Wednesday, November 3

postheadericon Which is it Tina!??!?!

Breech of confidentiality OR defamation?!?!?!

Nobody knows 100% who/what was behind all of this ... except the person who did it *cough*Tila*cough*.  My personal opinion is that her and Skylar tag teamed this situation and thought that they were going to fuck with Garry Sun.  They've succeeded in one way or another.  But if Garry plays his cards right, I believe he can take this bitch down.  I actually believe him that there were armed men at his house.  Do you guys remember the big, bad bodyguard group Twatface "hired" awhile back?  Rumor on the street is he's not so credible.  I wonder what he'd do for a blowjob or two from the porn muppet herself!??!  Things that make you go hmmmm....


Isis said...

They both seem to be from the
"any publicity is no publicity" school of thought, and that one Youtube video someone left in your comments on another post only had like a dozen views on it so far.

Moogle said...

One of the convicted goons that works(ed) for the Bodyguard Group was none other than Kristian Herzog (fat bald dude) whom Mel-tdown Gibson had an TRO against him and his daughter Lucia.

He was Oksaloon Gold-diggereiva's personal bodyguard and confidante of whom he allegedly made death threats and attempted to conspire to kill an alleged MG's mistress.

Was that the same bald freak that Thien threaten to sue alleging that he made sexual advances towards her?

I'm too lazy to look shit up right now but feel free to contradict me. =)

Isis said...

any publicity is GOOD publicity, sorry for the typo lol

Tess said...

I think its good that the Rotspot is giving Garry a voice since Tila is certainly using this debauchery to trash him for media attention.

Garry stated that he spoke to the "alleged victim" on the phone so obviously there will be phone records. I suggest Garry use those phone records to find out who this "alleged victim" really is and to see if it leads to a connection to Tila.

I still find it hard to believe this mess will actually go to trial. Trials are expensive and will expose a whole lot of Tila fuckery and unless Tila thinks she can make big bucks by pursuing this, I doubt its worth the effort. I guess that depends on Garry's assets. Its such a ridiculous story, I find it hard to imagine a judge would take any of this seriously

lolercopter said...

Tila wants a settlement. That's how she makes her money. I'm sure there will be no trial, Tila's lawyer should be smart enough to know that if she gets near a witness stand that the Bible is going to burst into flames the moment her hand touches it.

Garry needs to trace the real person at the end of that phone and get her talking, if she's done anything illegal, she'll flip if there is someone to flip on.

Seola Uno said...

Tess - it's not so much giving Garry a voice - lots of us (us in general, not the writers) think he's a douche. The crazy antics and lies just happen to deal with him.

Joann said...

Gary may like getting a lot of publicity too but in this case I agree with Seola,Gary was played.

I think the skank and Shyla or whatever her name is put this in motion to set Gary up a while ago for whatever reason I don't know.

IMO, the whole Shyla and Gary "romance" was fake from jump(only Gary didn't know it). The fake phone call was made by Shyla(Gary said he heard Tila in the background) and Gary reacted out of anger and fear thus the signs and statements.

The biatch would get a serious beat down for sending someone over to my house f*cking with my parent.

If you can still find the video of Tila arriving at her birthday party check out her attitude when the paps are asking her did she kidnap anyone and her answer was "me...I don't know".

She didn't ask who said that, who got kidnapped or why are they bringing her name into this. NADA.

I knew right then she was in on it. This goes to show you how evil this biatch truly is.

I really hope Gary can bring her down.

Tess said...

Seola - I didn't mean that anyone is supporting Garry by giving him a voice. I just appreciate Rotty posting his video because he is involved and I was interested in what he had to say.

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