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Monday, March 8

postheadericon Oh Tila Tila Tila...You poor pathetic retard...

Tonight was a great night for the RotSpot....we got our first honorable mention from Tila herself!!! Of course, she's trying to debunk everything we say, because we have a disclaimer up. The thing her poor little cracked out brain isn't getting though, is that EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE has seen her blogs, tweets, videos, pictures, those with anything between their ears clearly know that EVERYTHING on our blog is taken from Tila's own mouth. I'll be the first to admit this is a parody/satire blog....everything Tila spews is comedy.

Since it's clear that Tila reads this very blog...I'd just like to take a second to bow...let us all have a brief moment of silence to acknowledge the fucktard also know as Tila Tequila...3...2....1

Tila, you're a fucking moron. Do you realize that C&D's aren't enforceable when they are sent via email? Do you realize that in order to sue someone for slander or libel, the things that they are saying need to be proven FALSE? And do you ALSO know, that by even attempting to SEND us a C&D, you only acknowledge that you're running scared?
Get help Tila, you're 15 minutes of fame were over 3 years ago. Do continue to read the blog though. *Blows a kiss*

UPDATE: It's just come to my attention that she decided to leave a rant comment as well....
LMAOOOO!!!! Is it surprising to anyone that she's trying to twist and manipulate this? No one was being sued...her little C&D isn't even enforceable...she's a moron!

**special thanks to TrollMidgetHo for being a fucking genius :) xoxo**