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Alright, you knew it was coming from me. A post on the order Tila obtained today. The conditions are a full order, 100 yards, 3 years with option to renew later. This IS standard and grants the normal distance as we have made fun of in the past with the 10 yards. But Seola, what does this all MEAN? It means nothing. Why? Because Garry showed up late to court and in the state of California (according to my research, I don't live there) when a judge is ruling on an RO, if the other party is not in court for whatever reason during the hearing, it's considered a default judgment. This is done to not waste the courts time with a trial date reset. You can't really state your case if you don't actually show up... to state your case. This is also a setback for Garry in terms of the civil suit pending, but only barely.

Some things to note as of this blog's post time: During Tila's appearance, she reiterated he was batty, but did NOT - and this is a biggie - did NOT state at any time did Garry harm her, touch her or threaten her. Her words turned into "I feel threatened", not "I was threatened".

So what is a mature 29 year old woman who is fearful for her life to do after getting out of court, getting a default judgment for the RO? (Hint: It's not like Merriman who kept his mouth shut after getting HIS $2 mill default against TILA.) She hides her antenna, pops her alien head out, declaring... "I win!". Now, this is the same woman who claimed she is soooooooooo gangsta, she could take on the Juggalos. She's afraid of some wannabe "rapper" who honestly, I could probably take. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm not claiming to be hardcore or have gangbanged out in the hood before I got a TV show for sluts. In fact, she's the only one, in his time around celebs who has even mentioned his name or had a problem with him. Aside from that fact, this is the same slut who was telling Loni Love to "bring it" when Love could have swatted her like a fly. Remember, Tila knows... well, nothing really, but she claims to know Jiu Jitsu.

Could Garry fight it? Possibly, but not worth it. 100 yards is barely enough to get out of Tila's stench of self-loathing, self-hating, wartly presence. She'll never be at any event worth a damn that Garry could cover. He'll need his moolah to defend the civil suit, because given what he said, when he said it and her saying what she said (all that's been covered here), a reasonable judge/jury would basically tell them they are both big mouths and they are responsible for their own lawyer fees.

Onto Tila's blog post, which starts with another years old re-hash of a picture of her, since she knows she ain't even close to looking decent these days.

I have the BEST NEWS for you guys today! So I just got back from the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse to testify against Garry Sun’s lies and threats against me in front of the judge, and the judge granted me a 3 year restraining order against Garry Sun and his lies! On top of that he has to stay 100 yards away from me at all times and is not allowed to make contact of any kind, nor harass me in ANY WAY! Whether it be in person, phone, blabbing and talking more Sh!t online, as he has been doing!!!!!!!!!!
Why is what Tila has to say important? Because she's digging her own hole on this one. Reasonable expectation on an RO is that the party wanting the RO must also keep their distance and cannot inflame, engage, or otherwise taunt the RO'ed party.

So during all this drama that took place, Garry Sun has been proven to be a liar over and over and over again, and the judge can see right through his lies and see’s that he is DEFINITELY an unstable person who can cause harm to me and that is why the judge granted me the 3 year restraining order this morning!!!! The best part???? Sun did NOT even show up on time and when he did finally show up, my lawyer, Alan Gutman, went straight over to Garry and served him his restraining order right then and there in the courthouse!!!!!!!!!!! BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
If the judge actually felt Garry was this dangerous, he would have ordered Garry to undergo psychiatric testing and possibly a 5150 to establish his ability to function in society. A judge can be on the hook if he allows a person he reasonably believes to be unstable to walk around and hurt someone else. But, why is the serving of the RO the best thing ever? Maybe it's because I've actually been pregnant, or been engaged, or been married, or been on several travels around the world.... but watching someone you claim to be a loser be told to stay away from you is the "best ever"?

So you see? For all those who doubted me, I really hope you guys would stop thriving off of negativity and drama. It’s not good for anyone and as you said “THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL” and it just did! I am SO HAPPY that I am now protected BY LAW from this crazy man and I just pray that he leaves me alone. I just want to move on with my life as I have been doing and I don’t want any drama. I don’t know why he continues to make up lies about me when all it will do is get him in trouble. So today is a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
It took me a few minutes to contemplate the idiocy of her statement in "thriving off negativity and drama". I'm still not sure how to approach this, while my body and fingers have a hard time staying still while simultaneously laughing and rolling my eyes. But remember that statement, I'll be bringing it up again shortly.

Thank you everyone for your support and my only wish now is for Garry to just please go away and leave me alone! If he doesn’t? Then he’ll face up to one year of jail time!

Ok so let’s all celebrate!!! Woohooo!!!! Gooooooooo TILA ARMY! See? He got what he deserved. Now let’s move on from all this B.S. and enjoy the finer things in life! Today is a beautiful day in LA so I’m going to go out and celebrate my victory! Garry has slandered me beyond belief and I will handle that in another case coming up for defamation and slander! You can’t just go around making up these highly serious allegations against an innocent person and think that you can get away with that! But for now…. I’m really happy!

More "I want to move on" stuff. We personally have the proof on slanderous statements Tila made (and tried to cover up). All that aside, she's so happy, she's gonna call the paps and let them know where to photograph her. But pay attention to the bolded statement. Wait wait wait - you want to move on, but now you want to go into another legal battle which will be tossed? She goes on about "highly serious allegations" but she's made an allegation against Garry for attempted murder. So Tila runs her mouth some more in the comments:

The first comment, another "moving on, but not til I try to sue him" post, with another reference to his psyche. The comments are seemingly harmless in and of themselves, but each time Tila says it, will be considered as evidence of provocation.

The comic relief in this post comes from Your Mother. (I love how that sentence came out.) That's just priceless and pretty much sums up the entire debacle. Every single post Tila makes on her flog, and every single comment she makes in that section, and every single tweet on Garry (including her tweets from court during her hearing) is her digging her hole... well, when her flapjack pussy lips don't get in the way of the shovel. At this point, it's a peanut gallery spectacle for me. I'll be entertained because they both are mental, nothing will happen to either of them in the court case at this point and Garry will talk his little heart out, giving us the lolz on Tila. Being that Tila has some sort of public platform, all her comments will be used against her if Garry decides to speak. Why? Because they are enticing him to need to address himself publicly to refute Tila. See, even if you are the one holding the RO, you can't just go around saying what you want to say either.

Ya stupid hooker.

Joann mentioned this on my last blog post:
I don't care if she got the 3 year RO because Gary don't want to be around her anyway and evidently Tila thinks she has won her case against Gary and she's innocent of everything Gary said about her. lol.
One thing this made me think of to mention is that Tila getting the RO is not a confirmation the judge believes anything she had to say, a vindication for her, nor an admission that Garry was lying. So Tila posting about how great things are, how the judge believed her, etc. is all a lie and could actually piss the courts off for implying the judge made any sort of statements about the accusations against Garry. So score one for Garry for Tila bragging...


lolercopter said...

What's also funny is that the SS you got (of her comment and Your Mother explaining that he didn't show up to defend himself) is now the only evidence of Your Mother's rebuttal as Tila deleted that comment.

I really hope Garry steps it up, being late to this was ridiculous, odds are he would've got the whole thing dismissed had he shown up on time.

Ericka said...

*teehee* I cant believe you included my comments to Tina in this blog!I am honored. She has since banned me, of course.

- Your Mother

lolercopter said...

My bad, the comment she deleted was from Your Mother but not caught on SS.

Joann said...

I haven't even read the post yet but I have to say this.

GARRY, GARRY, GARRY, GARRY...W..T..F dude??? If I had twitter I would be on yours right now tearing you a new one.

Gnome gave him information, tied up with a bow on it, dropped it in his lap, which would have helped him considerably, and this dude shows up late for court and the skank wins by default.

I need to run some errands but I'll be back to read the post and vent some more. LOL.

HottyRotty said...

"Ericka", your comments had me LOL'n like whoa! Thank you for that!


Awesome A said...

I simply LOVED this post!! Haha so funny :) I really hope this all blows up on her around the holidays...that would be the best christmas ever!

Just One of Many said...

Oh, Seola...I am once again professing my lurrrve for you...

I also lurrrve those dumbshits at the flog site who think that this is a "nitty nit pick" jelizzz haterzzz site. No. What it IS, however, is a site that breaks down Tina's lies and explains the BIG WORDS to all the idiots who can't comprehend or understand. I would never compare this site to CNN, or anything, but when a news source reports on a lying politician, they aren't called NIT pickers for their investigative journalism.

Never once has anyone here NIT picked, but instead, you all offer insight and interpretation through your translation of Ho-inese.

Love the site. Love you gals. Keep reporting the truth.

Joann said...

Tila will get back everything she has done to others with her ongoing lies and inappropriate behavior toward minors, I have no doubt about that but I was hoping Garry would be the one to get the ball rolling.

As of now, I have no faith in him and won't speak about him after this comment unless something major happens between him and Tila.

He's dead to me. lol.

I'm still sure Tila was behind this "kidnapping" but for Garry to be late for court after all he claimed Tila put him and his father through I'm thinking maybe this was all a publicity stunt after all.

If it was me I would have been at the court doors before they even opened. SMH.

Loved you post Seola.

Seola Uno said...

Ericka - I'm glad it was a reader of the blog I posted! I happened upon it fairly quickly and knew it had to be capped for posterity. I LOLed when I saw that.

Thank you to everyone else who loved this post!

Just One - we could probably nitpick and point out even more things. I like sticking to the bigger things and random funny quotes she has said before. We all have our strengths - I'm not as good with the catty wit as other writers, but I think that's what makes us unique in a way. We do disagree and it shows in our posts but as long as people remember, we are all different people, in different parts of the world, with our own minds - we're golden.

Joann - I'm still not entirely sure if Garry was actually in on it at the start. What I do believe is that he's a bit douche like and why would he believe this entire mess with the whole girlfriend? The story is so outrageous, anyone with a common sense particle anywhere in their head would see so many holes with the kidnapping. As for armed dudes, I wasn't there. I know Tila has blasted shit about every single man, but as far as I can tell at this point, who in the hell would she have around that several men would be coerced into going into an armed hostage situation, just to do what exactly? Part of the reason I don't think he was in on it, but rather an orchestrated target from Tila with an outsider though, is that the allegations are pretty serious in terms of the law. I think what I'm really waiting for is to see how this civil suit plays out.

If Tila goes ahead with it, Garry was played. If Tila drops it, they both were in on it.

khandersuk said...

Seola, I agree with you on not really understanding WHY she would have one day randomly sent armed men to Garry's house. I found it even more odd that he wasn't even home, so they showed their weapons to his dad? Why? What would that accomplish? That just doesn't have the ring of truth to it.

I've not commented on Garry yet, although I have been following. I think he and Tila are very much alike. They both talk nonsense (in writing or the spoken word) with the sort of twisted rambling and over-philosophizing of everything, trying desperately to find deeper meaning in the banal. They both can't seem to get anywhere on time, whether it's a birthday party or a court date. They are both self important egoists. I mean the list goes on, don't think I'm saying much more than what others haven't observed already!

alison m m said...

I just think they are two incredibly lazy people who occasionally think they are interesting because they are so caught up in superficiality.
I tell you, I am MORE than OVER this

Lori said...

well, why was gary late? hmm? perhaps tila did something to make him late? actually, i dont even care...but if gary was really passionate about getting his name out of slanderous accusations from tila's part, he would of taken the information which was on this site and used it for his advantage in regards of how ridiculous tila is. i like how she makes gary out to be 'this big bad wolf who will no longer hurt her' to her dumb army.

lolercopter said...

I think what's going to happen with the defamation suit is that we're not going to hear much about it anymore and she's going to have her lawyer appeal to Garry that she will drop the suit in exchange for him never talking about her again.

She has a lot to lose with him taking the stand, everyone knows she's a lying whore, put her on the stand and she'll prove it. So I really doubt we'll ever see that enter a courtroom.

N Poko said...

Relative newbie to the site and first time commenter. Yes, I know I am a little late to the scene, but in looking up some past stuff on the skank I found this:

Don't know if any of you girls wrote this, but I am SERIOUSLY disturbed by it. I think what really gets my is who Casey's tweet was to on Dec. 27th.

FUYU said...

Just palm faced myself... Can't believe that happened. Very disappointing.. not really trusting anything will come out of this whole ordeal anymore. Guess Tila really does gets away with EVERYTHING.

Joann said... only seems like Tila gets away with everything because, if you're like me, you want to see her brought down...NOW. lol. It's taking too long but the skank has not ran up on the right person....YET.

The men in her world who she screws with personally for any length of time are either weak or stupid and have little or no street smarts and she knows how to handle them with a convincing bluff.

She had Casa Wilson crying on FB for a few days asking people to make her leave him alone and what should he do. I was LMAO at that dude.

She tried to pull that same tough, crazy shit before with The Game about being her baby daddy.

She called him a few names on twitter, when he said he didn't know her but that crazy shit was stopped soon afterwards and his name did not come out her mouth again.

IMO, him or his crew probably told her, discreetly of course, if she didn't shut her mouth it would be shut for her. She don't mess with the hip-hop crowd like that.

Like I said, she knows who to f*ck with but she's gonna make the mistake of screwing with the wrong person one day and she won't know what hit her and that day is fast approaching.

SammiDe said...

We do disagree and it shows in our posts but as long as people remember, we are all different people, in different parts of the world, with our own minds - we're golden.

I just adore Seola & all her post♥!

lalabinks said...

Garry and Tila are probably rolling around in bed together laughing at how gullible her fans are. They are in this together. It is a complete farce.

SammiDe said...

I am sooooo pissed Garry was late, Seola I wonder couldn't he appeal it he states he had a good reason as well as proof could he not appeal the judgment w/a lawyer?!?

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