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Thursday, March 11

postheadericon Thank God for Twitter!

I think we can all be very happy that Tila is back to Twitter. All the crazy lies just VOMIT forth!!

So today Tila decided to answer a lot of questions directed to her on twitter. The trouble is, when there's a bunch of questions thrown at her she totally forgets the lies she's already told! Thank goodness that on the internet nothing is really ever forgotten.

So Tila, I thought your gossip blog was going to be launched BEFORE the 1st of April! In fact, I'm pretty sure you said that!

Oh, really? Gosh Tila, you must be telling the truth because we all know YOU NEVER LIE! See, you said it yourself right here:

But then, what's this Tila? UH FUCKING OH, TILA:

And just in case you don't believe this, here's a article that says the same thing!

I dunno, Tila. You've only been back on twitter for 1 day and you're already lying directly in the faces of your fans! Not a good look, sweetie.

Apparently Tila got called on this by two "haters" over on twitter. Here's her ever-so-lovely reply.

My goodness, Tila. You're so friendly. Is it really our fault you lie and SUCK AT IT? Is it our fault you get caught? I mean really, Princess, who's the moron here? The person with the memory who calls you on your shit, or the person who can't keep her ridiculous bullshit lies straight?

Let's all ponder that for a moment. *Deep thoughts*


Idiocracy Buster said...

Oh! I feel so famous now!

Jacqueline said...

HA HA....So now she has multiply and answering herself. ha ha...

Tila i can't wait to see u shading tears in Prison dear.

Alicia Royalty said...

Of course she's gonna lie!

Anonymous said...

Okay I didn't know if you all had seen this but she says her due date is december 1st.. give or take ten days lol! Must suck to be pregnant for so long!

# Tila Tequila @TilaOMG is taking LIVE phone calls right now so call her at 860-256-8452 -Retweet about 3 hours ago via web
# @NicoIeLynn December 1st plus or minus 10 days. Thats what the doctor said. yay! about 3 hours ago via web in reply to NicoIeLynn

Anonymous said...

LOL Ohnotheydidn't got a call out too, looks like she read my most recent post there, hahahah!

jess said...

what happen to here music coming out on 4/20 hmm yep she lied again lol

The Gnome said...

oh...the single she's not allowed to release anymore with the stolen Joan Jett riff? that one?
I'm sure Blackheart Records had a hand in stopping that fiasco... :)

brittany said...

I went through tila's blogs on myspace, she seems to get prego every 6 months, and found the blog talking about her being drunk