Tuesday, October 26

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I'd like to take a quick second just to wave and blow a kiss to Tila The Cumstain and her Lolyers....look cunts, still here. *smiles and curtsies*

Now, while I've been busy having NO LIFE for 75 hours a week, it seems that the half black, half white, half vietnamese, half french, straight lesbian with bad implants from the mean streets of a gated community in Texas has a whole bunch of NEW news to tell the world!!! Or does she?

First things first....The Princess of Syphilis had a birthday. I know, I know, who fucking gives a shit. She's another year older, and it sure does show. HOWEVER, while she was out selling her vagina to transients for coke celebrating her birthday, someone was dead set on letting the whole world in on what seem to be quite a few skeletons in her STD riddled closet. I'll let you guys use your own intelligent brains to figure this one out...to me, well I'm thinking for once it's not just Tila's snatch that smells fishy.

*Points and laughs* BAHAHAHA!!!! Tila a kidnapper? Could she really be that stupid? Never mind, that's rhetorical....BUT....BAHAHAHA...we here at the Rotspot have our own opinions on the validity of this sad, albeit hilarious ploy for attention.

Seriously though, can you guys picture her all thugged out in a black ski mask with her ridiculous blue contacts and midget frame wielding an air soft gun? "I wasn't kidnapping anyone officer, I was only offering them candy out of my windowless van with no license plates." *bats eyelashes*

Whether it is, or it isn't is completely NOT the point here people....
Tila, pay attention...I know you're reading this and frothing at the corners of your overly made up lips...do you SEE how completely irrelevant you are? No? Here...let me show you...

HAHA!!! He called you Tina...but surely your next victims fan site would know your name right? I mean after all, YOU are Tila-Mutha-Fuggin-Ugly-Tequila!!! Not to mention the fact that they crushed your entire tiny make believe world by letting you in on the real secret...James Franco doesn't even know YOU exist you disturbed little troll.

Ah, for shits and giggles, let's just take a look at SOME of Tilas fails that The Rotspot has helped to call the gremlin out on....

  • suicide
  • miscarriage
  • apartmentcondomansion
  • suicide
  • domestic violence
  • pregnancy
  • multiple pregnancies in a 9 month period
  • suicide
  • personality disorder
  • drug addiction
  • manager
  • charity
  • adoption
  • "recording artist" (I use the term artist here very VERY loosely)
  • garage sale/swap meet
  • suicide
  • porn star
  • life

The list could literally fill pages, but my attention span isn't that great...and really we all know she's a fucktard. The bottom line is this Tila, at the end of the day all you have to offer anyone is a used up vagina and two rock hard crooked implants.....the difference between you and a hooker in Vega....oh wait.... *snickers*

This is Gnome, over and out.


Tess said...

Tila spent her birthday with Michael Lohan ..nuff said! The ridiculously phony posters ..just sad!

shaniqua said...

And THAT'S how you tear somebody's asshole wide open, people. It isn't even about me but I'm feeling a bit sore. Ain't nobody can do it like the girls at TRS. Tila done been read.

Rebecca said...

Ohhh...I can breathe again...thank you Gnomey for the post!

That just made my fucking week...this fucking pathetic shit-for-brains goes on and on about James Franco like she's 12...this is her version of "hey, let's call him on three-way and don't tell him on the phone and ask him if he likes me...maybe we can meet him at the food court later..."

And then James Franco bursts her fucking bubble. I love that. I'm no longer referring to her as Tila, but "Tina". Too fucking funny for workds.

Joann said...

LOL glad to see some life on this blog.

I knew James Franco was not there for her birthday dinner, glad you guys could prove it.

Tila is even more delusional than we thought. That 5150 should be right around the corner about now.

Will not even comment on the fake "signs" fiasco.

Michael Lohan said he was at the party with Kate(I guess her and Tila are bff) because Tila wanted some business advice. It sounds like he is trying to say he went with Kate and wasn't there out of friendship to Tila.

He's an attention whore too but I will believe him before I believe her. I wonder if he knows what Tila said about him and Lindsay.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Look at the signs. All the T's and the L's are the same. I wonder who could have put them there?

Has any ever smelled this kind of bullshit that smells like sauerkraut and old mayo stirred together?

The production value of this video is shit. Being the skanks production of this.

If I was ever asked if I ever kidnapped any one, I'm positive my answer would be no if I know I have never done that.

Here come the meltdown.....

Joann said...

Check this out guys. It's sounds so surreal that it could be the real thing. Anyway, I'm not getting my hopes up. lol


Anna said...

OMG! Check this article out! These guys are wondering which alternate personality she will blame for those signs!


Pops said...

I was starting to get TRS withdrawals!!

khandersuk said...

On my third day sick off work, I have been trawling the internet trying to find something, anything to amuse me. So glad there is a TRS post, I had seen Tila's two pieces on him. Glad his people were all over it to contact her directly, funny, no reply from her camp? I guess he didn't bring the LOVE she said he did to her birthday party after all. He was just having a meal. She will in her mind never accept that. Poor James, luckily too smart for the likes of her!

Ima said...

I've a feeling that Lohan was just there at the bar, and she ran into him and had her pic snapped with him.

starfish said...

about the james franco thing, tsk tsk...someone is having fun with her...but hey this world is big but still, this is tilas world right? james franco did in fact read her little love letter, GASP it was a sign! why was tila late anyways?? hmm....and he just happened to leave WHILE she got there...and what is the deal with those signs? funny how the paps were reading those signs....

is she a kidnapper or terrorist? WHAT!???!?! :)

Tess said...

Well there sure was a whole lot of fuckery on Twitter today with Garry Sun. I find it interesting that Shyla Jennings claims that she doesn't even know anyone named Gary yet she is friends with Garry Sun on Facebook. And how convenient is it that Shyla happened to tweet about spending the day at the police station? I think they all are in on this stupid attempt to get media attention. Garry, Carlton, Shyla and Tila!

Stupidest shit ever!

Cathy said...

Ahhh the return!! We missed you so. Glad to see you are back! Yes I saw this article too about her terrorist kidnapping murdering jail felony whatever the f@#$ and thought hummm maybe this is why she was 2 hours late Jane was painting pretty birthday card signs for her lol. What a dumb ass. James Franco wouldnt be caught dead within thirty miles of TINA!!! LMFAO

Janelle said...

Yay so happy to see a post. That James Franco Tina shiz was hilarious. As far as that other stuff, everyone involved is so shady that I gave up trying to figure it out.

Alanna Kay ♥ said...


Joann said...


Mark said...

Thanks for the post. There has been some great stuff going on with Tila lately. There was another fake mansion recently too did anyone see those twitter posts?

The phony kidnapping was hilarious!

alison m m said...


I know you are way ahead of me but what the hell

FUYU said...

YAYY!! You updated!! I missed you guys so muuuuch! :3

FUYU said...

BTW I don't believe Garry.. It's all just too..... dumb.

FUYU said...

OMG I'm sorry for posting so much.. I just watched the video. Does any one else notice the photographers in that video are acting like they don't know who left the signs? If Garry is a pap/photog wouldn't they have seen him often, or at least know who he was?

The Gnome said...


I'm almost 100% positive that they were placating him. You know, like a mother does with her child..."OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is the BEST BUTTERFLY EVER!!! You are so big!!" atleast, that's what I got out of it....

Also, on a side note...fear not Rotspot Readers, I have another post for you later...which will include the lost videos from yesterday! ;)

S said...

lol this entry seems to mark the point where this blog has come full circle.
it's like a tila conspiracy theory!

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