Tuesday, September 7

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Yeah yeah yeah, I've missed roll call the last few days, but I keep up with the shenanigans when I can. When Uncle Eddie waxes nostalgic over boobies of days gone by, well, it just pulls me out of the woodwork and I have to dig around in the muck for a story of my own. Granted, I can't keep up with the glory that is boobies, but with nothing much to do, and still being in pain from my back (xrays this week, YAY!) I thought I'd tool around in the dumpster and see what I could find:

Way back in June, June 5, to be exact, we awoke to the alleged carnage of the alleged Jane and the alleged arm meet torn to shreds:

I know, we've all heard the story a hundred times, but to summarize, Jane tried to kill Tila, it was all a big joke and none of us were in on it, Tila tried to kill Tila, and then Garry tried to kill Tila.

The last part is what I want to discuss. You see, back on August 4, almost 2 months to the day following ArmMeet-Gate, Tila posted up this 'Exclusive' attempting to rein in rumors of a sex tape/porn, that she obviously thought Garry leaked/lied about.

What's the big deal you say? Well, in that blog Tila accuses a certain former OMG staff member of inappropriate behavior which resulted in him being fired, a restraining order having been filed (inexplicably in the middle of the night), un-named violent things he did to her, death threats, spreading vicious rumors and the kicker: the man behind ARM MEET (cue da da daaaaaaa music score). In this one blog Tila accuses Garry Sun of all these horrible scenarios and threatens lolsuits and mayhem if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. If what she says is true, Garry is a lowdown dirty bastard and will certainly suffer the legal consequences. If, on the off-chance of course, what Tila says is libelous defamation of character, well then *crosses fingers* Tila will be suffering the legal consequences and the Jelis Haters and  I will be happy to pelt her with Cup O'Noodles and orange flip-flops (the shoe of choice in prison, for those delicate little flowers in the reading audience) .

But where is that blog entry today? A little hop and a skip through the Flog reveals the entry is no longer on the site. I thought Tila said she never deletes posts? Luckily, while I loll around the pedo park, I also get screen cap-happy and took a few for posterity at the time the blog was posted. Perhaps Garry decided enough was enough and he contacted his lawyers of which he has, and they made some threats of their own. Please, please, PLEASE, I'm hoping and praying this is what has happened.

As a side note, I read through several of Garry's tweets from that time (yeah, I screen-capped those as well!). This time I smoked a blunt, slathered on patchouli and put on some Vivaldi, and everything became crystal clear. Garry obviously cared very deeply for Tila. He might have been in love with her. At the very least, it appears, he was the only relatively sane person in Tila's circle and he was probably the only true friend she's had in a while. He seemed sincerely hurt by her accusations and betrayal. For Tila to throw Garry under the bus, is just further proof of her vile and destructive character. I know she can't really throw Bradshaw under the bus...that forehead of his would dent the axles, but if she had to discard anyone from her life, it should have been that worthless pile of spandex and sequins.


Mary said...

Leave Bradshaw alone! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is coming up with different ways to incorporate the same belt over and over again? That man's a SAINT!


Sheriff Gauncent said...

I still love the pic with the norcos. It is illegal to possess prescription medication in any container other than a prescription bottle.

Gotta love people that post themselves doing illegal activity on the internet.

SammiDe said...

Good post Fatty! ☻ I like Garry☺!

Prof. Chaos said...

Evertime you mention Bradshaw, I get this image of the drag queen from Connie and Carla saying "Chica-Pow". Spirit fingers everyone!!

Joann said...

This is off topic but I don't think you would mind Fatty.

Has anyone listened to Tila's new music artists that she has featured on her piece of crap blog today called Project Hollywood.

I gave it a listen and let's just say if I had a record company I would NOT sign them up, at least from the song I heard.

Anyway what got me LMAO all over the place was Tila telling them....."Ohhhweee! MISS TILA APPROVES! POW! Now…. let’s talk about a record deal shall we boys? Call me. I will sign you!".

See, this shit is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

These kids think this might be their big break to get ahead and little do they know Tila ain't doing nothing for them but talking a lot of BS.

She don't have a successful music career or a record label so how is she going to help someone else become great in the music business?

Tila...I know you read this blog, can you tell us what happened to the Texaz Twinz, Sinceer, the Ford model, some football player, some actor dude and last but not least, Rob? What happened to them or at least Rob???

I'm surprised she hasn't got a foot up her ass for telling these young artists one thing and not following through.

She's screwing around with their careers and probably don't care one way or another that she's getting their hopes up with a bunch of lies.

Anonymous said...

what really happened? how many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie roll? the world may never know...

the fact of the matter is, the others do not give a hoot!

LoriT said...

Always a great way to start my day with a post from any member of this great team! Lots of laughs on the latest, Fatty.
Also, did anyone notice on Tila's twitter that starting like sometime yesterday, she starts going on and on about this BamFScott and how she's glad her army brought him to her attention. Really??!! You guys were posting stuff about him a while back. I mean I know they are all doing the best they can with the brains they have but could they maybe move a little faster to keep more up to date? It's like reading her blog posts...always stuff I'd read hours and hours before.

Anonymous said...

I know she can't really throw Bradshaw under the bus...that forehead of his would dent the axles

Ooo, Fatty, I love your way.

Miss Reina said...

I apologize because this is off subject but ..

Fatty I love your style lol ... I just LMAO to the point where my 4 yr old is like Mama, you ok mama? Lol. First, I hope you find out what's wrong with your back SOON. For at least 3 yrs (!!!!!!!!) I've been telling my doc my back is in constant pain, sometimes its low (but there) other times it feels like I got cracked in my back with a bat. That my legs have pain shoot through them, become weak on a wrong step, can't sit too long, can't stand too long etc. I finally demanded an MRI and on Tues I found out I have 3 herniated discs and DDD (degenerative disc disease) ... feeling quite vindicated since I've been telling this jackass the same thing for 3 yrs! Chronic pain management here I come. I'm too young (31) for this, it keeps me from running around and playing with my boys (4 & 7). My best wishes to you Fatty!!!!