Tuesday, November 2

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Miss Seola had a great day. A wonderful day personally. I watch the fuckery unfold tonight and it just got a smidgen better. As I pointed out in my last post - Tila filed a restraining order and won the right to 10 yards. I've seen the documents and as I stated before, he can be in the same restaurant and not get in trouble. Nowhere in the document does it actually state they cannot be at the same event.

So what does TMZ post tonight? Tila crying about not being a terrorist. We all have our theories and crazy ideas on what happened. I personally have no proof on my theories, but I believe all roads lead back to Tila and leave it at that.

Tila has gone on the attack in her legal war with a paparazzo who used to work for her named Garry Sun -- claiming she never sent hit men to kill him ... despite an allegation he made to an entertainment news website. But Tila is most pissed that Garry is insisting he and Tila had dated in the past -- because in new legal docs Tila filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, she clearly states, "[Garry] is not an ex-boyfriend." Tila is now suing Garry for defamation -- and breaching a confidentiality agreement Sun signed when he began to work for her back in May.
I can't improve on a comment on TMZ below the fold (currently as #3 in line):

If all Garry Sun says is a lie, then how can he have broke a confidentiality agreement? You can only break a confidentiality agreement if you tell the truth.
Even more interesting, Garry tweeted the other day that he has a birthday card that Tila sent him that's proof they were in a relationship. He has it side by side with a card Tila claims Casey Johnson sent her. The card Casey allegedly sent Tila is in the exact same handwriting as the card Garry Sun says Tila gave him for his birthday. Even the sentiments in the card are almost identical. So either Garry forged Casey's handwriting and then sent himself a bogus card, or Tila wrote both the card FROM Casey and the card TO Garry.
TMZ says Garry has only been working for Tila since May. Casey died in January. Tila posted that card 'from' Casey soon after she died, so it doesnt seem possible Garry could have written both cards, but does seem likely that Tila did.

 What is interesting in all this, is that Tila has openly (and some deleted with the proof being on this very blog) that Garry has been "friends" - something you do not call a suboordinate that works for you. She's called him several endearing names. In filing her suit, she hath openeth the canneth of worms... eth. Garry is generally cryptic. Whether it actually is anything intelligent I suppose is up for debate but aside from some stupid signs, he has not gone nearly as far as Tila. Tila has not only (after crediting several other reasons for arm-meet-gate) accused him of murder publicly, again, she's terrified now yet not for her life to file a police report when there was actual injury, but in all her rantings, has continually boasted about her filing (which so far has included all but paying filing fees on her part and nothing else) but continually bashed him, and has actually made statements directly related to his career.

Defamation cases have to prove that not only was there straight defamation, but there was a loss incurred based on the defamation. Tila has not only lied about anything and everything under the sun, but already has a documented court case based on the sex tape released in which a judge said her reputation was shit. Tila has directly addressed vocation and character AFTER her filing on Garry - which, under most judges will toss out anything related after because she's publicly bashing him, as I noted, could be considered enticement, retribution (after asking the court to intervene), entrapment and given her statements, could actually stand alone in a counter suit for defamation.

Now... we have all this - Tila makes a big deal out of Garry being served. Whoop de doo. That's the process of the law when filing the RO - whether the claim is substantiated or not. I can come file on you, yes you, you jag off! You'd get served too. I could say you threatened to stick my hamster up your ass. It takes nothing. Quite frankly, if you threatened that, I'd probably get the 100 yards... not the *snicker* 10 yards.

Now, to make this post even longer, let's assess Tila's reaction, shall we kids?

Rather than smudge her webpage, we'll quote, counterpoint in the following. Stay with me kids, lots of info here!

So last week after paparazzi, Garry Sun made tons of highly false and laughable allegations against me, saying I’m a killer, kidnapper, extortionist, etc, etc, and even after his so called “GIRLFRIEND” that I supposedly kidnapped came out saying she had NO IDEA who Garry Sun is, all of Sun’s lies kept proving to be false one after the next. You would think after being caught LYING to the EXTREME with all types of proof, Papparazzo Garry Sun would just pipe down and move on with his life and leave us all alone! Especially after Garry Sun was successfully served with my restraining order by the Sheriff to stay away from me at all costs!

We have already seen Tila and others slip up in some now deleted comments on her flog and in Facebook postings that not only did Tila speak of both of them in context, but discussing each other. Now, the catch is who was who, but from Garry's angle, based off Tila's info - one could easily reason that he actually believed in his cyber girlfriend being who she was. Incredibly, we have no proof of anything of Garry's being lies except a girl saying she didn't know him. SHE may not have herself, but someone claiming to be her COULD have been - that very someone who is known to be in cohorts with Tila. Not to mention, again, being served means the order was followed without substantiation, just til the next court date.

It could have been just left at that and we can all move on with our damn lives, which I sure have, as I have better things to do in my life than focus on all of Garry’s lies. However, he just doesn’t know when to just stop and say no and admit defeat. So now I am happy to say that not only did the judge grant me a restraining order against this crazed paparazzo, I have also filed a lawsuit against Sun for extreme defamation and slander! You know, I feel really sorry for him. He wants all this attention and even though nobody care’s who the hell he is and even though I won the cases against him, and even though other people have come out calling him a blatant liar, Garry continues to make up little stories in his head.
Oh really, could have been left at that? I was unaware giving "exclusives" to TMZ and Radar AND Tweeting AND posting on a flog is "leaving it at that" and "moving on". She speaks of getting the RO (again, a whopping 10 yards), but that she filed a lawsuit. She did this and LOST because her rep is nil with her suit to stop the sex tape (cause you know, it'd hurt her pr0n sales if it came out first). She also boasts of "won the cases against him" when an RO is NOT, I repeat NOT a case, and filing does not equal "winning". All she has done is ponied up money to file legal documents. I still sense a feeling of giggle when I see her call others liars though (Hey Tila, where's those copies of the medical documents on your miscarriage and IVF or proof of Game being deadbeat daddy - something I still don't get you can be deadbeat before a child would even be born but eh). There's posts and posts just here documenting all her lies. And that's just what we've come to know - not even following her last year much or before.

I don’t know why he is doing this but all I know is that I feel really sorry for him. He must be a very lonely paparazzi who, after stalking celebrities for so long, and trying to be a part of the Hollywood scene, I think it’s all finally got to him so now he wants a piece of his 15 minutes of fame by slandering my name. Everyone I know who works in Hollywood has been asking me why has he gone so crazy? (we all know each other through the blogging world and paparazzi world) and to be honest? I have NO IDEA what he’s been doing or what is causing him to behave this way.
Anyone able to tell me what jumps out from this statement first? Yes, the "lonely paparazzi after stalking celebs so long" - if it was that long, why did Tila hire him? If she thought he was scum before and is soooooo aware of people riding her coattails wouldn't this guy have SCREAMED creepy BEFORE she hired him? She claimed to have lured people away for her flog to work for her - this would mean he was working, and doing it well, before she hired him. But "everyone I know" is regulated to a whole two people who will come near the herps - who are herps themselves - Kate and Michael - you know, those loser assholes that she claimed them to be? And what is the "blogging world"? I know of several major that refuse to have anything to do with her, several more that have her on ban. And frankly, Garry has not been hit by a celeb car, given a ticket, caused a car accident, found outside celeb kids schools, had his license taken or any other of the creepy ass paparazzi scandals as of late. So he's certainly not the worst of the crop.

All I know is that I am just as shocked as anyone else out there (people who know Garry Sun) on why he is acting SO CRAZY? That, I don’t have a question for. All I can do is file my restraining order to protect my safety from him, and next up is a lawsuit for him slandering my name as well as defamation for those highly serious allegations that have proven to be UNTRUE! Sun has gotten himself in A LOT of trouble, over what? I don’t know, but I really hope he gets the help that he truly needs right now. I pray that his health and mental state will be in a better place, but for now, I’m happy that the legal system has granted me protection from his dangerous antics as well as my lawsuit against him. He will pay for the hurtful lies that he is going around yapping to people. I even feel bad for the girl he “CLAIMED” is his girlfriend, because he has no idea who he is, and the fact that he’s dragging her into his crazy escapades, he should apologize to her as well for throwing her name into something he made up.
Huh? This was a lot of ramble. She's shocked, yet the paragraph before she says he's been a loser for a while? I'd think a "highly serious allegation" of attempted murder that Tila did on him, before shit even hit the fan is far worse than someone calling her an alien and kidnapper. Here's what IS interesting in this paragraph - she mocks his health and mental state. I.E. - she's acting like she has inside knowledge that he is not well in the head. Can anyone tell me the plea that is the most common for reduced sentencing and/or case dismissal? Mental grounds - good one Tila, you just admitted you think he isn't sane. So when are you going to apologize to the Johnsons? Hiltons? Game? Avante? P. Diddy? Raz what's his face (how's that lawsuit btw and where's that Aussie guy?)? And so on and so on.

At this point, I’m not even angry or upset at this paparazzo. I just feel very sorry for him. He seems like a lost and lonely soul who has nothing better to do in his life.
You can read about my lawsuit updated on TMZ today Here.
Anyway…. I’m not focusing or playing into Garry’s fairytale world anymore. I have a real life to tend to and I will just let my lawyer’s deal with Sun and let the judge handle everything. I am excited about my new house and I love my friends….. so the rest is history! However, Garry WILL have to pay for the damage that he’s done, and he will. Thanks again everyone for your support. I mean seriously, how would you feel if someone made up these lies about you??? What would YOU do to this person??? Let me know!
If you aren't angry and you feel bad for them - you recommend mental health, not file a civil suit. If you don't feel anything for them negative and just sorry for them, you don't spend hours writing blogs on him, Tweets on him and calling every pap and blog you can that will come near you to give "exclusives". Nice plug on TMZ though - why can't you host and show your own documents? *snicker* Don't lie Tila, your "real life" consists of snorts, tokes and swallows (take that one as you will - considering we still haven't seen a lawsuit filed for breaking the story she was doing Japanese biz men). More importantly though, if Garry was such a loser before, no one would work with him before, and she only paid him barely AND he isn't working because "everyone knows he's" this, that and the other - what money is she suing him for? There shouldn't be any!

Last note: On the house thing - I wanted to examine this quickly. She supposedly bought a new home 6 months ago. We all know better because of the shitty background areas in her photos and videos and locations used when she was "in danger". But if we were to take her at her word, like the Army would, let's play this out. She bought a home 6 months ago - this week, moves out - we should see her current home up for sale right? We should also see her take a huge loss since the areas she's been in have lost about 8% in housing market, so her prior 3 floor with a pool mansion would not only be up for sale, but worth about $100,000 less based on her brags. Not only all this, but she's closed escrow on ANOTHER mansion, while not having the prior one with mortgage sold (since she paid cash for Raz's house, remember?) in less than a week. It takes longer than that for an inspection and appraisal to go through along with filing for a change of ownership. (P.S. In my own research, which is limited, not entire, there are no houses that were up for sale with the specs she listed in that area.)

You now have a novel from Miss Seola. It's long, but there was so much lolz in my mind tonight, it was worth it!


lolercopter said...

I wanna have your baby.

Brittne Rehrauer said...

Hey guys -

I was banned from her Twitter a while ago. I also can't leave comments on her flog anymore, so I rarely go to it. Did she write a blog about the specs on her new condomansion? If so, where might I find these? I'm DYING to see how many bedrooms/living rooms/ tiny kitchens she has this time.

And I really hope her guests at the new condomansion are more respectful and don't leave the toilet in the guest bathroom a mess again - just thinking back to the clear water and sparkling toilet seat makes me shudder.

Pixilix said...

This is a good post just Rob I a New Zealander not an Aussie! Sorry just get a bit miffed probly like if I called u guys Canadians !

Tess said...

The whole thing is just so ridiculous, I can't believe a judge would take any of this seriously beyond granting her a 10yd restraining order. My guess is that Tila is filing "suits" simply to get her name on TMZ. If it doesn't get thrown out of court first, I can't see Tila proceeding with it unless Garry has major assets (like Merriman). Tila doesn't sue for principle, she sues for money.

The only thing that may be interesting about this is what Tila will say Garry did to breach the nondisclosure agreement. Is it a breach to say they were dating or show a birthday card? I don't know.

It's all so stupid I feel embarrassed for them ..Tila and Garry both need to just stfu and move on..

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Unbelievable post. I mean very believable! I mean unbelievable in a way that it is unbelievable that there is no level to that the whore will not go to.

Awesome job!

I think I just came a little bit reading this.

Just One of Many said...

hahahaha...."Miss Seola"!

I love how you flip from first to third person...nice incorporation of Tila fuckery.

I've been banned from her flog again. Probably better that way. I think the "James Franco" thing hits a real nerve with Tina.

Thanks for the post Seola. You guys are so much more entertaining to read.

Just One of Many said...

...and another thing...is anyone else getting sort of excited that we may have the (slim) chance of seeing this fuckery go to trial? I mean, tiniest of chances, since this shit is about to get dismissed in 5...4...3....

Should it be assigned to a crack head judge who for whatever reason doesn't dismiss it right away and immediately sanction Tina's lolyer for court fuckery, then I will travel all the way across the country from DC to see Tina take the stand. To watch her melt and perjure herself on the stand would almost make all of this worth it.

Joann said...

LOL...I want Tila to keep talking. She got the TRO and thinks she won the case..That's how stupid she is, so let her continue to think this. LMAO.

Now she has false confidence and talking more shit than ever.

I guarantee you she will talk herself right out of this case and the "lawsuit" and hopefully end up in jail(I doubt it but it would be nice). I feel for her lawyer.

Garry acted out of anger when he should have been gathering proof of her actions then going to the press.

Patiently waiting to see how this will play out. Great post Seola.

Janelle said...

Thanks for breaking it all down! Her flog is getting painful to read, although I do still like to go there and read comments here and there. Wondering how long it's gonna take her to crash and burn.

Mark said...

Awesome post! That really made my night especially the stuff about the new mansion. This is going to be good. She always tells these lies for no good reason and get's babooned by rotspot. You guys rule!

whatathriller said...


SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

What was up with the soft porn music playing in that Garry Sun video whatathriller posted? I almost couldn't get past that. It was like watching Cinemax after dark complete with bad acting. Garry has a point about whether she wants to sue for defamation or breech of confidentiality contract. Makes sense. You can't have your cake and eat it too, Tina.

lololololol....I love James Franco so much for her!

Hannah said...

Love love love. You owned her so many times in this post. I never would have thought to put the two letters side by side and that is fucked up. The handwriting is almost exactly the same. How pathetic do you have to be to forge love letters to yourself? Love letters that include creepy statements like "you're going to be such a great mommy to Ava." Sick and twisted. Anyways, this post was genius Seola.

Seola Uno said...

lolcopter - okay!

Brittne - it's a combination of posts, comments, videos, etc. between her and others. I'm definitely and admittedly not the best screen capturer-er-er. I get what I do sometimes, other times I just reference it because I know it's out there (like the post after this that shows my comments on knowing Garry, calling him all sorts of lovey dovey crap and her jabbering about him that definitely connects them romantically).

Pixilix - my apologies, I honestly couldn't even remember his name. And I didn't pay much attention, but I thought New Zealand was part of Australia and the Aussie tag would apply just like all Canadians and Americans are North Americans.

Just One - I honestly don't believe we will see a trial. Sheepishly or triumphantly, or however you choose to see it, there is too much info out there, even just on this blog alone that shows too many inconsistencies. A lawyer would see a site like this (which we know Garry is aware of) and if I were them, use it as a basis to get cached info, know where certain items were posted, etc. It's just good research. I'm not saying we would be directly responsible or anything of the sort, but it would be stupid to dismiss a blog that has captures of her words with dates and times on them that could lead you to a wide open case with a countersuit possible.

Hannah, I let that TMZ comment address the photo of the writing, but I honestly can't see a damn thing. I think the comparison is too blurry for my own comments on it and with that would make for a boring separate blog post.

Just One of Many said...

Seola, I agree--chances of this even making it to trial are slim to none. First, Tina doesn't have that sort of attention span to make it all the way through a trial, once her lolyers explain to her what all it would entail. Second, I think you hit the nail on the head by pointing out that she is a dumb ho looking for a quick settlement, and when she figures out that she won't get it, this lol suit will disappear like all the others did.

I mean, I can't even imagine what her lawyer is thinking. He has to know what type of lunatic he's dealing with, with Tina as a client. He has probably explained to her her poor chances of this case ever even seeing the light of day, but she probably just persists and has him "drafting up" his restraining orders in the middle of the night. Not only that, it doesn't seem that Garry is made of lambo or porn money, so I'm not sure what this trick is hoping to accomplish with this obviously frivolous suit. I would love to see her lawyer get sanctioned and her get bitched out for clogging up the courts with her shit suits and for wasting tax payer money. This shit makes me sick, when you consider the incredible deficit CA is facing right now.

Anyway, I love that the RS writers balance each other out with their talents--Seola, it's obvious that you are the legal and analytical mind and I like your writing. Hope you keep up the lols!

Pixilix said...

Seola Uno: its ok! New Zealand is its own country we have our own goverment and so on..... just were a shitty little country no one really gives a crap about some times refered to as the asshole of the world!

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