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Thursday, June 24

postheadericon Tila admits fake suicide attempt

But not in the way you might think.

So I'm sitting here, watching TV with my twitter open, and suddenly everybody is like "OMFG Uncle Eddie! Did you see?" So Christ, I had to go look, and here's what I see. It's a big ol' slap in the face to fucking everybody.

Wow. So she full-on says it's fucking movie make-up. I just...I don't even fucking know what to say about this. We know it's not, Tila. How do we know? You've had the scratches in other pictures you fucking retard! Do you just not shower? Is that it? You just didn't wash the fucking movie make-up off? NOBODY IS BUYING THAT, RETARD. NOBODY. I fucking hate you so much, Tila. No joke. I seriously fucking hate you, and if I ever saw you in person I would pierce your fucking temple with your ugly ass stilettos.

Here, check out these two posts we have up: Here and Here. These are DAYS after that incident - that one of her shooting the video in her bathroom was over a week later. SEE HOW THE FUCKING SCARS ARE STILL THERE?

And, you fucking mental midget, explain why you went on psychological hold afterward?

Come on Tila. You're a fucking idiot and only your army of 6 is going to buy this. Nobody thinks it's movie make-up, nobody thinks what you did is ART. You're a complete and utter failure and I honestly fucking hope you commit suicide. I really do. I will do a fucking dance and throw money from a hot air balloon. And any of you who don't like me saying that can choke on my fucking dick because I don't care AT ALL what you have to say. Tila Tequila is a vile piece of trash even the least bit of human treatment that I can scrape off my fucking shoe.


Anonymous said...

Someone should forward that post to all the good folks of LAPD, fire and rescue, and the amburlance people. That is one fucked up slap on the face from the twatwaffle.

Cathy said...

I absolutely HATE her

great post uncle eddie :P

Anna said...

Movie makeup??? Is THAT what she's saying? I've done movie/theater makeup and it looks nothing like that.

And art? What, was that supposed to be some sort of weird performance art? Well...usually you let people KNOW before doing stuff like that...

But whatever. I guess she is trying to get herself out of the hole she dug for herself...

Ben said...

It's hilarious that she says "I did the same thing, but it's different, really"

If she did it for a joke, why did she take down the post? Why did her arm still show remnants days after?

The woman is a walking lie.

Terri said...

Did Lady Gaga do this on her twitter and on youtube? Or was it to PROMOTE something?!?! BIG DIFFERENCE Tila.

Jealous much Tila?? Of course you are. I can smell it from here.

How can Tila be worried about Gaga's impressionable young fans and what message it sends them, but doesn't see her own actions as harmful to her army of 6? Hypocrite.

When did movie's start using Cherry Nyquil for fake blood????

Treva said...

I really need to email one of the rotspot bloggers.... I have something PERSONAL about this slut I REALLY need to relay to these girls... Will someone let me know how to get ahold of them!?!!
Thanks guys!!
I <3 all of you Rotspotters!!

tilas said...

AMEN Unc Ed!!

xClaire_Ellisx said...


Rotty (TRS) said...

@Treva -



Anonymous said...

Fuck this bitch. Seriously FUCK HER. I'd love to see her in person. I'm not much taller than her but I have a black belt. I'd fucking break that twig tramp over my knee. What a horrible, horrible person. I can't even express the disgust I feel...

alison m m said...

Tila is all out of tricks now
send her to the plastinator I say
Eddie, you and I can personally help to peel her

paul said...

That was a BRUTAL post.....and you were right on!! This "girl" is not human...maybe she is something different, just not an angel. The things she does to get attention is insane. Other celebs do things that are annoying like Spedi or w/e they are called and Adrianna Curry seems to always post naked pics on her twitter (ew), but Tila is on some other level. I just hope she never hurts anyone other then herself. I envision her driving into a street fair or something.......thanks again for a great post !!

Joann said...
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K.R. Omen said...

She slid down the scale of dumb ass to outright cunt. I'm so glad I don't live in L.A. The thought of actually bumping into her clown act in person is too much for me to bear.

Joann said...

I got so riled up over that post I forgot to say FREAKING GOOD POST EDDIE.

Joann said...

Damn...guys delete my post. I didn't cut out the parts I reworded.

Thanks..I will repost.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Yesterday 2 friends of mine suffered horrifying losses.

One friend and her boyfriend have been trying for 3 years to have a baby. She FINALLY got pregnant, only to lose the baby last weekend, at 9 weeks. Unfortunately, her body did not naturally dispel the fetus, so she had a D&C yesterday. She is the 3rd woman in my circle who has lost a baby in the last 6 months (my other friend just had her 18 week amnio yesterday to confirm her baby is healthy, after having a miscarriage a few months before). As horrifying as miscarriage is on its own, carrying your dead fetus in your body for 4 days is one of the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking aspects of the process.
My other friend's best friend, age 33 finally succumbed to aggressive brain cancer, after being diagnosed December 2009. His birthday would have been in 2 weeks. He leaves behind a 2 year old and a 3 year old and a beautiful, loving wife.

My point is, there are horrific and devastating deaths everyday. I don't think it's anything to make fun of or to fuck around with. We all carry with us the burden of a death that shouldn't have been. We all know what the devastation feels like. Most of us don't play around with people's feelings in that regard. Most of us respect not only the death, but the process survivors must cope with. Tila doesn't.

Tila, you are a lowdown dirty liar. This wasn't 'performance art' or something to point out that you did it first. What you did, you vile piece of human trash, is one of the most disgusting acts imaginable. You manipulated the emotions of innocent people, which included dozens of your 'fans'. They didn't think you were joking. Did you read their tweets that day? Mittie was beside himself, kept asking for updates. Others were even more upset, tweeting how they had been crying all day and checking to see if you logged back in. I remember two of your fans who said they'd do anything to take your pain away, that they would gladly suffer pain so you didn't have to. I never posted those tweets in my blog the day I reported on your stunt, because the kids were just that, young teenagers, and I didn't want to exploit their real-feeling grief of the moment, and I didn't want to bring more embarrassment to them when they realized you were just fucking around.

So, if this is the real story (which I know it's not), then why didn't you say anything almost 3 weeks ago? Why did they take you away, on what I believe was a 72 hour 5150 hold, after seeing the scratches, and after determining you were probably high on something or other.

No Tila, you are using this latest ploy to bring more sympathy to poor misunderstood Tila. Just admit it you slimy bitch, you were manipulating the emotions of your readers, then fell into your meth sleep and finally woke to sirens.

Go away you gutterslut. Just go away.

Ben said...

I forgot to mention this point:

"But a lot of my real fans knew I was joking since I said that it was “JANE.”"

Guess that means Black_Cat, BeyondBettyJean, and mel_orozco aren't real Tila fans because they're tweeting right now that they thought she was serious.

Fatty, this week was the 2 year anniversary of one of my best friends losing his 9 month old son to liver failure. I agree that there's so much heartbreaking tragedy out there that people who pretend to have it to get attention infuriates me beyond belief.

Tess said...

I happened to watch some of E!Online's coverage of the Eclipse premier tonight. It was a big Hollywood event with fans camping out for days just to see the stars walk the red carpet.

I'm sure many saw Mr. Bradshaw's TwitPic of Tila walking on a scrap of red carpet in some back alley of the event. Obviously Tila wasn't invited to walk anywhere close to the real celebrities. So keep cutting yourself and showing your wonky tits, Tila, because no one in Hollywood cares about you.

Joann said...

Thanks guys. As I was saying....

You see how this skank used the news of Lady GAGA wanting to use dead bodies in her upcoming tour and wearing bra and panties to the baseball game then twisted the entire story around to include HERSELF and her fake suicide attempt as being creative like Lady GAGA?

Tila is a pathological liar, not an artist and never will be. No one except her deluded moronic army will be buying this story.

Tila has no creativity or talent except to strip and play the sexpot or try to ride on the coattails of others who are 100 times more successful than she will ever be by copying them.

She does not have an honest bone in her body, if she did she would've apologized to her fans for that fake suicide attempt instead of trying to make them believe she was doing this for shock value as an artist.

Tila is not relevant and what she does now and in the future will only be seen as an attempt for attention from a pathological liar who is truly mentally ill.

The Others don't have a eye on her either, they don't even know who she is.

As far as the cuts on her arm and the bruise on her leg...she probably nodded off while in a meth haze, fell off the bed or chair onto all the random crap lying around on the floor of her filthy apartment. lol

Mark said...

Amazing comments fatty; very insightful, you're spot on! Sorry for all the loss you've experience this week, but the readers will appreciate you mentioning it because it puts things in perspective so well.


Eddie you'd better go down to the all night drugstore and get your blood pressure checked on the machine boyeee!

Alabama Worley said...

Okay so this is her admission that "Jane" is fake too, right? I mean that's really what she's stating because Jane is for entertainment value and people needed to see it.

I believe she faked her "suicide" I don't believe it's stage makeup. I've had fx makeup on in me films and that shit will stay on you IF YOU DO NOT SHOWER. I do not believe for a moment this skag has access to FX makeup let alone sat for and paid to have this done.

She cut herself, she got fucked up and she chose to make a huge deal out of it because as it was shown she didn't get the MTV thing she wanted and needed an excuse. She needed blog hits. She needed to get ON cr4 or to make sure she had her spot.

As a person who's attempted suicide because real life is rather overwhelming and thankless at times, she can go fuck herself.

Alabama Worley said...

Oh I saw the post about the stuff going on Downtown LA (there was a BET party last night she tried to get to as well). She wasn't in attendance to any party this week thus far that she was rumored to be trying to get into.

I know because I'm here and were in attendance ;) And I do not live here, I flew here from Chicago to be in attendance as a guest. I was hoping to see her last night which was BET's party and a Twilight party (no I'm not a twihard or whatever). The week is young though and the weekend has a shit of of things going on so the hope is high. And to clarify I'm not stalking or Jelis, I work in the entertainment industry lol.

PS: I love love that the email is
Email, made me smile.

paul said...

Sorry for the losses that you have recently dealt with, fatty. We have all been witness to these tragedies which we have no control over.

I just can't understand how she can look at herself in the mirror....I'm guessing her view is clouded by meth/ambien among other pills/drugs.

Prof. Chaos said...

Too much to say, so little time:

Let me start by telling Fatty that I'm really sorry you have had to deal with such devastating loss for the last week. Many lives have been ruined and I want you to know that I feel badly for you and your friends. I have tremendous empathy for the children who have no father and the mother with no child. Having a sister and best friend go through more than one miscarriage, I know how hard it is to find supportive words for them. I know your wit will find the right words of comfort.

With regard to Tila Trashbag ... I have to admit that in the last couple of days I have visited the site (I couldn't help it. I'd never been there before and I'm weak. I had no RotSpot outlet - where were you all?? Was there a Pedo-Bumpkin meeting I was unaware of? I broke Rule Numero Uno ... Don't give the attention whore hits). In any event, what I found was 145 hits (at last count) telling her what a disingenuous, mean-spirited, horrible person she is. To break it down into simplest terms: Worn out piece of used jet trash who uses real tragedy to garner sympathy and love because no one is talking about her or to her.

What worries me is that this will give her more advertisers, revenue streams, media interviews, etc. (More than the sexual enhancement product that seems to be her only sponsor) Although, in all fairness, TT says that the "media" reported on her "fake suicide" but there was really only one (in San Fran). Two, if you count the RotSpot.

I WILL NEVER VISIT THIS DRUG ADDLED CLOWN'S SITE AGAIN. I believe that she will now use this whole debacle as a reason to act more Crackerjack to get attention. She will justify her 145+ comments as a sign that she gets way more than Piggy Perez and her jelis hater's get. (Although waaayy less than Michael K when he's on a roll. I love you, MK. If only you were straight and I was single ;).

When will the cathartic moment arrive? In time for Dr. Drew? An EXTRA interview? Or her beloved TMZ? Will Perez finally pay attention? Will she perform some half nekkid performance piece on Melrose? Maybe get arrested in Venice showing her cootch to unsuspecting roidheads?

I've been around the block and know the difference between crazy and attention seeking. She ain't crazy. She is the screaming 5-yr old in the candy aisle. (Mommy ... may I please have a Snickers? But I have to have it. No, I need it. But I want it. You suck!@! You're ugly anyway. I didn't ASK to be born. Why do you hate me? What? Are you embarrassed cause I'm laying on the floor screaming? Too bad, give me what IIIII want!!!! It's not my fault I'm this way. WAAAAA!)

If you believe in RotSpot EVERYONE here needs to swear an Illuminati oath to NEVER, EVER visit MissTila. The exception will be Rotty, Eduardo and Fatty. If she doesn't get so many comments and hits, she will cease to exist. The fact that her comments exceeds ours should mean something.

Eduardo, exceptional research, as always. Keep up the good work. I know of no 16 yr old with such a rapier wit. I'm exceedingly curious about the teaser Rotty will be prepping.

Whores and Misses (or Hugs and Kisses)

Prof C.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Well, the losses weren't mine, so much as they affected my friends and their loved ones. But thank you for the nice thoughts. The fact is, we all have these events in our lives, everyday. None of us are immune, and though they may not impact our lives directly, when we know the people who are going through these hard times, we, hopefully, can express our empathy and compassion, because at one time or another, we have suffered on the other side.
Tila doesn't. She has limited capacity for compassion and absolutely no capacity for empathy. Even as people bring to her attention that she is hurting them, she ignores their pleas and continues her rein of psychological abuse.

I have been writing humor, satire, and parody for years and years. I am often over the top, but I have boundaries I refuse to cross. Now, some may say my boundaries don't go far enough, and I recognize that some of my humor can hurt, but I own that about me. I own that I may come off as a cold-hearted bitch, and I ask for forgiveness in those instances that I've gone too far. I'm a human being, I will make mistakes.

Tila doesn't believe she makes those mistakes though. She doesn't own her evil. She blames her readers, she blames her fans and she blames her critics. If she would come down to earth for a moment and say 'hey I fucked up, I'm sorry, it was a joke gone bad', then many of us could forgive, but she doesn't. She holds the burden on our shoulders, and then cries victim when we try to unburden ourselves.

angela said...

I lost a good friend to suicide over 2 years ago. I still find it hard to accept his loos. Tila, pisses me off because she makes a joke of suicide. In reality, suicide can destroy lives, for the victim and the people they left behind.

angela said...


I just miss him soooo much. I just want to smack the shit out of Tila right now. Fucking bitch. Congratulations, on the post Uncle Eddie, you are fabulous as always...

Mel said...

I'm sorry but I'm a little confused. Didn't you guys say that the police found no injuries at all on Tila. So did Tila really try to cut herself or was it all pretend for attention?

necro_wafer said...

Wow. Words fail.

She FINALLY addresses this, and this is is her "explanation"?

I was one of the few that actually kind of hoped she'd get help. After this? I don't give a good goddamned fuck what happens to this psycho hosebeast.

Are you reading this, Tila? You're scum. You are worthy of no one's pity, or compassion, or empathy. I hope that all of this catches up to you and you suffer for it. You don't belong in rehab. You belong in jail. You need to be someplace where you can't have contact with anyone.

The Gnome said...

okay hang on...
so the porn muppet went on her "cult rant" what a week or so ago? (it's all like a big nightmarish blur with her) a week or so ago she says gaga is basically being controlled by the devil, and the "others" and yada yada...and now she's saying what gaga did was "art".
this bitch is fucked 6 ways to sunday. death is her only way out.

i'm pretty sure i had this argument with some schmuck on twitter...."all in the name of art shit" oh tila tila tila, you poor pathetic retard.

chey said...

Wow, Tila is really jealous of Lady Gaga.
While I think that Lady Gaga does go too far in some of her videos, the big difference here is she reserves that extreme edginess for the videos and performances. She's not at home on a Saturday morning posting videos on youtube of her arm all cut up saying someone tried to kill her and she's hiding in the toilet(heh). If she ever did that I would hope someone would call her out on it too. In summary, Tila sucks.

Anonymous said...

Wow I saw that post but I didn't bother to read it. What a gigantic loser. Thanks uncle eddie for this post!!

BKiddo said...

The only kind of artist tila is, is a bullshit artist.
Who am I kidding, she even sucks at that.
My heart goes out to all who have suffered pain from suicide, and death in general, of loved ones.

Isis said...

I have dealt with so much death that it's nothing to me anymore if people wind up taking their grief out on me, usually it's the people who are in complete denial over a death or trauma that worry me the most, because I did that myself a couple years ago because I didn't really have a choice, and the side effect when it all comes to the surface finally are pretty powerful and can last for a long time. Only the truly weak are the ones who insist they never need any help.

and Fatty, you go through so much in your life and yes, you develop a warped sense of humor that only others whom have been through as much pain and loss as you have can understand. But there is a difference between palpable pain and depression and what Tila does.

B_McBitcherson said...

I'm just so so so glad to be me right now, and so so so glad I didn't end up being one of those people pacing the floor and crying all day on the day of Tila's most recent fake suicide.

Anonymous said...

tila probably used movie makeup at first, but then realized she didnt want to appear fake, so she did scratch up her arms. damned if she does, damned if she doesnt it seems. she was trying to grasp the suicide angle for some attention and OMG TILA TRIES TO COMMIT SUICIDE!! but its not funny. we saw her worried underaged fans. its just not cool!

MsWonkyTits said...

I fucking HATE her!!! Everytime I think she can't get dumber and her shenannigans any worse- it happens!
It's hard for me to tell from those pictures, but I know as a nurse who has seen many cutting marks, etc that they seem inconsistant. They appear to be smudged gloss or makeup. Any cut deep anough to bleed will scab. There doesn't appear to be any scabbing, nor does it appear that she "picked" the scab off. I'm no CSI agent here, but it appears to me she did that as a "real" suicide scare to drum up publicity (but broke a bunch of shit and faked her posted pictures-didn't actually harm herself), went out with her "cuts" in public to show them off, and realized when she posted this this it was a stupid fucking idea. She then decides to compare herself to Lady Gaga (lolz) in order to possibly gain more fans?! She's such a fucking mess. Can someone please hit her with thier car?

Nikky Raney said...

Um, does she think she's getting into heaven? I really don't understand how so many blogs can post so much evidence about the many lies Tila has made - but she still continues to do what she does and get away with it.

MsWonkyTits said...

I'm so pissed off now. Tila ruined my fucking day. I shouldn't let it really get to me, but dammit, I see SO much tragety everyday with impessionable teens and young minds.
I'm no longer a "jelis hater". I'm a VERY mad adult who can't take one more day of her shit. It's letter writing time. The people who actually gave a damn about her (Fatty included), the LAPD, Fire Dept, etc all deserve a HUGE apology. You are so done Tila. Fuck you.
(sorry for the rant)

Nikky Raney said...

She's a sick individual.

Nikky Raney said...

I am so angy at her that I wanna post a million comments here. I haven't visited her site or her twitter since the day she tweeted my name. She made it personal and that's when I decided she's not a person.

Sandy said...

Why does she do what she does? Is the negative attention rewarding to her? Because that's all she really gets. I don't see it getting her anywhere.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again, expecting a different outcome.

She actually fessed up and said that the suicide attempt and Jane were bullshit, but yet she doesn't really take accountability for her actions. She blames the media for making "false headlines" and compares herself to Gaga, an actual performance artist and that Gaga's done much worse. We know this because Jerry Seinfeld was pissy at her.

That's such a little kid thing to do. Blame someone else and then compare yourself to someone "worse". Now see, I'm not so bad after all, she's saying. What I did was acceptable!

I just want her to overdose or cut herself up for real at this point. I never thought I'd say that about anyone, as I'm basically compassionate, but dammit, I'm sick of her dicking around her fans, the haters and the media for attention. It's all a joke to her. Why aren't her fans tired of her shit yet?

Gladys said...

Fatty and all y'all with grief: Exactly. We are living in a REAL world full of REAL pain and REAL shit that happens to REAL people. Whereas Twatwaffle (and will the person who coined that word PLEASE marry me?) is in her own little "glam-room" world where everything revolves around her, and if it doesn't get her more attention, then it's a fail and it's time to try another tactic.

Hey, anybody know why this "glam-room" smells like farts, crack, and desperation?

Hugs to Fatty, some nice Valium for Eddie (seriously, honey, you're gonna hurt yourself if you keep it up to THAT pitch) and Rotty--keep on!

Sandy said...

Nikky, I wonder why she made it personal with you and attacked you directly, but didn't simply threaten with an emailed C&D from her lolawyer, like she does everyone else? You must have struck a nerve girl. Kudos!

GhostofChunks said...

Fatty - I'm so sorry that you and your friends have suffered such loss. I remember two months ago you posted that you had a miscarriage, and I had my 5th on June 7th. I am so sorry. I can't say I know how you feel because I'm not in your shoes, but I do have an idea of what you're going through. Take care of yourself and I'll be thinking of you.

Every time this lying cunt dares to post about her "suicide attempt" or whatever she's calling it this week, it still rips my heart open because I remember our good friend who was killed with his mom as a private pilot in a crash on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Although I didn't see this wonderful man everyday like my husband did, because of the man he was and meant to our family, it still hasn't stopped me from crying a thousand tears. Every more heartwrenching is that he very well could have survived had the rescue team 2 minutes away had been available. Instead the FD and medics did not arrive until 45 minutes later because they were unavailable. They were tending to a fake suicide from a young man who wanted attention from his girlfriend.

You know, you could have gotten your point across about people asking about Jane by turning her into a prankster. Why couldn't she have just come in, thrown some flour around the kitchen, Saran Wrap the toilet seats, fill the bathtub with popcorn, you know, harmless, yet funny stuff in which no one got hurt and there were a few haha laughs once you revealed that Jane is a prankster.

Instead, you took an ambulance out of service for attention. Who knows if someone lost their life over that immature stunt.

May you rot in hell if you did.

Isis said...


She makes it a point to surround herself with people who have no problem enabling her behavior. It's like the drug addict whom says in a rehab group session that all their friends are their drug dealers. All Tila's "friends" are people just like her, and she makes it a point to keep her "team" that way. Any fans she looses does not bother her because she can always recruit more to replace them.

Ben said...

With as much crazy as she's put out in the world, I'm starting to find it more amazing that she's still getting work-ish.

She has advertisers on her site (advertising sex to her minors of course) and she is still getting some invites places (which she can't help but slip a wonky).

If the BBC does anything but rip her a new one in the UK they'll have lost a lot of respect from me.

I think there needs to be more active protest into those that support, encourage, and enable her to do what she's been doing.

alison m m said...

explains the glove, she is cutting her right arm, I should know, I used to be a cutter, but I got even more creative and used to embroider the bottom of my feet with a leather needle ... but WAIT

... if you look at it there is some symmetry, so actually I think she has had a tattoo removed, hence the glove, and what we are seeing is it healing.

Has anyone had a tattoo removed? Is it painful? What is the healing time like? Is the pain relieved by wrapping it in cotton? Does it get itchy?

Just a thought. FUCK if she were just honest ... !!!

Anonymous said...

explain why you went on psychological hold afterward?

Hahahahaa - yes, that was classic and you know that bitch WILL NEVER ADMIT that her "JELIS HATERS" or wait exxxxcusssse me! "JELIS FANS" hahahaa, who are EVERYDAY people were important enough to take down a person WHO IS AN AMBASSADOR, A MOGUL OF MANY TALENTS AND THINGS, And amazing DJ and SINGER/Songwriter, and LETs not forget the most important the most sexiest badest toughest bitch w/a bad ass pass who cuts up bitches who talk shit and it takin us all down with her lolsuits!!! including her microsoft attorney sease (sp?)desist letters (is it lololol) And- HAHA written by her, and I am shocked she didnt sign them POW!!!!! ROLFMAO!!! ---WHICH is funny she CLEARLY got one on GAGA and MANY OTHER ARTIST about using the CLAIMS SATANIST! Everytime she writes about that she WRITES ABOUT HOW SHE WILL LEAVE OUT THAT THEY ARE SATANIST DUE TO THEM WARNING/WATCHING HER!! Uhhh Tila THAT IS STILL SLANDERING AND PUTTING THAT ASSUMPTION AND CONCLUSION in young impresonable peoples brains, which HIGHLY ILLEGAL considering it is 100% BULLSHIT hostitly JEALOUSY that god forbid THEY might be in the ILLUMINATI her big nose ugly ass GAG me right? BUT NOT ACCEPT YOUR HOT ASS WHEN YOU OPEN OUT BEG THEM IN A BLOG TO TAKE YOU AND YOUR MINDLESS DRONES, GOD YOU ARE SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!! Its been OBVIOUS the bitch has been out of STEAM lately she has NO IDEA what approach or LIE to make up now considering you gals are ALWAYS right on her,,,,, hahahaha I can just picture her sitting at the puter, smokin her whatever and BUGGING out and foaming out the mouth!! BITCH THIS IS KARMA for what you did to CASEY AND EVERY ONE ELSE YOU PIG!!!!!! YOU DESERVE ALL THAT IS COMING!! God if ever a time I would ROOT and WISH for a cult like the Illuminati to be around is NOW, I TRULY hope they take you down. *LOL* Theirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr here. HAHAA!

Anonymous said...

Also sorry my other comment was so long. I was having weird computer tweek out moments and was unsure my other comment I posted even went thru! I dunno, and truthfully with all the new updates Ive just been reading, Im not sure if I REMEMBERED ALL I wrote, so I hope it did go thru if not o well.

Here is the short story, LOL! Ready....

Tila your a fucking cunt. And The OTHERS called me to tell me that you know that crack in your home made blanket/trash bag blind they are watching you! And the trash bag HAS metal fibers thru out the plastic you can see that are transmitters to melt your brain to mush and keep you mind controlled so you stay naked and wobbly (hence falling off backs of chairs) and also rolling on the ground like your getting it, they TOLD me to tell you that you REALLY are they have super power suits they wear that make them invisible and that is why it makes your eyes roll back while you do all that cuz they are really shoving their big ass black and white cocks in your ass and pussy at the same time!! Theyre coming for you tila. THEY REALLY told me so seriously GRAB YOUR TINFOIL hat and LOCK THE DOOR and go by the toilet between the toilet and the tin foil the waves cant mush your brain from the trash bag BUT BE CAREFUL not to get to close to the water, I KNOW you love drinking out of the toilet but PLEASE NOT WITH the receptor blocking hat device on you will be electric shocked right on spot and yet another DID alter will be created and THAT ONE WILL TOTALLY TAKE OVER YOU AND JANE!! The day is coming BEWAREEEEEEEEEEEE!

rob said...

Radar Online got a doctor to judge Tila's scars- I know it's all slightly old news now but the doc confirms that they were real. I trained in prosthetic make-up and it takes much more skill to emulate old scars versus new wounds, as the scars can become recessed and one has to have a basic medical knowledge of the healing process. I doubt Tila 'meet' Tequila would have done that research, let alone have been so consistant to have replicated the make-up (Which would need to be adjusted daily to correlate with the healing process!) each time she left the house/filmed videos.

Anyway, we know all this already. Here is the link (if you guys have covered it before, I am very sorry- I can barely keep up with it all!)

helianthe said...

Well, chop and change it is.

Now, she is saying this on her blog:

"Why don't u take a closer look at how a human being feels about that? you guys all seen pictures of me when I went shopping and the paparazzi's took pics of me. Then they zoomed in closer to see scars all over my arm. So for the world to see that, how can one feel? put yourself in my shoes. There is a lot of pain behind that. so once again, I put on a bold face to say it was just a joke. WHy? Because who wants the world to know that you tried to kill yourself? So then I said it was a joke. It wasn't a joke. It's real and I still have the scars on my arm to remember for the rest of my life. To think about and if it's all worth throwing my life away. By saying it was a joke, when it wasn't... yes, that is wrong... but at the same time... it was traumatizing. I had to say SOMETHING about it.... but then again, you wouldn't understand since you are not a public figure where millions of people can bash on you for your pain..."
Jul 7th in my time zone.