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Thursday, March 11

postheadericon Reporting her charity ....

If ANYONE has sent money and has a cashed check/money order/cashiers check/etc please get it to me.  We have had several people give this info and I want to show you how easy it is to report that she stole money from you.  You can remain anonymous and still be doing the right thing in the process.  Please do NOT let this skanky internet slut scare you into keeping quiet.

Do you realize she is using a fake pregnancy from years ago to exploit a fake miscarriage of the fake child, Jayden, and in turn getting money from you for her fake charity?  YOU are paying for her drug of choice!!!  Do you realize this?  Seriously.

All charities have to have a EIN number.  When you file your taxes you need the EIN number for the charity that you donated to.  Tila's charity does not have this.  We HAVE verified this via the IRS and you can too.  She KNOWS this now since she's been put on blast here and is NOW changing her story and saying that her charity doesn't exist yet.  Did you finally get the hint Tila?  Are you scared because several of us have reported you and now you are under investigation?

Well, that's quite funny.  I mean, you YOURSELF (these are ALL YOUR WORDS that we just provide for the public) claimed it was official just around the beginning of December.

Oh wait!  And today you've beckoned us to find someone who has donated.  Silly munchkin ... 

Well, honey ... you know how I love a  challenge and as soon as I get the go ahead, I have a money order that you've cashed and we've verified.  I mean, I'm getting giddy knowing that you're reading this and going "Oh fuck fuck fuck ... they've proven that I'm a fucking liar AGAIN!!!"  What's even FUNNIER is you think you're going to get away with this.  Yet, I am NOT stopping until you're done using people for personal gain.  Lie all you want, but to steal from people donating to what they think is a good cause is AGAINST the law.  And you WILL pay.  Trust me when I say that I am working on it.  I don't threaten and not come through like you.  I'm not all talk, unlike you.  When I say it's on, it's fucking on skank!

So here is the deal guys.  This is how you report her stealing YOUR money.  Also, you can report that she has been asking money for a charity that doesn't even exist.  You do not have had to donate in order to report her actions.  She was requesting and receiving donations for a fraudulent charity and THAT IS stealing.  If any one person has donated $1000 you can file a report with your local police and it is considered grand larceny which is a FELONY offense.  However, if you have donated ANYTHING, even $1 and you have proof it will greatly help expedite the investigation. 

First you need to go to this website:  IRS - Charities.  Then fill the following form:  Form 13909 .  You will either need to fax (214-413-5415), email ( or mail (address listed below) the filled out 13909. 

IRS EO Classification
Mail Code 4910DAL
1100 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX  75242-1198

Oh, and look Tila ... it's Texas!!  Maybe they'll be welcoming you home in a local prison.  Oh, one could only wish!  That's ALL I'll ask Santa for this Christmas!!!  I'd gladly take a lump of coal in my stocking to see you get hammered for stealing from people wanting to help and children getting their parents to donate.  Oh, it feels like Christmas already!   I can HARDLY wait!

The filled out form will/should look something like this:

Please print out and/or email the following images to show proof to the IRS of Tila asking for money for her fake charity. 

 (Note:  I LOVE how she has the woman who was trying to steal a child's identity as her own child pimping her charity!!!  Wow!!!  Great job Tila!!!)

(Note:  She uses the SAME address for her charity as her fan mail which is located in a strip mall in Hollywood)

And the proof/truth shall set you free.  You see Tila, I don't have to LIE about you.  You lie enough that you GIVE me the info to post.  I don't even have to do any work really.  Oh Tila, when will you just give up?  I mean, I've owned you more ways than I can even keep up with.  Shall we keep this up?  Keep making me famous cunt.

*blows kisses*


Unknown said...

*grins and bows*

tizerri said...

good job!

blow some kisses too!

HottyRotty said...

Edit for typos. Dammit. Having a life and trying to write really sucks. I think I'm returning mine to Walgreen's....

Anonymous said...

This is comprehensively AWESOME.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I am impressed, Iw as waiting for someone to send her a money order, and finally! POW!

Anonymous said...

Excellent job at writing a comprehensive how to on reporting this con artist. I wonder what it's going to be like giving birth in the infirmary of a federal pen. Oh. I forgot. There's no baby(ies) either! Hahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaahaaaaaahaaaa! OMG! Tila needs to change her address to 6969 BLAST AVE! She is being put on blast left and right!


caddisfli said...

The Gnome Rules!! Long Live the Gnome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Thanks for taking the time and energy to show how greedy and disgusting Tila really is. Hopefully the people who follow her skank ass will wake up and start demanding the truth from her. iPods not letting me sign in to sign my name, thanks again!

Dioriluv said...

Is it time to get the popcorn out? I can't wait to watch her getting hauled away by BIG Bertha!

Anonymous said...

lol @ Dioriluv

tila shut the fuck up and stop making lies you keep digging your grave deeper and deeprer ! i love this website! POW !!!

RockitQueen said...

Fabulous!! *cheers* Way to go, Rotspot!!!

Anonymous said...

that's it... i think i'm in love with you, gnomey.


HottyRotty said...

Hey!!! -I- posted this one tonight. Dammit!!! Gnome, you tryin' to steal my thunder!?!? Do I need to get out the strap on!?!?!?!?

Randi said...

Haha. I was going to say I thought it would be hard to find someone who has actually donated who was willing to come forward...seeing as how the only person I could imagine actually sending her money would be Lissy.
Nice work

Unknown said...

lulz i didn't even say nuffing, i was grinning and bowing to YOU, you fuckstick!
don't make me break out the panties around ankles jokes :P
love you lmao

Anonymous said...

I don't know that anything will be done about this, but I hope something is. I'm Devin Sharon over on the facebook page - and while posting what I posted over there on this subject would be kind of preaching to the choir, but fraudulent charities really do hurt real charities by making would-be donors skeptical of donating at all.

I understand that Tila's only one-sixteenth of a real celebrity, but charity fraud is criminal, no matter what the scale.

Unknown said...

@anon 8:21
we completely agree...and that's why we're trying to bring as much attention to this as possible!!!
lying about a pregnancy is one thing...fucking people out of money is another

Anonymous said...

Hello :) I just have to say I LOVE your blog!
everything you & TILATRUTH blog have been stating seem to be right on! there is no way for her to retaliate. Basically everything you guys have been putting is coming from her mouth.

I was interested in who this "Tila Tequila" person was for so long..years, and I feel so bad for her, if you look as videos of her when she first started she seemed like a down to earth chick and honest.

Oh! btw I found this video! because I've noticed how some ppl are saying she is lying about how she can't drink alcohol but was apparently drunk in the situation with Shawn mean man whatever his name is.. lol

start watching from 3:27
"my real first name is actually tila.. tequila i got that name from..umm don't you guys know this stuff? heh..i got tila tequila from when I was younger.. I was thirteen and me and my friends drank tequila and i puked everywhere..and thats when i found out i was allergic..and thats when they started calling me tila tequila.. but now i can drinkk. you know why? cause i have a friend who is a doctor..and he told me that if i take a zantac 175 before i drink it will give me a temporary enzyme that will allow me to drink normally like other people" lol

so yeah I do believe she is ALLERGIC to it, but she takes the pill and drinks.

Faka Dez said...

I CANNOT WAIT until all of this shit starts blowing up like POW in her face. I've got the popcorn now all I need is the show.

MyEvilDress said...

All I can say is, <33333

Anonymous said...

Just an anon wanting to help. Tila's lawyer is Cyrus Nownejad. Found out about him through TMZ. Googled him and found a website that has reviews on him. Not sure how legit it is, but if her lawyer threats ever do scare you, let these reviews give you peace of mind. He's not that powerful!

Here's the website:

Keep up the good work.

HottyRotty said...

@Gnome: Hey! YOU were calling me! I HAD to get to the phone!!! <3

I'm LOL'ing all night!!!

Unknown said...

hang on!!! i'm coming!!! i'm COOOOMMMMIIIINNNNNNGGGG!!!!!
rofl <3

kiki krush said...

another freakin' awesome blog post. you rock!

Anonymous said...

You keep up the good work as always! Marvelous post! Screw that monkey!

Anonymous said...

Applause from Europe. Great work!!! You have lots of backups Gnome

Btw TILA you aren't welcomed to Europe and Nor you have fans here nor any of your silly karaoke has ever been played on any of MTV Europe. I happen to know you from RADAR Site.

Anonymous said...

LOL she thinks she's going to win a Nobel prize.


Anonymous said...

awesome work... take this greedy ditchpig down.

Anonymous said...

Great posts, I wish I could help you with more proof about Jayden's Angels, I recall seeing a video of Tila calling out to her army, saying who has donated to jayden's Angels,very slyly I might add, whoever has, gets a special treat from me, something like that. I thought it was the masturbathing video, near the end, but when I tried to find it on Ustream, it had been removed by the Author. I did find this video on other sites, but don't think they were the full version, as I see no mention of Jayden's Angels on there. I could also be wrong, and it was possibly another video. But for sure I have seen it. Hopefully you can find it, or anyone else that may have seen it, give you the link.

caddisfli said...

ok I misread this and thought the Gnome posted it, but it was worth it just for TRS and gnomes back and forth! LMAO!!

anywhooo TRS rocks! this was an awesome post with exactly the info needed to bust her sorry ass back to whatever planet she was hatched on!
Thanks TRS! <3

HottyRotty said...

@caddisfli: It's okay. I'm naming YOU Tila's fake baby daddy if you do it again! I'd say I was going to spank that ass but I have a feeling you'd enjoy that ... a lot :P

@gnome: I knew you were bowing to me ... I mean, duh :P I was making everyone else aware. I love you though skank!!!

On a serious note:

Thanks for all of the support and help in us reporting / setting up investigations of this disgusting bitch!

Anonymous said...

Yay! this post is amazing! I really hope she goes to jail!

pretty pete said...

its just too bad a collection wasnt taken up and a mass donation of $1000 wasnt sent. then we could go visit her in the slammer!!!

Alicia said...

I used to enjoy reading this blog when you guys were simply poking fun at Tila, not out and out bullying her. This is just horrible. It feels like some sick witch hunt. Tila's lies are laughable, but who cares? She obviously has severe mental problems. What's the end result of this blog? To have her commit suicide? That's how it's sounding.

It's fine to call her out on her pregnancy lies, her bad singing, etc. But to call her names, threaten her, etc. You've gone too far. You must realize that. Think of any woman you have respect for, perhaps your mother or grandmother, and think if they'd be proud of your accomplishments here. You have a chance to help someone who really needs it, and instead you choose to beat her down.

I noticed some other comments in the last few posts that said the same thing... you've gone too far. You're losing readers and losing touch with what you started doing here. So much hatred can't be good for your health.