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Monday, May 10

postheadericon Tila's amazing EP! 3 whole songs!

But is only one of them hers?

As you can see in this picture, Tila's EP consists of 3 songs:

Blue Dress, Get Me Off, and Walking on Thin Ice.

So obviously Blue Dress is a song by Depeche Mode, as much as Tila does not want this fact to be true. But What about Walking on Thin Ice? Right now I only have the 30 second preview on JunoDownload to consider...but it sounds an awful lot like the Yoko Ono song of the same name.

I can't say for sure until tomorrow. This "much awaited" and "highly anticipated" EP isn't even up for preview on iTunes yet. Just wanted you guys to know.

Go here to preview the song, then go here to listen to the Yoko Ono version on Youtube and tell me what you think.

So far...I'm thinking it is. WOW TILA YOU RELEASED ONE FUCKING ORIGINAL SONG. Good job, Princess Dumbass.

Update!! Ladies and gentlemen...we have confirmation:

Here, see for yourself:

My homeboy Shinosuke Nguyen on Facebook gets credit for this, but we're all going to start calling her EP "Welcome To Miss Tila's Shitty Karaoke Party" now. Just so you know.

UPDATE #2!!! 
MissTilaOMG over on twitter reminded me of this article:

You know, back in February (back when this album was supposed to drop in April...) she would have already known which tracks were going to be on it.  Is she really trying to say that Yoko Ono's "Walking on Thin Ice" is hers?  Tila, didn't you learn your lesson when you tried telling everybody that "Blue Dress" was yours?

Guess not.


Ray said...

Can you cover others songs if your charging money to sell them? I thought you could only if they didnt get recorded or you didnt charge money for it.

Ericka said...
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Ericka said...

I'd also like to add -I love you, Uncle Eddie. MUAH!

ArtistJess said...

Why do artists just let her do this.. take their songs and let her claim them as her own? If those were my songs I'd be suing mad.

TRS (Superbitch) said...

I wish those hideous noises were sounds of her being stabbed over and over.

Anonymous said...

Ray, they can. Artists do "remakes" all of the time. But the original artist is usually credited AND they get a payout of some kind, usually in the form of royalties the song sell, or a lump sum from the person remaking it.

But I can't say that is completely accurate. It's what I remember.

TessDeco said...

Being a generally positive person, a small part of me wants to give Tila the benefit of the doubt that maybe ..just maybe.. this time she will actually produce something worth while. But, this crazy bitch just continues to amaze me with her ability to fail.

She has ruined a great Depeche Mode song by forever connecting it to her disgusting exploitation of Casey's tragic death ..and what do any of these cheap karaoke style tunes have anything to do with 40's era, Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday?? ...lulz

Don't forget to bring your stripper pole along on your amazing world tour, Tila! You'll need it...

deluwiel said...

I... I don't even have the words... "Walking on Thin Ice" was the track John Lennon was working on in the studio the night he was killed. For this no-talent moron to record and release this song, not even MENTION John or Yoko's names and goes so far as to claim that she wrote it is unconscionable. Even if the piece of shit EP sells only 3 copies - the musicians and artists who she stole from need take this bitch down once and for all!!

Tiffanie said...

I just heard "Get me Off" I am so annoyed because the music is to a country song I have heard and I can not put my finger on it. I have a feeling all 3 of these songs were ripped from somewhere.

Monique said...

"After popping onto the list at No. 100 in 2008 and falling off it last year, Tila Tequila thankfully remains un-Hot in Maxim's eyes."

I <3 Fatty!

Ben said...

There has to be some sort of epic lawsuit. Yoko doesn't seem like the kind of woman to let this whore be mentioned in the same breath as her, and you know Tila's only defense is going to be "Come on, Asian Pride. POW!"

Anonymous said...

She can't sing. She sucks. She's been talking so much about releasing a CD but it has only 3 songs!!! Maybe she can't stand listening to herself singer either. She's not original at all. Tila you suck!

I think she does look pretty on the cover though. Thank God for photoshop!

Ray said...

@Ben I'm thinking the same, i bet tila only sent that tweet and tht it would be sweet, i dont think yoko would've let tila cover it. but idk.

B_McBitcherson said...

She can't even write her own blog posts - did we really think she would actually be writing her own songs? All I can say is, Yoko isn't someone I would want to mess around with - I hope Tila (isn't) treading lightly here. :D OOOOH, maybe she'll rip off a Courteney Love song next - Love would squash her.