Wednesday, November 3

postheadericon Just some more "evidence" AGAINST Tina...

Tina Tina of these days you will learn to shut that overly made up, loose, dick sucker of yours. Do you not understand the ridiculousness that comes out of it? Jesus fucking Christ, rocks have a higher IQ than you do, AND they stay silent...take notes slut.

So here's the 411 on what this post is going to be about....from time to time, Little Miss Whorebag forgets that she's hated, and posts blog after blog of lies. She also seems to forget that the ones who despise her, are not like her army of retards, and can actually put her lies together to reveal her for the scandalous, lying skeeze she is....i.e. screen cap like a motherfucker. This post, my beloved readers, is going to be just that. She wants to claim she doesn't know Garry, and he's been obsessed with HER from the get go? Really? That's's the "evidence" that seems to say otherwise.

Everyone climb on my lap time machine...and away we go.

First was a dark night in April when we first heard about Tinas 23239834 baby daddy/fiance/std partner. Casa Wilson. This ended with her having him thrown from a plane, blah blah, almost arrested, blah blah, and ultimately resulted in their unfortunate break up. Cue, Garrys name....

Uh oh...the lovebirds start fighting...and then we have... *gasp*

wait wait wait....Garry went to New York with Tina?! Surely he stalked the gremlin there right? She didn't willingly invite him?! And hold the fucking phone, she LOVES him? Since when do you love your stalkers? Hmm.....tsk tsk tsk..... maybe they're "just friends"....*snickers* Or, maybe they're fucking. Who cares. BUT, this clearly shows that Garry wasn't "stalking her against her will".

Somewhere in between Casa and our next stop, we had arm-meet gate . All of twitter watched the debacle implode on June 5th. The twat bandaid faked a suicide attempt, then claimed it was movie makeup.....then she refers to herself as a "bad ass gangsta bitch" and admits to cutting herself.

Alrighty...destination # 2. A beautiful day on the 22nd of June....Garry Sun's birthday.

What in the fuckity fuck fuck? BEST FRIEND? Not stalker?! You mean, *gasp* they KNOW each other?! So, which is it Tina, were you lying about him being a friend, or are you lying about him being a stalker? Fuck me, you're stupid.

Tina has since deleted that blog if this surprises anyone. But here you go, please feel free to read it in its entirety. *smiles politely*

This brings us to our last stop. A warm day in August. August 4th to be exact. The "romantic friendship" between Cuntzilla and Prophecy ended abruptly. She accused him of being the one that ginsu mastered her arms.

That's a pretty bold statement to make. And it seems she filed a lolsuit and a restraining order back then.

That's peculiar...

So wait, she filed ANOTHER restraining order, this time for him being a stalker? *shakes the confusion off*

It hurts my brain to even attempt to understand how someone could be as heinously dumb as the sociopath known as Tila Tequila. Stay tuned kids, I have no doubt that this latest event will have apocalyptic size repercussions for the porn muppet.

Garry, I know you're reading. And I only have one thing to say to you. I may be a dick, but looks like I was right. Here's your page of "evidence". Have fun! *winks*

Gnomiekins over and outie out.


Moogle said...

Welcome back Gnomey. It's good to see you snarking again.

Wow... interesting! A Shyla Jennings posted a comment "She might be celibate but hes [sic] not."

I feel sorry for Garry but this whole debacle is giving me a headache. How could he claim to be dating someone he's never met?

I guess I don't know much about the interwebz as I thought I did.


Tilasfansite said...

I remember Garry saying he wasn't paid by Tila. He's got so much evidence that he worked for her, including the NDA so why hasn't he gone to the CALIF LABOR BOARD and screw her back for not paying him? It doesn't cost him anything & he will gain everything.

el Poopo said...

Last 2 posts were GREAT posts! Fuck, ALL ur posts are incredible..I hope Twitla goes down..

Anonymous said...

So which Shyla Jennings was that on Casa's Facebook? The loop closes in…

Janelle said...

Gnome you dick, how dare you be correct and provide evidence to back it all up : )! So like others have said, the Shyla Jennings post on Casa's FB is interesting. Even if she wasn't a victim, it's still strange that she claims to not know who Sun is. Off topic, it's too bad she hasn't done a part two to her family history post, I so enjoyed the first one.

Joann said...

This post was pure gold Gnome. You damn near won the case for him.

I hope Gary drops the anger and start dealing with this skank in a hard core way.

Garry.....Gnome gave you excellent evidence that the bitch is lying about you please use it to bring her down and would you stop talking in riddles, at least until this is over. Thanks. Good luck dude.

The Gnome said...

I have no doubt that the "Shyla Jennings" that posts on the caps in this post, is the same one who played Garry like a fiddle. Skyylar? Tila? Who knows....but someones fuckin with his head that's fo sho

jessica said...

Gnome, I esp. missed your posts. Have always loved your writing style!!Ok I'll get off your nuts already!Garry please take this Tila skank down!!

Mason McDuffie said...

I am so freaking glad o have my daily dose of rotspot back. Thank you everyone that writes for this blog. You get me through my day for sure.

Joann said...

You know with all this craziness going on with Tila and Gary has anyone stopped to realize how many lives she has f*ck up or slandered in a derogatory way within the last 2 years.

These are just the ones I know about:
1. Shawnee Merriman
2. Casey Johnson
3. Casa Wilson
4. I would say Leo Madrid but I haven't heard a peep from him since he split from her. Mmmmmmm???
5. Mr. Bradsahw but he leaves and comes back so I really shouldn't count him.
6. Carlton Jordan...I don't think she said anything toO bad about him.
7. Raz B
8. And now Garry Sun.

I left Rob Johnson out but I was wondering what he was doing so I went to his twitter.

He's not doing it like he thought he would after listening to the skank and her lies and I don't think he's in the States but here's a link to a song he was singing and the dude can sing.

Maybe if a legit person with a record label or someone who knew someone big took him in, Rob might have had a decent chance of making it pretty big in the US.

whatathriller said...

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

Fan-fucking-tastic! Gary, grow a set already.You've got someone here who just did all the footwork for you...wanna redeem yourself? Well, there ya go. Either take some real action or stfu already because a.) you're getting annoying with your riddles and half ass claims. b.)you all around look like you're full of shit. If you can't use the info here to your advantage then you are dumber than ho bag, and that would be a damn shame.

Mystie said...

Here are my thoughts:
The real Shyla Jennings had nothing to do with this. Skylarr (or however the fuck you spell it) was pretending to be Shyla months and months ago.
We found her on Casas page, Garrys page...with her big ass head and low IQ.
Casa really believed he was chattin' it up with the real Shyla and blocked anyone who told him different.

Obviously, Skylarr also got in with Garry. (who, even though he got played...I still think he's a douche.)

Either Skylarr alone set up this fake kidnapping/terrorist story, or Tila and Skylarr did, or Garry and Skylarr did.
Who the hell knows the real story?
I'm personally leaning toward Skylarr alone.
She finally hit the jackpot of fuckery she's been wanting so long.

The REAL Shyla Jennings honestly had no idea she was being used that way.

Somewhere along the lines, Garry was played into the "I've got a gorgeous internet girlfriend...look at my facebook page...we post on each others wall!!!OMG"
He never met the 'fake' Shyla, probably talked to the fake Shyla on the phone, cause that's how Skylarr the whale works.

I bet 8 donuts and a photoshopped cat that Skylarr is trying to figure out how to get the fuck out of the mess she helped create. Or the whole Garry vs Tila drama is overshadowing her fuckery right now.

As someone said earlier, for Tila, any publicity is good publicity.
It's probably not far fetched to imagine that crooked bodyguard had a hand in it too....he's obvs another fame whore.

Jesus Christ---sex tape, kidnapping, terrorism, men with guns, drugs, asian rappers, porn stars, death, fake cards, fake babies, fake charities and well digging...its all a dream come true for Tila.
If she had nothing to do with any of the Skylarr/Shyla/Garry drama...she will damn well insert herself into it.

I love you guys and girls here at Rotspot...I do, I do, I do.

RockitQueen said...

Who is this Skylaar person exactly and why does she keep popping into Tila's sagas?? Is she a friend of the Gremlin's or just some random freak getting kicks out of fucking with Z-listers?

The whole Trinity escapade actually kind of freaked me out.

Kat said...

what about Kris Herzog?

Brittany said...

I think we should start doing "fan" art again. Those always put me in a good mood.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ti-Lin could help Tina out

Just One of Many said...

Okay, this makes me angry and sort of hostile about this whole thing. Tina is that dumb bitch that lies about crimes against women who makes it so much more difficult for women to be taken seriously when a legitimate crime has occurred. I hate the lying whore, and now it's not just a "cute" little white lie about a lambo or a mansion or FRIENDs for gods she's fucking with people's lives.

So this is her M.O., I guess, hook up with a guy quickly for her own ego or to make another guy jealous and dump him harshly when he doesn't deliver somehow. You guys forgot to add BAMFSCOTT/BIFF to that list. Sure we've never figured out who he was, or even if he was real, but she claimed to never have even known who this guy was on her twitter, but she let him write under the classiest name ever--Ilovebigtits....she admitted it was him, but then says she never knew him.

It never ends good for people like Tina. She's going to fuck with the wrong person one of these days and it's not going to end pretty.

Anonymous said...

..Why are we calling her Tina all of a sudden?

The Gnome said...

it's an inside joke...
when she was oh so happy that James Franco "went to her birthday party"
but really was just at the wrong place wrong time....
His people addressed her...and mistakingly called her Tina. It's just a little "haha" in her face to show her how very irrelevant she is.


Anonymous said...

ahahaha I get it, that's hilarious!

As you can tell I haven't kept up with the hogul at all...