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Friday, March 12

postheadericon We have a new due date for the miracle child!!!

Good news everyone!!! Tila's confirmed a different due date for us all!!! That pesky thing called memory must have come back, and she remembered her Dr said that her due date would be
Dec 1st plus or minus 10 days....and not "sometime in December, plus or minus 10 days"

But that's weird...because that would mean her conception date would have been Wednesday March 10, 2010....I'm going to go out on a limb here and acknowledge that this is a different pregnancy than the fetus she's had in her stomach since Dec....because we all know Tila doesn't lie....Eduardo pointed out to us where she says so herself....and I know Radar Online wouldn't have been so irresponsible as to post an image of her ultrasound when she wasn't really even pregnant yet....
So, let's all assume she really is having twins, with different gestational sacs and dates of conceptions (HEY!! WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE, IT HAPPENS TO CATS!! LULZ)...that would mean all of the cravings she's had all along are completely founded, right?

Pfft, WRONG! Silly readers, she can't have 2 different conception dates!!! So now, this leads us to assume that maybe THIS time around, she really is getting knocked up....which would mean she's approximately 2 DAYS pregnant....and that's even considering that the In Vitro actually worked, AND that the embryo implants into her uterus....(expect for her to tell us in 10 days she's spotting)...which would in turn mean absolutely NO SYMPTOMS!!!! NOT TIRED, NOT PUKING, or anything else she's trying to conjure up out of thin fucking air.

But I guess the jokes on us, none of us know the truth. When you're pregnant your Dr. only gives you a "very open vague window of birth"...right? This means all you women with actual physical due dates...your Ob/Gyn has been lying to you, because TILA SAYS THAT IS NOT HOW THEY DO IT!!! *eye roll*

Please tune in later today for more of "Days of our Tila lives".


Anonymous said...

Actually you CAN have two different due dates. This happens when a woman is pregnant with two babies that were conceived at different times. It's RARE RARE RARE RARE RARE RARE ...she's just an idiot.

Unknown said...

within a day or 2 which case, going in to labor would result in the delivery of the "early" baby as well....
but not a 5 month difference :P

Really Tila? said...

Let me tell you about symptoms at 2 days pregnant...NONE. In fact she wouldn't even be able to get a positive on a home test at two days past conception! What a moron.
Even if she conceived 10 days before that she might just be able to get a faint reading from a test.
If she was 12 days past ovulation(thats what we real pregnant ladies call it, since we don't know if the baby making has been successful yet!) she wouldn't feel tired yet, wouldn't be craving food yet you'd feel the exact same. Surely she remembers just last week posting a photo where she says you can see her bump? OR the lingerie video or the Ustream?

AND if she had a miscarriage on the weekend of the 14th that is only 3 weeks ago. Miscarriages aren't just over in a day and you wouldn't be advised to start again for another 4-6 weeks depending on your cycle and that is after the bleeding has stopped. I had a miscarriage and the bleeding lasted two and a half weeks and I was only a few weeks pregnant.

I think in her little pea brain she thinks that as long as people are talking she's a celebrity(you know she thinks she is on par with Angelina Jolie.) she can't even keep the lies from the day before straight.

She's probably pretty desperate, she's broke, everything she does is for any kind of attention, the only reason anyone still takes photos of her or interviews her is because trainwrecks sell. She is barely keeping her head about the water and whatever sickness or addiction she has is going to pull her under for good pretty soon.

Ter Ter said...

Yep day or two is possible but not months.

I honestly think she's got multiple personalities for real. Janes might be fake but her real mental problems are ridiculous.

Still emailing, calling and waiting on responses for our other matter :)

Anonymous said...

if that whore is claiming that there is a five month difference between twins it means that one baby has no chance as it will have to be born when she goes into labour with the first one. Im also sure if this was true tila would be milking it for all its worth as it would be a medical miracle so would be pimipng herself to the world

caddisfli said...

I think you are all wrong! You do not give Tilatard enough credit. Obviously she was impregnataed by the Dalai Lama and EVERYONE knows that the gestation of a lama is 12+ months. She will make such a good lama mommy! ROFLMAO!!
Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-lagunga..... I say, "Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know." And he says, "Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

Sylvia Buttons said...

caddisfli - thank you for the Caddyshack reference!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This woman is unwell. What if she never gets help and one day she does pull the trigger or overdoses? Will you feel satisfied? Will you simply say I told you so, or will you attempt to claim that this website was meant to try and get her the help she needs? If you are in fact trying to get her help, you should stop degrading her and simply try to point out facts much the way The Tila Truth blogspot does. You may want to evaluate your actions carefully. If she does indeed "crash and burn" and become another Hollywood tragedy it's possible that your site will be named as a culprit that pushed her over the edge.
Please think about it.

Anonymous said...

She's had people around her her whole life urging her to get help and she hasn't listened. People who actually know her and that are concerned for her well-being have tried and failed. If people who are actually IN her life can't get her help, then how, exactly, can any of us? She just doesn't listen.

Unknown said...

@anon 9:25
You're fucking kidding me right? Seriously, trying to put blame on a blog that ONLY captures the shit she herself says....
If Tila dies tomorrow, it's NO ONE'S fault but HERS and HERS ALONE! Please feel free to go to the other blogs.

Anonymous said...

@anon, 9:25 am,
I understand what you're saying, but I have to respectfully disagree.
I beleive that Tila is too selfish for suicide. She's already tried to ruin Merriman's career, used an already fragile Casey, who she "talked out" of takeing important meds. which appears to be a result of her death, and lets not forget her phone bone buddies who don't know any better.
That's just the tip of the ol' iceberg.
The only kind of artist she is, is a con artist.
She's not Hollywood either, she's just Toxic. She revels in hurting and useing others for her gain and belongs in jail.


Faka Dez said...

Just copying and pasting my comment from TilaTruth since it applies here, too. I'm a lazy mofo.

Also, let's say, for the sake of humor, she IS due in December. You're telling me that the 'best baby doctor in the world' that she's paying big bucks to and is seeing every other day can't give her a real due date? He's giving her a 20 day window? This isn't a fucking DirecTV installation where they give you a 5 hour window of when they'll arrive. I mean, seriously?! Anyone with half a brain knows that a baby's gestational age is VERY important and being born too soon or too late can have detrimental effects on the baby.

Sarah said...

Due dates are not an exact science. Dr.s use their calculations and give you a due date based on the date of your last period, but it's common knowledge that it's an educated guess. So a due date of December 1, give or take 10 days COULD be a legit due date...if it weren't for all the other lies of course. I'm not defending Tila by any means, make no mistake about that. I'm just saying, even the best Dr. on the planet couldn't guarantee the baby will be born on an exact date. Unless less of course they schedule a c-section in advance...which is another topic for another day.

Anonymous said...

Right I completey understand that there are other blogs out there and Tila is ultimately responsible for her own actions and outcomes. I truly wonder though what the reaction of her distractors will be if she does die. Ultimately if she just goes away that would be much more acceptable, however if she does die, will you and others celebrate, feel self-satisfied, be happy?
I feel sorry for Tila, and I used to think this site was entertaining, but when I think about the possible psychology behind someone who writes this and quite frankly why I even found it entertaining for awhile I was quite disturbed.
schadenfreude over one's demise is all to common. Ask yourself truly how you'll feel if she overdoses? Perhaps you'll feel badly. If however you derive any kind of pleasure or self-satisfaction in that you may want to seriously think about your frame of mind.

And no, I'm not "fucking" kidding you. And if you're "" is your reaction then perhaps you'll get riled up enough to think about what you're doing.

I absolutely feel free to go to other blogs, I also feel free to help myself to free speech as this blog itself touts. It may be someone's personal blog, but it's in a public place.

Unknown said...

@anon 10:52
to answer your question about how I will feel if Tila dies...
I honestly will not care. I won't feel bad, but I also won't rejoice. Makes no difference to me either way.
What you don't seem to understand, is that Tila is the equivalent of a you feel bad when one dies, or do you simply carry on.

I do however like to point out the fact that she's a complete and utter mess and a hypocritical, pathological lying sociopath.

Anonymous said...

To the blog author,

What personal pleasure or gain do you derive from maintaining this blog?

She should be investigated for fraud as well as predatory behavior towards minor, and I think your blogs about these as well as your efforts can be commended. I guess though, I'd like to understand why you would debase that effort with your other demeaning tactics and post. I would like to understand if you do this for entertainment purposes? Has it become a hobby for you or a mission of some sort?

I'm not usually inclined to posting comments of any sort, I suposed I've just become really curious behind what drives your behavior. It would be interesting to understand, because you do seem like an intelligent person.

Unknown said...

@anon 10:52
Can I ask you a question? A genuine one...
Why are you questioning OUR psychological well-being when all we're doing is parroting everything Tila herself says?
While yes there's banter involved, all the issues at hand Tila has said or done.
This isn't just a "hate blog" constructed of pure animosity for a complete stranger.
Tila's made her own bed...she's the reason things look the way they do....because she contradicts everything she says.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, Tila Gnome. That does actually make me feel better that you will ultimately be indifferent. And yeah, I do agree with your assessment of her as well. So what drives the blog? Do you have others as well?

Thank you for answering my questions without dissolving into a personal attack of any sort. That further strengthens my point that I find you to be an intelligent person. Maybe I'm just feeling troubled or even disappointed with what I see as a peculiar way to excercise your knack for writing or investigating.

Unknown said...

@ anon 11:02
this blog originally started as a way to point out the lies and contradictions of Tila. Which no one can deny are prevalent and started with 2 readers and 2 authors. It's since evolved.
More and more information just kept popping up....the charity, the child exploitation, etc....
and while yes, we agree that these are of the utmost importance (which is why we have a sidebar actually stating that they are important links for future findings for our readers)
I guess you could say it has become sort of amusing to document her lies.

Why do you read it?
Because we are all disaster tourists.
It doesn't make us any better or worse than the next person, it's human.

To anyone else, who is reading this...and has the same questions...."why do they do they post about her"....ask yourself this...
if ANY OTHER person or celebrity behaved this way...and was revered as a role model how would you react?
Is it simply ok for Tila to behave the way she does and get away with it, because everyones take on the notion is "Oh God, it's just Tila Tequila, she's fucking crazy"....

as always, thank you for reading <3

Unknown said...

*edit for my lightning fingers, I can't always be a poetic genius :P

Anonymous said...

That's a good question. Let me think about that for a minute.

I suppose with the mask of anonyimity available, I can tell you that I suffer from bipolar disorder. (Possibly, but without any true evidence something that Tila suffers from as well.) I'm glad to say though that I manage it well, and while I've been destructive to myself in the past, I don't believe I have caused irreparable harm to others, and I certainly haven't tried to damage the lives of other people.
Maybe it's my own search for understanding or even just a fascination. I try to evaluate what my own motives are in life from a psychological perspective because I've been forced to so it makes me curious about others, especially others that are entirely reasonable and at times entertaining. I used to follow you on twitter (I think it was you), and thought it was funny. I quit really because I just got bored with it, but clearly your blogs and tweets struck some kind of chord with me.

If parroting her is all you're truly doing, then I can accept that it's for entertainment purposes. It has clearly gotten her attention however, so maybe it has unintentionally moved beyond just an entertaining blog. I suppose it's up to Tila to choose to lash out at you, but you have gotten her attention.

I've often wondered (although I'm slowly growing tired of the whole thing and will just disappear from these site soon) what Tila's real damage is? Drugs, psychological issues, all-consuming and dangerous need for attention and fame? I'd like to think that she's just an asshole, but I don't think it's that simple.

Also, I only started paying attention to her after Casey Johnson died. I remember her from the really early days of Page Six and the NY Socialite scene and she always struck me as being a hell of a lot more pulled together than most. Her story was/is an incredibly sad one.

Anonymous said...

I started reading it out of sheer disgust for her behavior after Casey died. I kind of became addicted to all things Tila from that point. It was entertaining, now I'm not entirely sure what it is. Like I said, I just plan on going away and forgetting about it all. I certainly didn't expect to get engaged in such an in-depth conversation. It's actually quite cool.
I'm sure I'll pop back in here once in awhile to check out what's going on.
I have to say, it's been an interesting ride :)

Mailee said...

TT has brought all of this on herself. She has gone out of her way to con people out of their money w/her phoney charity. I still believe she is partially responsible for CJs death by talking a fragile and sick woman out of taking her medications ,as she admitted in one of her interviews. And then used CJs death to further her own career. She could have destroyed Merrimans career w/her lies. She is so self absorbed it is sickening. She also is the equivalent of a petophile w/her hotspot blog as most of the people on there are teenagersor even tweens. She has no redeeming qualities and is also self destructive. Eventually it is all going to catch up w/her and she'll be even a bigger joke than she already is. All this blog does is repeat what she says and calls her on it. What's so horrid about that?
Sometimes people need a good, hypothetical,smack in the face to wake up and see themselves for what they truly are. I doubt it will work for TT but maybe some of her "army" children will realize that she isn't the type of person they want for a role model. One can only hope. Also this is like TV if you don't like what you see then just change the channel.

Unknown said...

This may come as a surprise to you, but I agree with you.
We have spent months trying to figure out just WHY Tila acts the way she does. But then we realized, did we really care. Honestly?
Because this is a woman, who's hell bent on destroying everything she comes in contact with. This is a woman who will claim pregnancy(just like last year with Ray J), then just ignore it and shuffle the topic to something else like abuse.(The Shawn Merriman fiasco). This is also a woman who is dead set on using any scenario for her own gain and accomplishment. What does this say to women who truly HAVE suffered abuse, or miscarriage, or infertility. What about those who have lost a loved one?
Why I understand everyone's different, Tila has no qualms about trying to ruin anothers life. She revels in it...AND gets away with it.
To me, THAT is why we write the blog.
We don't tell anyone what to think...we just provide the evidence.
It's like a simple math equation....we give you the numbers you need, you come up with the answer.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I think kind of like you, and I'd be willing to bet we'd get along in real life. If I had more time I'd send you my email to chat.

I've wasted too much time at work on this. While it has been a great way to kill some of the morning, it's not the smartest move for my job security.

I'm sure I will pop in here once in awhile in the future. Your answers are pretty awesome, and it's actually nice to know where you're coming from. You've made it clear that you're not just a rabid hater that wastes time trolling on some of her other sites (e.g. Facebook). For the time being I'm choosing to wash my hands of Tila since I've grown bored with it. I'm sure my curiousity will get piqued when she makes headlines again. I think I myself just got a little too emotionally invested in being pissed off at her, until I realized it was unproductive for me.

Take care.

(If I ever pop into your comments on the future, I'll identify myself as nickyhiltonrox. That was my old twitter name. Stupid, yeah but I had a hard time coming up with an unused name.)

Heather said...

I started following TT for the same reason anon said above, curiosity after Casey's death and slowly found myself becoming hooked. I do retain serious concerns about her as she clearly does not have a sense of reality. It's difficult to tell without actually being around her in person, but it seems to me that she is not fully aware of her delusions - in her own mind, everything she says is real.

Unfortunately, her social interaction is by far and wide to a computer. If you notice, when she does have interactions with real humans, it often ends in a crash and burn scenario (eg Merriman, Casey, Bodyguards, PR). She is the prime example of someone who is so socially deskilled and unsuccessful to the point her only 'real' functionality is to the internet and the computer.

It's very sad, as there are many other types of people who function in this manner, however, she chooses to broadcast it publically, without really realizing how self destructive it is.

She is a highly manipulative victim with a character disorder. I actually feel horrible for her, but it seems she's beyond help as long as she has 'fans.'

Anonymous said...

According to most state's child protection laws, the child can be considered at risk in pregnancy if the mother is being neglectful, using drugs, or placing herself into dangerous situations (ie violent partner). Therefore, the state can intervene and monitor her as long as they are satisfied there is a risk.

Anyone can make a complaint to child protective services, this can be done anonymously, although it does require disclosure of valid evidence that demonstrates a need for investigation.

If anyone lives in CA . . .

saramb25 said...

Great post! thank you for taking the time to write about Tila. you girls, guys have really proven to everyone what Tila is.. Thanks again,

Kristin said...

I'd just like to say that not everyone who comes here is a Tila hater. I knew about her even before her show "A Shot at Love" was on TV and I've been following her off and on since. I started following her again last summer even before the Merriman thing happened. Since I was a fan of hers I supported her and believed she was telling the truth. I also believed her at first when she said she was in love with Casey and was going to marry her but I did find it odd that they were engaged when they hadn't known each other very long. When Tila announced she was pregnant I believed that as well. I didn't think anyone would lie and say they were pregnant. Who does that? But after reading this blog and a The Tila Truth I started to see that she really was a liar. I was a fan of hers up until the end of January/ beginning of February when I realized how often she lies and how many people she has hurt. The things she says are ridiculous and she must have some mental illness. I think she mentioned she was bi polar. Even though I am not a fan of hers right now I still don't want to see her end up dead. This girl needs help asap. To bad no one (family or friends)is helping her. Or maybe they have tried. Even though some people hate this blog and they think the writer (s?) is out to hurt Tila I think it's a very good blog. There are so many Tila fans out there who are hurting themselves by being a fan of hers. Underage teens are going to her website and posting nude pictures of themselves, etc. By posting her lies hopefully this blog and others will help Tilas fans to get her the help she truly needs and to stop doing things that are illegal. Great job on the blog btw. I visit daily!

Anonymous said...

she may be on drugs but i dont really think shes as crazy as people think she is. I think she knows exactly what shes doing. Acting all crazy and lying is the only way she can get attention and apparently its working. This site is a perfect example of it. It doesnt matter what kind of attention shes getting. Shes obviously an attention whore and as long as sites like this exist shes never gonna go away.

Anonymous said...


I think she's genuinely crazy. Her lies are pretty obvious. If she REALLY wanted to lie she would lie GOOD. Not make the lies so obvious.

Anonymous said...

Tila's ultimate fear in life is being ignored. It's clear she'd rather be laughed at, despised, called out. I'm wondering if she'll soon expose her own lies or get sent to prison just for the attention. She can sit in her cell and start planning her come back. God forbid under any circumstance that people not pay attention to her. HA! Or, should I say POW!

Anonymous said...

I hate when people try to compare Tila to Anna Nicole Smith! I could truly feel some pity for her, because she still had some humanity in her. Poor, poor Anna. Tila = demon spawn.

Anonymous said...

Anna Nicole shouldnt be compared to Tila. Anna seemed like a nice person. Tila doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Tila Gnome...whats your email addy? I tried to email you here and it didn;t work.

Anonymous said...

Id like to see her hit rock bottom, get some professional help, and do a TV special about why she lied and made everything up.

Unfortunately she will probably die before any of that happens.

I was genuinely sad when Casey died because she could have gotten help and she didnt, her death was completely avoidable. She had a family, a daughter, and friends who really cared about her, she could have done something positive in the world.

If Tila died, I wouldn't care at all,I wouldn't be sad or happy I would really just move the fuck on. That doesn't make me a bad person, its just how it is. I wouldn't be surprised if she faked her death for publicity. She has nothing to offer this world, she has done nothing positive with her life, and even if she could get help, she wouldn't. She is just one of those people who is so far gone, so far beyond the point of salvation. She will have to save herself, which we all know will not happen because she thinks she is perfect and nothing is wrong with her.

Its interesting to read the blogs about her and about all of her lies, because despite the fact that she is a disgusting human being, its interesting to wonder why young people look up to her, why she is still in the public eye, and why she has been allowed to continue on like this for so long. Like someone else said, we are all tragedy tourists, its all just so interesting to watch.....

Anonymous said...

...And although none of us 'like' to admit it, Tila will probably end up dead this time next year if she continues on like this. She is CLEARLY on drugs, and its just a matter of time before her body has just had enough. She needs to figure out that she needs to get help, she needs to help herself.

Unknown said...

@anon 3:27
if you'll get at me on twitter, or facebook, i'll give you my email address :)!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=100000879010309

Unknown said...

So apparently somebody on twitter asked TT if she would be coming to Denmark on tour. Her response:

@EvaMariaBarbz Denmark? Yes wayyy later though because I have to do the USA tour, EUROPE, etc, then hopefully Denmark!!

Apparently in TT-land, Denmark is its own continent....

Devin Sharon said...

From what Vanessa posted, I think that the Republican Party would have their dream team in 2012 if they could have Palin/Nguyen for that race.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:27
if you'll get at me on twitter, or facebook, i'll give you my email address :)

I don't have a twitter anymore and I haven't been on FB in ages. Do you have another way to contact you? Myspace?

Anonymous said... People should start sending Tila shit

RockitQueen said...

From Tila's Twitter:
**EXCLUSIVE** Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Overheard Saying "TILA TEQUILA IS HOT!" -Retweet

That dumbshit thinks that parody article is real!

Anonymous said...

So after a few months of being entertained by TT's lies. I've decided that I'm absolutely disgusted as of lately. Being a 27 yr old woman that has actually suffered 2 losses (20wks and 16 wks) and is currently under going infertilty treatment. Just for example if she did loss her fake baby 3 weeks ago, her "baby doctor" would not have given her the go ahead to become pregnant again! I was told I had to wait a minimum of 4 months after my loss at 16 wks before they would even consider starting infertility treatment again. The uterus has to be given enough time to return to pre-pregnancy size and condition. If not a woman's chances of having a miscarriage is greatly increased . Also the process for IVF takes approx. 40 days from beginning until the embryo transfer. It then takes about a week after the embryos are transferred before a a person would know if they were preg or not. Ugh there's so many lies I could point out about her whole pregnancy situation because I actually know the whole process from personal experience. Every time I read about another one of her lies it feels like a kick in the stomach. It does make a woman suffering from pregnancy loss and infertility feel like she's making a huge joke about it all. Sad,sad,sad.

Unknown said...

@anon 8:02
I personally feel your pain with this more than you know or I care to detail...from the miscarriages, to the infertility...
but all of those reasons are why we choose to out Tila's many many lies.
She's a slap in the face for people who struggle with the issues she makes a mockery of daily...
For what it's worth, I'm sorry for your loss, and I truly wish you luck in your TTC journey...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you very much for the kind words. I do have to say reading your blog is almost the highlight of my evenings, you do a wonderful job!

Unknown said...

ty love <3

dingetje said...

Here a note all teh way from Amsterdam
First I want to say I love your blog, it's the firts thing I read when I wake up.
I do have to say that sometimes I think you go a bit to far as in the other post where you say it's to bad she didn't pull the trigger.
You seem to really hate her.
I think it's goes a bit deeper then just exposing her lies.
You hold on like a pittbull.
But with that said ; I'm tottaly addicted to you and Tila.
To me it's like a big soap , I can't wait to see what happens next so keep it up!
But , as I allready wrote in an other comment;
Tila reminds me of my friend who killed herself.
She used to have mental issues and have a drugproblem.
And therefor I cannot help but feel sorry for Tila,
We are all watching her going down and nobody is helping her , protecting her against herself.
But as I've learned from my friend , thats also really hard , to help someone who is in so much trouble.
I also wonder what happend with Carlton Jordan, how come he dropped her so hard and is now back on her team.
And how can she take him back after writing al he did about her?
Also I read somewhere she saying that "they" gave her drugs on the " a shot of love" show.
Nobody picked this up.
Maybe something to look in to?
I'm not sure I'm following all this for the right reassons but I just can't stop...

Anonymous said...

I want Tila to stop her lying. It is an insult. I have lost pregnancies as well and it is a struggle to get beyond that pain. Shame on her.

Anonymous said...

I have read this blog all along and LOVE IT(and all it other like sites) but this is the first time I have posted. Just now on Twitter the douche bag-ian know as TT posted a link to a blog that explained her "mysterious pregnancy" I hope someone got a screencap of it because it was exactly as many of the Resistance had predicted, without saying outright she claimed miscarriage. Now as someone who had a miscarriage at 16 weeks I can tell you personally the belly does not disappear within a few day nor does the bleeding. I with a pregnancy that far along either Cytotec or a D&C are needed if the miscarriage is incomplete. I had both of these things happen and can tell you that there is NO WAY IN HELL she would have been twittering her skank ass off once she got home nor would a doctor allow her to get on a plane the next day. The whole claim was outlandishly offensive and I would have commented on her page but she deleted it. I have watched this trainwreck for a while but this is the first time I felt personally pissed by anything she said. Also for the record she almost certainly would not have had a normal period by now and as I believe someone stated a Doctor will tell you to wait AT LEAST until you have a normal cycle to TTC again. I never believed her pregnant but as I am sure anyone who has suffered the pain of miscarriage can tell you, this is simply a slap in the face. Sorry about the Novel of a rant but Figured this was the best place to do it, Likeminded people and all. Thank you for reading. ~K

caddisfli said...

The Gnome a Pit Bull??? LMAO Maybe an English Bulldog!! ;)
lots of good banter off this thread!

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to post, but holy shit this girl's an idiot. On her Twatter, she links to this:

Then she says something like "OMG the governor thinks I'm hot! This is a REAL NEWS ARTICLE!"

Did she not READ IT?


HottyRotty said...

I might piss a few people off but .. I NEVER said I created this site to get that cunt help. I simply said that I created it to make fun of what a fucking twat she is. So ... to answer your question that if she pulls the trigger would I be satisfied? When someone is as devilish as her and causes so many people danger, the world is better off without her. I'm more worried about the children this whore is manipulating than whether or not she gets help or lives. *drops mic*

boytoy said...

I've been following tila since 2005 and everthing she has said since then has been a lie.
But thank god for this blog.

Unknown said...

you fuckin copied me! :p
i expect repayment in sexual favors TRS

Anonymous said...

wait/she said she was 16 wks like a month ago?omg wut a retard she is..smh