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Thursday, August 5

postheadericon The Sex Tape Saga

Damn you guys, here I am, trying to enjoy my vacation, and Tila has to get all INTERESTING again, forcing me to update this bitch!

So the other day we saw that Garry Sun got fired from the OMG staff, right?  Right.  They were both flinging shit back and forth, while most of us popped some popcorn and were thoroughly entertained.  But today it got REAL DEEP.

Earlier, this started circulating pretty heavily:
Scariest smile EVER
Old news, Radar!  We posted this rumor like last month!  Maybe even two months ago!  But, okay, Radar seems to be confirming it, right?

Then OH SHIT Tila found out.  Here's where it gets good.

She tweets:

In fact, she was PISSED.

Oh, delightful!  I then saw some retweets from people on my timeline where Tila's little fans were threatening Garry Sun's life over this, so OMG I had to go see what the commotion was about.  OH DEAR GOD.  I have to share this with you.  You'll all DIE.  Here's Tila's blog entry about it.  Check it out, I'm sure it'll be gone shortly!

I like how Tila doesn't know the difference between "for" and "from."  So you have a restraining order FROM him, Tila?  So he put one on you?  SEE HOW WORDS HAVE DIFFERENT MEANINGS, IDIOT?

Oh god.  Oh god oh god oh god.  Raise your hand if you believe Tila was sliced up by Garry Sun.  Go ahead, I'm going to do a head count.


None of you believe it?

Yeah, that's what I thought.  Also, I'm pretty sure taunting Garry online would put a serious damper on your precious little "pit bull lawyer's" court case.

So I guess we'll have to see where this goes.  If Garry stands for this, then I'll have even LESS respect for him than I already did.  This might be the most fucked up thing Tila has ever accused anyone of.  I don't even think accusing Shawne Merriman of abuse is this fucked up.  Total defamation of character.  Insanity.

Bradshaw, my dearest 9head, you're the only one left.  Watch the fuck out.

Garry Sun is currently answering some questions you guys might have.  Here's a screen cap.
4 people?  Damn Tila.  That's serious MOGUL status.


Anonymous said...

She really does cry wolf an awful lot. Things don't go Tila's way then Tila will do anything to make it Tila's way. To bad for Tila that the public is smart enough to know she's a lying ho.

Keep it up Tila, Karma is one big bitch.

hurrdurrrrrr said...


I <3 U.

I honestly feel bad for Garry, but I'm not going to feel overwhelming remorse since, well, what happened the last time I felt a sliver of pity for someone? I ended up writing a very lulzy account of that person's failure of a life. But, I digress.

The guy threatening his life is lulzy though. He's all "I'M A REAL NIGGA I DON'T NEED TO DO THIS TWITTER SHIT FFFFFFF!!!!!!11! STEP TO ME IRL" Why is it that all of Tila's psychotic fans are all hypocritical fuck-wits just like her?

Oh well, the sheep follow the shepherd. Morals don't even play into it, none of those people have fucking morals and neither does she. It must suck to lead a life where pushing someone's face into the mud and shoving a knife in their back is your only means to get attention and sympathy from people.

Son, I am disappoint.

SammiDe said...

while most of us popped some popcorn and were thoroughly entertained.

-Yeah we did!

But today it got REAL DEEP.

-& Boy did it ever!! *Lmfao* Great Post!! I fucking LOVE this page!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I was actually around for this! I don't think Garry is going to stand for this. He is pretty pissed. He is answering all our questions and even has pix! YAY all is forgiven Garry Dr suess rhymin' pap~! Just keep dishin' love.

Unknown said...

I was watching this happen on my feeds and then I see Garry asking for ppl to tell her Army to back off with the threats.

Not cool at all. There's no excuses for dragging people's names through the muck.She is lucky the Johnson family didn't slap her for slander after Casey's death (RIP).

Perhaps she's trying to dodge the disapproval from her Army after Radar's post (about her)by throwing Garry under her rent-a-lambo.

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

Haha...I knew someone would be posting soon.

I've been on twitter *twitter watching*(I can't sleep)and Gary's been tweeting almost non-stop for the past 2 hours or so. It will be interesting to see if he actually follows through with whatever is running through that mind of his right now. I do believe that comment on the flog about pictures of Tila, Casa, & Bradshaw was from him or someone who knows him. Then again, Gary could be full of shit just like never know; 2 attention whores, perhaps. I do want him to be the good honest person he is telling everyone he is...and I'd like for him to put her on blast. As of right now, I feel bad for the guy; He seems to have trusted her way too easy and got burned.

Bottom line: I hope this shit backfires on her dumb ass in an epic way.

Also, I am not well versed in laws concerning cyber bullying...but I would think telling Gary that you're going to chop him into pieces, and that you're going to make sure he gets his is a serious no-no. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of anything like that.

Good luck, Gary....don't be a cake betch and back down. She's dragging your name through the mud. Legally slay that whore...For reals.

Kungfukitten said...

Let me get this straight. While Tila was unconscious her other personality Jane cut up her arms and legs with knives until arm "meet" was bubbling out. No wait, it was a joke. Don't you morons know a hilarious joke when you see one? No wait, Tila was really depressed and tried to commit suicide but don't worry because she's going to get help on Celebrity Rehab. No she isn't. Remember those scars that Jane, joke, suicide did? It was really Garry. She wonders why no one believes her.

Mary said...

In response to the also Mary's comment (we're spreading), I'm not entirely sure that the Johnsons didn't slap her with something legally binding to shut her up the fuck up.
I mean I've always thought it odd that everyone's favourite li'l wannabe tranny suddenly 'locked Casey in her heart and would never talk about her again' when we all know she wasn't NEARLY done milking the situation. And can now only refer to Casey as 'Her'. Personally I hope they bent her over a barrel for what she put that family through. Dirty little scum bitch.
On a more relevant note: Loving this little slap-a-thon going on between these two idiots. Fingers crossed they obliterate each other off the face of the earth in the finest Douche-Off the world has ever seen. Pass the popcorn...

deluwiel said...

a relevant point Tila seems to have missed - Radar isn't talking about a sex tape. They're saying a "porn film that will have a major distributor." Okay, so there isn't a sex tape (although there is apparently some incriminating footage of when she was 17 floating around, so thanks for putting THAT out there, idiot)... anyway, here's hoping Garry spills his guts. Not that any of the Dweeb Army would believe him, but it's just hilarious to watch Tila sputtering and flailing around trying to deflect.

so Garry Sun was the perpetrator of the heinous arm meet attack, huh? ookkkaaayyy...

and way to spread that Positive Energy and Peace and Love and Puppies and Rainbows there, TilaArmy drones. Threatening lives now? sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Garry is not lying. Whose to say, Garry leaked the information.

Tila received $400,000 ADVANCE from VIVID Entertainment she to shoot some XXX scenes. The tape is supposed to leak as if someone sold the tape to VIVID. This plan was devised to drum up publicity for sells of the tape, the deal is for Tila to accuse someone of stealing the tape and leaking it to the media.

Tila is pissed is because the story got out. EPIC FUCKING FAIL TILA!

Anonymous said...

Take notice of the line

"And whomever spreads rumors about that, or tries to “LEAK” things from when I was only 17 years old… FUCK YOU! DO NOT FUCK WITH ME!"

As in my post before this one Tila & VIVID did a deal to leak the tape.

Tila better watch her step if she accuses Garry of the cutting incident, the police know the real story behind that...

BigPoppaPhat said...

Wasnt Tila just posting last week asking if should she release HER sex tape after posting fake pics of gaga? Now she says there is not one to clear things up. So which is it?

Ben said...

The Lambo rental makes sense now because she probably had a few things lined up like this vacation and knew that she would get pictures in it and then people would think she always had it, like the BMW with no rims on it.

Nice of her to keep bragging about breaking the law though. Professional race driver thing or not you can't do that on CA freeways.

And what kind of vacation is 2 hours from LA? That's where I live damnit!

Anonymous said...

Waah, I missed all the fuckery online last night :(

Oh well, TRS is like the Cliffnotes of Tila's hot mess of a life so thanks Uncle Eddie for taking time from your real vacation to write up about this.

Unknown said...

And it's spreeeeaaaading.

I check out a half dozen mainstream and snarky gossip blogs that get some pretty good exposure and all of them are running some version of the porn movie story today linked back to Radar Online with some additonal negative commentary. A few are mentioning the Jane clusterfuck and Lambo shit.

She can't fucking backtrack fast enough, the cunt wart. Couldn't happen to a more deluded curdled turd. Christmas will come early when Vivid issues a statement.

Unknown said...

I knew she's eventually try to blame someone else for "Jane's" arm carving. Someone else did it. Of course. That's why she was the one who ended up with the 5150 hold.

She's just mad that someone else broke her exclusive about doing the whack and jack film.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Woke up just a bit ago. Totally stuffed up, sick, sick SICK. Shoot-me-now-and-put-me-out-of-my-misery-sick, and then I see this delightful gem from my fave, Uncle Eddie. Oh, it just puts the beat back in my heart!!!

I saw the start of this last night, but fever and fatigue kept me from writing about it. I am so happy Uncle Eddie has the fortitude to tackle this one....*sigh*.

You know what's be going through my snot-addled brain? I'm wondering how Mittie and beyondbettyjean are going to respond. They are Tila's most vocal supporters. Yeah, Mittie's a kid, so I'm not going to bag too much on him (and a horny male one at that, so it's kinda understandable), but beyondbetty jean is 28 and seems the most intelligent of all the army members.

About 2 months ago someone asked Mittie how he could stand by Tila's lies about the pregnancy/mischairage, and his response was that he believed she was pregnant (4 times by 8 different men in the spam of 3 months) and that she did have a mischairage (like a mischairage is a 5 minute oops-i'm-bleeding,-tomorrow-i-can-wear-white-pants-and-fly-halfway-around-the-world event).

What Tila is doing now is bottom of the barrel mean. She's outright accusing him of inappropriate behavior, sexual harrassment, unprofessionalism, harming her arm meet, and violence. Her idiot army is so programmed by her, that it wouldn't surprise me in the least if one of them decided to really make a name for themselves and hurt Garry in her honor. Of course, she'll cover her trail of tweets and blogs and say she was joking and the idiot army member who killed Garry was not "real Tila Army" and was one of the haters in disguise.

You watch, this is going to get a lot worse. Bradshaw, the fucking writing is on the forehead. You gonna take our advice and get the fuck out while you still have a career and a decent rep?

shaniqua said...

What a dumb shit. Radar posted that she signed up to star in a fucking porn film, not a "sex tape". Tila must not realize that there's a difference. A sex tape is what you say you made with pre-fame Lady Gaga, fool. Something people make at home. So I guess if there IS NO TILA TEQUILA SEX TAPE, even though we already knew the Gaga shit was a lie, there's the proof right there. A porn is something that is produced. She can deny it all day, but it's not a new rumor, and I promise that when it is close to being released she'll change this faux self-righteous bullshit and start promoting it. As something artistic or blah, blah. Enjoy that rented car, sex worker.

B_McBitcherson said...

I'm so confuuuuuuused! Wasn't tila herslef tweeting and teasing and saying herself that there was a sex tape just last week? She lies too much, my brain can't handle it!

And I agree with you, Fatty - this will get a lot worse. And poor, poor bradshaw. He's in a lose-lose situation right now. He either stays with her now and awaits his turn to have his name dragged through the mud or tries to leave now and has it dragged through the mud anyway. I can't imagine she would take it well even if he tried to leave on good terms with her. She's psychotic and unprofessional. He's screwed no matter what he does.

Unknown said...

She changes the story of her arm meet more than cuttlefish change their colors.

I'm sad that I brought cuttlefish into this. They're far too cute and intelligent for any conversation with Tila in it.

Joann said...

First of all, IMO, Tila is not on a the same way we would go on vacation. That's the name she wants to give to whatever it is she's doing, which I believe is shooting her porn film...LOL.

Second of all, Tila makes it a point to let people know she is one bad bitch. Like she told Howard Stern "I'll slit someone's throat, you don't mess with me", she been in a gang, blah, blah.

Now she wants us to believe Gary Sun cut up her arm and threaten to kill her if she told anyone and she kept her mouth shut because she was afraid and it would also cause a media frenzy.

Isn't that why she didn't call the ambulance the time she fell off her chair and cracked the back of her head open...because she didn't want to deal with the media frenzy?

So her excuse for not calling the authorities when she is in a life threatening situation is because she does not want to deal with the media frenzy, even though she is a bad bitch...SMH at this moron's logic

I'm on the fence with Gary Sun and I don't believe he cut her. This man is suppose to be so enlightened yet I can't understand why he would deal with someone who has such low morals as Tila. I read his twitter and don't understand what the hell he's saying half of the time but I'm going to see how this plays out.

Carlton Jordan and Casa backed out when they said they were going to reveal the dirt on Tila so I'm not taking Gary at his word. I want to see what his actions will be.

Madame Toast said...

it is all starting to catch up to her and she's going to start crashing hard if she doesn't crash her rent-a-lambo first.
Garry holds all the cards and he know's it, otherwise he would not of said the things he has already said. Tila crossed the line, sad part is she doesn't know it and she seriously thinks nothing will come of the things she says...her world is starting to tumble though.

I wonder what its like to be Bradshaw, he sticks around and I can only think he's suffering from the same illness she is or he is milking it for all its worth, everyone else has jumped ship. That is not normal, but I guess it makes it more fun to watch.

Oh oh oh, Rotspot, you bring the lolz.

josephgein said...

I just spoke to an atty friend who said that should he want it, Garry has an excellent defamation case against Tila. Fellow Resisiance members, let's make him want it. Shit, I'd even donate some funds towards procurring him some counsel. Per this sex tape stuff and her blaming the Jane attack on Garry, I sincerely believe that she has turned a corner on her way to the epic breakdown(that I am, I know, constantly prophesizing) that will end will her demise. Sorry friends, but I am of the I WANT TILA DEAD clan. I know that there are other out there. And if not, just imagine it. Were she to cease to be, wouldn't the world immediately be a more beautiful and hospitable place? Wouldn't food taste better? Wouldn't flowers smell more flowery? Wouldn't music sound ....., you get the picture. Anyway, I await this weekend with much anticipation. Perhaps we are on the cusp of a Tila-free world. Ahhhhh. Godspeed, my friends.

deluwiel said...

coupla things:
1. Fatty, feel better soon...

2. What the hell is wrong with Tila's eyes in that picture? She's all... crooked. Her boobs are in the wrong place, her hair is too thin in the front and sort of stretched over her forehead like a Barbie that's been dragged through the backyard too many times and it looks like she's missing her left arm... Seriously, it's giving me the creepies. She looks like a possessed Bratz doll.

SammiDe said...

I am sorry you are feeling so bad Fatty! :( Hope you feel better soon! {{{Big HUGS}}} ♥

PSG said...

"Tila received $400,000 ADVANCE from VIVID Entertainment to shoot some XXX scenes."

Can that dollar figure actually be accurate?? Who in their right mind would pay Tila a $400K... and IN Advance??

I would think she would be completely uninsurable at this point in her life. At the high point in her career possibily XXX would have brough a sizable offer, but nowadays...

If it's true I've just lost all respect for the XXX industry, the cornerstone of the internet has crumbled.

SammiDe said...

Jose one could ONLY HOPE Garry would do that but judging from today my hopes are no longs raised! :(

SammiDe said...

So her excuse for not calling the authorities when she is in a life threatening situation is because she does not want to deal with the media frenzy, even though she is a bad bitch..& even though she CREATES one and lives to create a media frenzy daily!

LMFAO -Tila Tequila is INSANE

K.R. Omen said...

Cocaine is a helluva drug.
Wait, she can't afford the good shit.

OliveOyl said...

Lovely ROTSPOT Ladies-- Tila does certainly have a form of a sex tape out there! She did lots masturbation videos, and girl on girl videos years ago. You could probably still find them thru a torrent or something if you look hard enough. I know, I've seen them with my own eyes, unfortunately. My ex boyfriend had an asian fetish, obsessed with asian porn, and had a crush on her, and had ALL if not most of her videos. Great boyfriend, eh? After we broke up, He ended up rush-marrying some fob taiwanese girl in vegas to keep her in the country cuz her visa was expiring. True story!

Eduardo Retardo said...

Hey Ktpinkie
Check this entry out, I go over all those sex tapes. :)

Unknown said...

I just saw Garry Tweeting that he'll respond if she keeps attacking him. Well, you know she's batshit insane enough to keep going at him, so we can only hope.

Sort of unrelated - when the hell did Nikky Raney start pissing about Tila again? She's over on The Superficial whining.

Get better, Fatty!

BKiddo said...

Nice Job Uncle Eddie, Fatty hope you feel better, and Ben, I think tila is on one of her fake vacations, but, if you start smelling something funky in the air, then I'd get out the hazmat fog machine.
I don't think tila is important enough to gain from a leaked sex tape. What's left to leak? She's already put every bloody cockeyed garbage bullshit, that she's all about, out there.
One question, was Gary around when tila was exploiting Casey?

Prof. Chaos said...

Great Comments everyone. Barbara, I saw that Nikky Rainey post on Superficial too. Someone called her an attention whore for pointing out that she was "that Nikky."

This whole thing will play itself as expected. Deny, deny, deny ... half-assed admission ... deny, deny ... cry victimization ... deflect, admit, blame.

erin said...

looks like she's on a real vacation. commenters on her flog say she's at the Bacara, and even called the resort to confirm it and were given her room's phone number by the front desk.

Joann said...

I always said Tila should do porn. She is in her rightful element as a porn actress.

Her little "vacation", IMO, is either she's servicing her clients for a few days or she's shooting more scenes from her porn movie.

As someone mentioned before, you live in LA and the vacation spot you choose is 2 hours outside of LA....yea right.

That skank trick, IMO, is out in the desert f*cking what's left of her brains out.

I really want her to do well in the porn we would never have to read or hear about her again unless you go to a porn site.

Since we could never bring her down on inappropriate behavior towards minors this may be the next best thing(porn) to get her piece of crap blog and her twitter closed down and off the Internet for ever.

Ben said...

I just hope something comes of the video she posted. Yeah it's doubtful that she was going 180-190 (depending on the lie) but she was weaving in and out of traffic, I'd love to see her busted for reckless endangerment.

Alabama Worley said...

Okay I swear this is the last of my comments on this lol.

Anyway, first my thoughts on Gary: He can fuck right off. Why? Because how is he any better (ask yourself this) than Tila or Bradshaw if for MONTHS if not a year stood around & participated and (by his own words) wrote most of the articles on the BS she was stating. The fake babies, the fake everything? he also was on all her trips, etc etc. He's a liar too. He has no credibility & I refuse to believe overnight he gained some.

As far as the porn goes, if she got an advance on the porn and it wasn't already filmed (home made) then she doesn't have to submit to STD testing etc. Just read up on guidelines for porn testing etc.

If she's making a film or signed a contract (most likely) to do several she will get payments like these till they are all finished. Most "Celebs" get 1 mil for leaked porn. She's getting 800K. She's not a celeb and seen everyone butt booty naked so ....a series seems more plausible.

Isn't Palm Springs 2 hours away from LA? Wanna know where it's legal to film porn? Wanna know where Vivid entertainment etc films porn? Mr. Google is amazing on that stuff. ;)

Bottom line: Gary is hollywood scum too and just bitter he didn't get a cut of the 400K or part of the exclusive (or maybe he DID and everyone is taking the bait?) so here's his bitching via twitter.

And as far as beyond betty Jean...28 blows my fucking mind. I sincerely think Tila's fans are all stuck with the mentality and such of 16. It's weird. baby voices, teen poses and lifestyle..w.t.f?

Joann said...

erin said...."commenters on her flog say she's at the Bacara, and even called the resort to confirm it and were given her room's phone number".

How is it possible ANYONE can call and check to see if a guest is staying there and the front desk will not only confirm it but also give out their room phone number.

That is very unprofessional and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

We should all raise funds for a Garry interview where he TELLS ALL. That would be amazing!! I'd donate tons for this!!

erin said...

@Joann i totally agree! the commenter claims that the "giggly front desk clerk" put her right through. and now the phone number is all over the flog comments, so that front desk clerk might find herself in a bit of trouble in the near future.

Joann said...

@Alabama...I agree with you 100% about Gary Sun which is why I said I'm on the fence about him.

He's always spouting out these enlightened "sayings" which make no sense to me and yet he hangs with Tila, taking her nasty pictures, writing on her piece of crap blog and for FREE YET(by his own admission). That's freaking crazy.

With the economy so bad who's willing to work for free 24/7(again by his own admission) and how "enlightened" is he to even go along with something like this. That's like the Dalai Lama hanging with the doesn't add up.

Something ain't right here guys and I'm not jumping on his bandwagon yet.

Tuesday said...

What she is doing to Gary is just sick but, I have to agree with some of the comments that point out, he's just as disturbing as she is, sitting there all this time and dealing with all her lies, and doing nothing.

She is an employer. She apparently knows nothing of professionalism. Gary has an excellent case against her. You cannot go around doing what she recently did on her blog. He should nail her to the wall over this but, we'll see.

How could he have cut her? I still don't get this. She said that she "woke up" in that condition. If that's true, then how would she know it was him? Another lie.

Let's say she was awake...she just sat there and didn't fight while he held her down and cut her in one area, on her arm? Huh? No defense wounds? Does she even realize that what she says makes NO logical sense. The cuts were completely superficial. There was no "meet" hanging out. Yeah, someone is mad and going to cut you, and just break the first or second layer of skin. She's a HORRIBLE liar. That stupid Army believes her!!!

I can't wait to see how this one plays out because, it's not going to go away anytime soon.

I still wouldn't understand why anyone would want to see that bitch in a porn. We've already seen everything! She's always got her lady parts hanging out. She's not even that pretty.

Oh, and where are her "sleeve tattoos" or whatever? Why are we no longer hearing about that?

Her Army are all pathological liars as well. Bettybrain or whoever...she's just as sick and demented as Tila. They deserve each other. I witnessed someone trying to talk with her reasonably and, she just can't answer a direct question. She may have a future career in politics.

OneEyebrowRaised said...

Well said, Miss Alabama and a very good point to consider.

Sooooo you insinuating that Tila Cocksucker is filming where she's having her "vacation"?

boytoy said...

Most porn if not all is filmed in the valley(Califorina) and there are more then a thousands or so soft-core porn tapes tila has made during her car model days.
Go to google, youtube, yahoo.

Madame Toast said...

@Joann and Erin, knowing Tila...she probably authorized it to drum up some more "drama" that she is trying to avoid on her "vacation"
Girl is obviously an idiot, watching her fall apart is funny.