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Sunday, August 15

postheadericon Video of Tila at GOTJ - More vids

Source: TMZ

You know Uncle Eddie got you, Seola! Here's the video from TMZ!!

Tila can be heard saying: "I ain't going nowhere, I ain't going nowhere" inaudible "Bitch! I don't give a fuck, I ain't no Hollywood Bitch, I don't give a fuck. I love ya'll and I don't give a fuck". Then forgets her own words to her song. Topless wonky nips bounce. Enter Tom Green. More awful singing... during the beat break, it sounds like she is saying she is loving all the shit thrown at her "motherfucker" but the audio gets too quiet. Cut to another song, and then possibly "come up here bitch" then dozens of beeps.

MIDDLE OF THE ROAD UPDATE: Seola is a mutherfucking psychic bitches! About 36 hours ago, I said we'll start getting more vids Monday when people get home. Yeah, common logic - BUT Seola also predicted that the stupid bitch would walk out, spraying shit and her opening song would be... "I'll Kick Everybody's Ass In the Room".

I told you bitches, she started with that song trying to act all tough. A smart person doesn't got o any group concert where they aren't the main attraction talking about kicking everyone's ass. One thing this tells us? There were no fireworks, with all that shit on the stage, a firecracker would light that stage up like 4th of July in all that silly string. Don't believe me? Try it. It's more flammable than lighter fluid, but it stinks to high hell.

Initial video from the 12 seconds is now found in Tila's TMZ video which is a bit clearer. My guess is 12 second guy got paid. Following commentary based on the initial 4 12 second videos. Three are still available - However we have compiled them for you:

Short commentary - Tom Green tried to ride her coat tails. He was soooo worried, he jumped out there in front, standing alone. Not only that, he drank from a bottle, then THREW IT AT THE CROWD. Hypocrite.

She was the dumb ass that kept moving AWAY from security. Security was swatting bottles. It's hard to see, but I only see a tiny few bits that actually made it to stage (aside from the big thing that was not even close to her). She was at least into two songs. I do like the giant CUNT sign though. More video is coming in, and I'll keep you posted.

Article update:

Found this gem, via LiarFaceArmy, I will highlight the odd parts to me, and let you provide the commentary.

Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner told he received a report from the 28-year-old reality star over the phone about 8 o'clock Sunday morning, but she said she was unable to go to the police department to have photographs taken of the injuries.
"Myself and the state police, neither one of us have heard back from her," Seiner said.
The likelihood of someone being arrested for the attacks is low, the sheriff says, because " there's 800 concertgoers out there approximately this year and it's going to be very hard to identify anyone who threw that threw the things at her."


kellymae said...

I saw that. Buddy says he gonna post the whole 15 min hd vid when he gets home. I don't know about you but Imma make some popcorn, snort some ambien, call my attorney of which I have (he can't believe she has not been sued into the stratosphere by now) and WATCH THE FUN............several times......Bwhahahahahahahahaha

K.R. Omen said...

I hope the guy sells this to TMZ and gets paid. As far as the lil clips I saw, why the hell would you stay on stage when people are flinging shit at you? I remember when Jewell took a frisbee to the tit during a festival back in the day and stormed right out, but Wonky stays and makes her security play batting practice with their hands while she pretends to rap.

Unknown said...

i am almost embarrassed for her. She deserved the humiliation and then got off easy!
Casey is laughing at your ass from beyond the grave gross girl!

Anonymous said...

She's hiding behind the bodyguards. Hilarious! What a horrible performer. And does one of her songs sample "Paul Revere"?? I'm disgusted.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Whoever is holding that CUNT sign? I love you. Seriously.

This is my favorite thing in the whole world. She OBVIOUSLY deserved it and taunted them.

Anybody wanna make the sex? Uncle Eddie is feeling randy!

Fatty McFatterson said...

ok, i was really worried that folks went way overboard. the bitch was not "attacked" at all, fuck, people throw shit at all concert, this was really no different. and her taunting them and trying to get them riled up was all her doing. they seemed calm until she started mouthing off.

so, this wasn't the 'violence against women' tila claimed, nor was it anymore violent that every fucking concert i've ever been too. it looked like tom green and the security guys took more plastic bottles to the head than tila ever did.

and the cunt sign girl FUCKING MARRY ME, YEAH I'LL GO THAT WAY!

Jennifer said...

TMZ just posted a medley of clips from the 'attack'- they are longer than the ones on the site, but from the same person, I believe.

Seems like she was 'singing' while her bodyguards swatted most of the stuff away. Doubtful her face got busted up like that from what can be seen, those guards would be in WAY worse condition than her then! And by how skankily she was dressed why no cuts on her body??

Joann said...

I saw the Larry Carlton video. Fake bitch trying to act like she's so devastated.

She has a small cut on her cheek and a smaller cut above her right eyebrow which is damn good since 2,000 people tried to attacked her.

Skank really didn't get a beat down at all.

Carlton Jordan said on his twitter, they knew exactly when Tila was coming to LA and what flight she would be on. Tila made sure the paps would know that. Fake ass skank.

I guess she's gonna play this up for a month or two.

Tom Green is a man whore himself. He was trying to hit on Ray J's girls when he appeared on his show. If Tila hadn't got scratched up they probaby would've still been f*cking as I type this.

Skank was warned not to go and what would happen to her if she did, she ignored it and the Jiggalos followed through on their word. I think she got off easy with a few scratches.

I hope other concerts she's scheduled to appear at would throw shit at her too. I bet she won't be taking her skank ass down to Illinois anytime soon. LOL,

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Sheriff Gauncent is a very VERY happy person this weekend!

The more she bleeds, the more I smile!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Oh, bye the way, I just love how her staff of 25-30 don't post anything on her flog when she's flying or traveling.

And not 1 new post today.

This should be a good week of drama. I can't wait!

Una said...

Watching the TMZ video, you never really see her take ANY hits...She may have taken one or two but her body never flinched as if something heavy was thrown at her from a distance.

SammiDe said...

Ughh I'm disappointed that she LIED and what was SAID TO HAVE HAPPENED DIDNT! Ughhhhh, she deserves EVERYTHING she got!!!!! Pathetic! SMH!

deluwiel said...

@Una - that's what I was watching for too - to see her head move real fast or see her dodge or flinch, like she got hit. Nada. Also... there's that whole "eye split open" or whatever the hell she claimed to TMZ. soooo.... which eye was that? The one in the back of her alien head? Really glad some video is coming out of this fiasco. I also love the TMZ headline on that video - "Tila Tequila Attack Caught on Tape" - I think they're right - it was Tila attacking the audience with her ridiculous "rapping", not the other way around.
Just sitting back and waiting for the twitter hilarity. Oh, and... that Emmett Kelly from hell clown picture is classic.

Ben said...

Her LOLsuit doesn't seem to have merit. If she signed a release before performing, the fact that she stayed on there after the first few bottles, shouted "I ain't going nowhere" and "I don't give a fuck" while topless isn't going to stand up well in court. They might settle to avoid thousands in legal fees but I doubt we'll ever see resolution. This is a PR stunt, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

To the person with the big-ass CUNT sign: I lurve you.

Stupid twat was prancing around behind her burly looking body guards and was taunting the crowd at the same time. From what I can see, it looked like garbage being hurled at her, I don't see bricks or anything like that.

She is sitting in her apartacondomansion, having a meeting with all her execs (i.e. her stuffed animals) about how "successful" her stint was on the GOTJ.

I hate her.

kellymae said...

uh oh. kelly has been a bad girl and has been banned from Tilas' site. Please RSVP re the pity party I am throwing myself thanks.

Oh eddie, I will take you up on the sessy times,

Anonymous said...

I love how that guy rushes the stage and as security hustles him off, she scampers behind the bodyguards and starts screeching, "Come up here, bitch." What a pathetic little coward.

BKiddo said...

I'm soo happy that videos are starting to surface.
That's going to come in handy when she tries to sue. And she's gonna loose again.
I didn't even see her get hit. At ALL!
A bit off topic, but doesn't tila even have a band, or back up singers? She just plops in a CD of her garbage and sings along?
Oh well, tila is just proving to be the vile fraud she is.
Nice job Ladies.

Sandy said...

So, not only do we not see her get any hits to the face or head in this video, and I don't, just the security team deflecting garbage, but we also don't see anything hit her body.

Please note everyone, that she's posted pics of the alleged damage to her face, not anywhere else on her body and she was topless and in shorts. Interesting. You'd think SOMETHING would have hit her arms, torso, legs, etc.... But no, nothing.

Unknown said...

Sandy, she did post pictures of alleged damage done onto her body. Whether they were legitimate or false, it's still up in the air, though.

Oh, and still not feeling sorry for Tila.

Tuesday said...

OMG! She is embarrassing!!! I just cringe when I hear her sing that tired, worn-out song, "I F$cked the DJ." I don't know...I guess I'm a prude or, I come from a different generation/background. I could NEVER, EVER get in front of an audience and sing something so disgusting. I performed on stage for years and did lots of goofy stuff but...NOT that, nothing like that.

She always looks so uncomfortable when she performs. She was trying to put up a front and unfortunately for her, she's transparent and, crowds will literally eat you alive, if they sense that.

Honestly, it looks like she could have finished her set. She'd of probably gotten booed or whatever but, that's how it goes sometimes. She should NEVER have taunted them like that. That is a HUGE "no-no." The best thing a performer can do is laugh at themselves, make a joke about themselves. She is NOT comfortable with herself and, that's why she fails as a performer.

I am in utter amazement that she has not been all over her twitter of flog!

BKiddo said...

I'd love to hear what the guys that took the "tila Lambo ticket" video have to say.
They'd just add to the funny that's already going on here!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

This is fucking Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this was on effin Hopefully, the GOTJ got some nice PR from this hot mess.

Jelly Reed said...

She's earned a new nickname now, "Death Whore," because that's exactly where she's heading. This is as calculated as poking holes in a condom because she wants to keep the football player's bank. Or in her case, simply shaking her barren DRD-ridden womb and assigning fathers to her congealed ovaries. If she's going to taunt the crowd be "boss-bitch" enough to take your licks. But she isn't, she's just a cardboard cut-out of a human being better suited for these types of cons and porn. It's interesting how the tide changes when the truth of the matter is revealed. Many of those that spent a second or two on pity now see the truth of it, and anyone that continues to feel sorry for the skin bag should look to their own communities for opportunities to help real people with real problems; the best way to demonstrate compassion is to use it. Kudos TRS, you sweet, awful, truthful bitches.

Fatty McFatterson said...

1. CNN said that Tila was "almost murdered" and ran with what the cunt said instead of checking it out themselves. The whole "almost murdered" thing is getting more press because she wasn't almost murdered or anything like that.

2. Tila is obviously not used to performing in concert venues, because she would know that people throw shit on the stage. Just about every concert I've been to, that happens. Artists know it. I didn't see anything more than I've seen at other concerts. They were throwing water bottles (some with water in them, which would hurt) and garbage. If projectiles were thrown, like stone rocks and bricks, you would have seen the trajectory. Stone rocks would have come by fast and furious, that's not what happened here. Water bottles seem to have been tossed, or thrown from great distances. Garbage was thrown. All in all it wasn't an excessive amount of anything. Tom Green took more bottles than she did. If she performed in anything but a kareoke bar, she'd know how concerts can be.

I would love it if some of the garbage they threw was purchased at her Garbage Sale, omg, hahahhahahaha.

3. My apologies to anyone who was offended because I was thinking Tila was really injured and the mob really attacked. I didn't believe her story 100%, but I did believe something awful happened. This was not an 'attack', it's what fans at these events do. Everyone knows that. This was no 'violence against women', it was one violent woman trying to rile up the crowd. She finally succeeded at something, YAY!

Oh, and if there were rocks or other dangerous objects, those security guys not only got the brunt of it, but they totally would have got her the hell out of there. It even appears one of them tries to talk to Tila at one point, perhaps telling her to get off the stage.

4. She obviously sung at least 2 songs before leaving the stage, the DJ one, and then another, I don't know the name, you can hear both in the background. People were throwing shit, she knew that yet stuck around for at least 5 minutes, riling them up the whole time.

If you find yourself in the middle of a mob, you figure out they don't like you, the last thing you do is rile them up. I don't excuse them for their actions, but it's not rocket science, it's survival. You wonder why Tila claims her childhood was so hard? This is why, she intentionally pisses people off.

Ironically, now I wish she did get a real beatdown, lol. She's trying to destroy ICP and she cheated TMZ out of more money. This story didn't show up on her ridiculous blog because she sold exclusive rights to TMZ. She couldn't make money on it on her blog.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Oh, and as for the facial injuries, it looks like she took a face plant, likely running away. Being hit with bottles, etc would leave bruising and much worse gashes.

She wore the glasses on the TMZ video because she didn't want anyone to see that she had no bruising and that those little cuts were basically healed. Had they looked any worse, she would have totally showed them off just like the Jane/suicide/Garry Sun injuries.

The bitch thought she got the golden tickets, all she did was get tens of thousands of Juggalos and ICP fans really really pissed at her. They won't forget how she tried to take them down.

Noname said...

I watched that vid at least 5 times to see what, if anything, hit her in the face. All I could see were flying water bottles being deflected by those security dudes, if that's what they were. No bricks, no shit and no piss. Fuck the lies are NEVER going to stop. Didn't she say there was NO security?Shit, most of the time she is hiding behind them And for her to taunt the crowd the way she did, What a stupidass bitch!!

Never did I see her body jerk back like she'd been hit. Taking her top off really seemed to piss them off And I too. LOVE the gal w/the CUNT sign.

What's cool about that vid being on TMZ is more and more people are going to see what a lying skank she truly is. Of ourse, her little tween army is going to see it the way tila wants them too. I wish they would wake up and see what is right in front of their faces.

Madame Toast said...

I think this really explains the total lack of comment from pretty much any authority and the HIPAA comments. Everyone knows Tila is full of crap, everyone can see she brought this on herself and if she was truly injured on stage why did they let her continue to perform?

Of course she is loving the attention but where she started out the victim now everyone is starting to see she is just a dumb bitch. She has two choices really, get her shit together or keep doing what she is doing and hope a few people show up to her funeral.

I'm glad I never felt sorry for her and I think its awesome that while she is getting press, nobody is really saying anything in her defense. I can only hope her next stunt is as entertaining, I mean seriously, only a mental midget could make this shit up.

Sandy said...

gillianthemad1013 oops, sorry, yeah, the mosquito bites on her legs and that "bite/arrow" thing on her side. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to part of that from one pic to another. It's a half bite, it's an arrow. Either way, I think she faked that. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Hannah said...

You guys are the best, finally a full video! Any pity I might have tried to have for her is COMPLETELY gone. She barely got hit with anything. It looks like she caught a few bottles but mostly you can just see her being covered with mysterious liquid (the alleged pee I hope?). Yep, definite exaggeration again. Honestly, if you look up Juggalos on Youtube you can see way worse.

Good luck winning any kind of lawsuit when the police don't even have photographic record of her original injuries! Because of course by now they've died down to a few scratches and maybe a bruise here or there. What a psycho.

Tuesday said...

Whoa, just saw the update.

Contacted police at 8 am? I thought she performed around 3 AM or whatever.

Couldn't take pics at the station? Again, why didn't she shoot a video? That really doesn't make any sense to me. She loves videos. She was all about making a video with her and her Lambo.

Haha...only 800 people at the concert?

Oh, this just keeps getting better and better. Such a nasty guilty pleasure I have!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I will have to agree with Fatty on this - I also was cautiously concerned she had been genuinely injured but I can see now her version is, as always, overinflated.

She will have a tough time in court with this as she stayed on the stage which is known as assumption of risk. And, as others have stated, the security is taking the brunt of the thrown objects - the video clearly shows they were protecting her.

As far as her airport bodyguard, he is standing off to the side, out of the line of fire. The only time he gets close to Tila is after the guy tries to jump onstage and it looks like he makes a half ass step forward, but AFTER the guy is under control already by another guard!

And my final note, the little bit of sympathy I did have for her collapsed when she said 'I ain't no Paris Hilton bitch.' I mean, even when she is clearly the target, she is still trying to take someone else down.

Joann said...

Oops...I called Carlton Jordan... Larry Carlton in my comment. Must have been thinking about the three stooges or something!!!

Aussie Mum said...

Hmm, what a stupid cow. I didn't think she was that badly hurt, but looking at that video, there is no way whatever was done to her on stage caused those injury pics that she sent to TMZ.

She got what she deserved, pure and simple as that.

Ben said...

I think the fact that she couldn't come to the police department for the report is highly telling. She either thought that she was celeb enough to not have to file an official report, or she was afraid they would sell to TMZ before her.

Nothing she's done screams victim. Everything screams press. It's quite sad for victims out there.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Shes even a worse performer than I thought, I would have been throwing tomatoes!

Tess said...

Sooooo's another video of looks kind of tameTila at TGOJ when she is first introduced on stage. Tila starts her show by spraying something like Silly String at the audience. Its short and poor quality but obviously more videos from TGOJ are going to appear. I hope we get to see one that shows exactly what happened right before Tila leaves the stage. In the TMZ video the audience hardly looks like a murderess mob! The dude with the CUNT sign! Hahaha!!!

boytoy said...

dumb bitch is scared hiding behind
"bodyguards/secruity" and why do they keep hitting the bottles thrown at her face? bitch needs a really big huge smack to the face besides a penis. If more bottles where thrown and hit her more damage would be done to her face.

More damage the better the more plastic surgery bitch cant afford.

Unknown said...

There were two M-90s thrown :) I know both people who threw them, and you can see two little smoke trails fly past Tila toward the back of the stage. They never made it anywhere near her hair, unfortunately