Wednesday, November 3

postheadericon Will Tila Bless the Rains Down in Africa?

Greetings all, sorry if I ruined the Toto song for you, I'm a sucker for pop culture and can't help slipping some in here and there. If you don't know the song, please don't tell me, I made a Punky Brewster reference the other day that went over the head of the person it was sent too, that made me feel old (call me Soleil, I still love you). Anyway, TRS is all a flutter with the biggest bit of fuckery since Arm Meet Gate and while I can't wait to see how this plays out, I want to address something that everyone knew was a lie from the moment it left whore lips.

Be warned though, the following post does actually include something good Tila did, sorry, in uncovering the lie, I also found a bit of truth. If she had left it at that, we'd have nothing to report, however her extreme narcissim (isn't it sad that extreme doesn't feel like it describes it enough?) caused her to distort and lie. As with just about everything she does. So since it's Nov, let's break down an October promise.

And we all know after the sex tape "incident" that Tila had her passports pulled, because you can't do charity work with a sex tape, right? Oh wait, now it's okay? So of course she invites the 15 year olds in her army to join her in Africa. Yes, between "it's so dangerous I could die" and the next post, Africa has gone from bling-bang to a camping and fishing resort.

We all know she's just shining the little tikes on, that even if she was going that if one kid offered to go with her, she would ignore them (much like the girl in the UK who traveled hours to see her at Tila's request, only to have Tila give her the shaft). But they fell for it, hook, line, and sinker (oh shit, she can fish). But in an effort to expose, the charity was e-mailed, and they responded with this:

So congratulations Tila, like a lot of us out here, you donate to charity. You also lie about what you do with the charity as well. We know you're a certified race driver, but you're not a certified well digger. This e-mail came AFTER all of her claims, so she was never going to go with them on their expedition. Of course, we all knew it deep down, but proof is always best.

BTW, this is a really good charity (despite dealing with Tila) and the people are really nice, so if you're ever looking for somewhere to donate, consider them.

I think the real question of this post is why does Tila hate her life so much that she must always has to try to make it better than it actually is? Something to think about.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Wow LMAO, busted tila! Why does she lie si much? What's the point?

Monique said...

Did you see Shyla Jennings posted also? That is the alleged kidnapping victim.

Joann said...

"So of course she invites the 15 year olds in her army to join her in Africa. Yes, between "it's so dangerous I could die" and the next post, Africa has gone from bling-bang to a camping and fishing resort." I laughed at this for a good 3-4 minutes. You are so funny.

I never believed she was going to dig water wells in Africa. The email only confirm what we all knew.

Please don't associate Toto's classic song with the skank....ever. LOL.

T said...

Where's that story about the UK girl?

lalabinks said...

Wasn't Shyla going out with Casa?

SaigonWhoreNumeroUno said...

LOL! It still blows my mind that Tina never thinks before she lies. She should already know that all of her statements will be fact checked or whatever by someone over here. It's happened time and time again and she still keeps on. If I had been caught in so many lies I would have disappeared until it all blew over...but not Tina. Chick is totally psycho. She starts out with one lie, then tells another to explain away the first lie she was busted on, then tells another when she is busted on the's never ending, really. I've never quite understood how someone could be so damn dumb.

Joann said...

@Saigon...That's one of the things that keeps me SMH.

The lies never, never, ever stop and then she recycles the old lies with a few different words to describe the same thing she said before which is to throw us off, I guess.

This is one of the many, many things I found out about a pathological liar when I went on Google.

It's funny but sad. Check out how many fit Tila:

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