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postheadericon Tila and MySpace - Myth or Fact?

Every month or so, someone comes across another post, comment or whatever, somewhere on the net claiming to be the reason Tila is famous. Why anyone would actually want to cop to any part of her fame is beyond me, but eh, it happens. I'm here with this post to show the truth, once and for all. The most recent I have seen is not just someone who claims to know someone but rather someone who claims to be the "real McCoy". This tool Gerard Spinks is publishing that he is now the engineer behind the scenes. I'll break down this particular post first.

It was yesteryear circa 2005. Seems a mighty long time ago, I know. In 2010, things move at the speed of light even in a dull economy. Myspace was the new new and as an engineer and marketer, I was all over it. I have been developing marketing systems for quite some time now over the Internet so I saw Myspace as another potential avenue to market products and services.
MySpace wasn't "new new". It had been in operation since 2003 as a storage site. In 2004, it transitioned to the site you know today. My account is from 2004 and let me tell you, I'm not one to latch onto social media. Aside from that, claiming to see the "potential" in marketing when MySpace had those damn ad leeches from the start is about as egotistical as one gets.

I was sitting around my house chillin in Atlanta and cruising around Myspace. I had like 25 friends and somehow I click on a girl named Tila Tequila who had like 125 friends which was a lot back then. As people on Myspace did, we started talking. Her pictures on her Myspace were full frontal nudity and held nothing back.

Always into marketing, I hit her up on the email and asked her what was her plan to market herself. It looked like she was already doing a great job but I didn’t quite think the full on nudity was working for her. In a series of emails, we begin to discuss how best to market herself and her music. She shared
that she really wanted to be an artist. I shared with her that she should try and get corporate sponsors as she attempted to grow her brand.
This is quite "valley girl" so to speak. I don't know many engineers who speak in street slang, but I digress, I'm sure there is a few. I'm sure dude just randomly clicked to chat and just "stumbled" across the nudity. Now, this dude is claiming 2005 she only had 125 friends. This was after she was in Playboy and a bunch of no name stuffs. Now, even I had 125 friends quickly when everyone was friending everyone. However, this capture from the WayBack Machine (the uberest site on the internet for prior caching of webpages) on August 10, 2004, Tila already had 36,000 friends.Over time, as you can see in this search engine query, it took her quite a while, but each date brings her numbers higher.
  • August 10, 2004: 36,000
  • November 13, 2004: 68, 000
  • January 15, 2005: 111,000
  • February 11, 2005: 135,000
  • April 12, 2005: 212,000
And so on and so on. There's more dates in between and more after. You can see though, it was a gradual incline. Through these two years, she was promoting her MySpace in various off market mags and the cybergirl crap. What else is ironic, in those very pages, she actually specifically states she's not interested in the advertising crap.
After chopping it up for a few weeks, I tell her that as an engineer I found a way to build an automated robot to get Myspace friends quickly without ever being on the site. I told her that I tested it but Myspace had a limit of how many friend requests you could do in one day of around 100 or so. Tila Tequila then drops a bomb on me and tells me that she has an engineer friend at Myspace who worked in Southern California. This friend could take most of Tom’s original friends in the database and transfer the database files to hers. She asked me if I thought she should do it.
Okay, likelihood that not only would an engineer just magically find a person with 125 friends "accidentally", and the likelihood that Tila would respond, and the likelihood that she actually knew anyone at MySpace who is an engineer is about -892%.

Without hesitation, I said hells to the yea. No joke, on a Friday night Tila Tequila had around 200 friends. On Monday, she had over 250,000 friends and this launched her into the Internet star that she became. I then told her to reach out to Cingular Wireless and they would see her numbers and sponsor her just on numbers alone. They did. The engineer who helped her did one more database transfer and gave her another 250,000 friends which then made her seem like an overnight success which in the United States, turns you into an immediate media darling. She then turned viral. Because she had so many friends, other people would friend request her just to be down and try to leave comments on her front page. The rest is history.
Without hesitation? You mean, without thinking about the law? So "no joke", at no point in 2005 did Tila ever have 200 friends. She had well over that as pervy dudes couldn't wait to get their rocks off at nudies on MySpace for free. This douche is also trying to take credit for making her an "internet star" when she'd already been around on the net for a couple years hocking her beef curtains. But she never "turned viral". She was always viral - the free clinic in LA can confirm that.

Now, factoid and internet archives aside, the legal aspect.

Not only did Tila and this supposed engineer use the internet to set up (since he was in Atlanta) interstate internet fraud and hacking, but the engineer at MySpace also breaking the law by divulging and giving away coding (as that engineer apparently couldn't do it and had to give the info across state lines to some dude he didn't know in Atlanta) to a person he couldn't trust, but that no one, not a single person would notice the overload of data over a weekend by transfer? Come on. Anytime any engineer accesses... I wanna say data mainframe, but that's not right... anyway, accesses a secure network (and since MySpace stored personal account info, would have been required to do so), their ID is stamped onto everything. This is one of the reasons. So the massive data transfer would have set off alarms in the first place, someone would have checked to see what was up and most likely checked internal logs since the data coming in would have been corporate information.

Each person that passes this story off as their own is admitting to fraud, data hacking, terms of service violations, interstate internet fraud for not only themselves, but Tila and the "engineer at MySpace". All that aside, the dude that is claiming it this time can't even do simple coding on his OWN site!


deluwiel said...

I always thought that story had bullshit written all over it. She had the opportunity to really capitalize on her MySpace notoriety, on the success of Shot at Love, but because of stupidity or drugs or both she let it all slip through her fingers. Pathetic.

Joann said...

I didn't even know Tila existed back then because I never used or went on MySpace.

Years later after reading the story of her success on MySpace(millions of friends in a such a short frame of time) I often wondered why she couldn't duplicate that online success again.

I agree with deluwiel though..something went wrong somewhere down the line after her MySpace run.

Joann said...

I'm going OT for a second because this has got to be the most idiotic yet hilarious crap I have read since Tila use to do her meth rants on her old twitter:

From her twitter either last night or early this morning:

"Now that I took away their privileges to join my site community, they're really gonna appreciate the days when they weren't rejects yet! Lol about 5 hours ago via ÜberTwitter"

"LOL they're shitting in their pants fueled with angry obsession, wishing sooo badly that I will forgive them and allow them to comment again about 5 hours ago via ÜberTwitter"

"# Its funny how haters hate me so much yet they are SO obsessed with me! Now they're all crying cuz they're not allowed 2 go 2 my site NEmore! about 5 hours ago via ÜberTwitter"

"Awww now the haters have nothing else to do with their lives now that I took their precious rights to once be able post comments @ my site! about 7 hours ago via ÜberTwitte"

That was just a few of the idiotic tweets I saw on her twitter regarding the "haters".

Poor thing got the "haters" confused with her AOI's. If she only knew "haters" could care less about not being able to comment on her piece of crap blog.

I know she reads this blog, so Tila, what you need to understand is no "hater" will ever ask, beg, or plead to be unbanned from your site.

Unlike your AOI's, it makes no difference to them because none of them like you anyway. You are only a source of amusement and that's about it.

You wouldn't have any hits to that broke down site if it wasn't for the "haters". YOU need them, they don't need you. LOL.

Lori said...

at first, i was like, 'this is old news we all saw this article', but then, the twist! ha! i love how this site doesn't just expose tila, but anyone who is deservant of some research. good job guys!

Lori said...

i remember i saw her on david spades showbiz show on comedy central. i did add her, i also messaged david spade on myspace too. he messaged me back a few times. i remember those days! anyways....haha

Tila said...

I believe TRS has already posted this story a few months ago. Just wanted to let you know in case the story was posted accidentally again.

Michelle said...

Yeah, definitely calling bullshit on the 125 friends. I remember back when she was on Friendster, before she got kicked off, she had about 500 on there (which I think was the limit on Friendster back then). When I joined Myspace, I was user number thirty-thousand and something. Since it was sparsely populated, and she had added pretty much everyone on my list, I came across her profile easily and it was way more than 125. Back then, she carried on conversations with Myspacers, and two of my friends even ended up banging her, but I digress.

Lori said...

did you see that tila is upset now because her address was shown on the internet? it must of been about the previous post, plus she deleted her tour vlog....she took away priveleges to 'hate' whatever that means??? i guess it means no more thumbs up thumbs down on her thing...

Isis said...

Be careful TRS: one of Tina's AOI's might charge you with a Mister Meaner and then you'd have to break out your lolyer of which you have for when she sues you for haveing slandered her good non-STD riddled name.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say but im pretty sure that rotspot covered this guys posts already

HottyRotty said...

It's all good kiddies. It's a different take on it. Hopefully no one's epenis is gettin' hurt.

Madame Toast said...

OT also, but I'm greatly amused by Tila "banning" Haters, then posting a zillion tweets about them and claiming the Haters are obsessed losers :) Does her Army have nothing else to do but obsess about Haters ;)
Its too easy.

David said...

yeah she really makes it insanely easy to troll... we gotta get 4chan on this asap

Sandy said...

OT, but look what I found, when typing I would have thought she'd be smart enough to buy that domain for herself. But then again, she's not smart enough to sit on twitter accts that are variations of her name. She claims a "hater" took MissTila.

Hopey said...

So this trick has posted a Dear Diary on her flog about her Vegas trip. Meh same shit as per the usual..I hung out with my freind blah blah, partied, blah blah. came home Blah Blah....What struck me in that post was that she said she is in love, and hasn't felt love like that in five years !! Say what?? So what was Casey?? Then she goes on and just has to say..twice even how expensive the bed she bough for Onyx was. Just looks like a big jive ass dog bed to me. Beds like that are bout 50 bucks.

Yeah and there are zero comments for that post. For someone that hates us haters so much, Tina you sure do love to talk about us a whole lot.

Joann said...

@Sandy. Thanks for the link and you're right she did say a hater bought that domain name even though I was wondering how would she know it was a hater.

Maybe she couldn't afford the $397.00 so she made up a lie to her AOI's and said a hater bought. If I'm not did ask her why didn't she rename her blog Miss Tila.

Madame Toast said...

I had to see this "bed" she bought her beloved Onyx.....yeah, Foster and Smith $159. My dogs sleep on a race car bed! Hah, yeah! Eat that Tila! Of course at night they sleep with me, I don't see what Tilas issue with Onyx in her bed is.
Tila said people bashed on her dog, no, people are concerned. As a rescue Mom and dog lover it's not THAT hard to tell when a dog is stressed, unhappy and uneasy. There was 1 visible toy, food dishes outside and a dog that looked unhappy. But maybe Onyx is just one of those dogs, but then again too many signs pointed otherwise.
Tila is lucky nobody got proactive and contacted rescue groups etc, I'm guessing she signed a contract, I hope for Onyx sake she's holding up her end of the deal.

iupab said...

seola you're my favourite write :)

Sandy said...

Joann, what I meant was that a hater took the MissTila Twitter name. She was mad about that, but how would she know who was sitting on it?

SammiDe said...

GREAT detective work Seloa!! And THIS is why you will always warm my heart!!♥ Such a great writer, hope you NEVER leave us! *Smiles*

Seola Uno said...

Thank you to all!

As for a repeat - it's a semi repeat. The topic has come up before, but in all the blogs I researched (after having this link reposted for the umpteenth time in my Twitter feed), none had any links outside of what was said and the "possibility" it may or may not have happened.

To make a full and complete post, I went with showing full archives on her user numbers and also approached the legal aspect. Unfortunately, to get things clearer, to expand on topics - a few paragraphs may be a bit redundant, however, at least for me, I always try to go with a large expansion on a topic.