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For the first time - and I was on the ball to correct it thanks to a fellow Twitter user - the part you may have seen about Yung Mazi involved in the video is incorrect. When I did some research there is a 6 degrees Kevin Bacon issue (actually two) that put them under the same heading during my research in which they were connected and the names were juxtaposed. In this particular instance, I was not diligent enough in identification. My apologies for the mix-up, I know when I've made a mistake and will openly correct it.

We have seen the Tila tweets on shooting her "music video" for Walking on Thin Ice. A remake, because Tila has no originality of her own, of a Yoko Ono song. That said, I can't find a single personality Mazi O has worked with that is anyone at all or has become anyone. He does have some sort of public access show, according to his website though. (Disclaimer: I don't know the underground local scene to LA, so maybe they have a cult following there.) has a some pretty clear stills of the video shoot, a few follow:
Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that Lennon was brutally and innocently murdered and her cover of a Yoko song includes murder? From the stills, it appears to be... a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MURDER. Can we say "I copy GaGa's Paparazzi" much? So... Tila, who claims every man she has ever known has beaten her, defends a woman beater, works with one and portrays a domestic murdress. That's low. ETA: It should also be mentioned that in a couple of weeks, it will be the 30 year anniversary of Lennon's passing. A man of peace and respect. His wife's song, by an "Army Commander" who encourages war between otherwise unknown people.

And gawd, why would anyone shoot Tila from the backside? This makes her synthetic Wal-Mart weave look so obvious and ratty! It appears that she hasn't taken the time, or more likely money, to get her hair color fixed before ordering the synthetic hair color, otherwise, she's purposely trying to look like a skunk or PePe LePew after everyone cartoon.

There's a video Mazi has posted but since it's just the CD track over Tila and he must be too broke to afford a phone with a real camera or mic, it's pretty ishty quality.

And just to terrify you with this whole post:

I present... BRADSHAW!!!!!! (Who recently styled another hobag of LA, Natalie Nunn, who'd I had forgotten about since the show ended a year ago.)


Ghost Rider Radio said...

I want to make some clarifications in regards to this statement "The starting off point is Yung Mazi has a hand in this video. Why does that matter? Yung Mazi has been accused of beating the hell out of his girlfriend. His girlfriend? Kat Stacks. So not only has he allegedly banged one of the nastiest deportees in the world, but there's been some talk he supposedly kicked and stomped on her."

The person who filmed Tila is NOT the Yung Mazi you are thinking of. Andrea "Kat Stacks" Herrera's pimp as he is known by, lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He also goes by Yung Maserati a name he stole from a deceased rapper (that's a whole other story).

The person who filmed Tila is @Mazi_O which resides in NYC. The only video he filmed was for a crappy music video about 5 months ago.

In regards to him beating Andrea, I believe he did. He was a goon and thug, dealing drugs. Getting arrested every other month. But, the 2 Mazi's do NOT look alike.

@YungMazi has a curl (jeri curl) he's greasy and skinny with several tattoos covering the entire top of his body.

@Mazi_O is more of a natural dude and has a much larger body frame. His hair is fluffy and more natural. As far as I can see from his pics, he has no tattoos that are visible.

Great blog post by the way, I just wanted to come by and share the info with you. Enjoy your day! :)

Joann said...

Didn't I say in a previous comment Tila hooks up with some screwed up people. An alleged woman beater...figures.

I looked at the video stills on Bellahoneysoul and this is a video I would definitely not be interested in even if Tila was not in it.

I pretty sure this video will wind up where all her other videos and her book end the bargain bin.

Joann said...

I forgot to ask....did you find out the name of the "real" actor?

Good post Seola.

Jacqueline said...

The pic where she is holding a knife proves how a physco she is....and oh lord her voice makes me wanna throw out. She is disgusting and disrespectful i hope Lennon's fans beat her @$$ up.

SammiDe said...

She is so disgusting I so agree with you on the back shot of her, wth is with that hair! It appears something is LIVING in it! LOL! Also agree with Jacqueline I too thought damn she looks psycho w/that knife, hehehe how much ya wanna bet she's thinking of her haters/rotspoters! LOL!

Admin said...

Runs to hide after seeing bradshaws hair!!

Pixilix said...

Is it just me or when you see the still with her holding the knife to her throte you sit the and scream "OMG just do it already!" and hope to hell she slits her own throte??? Might just be me however.

FUYU said...

In that first pic... she looks like she's 50 years old.

FUYU said...

BTW .. did she ever get permission to even use that song??

tasha said...

Can her hair look any worse?!

oh, I just noticed tila has a nautical star on her right wrist.....I feel disgusted right now....I have 5 nautical stars in a band around my wrist.

alison m m said...
there is a video up there of walking on thin ice stuff with her from idoit4tv

lalabinks said...

I heard Tila's version of walking on thin ice today. It was absolutely hideous.It doesn't have the same depth and meaning as the original song. Tila has NOTHING on Yoko Ono.

Lori said...

its funny how that studio place is so cheap looking. who's place are they filming at? its like a prop studio for a porno.

alison m m said...

It is probably where she is living with a whole lot of other cheap "actors", and they probably invite girls from her army of forgivers over for slumber parties and then sell them on as sex slaves. After drugging them, of course. She would already have collected enough personal information about them from the rest of the army to have some good blackmail material as well. just saying

Sammi said...

Gaga looks so much like Nancy spungen!! Esp. In nancy's interview where she has silly sunglasses, poofy blonde hair, and red lipstick & she is in front of a sex pistols sign. Just had to share ;)

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