' a bit worn out.
And I love to call tila, tina--no offence to the real Tina's of the world.

SammiDe said...

Sad that Gary got played and just acted on impulse instead of gathering all the REAL facts and REALLY nailing her ass to the wall for the TRUE CRIMES she has committed against HIM! He also needs to seriously sue her for defamation but he wont, lord knows why!

whatathriller said...

ok, so from all informations out there it seems to be that this skyylar voss - thing pretended to be shyla. and was gary`s online-girlfriend. and tila and voss managed a abduction-hoax for garry. actually, as crazy as it sounds: this could really be a thing that tila did. i mean, probably she didn`t anticipate the consequences an she thougth it would just be "funny". maybe the armed guys at garrys home weren`t send from tila, but it`s possible. but what do you guys think?