Wednesday, November 24

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We've been exploring the suspect actions of Tila around the time of Casey's unfortunate death, so I figured I would take a look back at the romance of that relationship. Of course, I'm using romance in the loosest form of the word. And after seeing a recent comment on her officially failed flog that she's once again saying she's engaged (3rd time this year), I think it's time to address it again. After all, her relationship wasn't a gimmick, was it?

Now everyone knows that the only thing that matters to Tila is material possessions, and bragging about them. She doesn't "go to the store" she "goes to the store in her lambo" (fucking hate that word btw). So you can imagine the sweet words she uses to describe Casey.

Hmmm, I wonder what Tila found attractive about Casey? Now the little cock goblin tells everything on her facebook, from bowel movements to anal ass lube, and as much as I could find, this is her first post ever about Casey. I must say, that's love, the kind of love that inspires poetry. How Tila fans can read that and respect her still has me baffled.

Keep track of the days because the countdown will show how deep her love is (hint: it's about 1 sheet of paper viewed sideways).

So after knowing someone 1 day, either 1 of 2 things happens, she either accuses them of a crime, or....

So on the same day of her announcing her date with Casey she announces their engagement. Now Tila claims to have met Casey around the time of her arrest, so that would put them, at most, knowing each other for a little over a month. Now I have nothing against short fast romances, they happen successfully all the time, but as you can see with the 2nd tweet in that pic what Tila really cared about. "I'm rich bitch", yes that's how she announced her engagement. Not "I'm so in love", not "I'm so happy", all she cares about is the money that she thinks she can get.

Of course the imaginary TV show offers come rolling in, because that's what this whole thing was about, because when most people have "no intention" of doing something, they don't. To top it off, another mention of a mansion. It wouldn't be Tila if she didn't have that claim. Now at this point in Tila's financial transaction relationship Casey has been arrested for Grand Theft, which means it's time for Tila to dish some e-justice like only she can.

Yes, for no reason she's getting that other girl arrested for having Tila's now girlfriend arrested. Huh? Only Thien can bring the e-justice with such authority, and only middle schoolers will actually read that and not think "That bitch is crazy".

So by now in their relationship, Tila is ready to reveal why she really loves Casey, right?

So every day Casey brings Tila millions of dollars worth of gifts, yet when Tila says that Casey was broke, she blames her family, not the millions of dollars in gifts Casey had given Tila. Well, that's because Casey never gave her millions in gifts, of course, and Tila once again contradicts herself. Sad thing is that if Tila had followed up with her gift to Casey, she would still be alive. Such a shame.

Quick side note, Tila had claimed that "monkey face" was only in reference to Shawne Merriman "because his face looks like a monkey", but I doubt Merriman was the one denying the authenticity of her ring. Ooops you racist bitch. And yes, you can still be racist and have sex with black men. Oh, btw whore, we're still waiting on that "proof". Add proof to the list of the many things she has promised and left hanging.

Sadly, 27 days after Tila's first tweet about her, Casey passed away. Drug addiction is tough, I can't imagine how tough it was with a user and enabler filling your head with lies while trying to heal you with love, and not the life saving medicine given to you by a liscenced physician. What did he know, Tila read about it on Wikipedia.

So after 3 days of "greiving" Tila is tired of it. I believe this is around the time the paps came over and we had the fuckery that was Tila up a tree (and sadly not hanging from a branch).

She's talked a lot about people "exploiting Casey", and that's what the big fight with Perez was about. There is nothing more exploitive than using someone's "dying wish" for your own personal agenda, especially when you weren't near the person as they lay alone and dying. And to add further insult to death, Tila now claims she knew something was wrong. Right. If you did it was because you knew her medicine was at your house and you had seen her react to a late dose before.

Tila gets over relationships like people get over colds, and despite the claims that Casey was the love of her life Tila moved on, quick. I can understand wanting a warm body next to you, but at least wait for the previous one to be cold before moving on.

This is where I feel bad for Tila. She had to go 23 days after Casey died without sex. I don't know how she handled it and think she should be commended for it. That's really tough to do. Keep in mind, that's after her death, not burial. And of course, 34 days after Casey died, Tila is "raping" the father of her baby who she now claims to be engaged and in love with.

You want some more surprising news? About month or so after him, she's engaged and "raping" Casa Wilson.

It's hard to believe someone is in love when a month later they're in love with someone else. For a person in their late 20's, they love like someone in their early teens. Was she in love with Casey? Maybe. Were they doing it to get a TV show? I think that's obvious. There was one common theme coming up in all of Tila's tweets and it wasn't love. After all, what's love got to do with it?


B said...

One thing comes to mind..

Hide yo kids,
Hide yo wife,
and hid yo husband too
because Tila's raping errybody out there.

Mirela said...

omg she makes me effin' sick!! what a rotten piece of shit.

amanda brooke. said...

@B lmao!!
can't stop laughing.

k.colds said...

LOL, good post, thanks.

Vintage Pink said...

It is so awful seeing it all laid bare like this.
Tina is going to hell for sure.

HottyRotty said...

Great fuckin' post!

Cathy said...

great post awesome points....truth much!

Screaminmime said...

I remember all of this like it was yesterday...I can't believe it's been a year...and I can't believe we've been together a year...I've had a LOT of fun here...hope you gals know that...never a dull moment.

Mimi said...

I really can't stand this ho! She literally makes me sick to my stomach!

Anyone else think this new "engagement ring" looks like the one she claimed CJ gave her? I haven't compared pics but if I remember correctly it looks similar! She is such a stupid, fucking lying piece of shit!

Love, love, love the site. Awesome post and thanks so much for the LOLs! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving gals!

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

See, this is one of the main reasons I hope Tina gets an std that burns with the fire of a thousand suns. She's on another level and I don't mean that in a good way. Fuck you, Tina and I hope this holiday season you contemplate and eventually execute correctly another "arm meet" incident.

happy thanksgiving:) time to get my grub on.

FUYU said...

Loooove this post lolercopter!! The days that it took for her to get over the "love of her life" is just insane. SMH A month?!

SammiDe said...

Every fucking Holiday she has to fill the void by getting married or pregnant! STFU TINA, you are so over, cant you smell the defeat?

Anonymous said...

I think she isn't allowed to mention Casey anymore because Casey's family lawyered up and probably made her sign a bunch of shit. But I do think this is a good post so yay!