Friday, November 5

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I've got a mix of thoughts today kiddies, so we're entitling this post Hodge Podge. It'll be all over the place but my points are short, so feel free to pick and choose what you'd like to ponder. We'll start with the somewhat connection/argument about the restraining order.

We've already poked the fun at the 10 yards aspect, but in the midst of comments, I'd like to clarify a few things by comparison to another douche that was also around Tila. Raz B. In case you haven't heard, Marques Houston successfully filed an RO against him. There's again, too much drama for this mama to cover all the angles, but suffice it to say - Houston felt his life was threatened. Now, here's the fun part - Tila also claimed this against Garry. I have copies of both orders filed and some even argued that Tila was granted the RO so therefore she didn't have to pay. I present for you a comparison of the RO's. What makes this interesting is there's somewhat of a similar thread in that they knew each other, had some history, had some really psycho stuff claimed from both sides and someone felt creeped out enough to go file. Difference? You emailed, tweeted and/or PMed me how I might know what Tila did or didn't bring up during RO being issued. I could tell you all day that not only was she given 10 yards so it basically protected her physical being but not really anything of consequence, but she had to pay for it. Well, here's your proof - so to speak - about a truly threatening situation with proof and Tila's claims and the judge doing what he had to to get her to go away. (Both copies were available via Radar Online.)

Now, here are the orders, side by side. Notice the difference in yardage. Tila asked for and was denied 100 yards from the man she "claims" on the internet (but apparently not to the judge - curious no?) attempted to kill her. Houston's claim is that Raz B threatened. See the difference in severity? If reasonable information was provided, or even a slight remote bit of proof as Houston showed, Tila would have been given the full 100 yds.

The other glaring point is the filing fee. More often than not, people without proof or people who threaten lawsuits often are required to pay the filing fees upfront. Those with real issues are not required as the judge deems it necessary for safety. 'Ello - what's this?
Tila had to pay the fees to file. Houston did not. What makes that important is the judge not only felt she wasn't in enough danger to warrant a regular, run-of-the-mill RO, but made Tila pay for it. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's logiiiiiiiiiiiiiistics. (Sorry, couldn't get that out of my head and you kinda need logical thinking - aw hell, you know where I was going. :D )

What did Tila's lawyer, Alan Gutman say when Garry first filed on Tila? Well, it's quite ironic:
"Mr. Sun's filing shows that anyone can file anything in a courthouse. He will undoubtedly be held accountable by appropriate authorities for making these false allegations."
FYI, as far as I could find, not a single "authority" has charged or investigated Garry for anything. (This does not mean he hasn't, but given both people's propensity to blab....)

Next topic!
Garry's Radio Interview - while it makes for some damn good fodder for us, some insight, whatever you want to call it, Garry is beginning to leech onto the famewhoring himself. He has a strong case for a counter suit, but when you go to far... you help her. Do I think Garry should defend himself? Yes - at the right place and right time, say.... in court. But since I only care about lolz around Tila, speak away my dear, we're enjoying it! All that could come out of it, is the judge laughs and tosses them both - as it stood and I noted in a prior post of mine, Garry had a case to win. I don't believe that is the case any longer.

Next topic!
Tila buying another mansion - I've covered the failed logics in which one would not only buy Raz B a mansion, but herself a mansion, then move again a few months later, one thing dawned on me earlier today while wafting in self pity that my ice cream melted. If one had planned on a trip for months to go out of the country, hell the continent, why would you set a closing date for the times you were "supposed" to be away? Curious no?

Next topic!
Where's Rob, the New Zealander (I get that right Pix? :) ) Where's the Texas Twinz? Where is that hot girl group that "won" a singing show (Gah, the name of the group escapes me for all to hell!)? Where's that hot football star you represented? Where's that hot model you stole from Ford? We were supposed to see them by now!

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Where's the iPhone app? Why did your dating site die after less than 6 months active? Why did your clothing line you bragged about die after a year? Where's the comic book?

Next topic!
By now, if we counted all of Tila's pregnancies and stories, in the last year, she would have 4 children, 4 more adopted (with one being Ava Johnson) and twins on the way next month. Most of them named Jayden. Most of them with 5 different baby daddies. In fact, where's the bills Tila promised her fans (and haters alike) from her medical visits, her miscarriage and her IVF?

Next topic!
We are approaching a year out from TamponGate. Will Tila mark the anniversary by shooting a tampon out of her twat in two weeks?

Next topic!
What happened to "my blog won't be about celeb stories anymore but more about ME ME ME!"? It's still an RSS feed of other stories, and quite frankly the most boring ones. All the "exclusives" that any other rag had the slightest interest in were sold to other outlets. Way to treat your fans to "you you you". You sold off all the stories AND copies of documents, instead of driving traffic to your site. Is that because you know it's failed so hard that if you didn't put it up there, no one would see it? Sorta like that tree falls in the forest scenario?

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What happened to Tila raving over being with Kid Rock? We knew you wouldn't admit to being with an impersonator! Were you so drunk and coked out that you couldn't tell the difference? What about Franco?

Next topic!
Where's the lawsuit against ICP and the Gathering organizers? The lawsuit against Raz? Casa? Numerous blogs? In fact, where is ANY lawsuit?

Final thought:
As we enter the holiday season, expect more from her. We haven't seen the end of this paparazzo/Tila battle on the internets. It'll be tossed out of court, but she'll cry she won, then open her mouth. Prepare your screencaps kids. She did the same thing when she was ordered to keep her cum trap shut and didn't and tried to delete it faster than she typed it. As it winds down from all the fun over the next few weeks and the court case is heard, she'll be crying for more attention. Maybe I should open a pool up about what day she'll tweet how lonely she is and "this time last year, I was with my wifey" for sympathy from her mentally deranged teenage bottom dwellers.


alison m m said...

"Garry is beginning to leech onto the famewhoring himself"
... come on now, that is outright bitchy ...
Don't go shooting the messenger.

Joann said...

The only thing I really ponder is how did she get so screwed up.

I definitely don't believe the story she tells about her childhood and all the the things that happen to her as she was growing up, but I wonder what really happened to her in her formative years.

We may never know what made her like she is but she is definitely one f*cked up human being.

Pixilix said...

Haha thanks you got that 100% correct tnknfor that doll you made my day with that <3

HottyRotty said...

I personally think Garry is doin' the right thing right now. Famewhoring? I dunno about that. I think we're (the haters) are his ammunition and keepin' him going. We're fired up and asking him questions. Think about it, if he stayed quiet we'd be callin' him a little bitch...

Great post as always ladyfriend :)

k.colds said...

Joann: I'm quite sure she was abused by a sociopath during her childhood or teen years. When someone repeatedly does something to you during the time when your adult personality is starting to form, it's very difficult to not be the same as the abuser when you grow up. I am sure we share the same life story, unfortunately she chose the wrong path and she is not only destroying herself, but also all the people that get involved with her. She only sees them as pawns she can use and when their purpose is over, she crushes them.

Seola Uno said...

First, I think it's important we balance each other out - the writers all have different opinions and I think it's interesting to be able to voice those and get feedback from different angles.

Rotty, I agree to a point with you about if Garry talked. The difference in Garry's situation is he's the first to actually have a pending lawsuit AND an RO against him. I'm going to assume, that based on his comments, he hasn't retained a lawyer because a lawyer would have dropped him after that. Not only that, but he had a strong case for defamation himself which would have vindicated him. This isn't like Bitch Boy CJ where it was "yes, I am", "no, I am not" and back and forth and stupid playground shit that amused him.

Why put up a video, take it down, only to go onto much worse? That is shady in itself and is reminiscent of Tila. In this particular situation, it would not only be wiser to have the courts deal with some of the aspects (I'm not saying he can't stand up for himself at ALL) while keeping the gossip to a minimum when it comes to convictions and/or money. Like I said - WE all love it, but from a legal standpoint, he buried himself and if he was TRULY hurt and being lied against by Tila, I'd rather he win in the courts instead of public opinion so he gets his due and then we can laugh on about that.

k.colds - I don't think this is the case. I feel it's more towards the taste of fame, it went away because she is so shallow and she's desperately trying to get it back. In her childhood years, she's said she's lived in a Buddhist commune then attempted to tell us the horrors of having to work in a flea market. I think she was under strict rule, given her parents immigration and the general consensus of family honor among Vietnamese.

I would seriously doubt, what she has went through would be anything of compare to many of us, including me, in our childhoods. Her stories never match up for her childhood nor her teenage years. This is more of a need to be important - she was more likely a middle child under strict rule, and probably has a learning disability. She has no ability to comprehend consequences. This isn't something that forms from abuse but rather a connection from work to reward.

Moogle said...

Seola Uno said...
"First, I think it's important we balance each other out - the writers all have different opinions and I think it's interesting to be able to voice those and get feedback from different angles."

I approve of this statement. This is what I really like about the differencing of the writing angles from each individual. Otherwise, this blog would be failsauce much like Thien's flog if all of the unique writers were to blog with the same one tracked minds that Thien's fail army collectively conjures and sadly, seems so proud of themselves.

I've always pegged Thien to be a misogynist. What, with so many unwarranted venomous diatribes against more famous women than herself? The dead give away to me is that she doesn't seem to have many female friends. And if so, the friendship never seems to last but I suppose one could argue that that same logic could be applied to both genders.

I wonder if she has mummy issues? I say this because I, hapa rice eyes, grew up with having slightly similar emotions under the glare of a cold hearted unloving Japanese traditional cunt for an adoptive "mother". Except I don't live my life in a world of lies nor cry wolf and sue everyone and their dogs within an inch of their lives.

I am wondering about her disconnect with consequential realities. She, quite clearly, shows her mental/emotional arrested development to be on par with a 6 years old (no offense to 6yo). She knows deep down she's only fooling herself into thinking that she has the world (with all 5 people in it) wrapped around her finger.

In her extreme narcissistic eyes, she can do no wrong. It's her against the world and she has something to prove. What that is, I don't think we'll ever know. Unless it's just to successfully sue someone someday. That seems to be her MO. She is one litigious troll.

As for this Garry, you ladies have given him the ammo and it's his play now and needs to use this to strategise accordingly. If he pulls a Carlton Jordan, I don't think I will ever, believe or respect him.

k.colds said...

Seola: "In her childhood years, she's said she's lived in a Buddhist commune then attempted to tell us the horrors of having to work in a flea market. I think she was under strict rule, given her parents immigration and the general consensus of family honor among Vietnamese."

Well, I don't believe anything she's said about her childhood. Only by contacting some other family member we may find out if this story is actually true. It might be the case that the parents were too strict and she was rebelling against that by using drugs etc., but I don't think that this is the only possibility. She could also be a spoiled kid and did what she wanted without suffering any consequences until it was too late. She is obviously lost in the world right now and needs other people to take care of her basic needs. After they stop cooperating, she crushes them and moves to some other "parent".

k.colds said...

"I feel it's more towards the taste of fame, it went away because she is so shallow and she's desperately trying to get it back."

You are right, without the taste of fame, she probably wouldn't be so messed up. BUT she obviously was messed up even before she actually became "famous" for a brief moment. I remember reading some post from someone who went to high school with her and the person wrote that she was a pathological liar even back in the day.

k.colds said...

"I would seriously doubt, what she has went through would be anything of compare to many of us, including me, in our childhoods. Her stories never match up for her childhood nor her teenage years. This is more of a need to be important."

I agree with you about the need to be important. This need may form from a lot of issues. One of them may be when someone keeps telling you you are an unworthy human being during times that are critical for your development. When someone makes you feel like a scum during that time, it leaves deeps scars because kids during puberty are very sensitive about themselves even without having someone who constantly brings them down in their lives.
She also obviously has issues with her body image which may also come from this type of abuse.

Tess said...

I don't believe Tila's childhood has much to do with her crazy skank antics. I think that's actually why her family is kept out of the picture.

Tila created an on-line fantasy world on My Space and people bought into it. Nobody cared if what she said was true or real ..because she was young and cute and half naked. Let's face it, even Tila's reality show, "Shot Of Love" was a staged fantasy world made for TV entertainment.

Unfortunately, Tila thought she could just continue the fantasy and the lies when her career moved into real time. But, then she got older and boring and the audience stop caring. She became desperate. I honestly think she reads the tabloids to see what's getting other people in the news and then tries to recreate their stories as her own. The more she gets caught in lies, the more bizarre and outrageous and skanky she becomes. Sadly, that may get her occasional tabloid attention and a whole lot of fuckery in her life, but it certainly doesn't get her any respect.

She's turned into a lonely, jealous,immature 29 yo chick who has a fucked up perception of how to handle Hollywood ..probably because she's incapable of forming any healthy relationships with real people.

Kungfukitten said...

Remember the comment on her old website from someone who claimed to be a former classmate?

Basically she's been pulling the same stunts all her life. I think since she dropped out of high school she still has that mentality, this is why she courts her younger fans.