Monday, November 8

postheadericon Tila's Big Move...HaHa

Today on Tila's flog she talks about moving into her new 3 story house. She makes sure to tell us all the details, but has yet to show ANY photos at all (like she ever has). In this blog post she seems to be fascinated by an elevator because she's too lazy to walk up 3 flights of stairs. For someone that wants to get involved in 'charity' work and can't even manage to slump up 3 sets of stairs... oh sad sad day.

But that isn't all, she claims that one of the MAIN reasons she wanted to move was because of *cough*someone*cough*. It's really sad that she is trying to make it seem like Garry, oh my bad, 'someone' is basically a threat to her safety.. Tila, come on, don't tell me you're trying to hide from the reporters that are seeking answers now thanks to Garry's recent interviews..

Tila ends her post with something along the lines of her 'blog' changing yet again. Is it going to be stuff about 5 year old Merch? More crap about *shivers* work, or maybe her coming clean (like THAT would ever happen). Well, whatever pointless thing it is I'm sure the RotSpot team will jump on it and give you all the deets :)

Added Note: I am so making a I support Garry Sun t-shirt and going to post it all over.


grebafan said...

I laughed so freaking hard at that pic. That was my laugh for the day. Thank you, thank, you :)

Joann said...

How was she going to help dig water wells in Africa if she's too lazy to walk up 3 flights of stars?

Didn't she say her mansion was for her birthday???

She claims to have 3 stories, an elevator, 5 bedrooms and 5 baths with a 6 car garage. LMAO.

You would think with a mansion that huge she would have sent pictures of it on TMZ and Radaronline to brag.

When someone puts her on a negative blast(as Garry did) she gets more ridiculous with what she's suppose to have, got or can do? Skank is an idiot.

Joann said...

Oops...meant 3 flights of stairs.

LOLz4EVz said...

I think I can iterpret Tina's description here:

"3 storys" = 2 levels + underground parking garage.

"5 bedrooms/5 bathrooms" = 5 1bed/1bath units, Unit A, Unit B, Unit C, Unit D (Tina's), and Unit E

"6 car garage" = 5 assigned spaces for tenants of said apartment building (and 1 handicap accessable for legal purposes)Tina can park there tho, they even painted it the same color as her LOLambo because "they" wanted her to feel soooo at home and welcome!

"Elevator" = DUH...handicap access to apartment building's upper level jacktard!!

"a storage" = The tiny 3'x3' dusty rat terd, spider infested cubby hole at the front of her assigned parking space.

"pool & jacuzzi" = it's So Cal, Princess Ass Hat, Welcome to apartment living, empty and broken, definitely not heated!!

"Onyx's Room" = at the pit bull rescue. NO BUILDING IN L.A. will allow PIT BULLS!! I have 2, I know!!!

"all my friends can stay" = at the Super 8 across the parking lot. It's totally crawling distance!

lolercopter said...

Her blog changing is probably going to be the change she said it was taking a month ago.

She's lucky her fans are so stupid because all she has to do is say sometime and her fans will do it, despite her never doing what she said she did.

I really can't wait for her to go down. I really hope it happens soon, I'm entirely sick of this bitch.

starfish said...

that is so funny, the picture, because, well, just because it something is a 3 story house, it could be a bunch of trailers stacked atop one another! 3 stories? come on, a boring townhouse consists of 3 stories! a nice house doesnt have to be a bunch of stories..but thats tila, FULL OF STORIES!

starfish said...

her fans are dumb, one even used the term stalker like she did in terms of calling tila out or something..

also, she tries to say that garry is a stalker, if she sent bodyguards to his place, than who is the stalker, the real stalker??


Cake Betch said...

LOLZ on the picture!!

amanda brooke. said...

Am I the only one who noticed that the week that she was "moving" the flog did not get updated once! Was her "staff" moving too?

Miz said...

Yes Amanda, I have inside knowledge that all her staff were moving with her -

The thumbs, who think up the stories, the forefingers that take the EXCLUSIVE!! pictures, the middles, who do most of the bashing on the keyboard, the wedding fingers (HA!) and the little appreciated pinkies she sometimes sucks on for sympathy.

All ten selfishly took leave to move too, how inconsiderate! Next time Tila, (because I know youll move into the sultan of brunei's next, since you make more dollah than him) here's a great tip, chop the hands off so they can continue writing while you live the high life. Or die. Whatever works.

Joann said...

@ amanda brooke....yes I saw that. I don't why she keep up the charade of having a large staff on her piece of crap blog when everyone except her AOI's know it and if they did they would be too scared to call her out on it.

LOLz4EVz....your comment was too funny and probably hit the nail on the head re her new "mansion". lol.

Cathy said...

I am not sure why she needs a big staff. its not like you need a huge staff to RSS feed stories from everyone elses websites. Not to mention she doesnt need a whole staff to write about herself. She and Jane and whomever else lives in her gargantuan head can handle that all on their own.

Oh and great pics. Why does one need an elevator for a 3 story house. It is at best 2 flights of stairs and probably pretty short ones at that. I live in a three story house now. No elevator needed here. I grew up in a tri level with a basement technically "4" FLOORS again no elevators here.
Sounds like an apartment to me....

Jacqueline said...

LMAO @ the pic....ha guys rock

Isis said...

I have to fight the urge to gouge my eyes out with a hot blow torch after reading this comment:

· 6 hours ago
cast like a whimsical spell, a talent you lay claim to excel
lacking the ability to tell, they're lost where drawn to dwell
like sheep on a barn or snakes on a plane,
subconsciously tampered once again they are the same,
clueless and ignorant in ever so sweet bliss,
but when one comes to, there's no choice but to resist,
the keys on a board seem only an arm's reach away,
to feel what's true won't be for months, weeks, or even a day


(yes, they really referenced Snakes on a Plane in this poem.)

BKiddo said...

I agree Joann, and nice job Awesome A. :)

SammiDe said...

I am sooooo buying that T-Shirt!! LOL!!

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

LOL @ her staff moving too. omgaaaaaaaaah,it still cracks me up every time I think about how dumb she must think everyone else is. She has the mind of like a 10 year old...I'm sure that's offensive to 10 yr olds everywhere but damn...chick is an imbecile. lol

Btw, my twitter is: SaigonWhoreNum1 and I am Veronica Marrs on facebook if anyone wants to add me. I haven't made much of an effort with twitter but I am going to attempt it and see what it's all about. lol And facebook...well my regular people are boring as hell. I need some action. o.O

BigPoppaPhat said...

"Three stories" means three different stories on where and why she's moving.

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