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Wednesday, June 16

postheadericon Hey, it's crack o'clock!

Hey you guys!  Uncle Eddie here, watching the shenanigans go down on Tila's twitter!  She's riled up and ready for action tonight kids!  If you're awake, head on over there and watch the fucking BAT SHIT CRAZY go down!

No, on second thought, stay here and let us tell you wtf is going on.  Here's a sampling of the insane shit she's bustin' out with tonight:

OMG I DON'T WANNA FUCK WITH TILA, SHE'LL SAY MEAN, DUMB ASS THINGS TO ME IN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS!  Seriously, Tila?  You're not even 5 feet tall.  The only thing I'm afraid of are your rock hard tits and wonky nipples touching me.  Bitch, I would love it if you came to my house (you know, all the way out in Bumfuck, Iowa, where I live with the pedophiles and collect my welfare checks, right, dumb ass?) and tried to run your stupid little mouth.  Please Tila, use your mogul money and come to my fucking house (after you buy some curtains, you broke ass ho).  I will knock your dick in the dirt.

Anyway, I also wanted to add my two cents in regarding this post here made by Fatty earlier.  Fatty, my delectably rotund comrade writes:
Well, that begs the question, what ever happened to the Texaz Twinz? A visit to their Twitter didn't give any info, but a visit to their myspace, did: texaztwinz. Lovely site, but I don't see any mention of Tila's secretly named record label or the badass symbol. They say they're unsigned and their management company is The Monster Squad. Oh wait, silly me, they've probably been on the road so much touring that they haven't had time to update their info...yep, I was right, they last were seen on myspace on June 13, 2010. Of course not updating their label status is not a priority for anyone trying to get a foothold on credibility in the music industry.

Oh ho!  But Fatty!  Little did you know that a few months ago, this appeared on the Texaz Twinz twitter, only to be retweeted by tons of people and quickly removed!
Motherfucker, you THINK you're slick, but Uncle Eddie got you!  Everybody go wish that smug little bitch Rob good luck, he's obviously going to need it!

And on that note boys and ghouls, I'm going to go spend some quality time with my boyfriend of which I have, whom I did not meet (like arm meet) at a super market.


The Fight Clubber said...

Her shit is so juvenile now, I just pass all of her twitter/facebook updates and go straight to you guys. Why? A) Your lives are more interesting than hers and B) You form coherent sentences. Thanks for not making my brain hurt, rot spot! :D

Anonymous said...

LMAO I am up and watching she is HILARIOUS, and totally FCKN INSANE NOW, it's so obvious it is sad! She even tried some LAME ASS come back at me!! I was dying obviously I STRUCK a NERVE HAAAHAHAHHAAHA! Now she fell silent, she must have needed to go on a crack run!! LMFAO!!

Anonymous said...

OMG and about the FATTY post reply!!! EDDDDDDDDIE you are a GENIUS!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA THAT shit is PRICELESS when she gets back from her RUN SHE IS GOING TO BE FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, What MOGUL/Ambassador/STRONG woman lives in a cracked out Apartment building where her bedroom is the SIZE OF MY CLOSET NO FCKING LIE and THE BITCH DONT EVEN OWN NICE FURNITURE LET ALONE NICE CLOTHES!! WOWWWWWWWW She is seriously smoking some GOOD ASS SHIT cuz HE MIND IS OUTTTTTTTA HERE! ROFLMAO!!!!

The Fight Clubber said...

Alright, alright: Your article got me curious so I headed over to crazy land and, man, I gotta say -- Chick is going through an A.D.H.D. run tonight. Anyway, I found this little gem hidden in her mile long rants. Hope you like it rotspot!

novasmum said...

So much for spreading the

Fatty McFatterson said...

Oh my Uncle Eddie, I luvs you more with each passing day. Knocking Tila's 'dick in the dirt' made my week, lol!!!

I've been watching the shenanigans and was going to blog up a storm, but dammit, if the bitch's mind is just as wonky as her tits...I can't get a read on wtf is going on with her from moment to moment.

Thanks for the headsup on the TexazTwinz. Poor guys, I bet now that they've erased the taint of mogul from their mouths, they'll really hit it big in the industry.

I have to go to bed. I've got one of those no-life-jelis-hater lives. I got to get some good hater sleep in, so I can pop up jelis and carefree in the morning!

kittenprogram said...

lol Fatty! picture you getting up in the morning jelis and carefree. lol

Jana said...

The BEST part of my day is my morning coffee, my morning cigarette and my daily dose of rotspot. I love each of your girls more and more. Thank you for everything you have done. Her demise is just right around the corner..mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk. Thien is this a way for the future ambassador to talk? Making threats via twitter and flog will not pave a path to such.

Oh yeah, what kind of future ambassador would publish pictures and videos of them self prancing around in a rag tag pink lingerie, with botox-injected tits pointing in all directions (depending on the gravitational pull of the moon), and self-inflicted marker wounds scribbled on her forearm (at least that's what it looks like to me since my 5y/o nephews produce the same effects on their skins with those washable ink sticks)?

Shit, I can see all this working out for ya. Good luck with the evidence you are piling against yourself. In fact, make it a point to the lawyers of which you have and your PI's to go after "Jane" first since she's the one who manipulates you, cutting you up and destroying all your precious herpe-humped on furniture. Perhaps, she's THE stalker aka "THE OTHERS" you speak of.

The Blotspot said...

Yep. She's setting the stage for the Dr. Drew show. Who'da thunk it? *rolls eyes*

BKiddo said...

So now she's been shot up back in TX, and is theatening to slit a MF's throat? Bitch can't even cut her own arms up. That's soo very gangsta.
Beatiful catch on the Texaz Twinz, glad to see they ran the other way, and have signed with someone legit.

Anonymous said...

So now she's been shot up back in TX, and is theatening to slit a MF's throat? Bitch can't even cut her own arms up. That's soo very gangsta.


gillianthemad1013 said...

Tila would never say awful things like that! She's good and pure, she's an angel of the Lord! *rolls eyes*

boytoy said...

i myspace the texaz twins asking them about tila record label. They have yet to get back to me.