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Wednesday, March 17

postheadericon Tila's trying to take more children hostage....

Well it took her a couple of weeks (4 to be exact) to get with the program, until she realized what we were saying about the Russian adoption agency she was claiming to use...but in typical Tila style, she had to twist it to her advantage...

And now it seems that the munchkin monster mogul is trying to snatch herself more children...she's even taken to the wonderful world of the internet to announce her plans!!! Let me actually voice my utter disgust for this freak for just a second....who the fuck goes from talking about wanting to hump their laptop to adopting a young child, and then a 14 year old in 5 tweets? FIVE!!!!

I'm convinced that in Tila's brain, she thinks adopting a child is the same as buying a new pair of fact, didn't she compare losing a child to a pair of Louis Vuitton's? She sure did!!!

Tila doesn't seem to understand that children aren't for publicity. They're not something you just "buy" to accessorize with.

It seems like the dirty troll has given this some thought however....she's realized that if she adopts a young adult, that she would actually have a built in baby sitter, slave and maid!! The only vision I keep seeing over and over is Tila being similar to THIS type of mother. God help those poor children.... *sad face*


Anonymous said...

Ohh wow, that you tube clip fits "mama T" to a T. POOR KID

lynn said...

i will believe she gets a child when the agency hands one over. if they're worth their salt, one background search or internet search on TT, will turn up ALL OF THIS. what social service worker in their right mind would give a child to her? so no for foster care. and any adoption agency would cost too much and absolutely say no. she would fail every check. so if indeed she comes home with a child, it's through a shitty agency who needs to have their records checked.

and as for her trying to get 14 year old children to come live with her off the internet? she's off her rocker. that is not something a normally adjusted person would ask. even if she thinks she means well, she's old enough to KNOW better, so there's NO excuse. none.

she is not going to be a good mother. she can barely take care of herself. she spends hours telling everyone how awesome she is and then says how she doesn't care what anyone thinks. ALL she cares is what people think. if she didn't, she'd shut up about how much money she spends, who she's talking to, who's she's friends with, who's she's going to stomp. she throw's GOD's name around so pathetically is offensive. every single bad thing that happens in her life is karma. 100%. it's because of the fact that she is abusing her fame, talking down to people, lying, manipulating. it doesn't matter if 1/2 of what she says is true.... she knows deep down that there is plenty that is false - and that will come with repercussions.

TilaOMGSTFU said...

I have no worries about her adopting anyone.

It's SUPER creepy that she's asking 14 year olds to come live with her though, especially given her history...

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can adopt her 14 year old phone bone buddy?

TRS said...

Here she goes with the fuckin' 14 year old thing again. Now, she's doing it on purpose ... for us to take notice to. For attention. Because she can't get ANY other attention!!!!

pribbling said...

poor kids :( there were a bunch that actually believed her.... who messes with kids like that? at least the mothers who have experience fertility problems can tell her off... but what about these kids? :(

Miranda said...

God. I'm going to say it, because we're all thinking it.
If you can't take care of a woman who was two years older than you, how could you EVER think someone would give you a child?

I know this sounds harsh, but it is so f'ed up that she keeps talking about adoption like it isn't a big deal, and people are going to just hand their babies over to her because she has a famous name.
Honest, hard working people try for years unsuccessfully to adopt before it works out. It is so ignorant that she believes she can just "fill out" some paper work and that'll get her a kid.
I strongly doubt that she's even taken a moment to look over the adoption process, or has called around inquiring about how it works. I think she just references what she sees on televison, and somewhere in her mind thinks there is an orphanage filled with 3-14 year old boys who can't wait for her to take them home and rename them "Jayden".
P.S. did anyone catch that shit about renaming her supposedly adoptive 3 year old? WTF? Do you not know how that would affect a child? Or do you not care?

Elysse said...

Yeah, I was just thinking if he is a toddler I'm pretty sure he has a name by now. Lol she is freakin' insane!

Devin Sharon said...

Whatever, the adoption process is long and difficult to weed out dipshits like Tila. Tila doesn't have the will, attention span, or gumption to go through with the home-study program.

Anonymous said...

P.S. did anyone catch that shit about renaming her supposedly adoptive 3 year old? WTF? Do you not know how that would affect a child? Or do you not care?

Angelina Jolie renamed a 3yo named Sang and called him Pax. The world thought this was brilliant and I thought it was heinous.

Hope said...

I was fuming over her adoption comments today. She is making a mockery over the adoption process. It's like la tee da if one agency seems like a scam I can just hop on over to another agency and they will let me meet a potential "son'. It's ot a fucking puppy.

She also mentioned in 2 weeks she's just gonna hop on a plane to an Oakland agency to meet a potential "Son" WTF!!!

She seems to think that there is no such thing as a waiting list to adopt (and there are people whom have waited years on these lists) or a home study and she's made no mention of any classes that are required before they even talk about handing over a baby.

And for her to ask if there are any 14 year old foster kids on the internet that would love to be adopted by her, is competely insane. And asking people to name her baby, good grief.

I am so sick of this bitch making light of miscarriages, IFV, and adoptions, so she can gain attention.

Anonymous said...

5 kids in the next 2 years, huh? mmkay. Yeah, I'm thinking she's got "foster home" and "adoption agency" mixed up with "animal shelter." And how she just kind of skims over the whole Russian adoption thing that was supposed to be final - she was practically on a plane to Russia only about a month ago.

Anonymous said...

14 year old kids to adopt? Why, so she can seduce them? Like her phone bone buddy and P Diddy's son?

It totally creeps me out when she talks about what a hot mommy "MILF" she is going to be and how gorgeous her kid is going to be and her "milky boobs". There is a real incestuous vide to it that is spooky and disgusting. She reminds me of Debra Lafarve (sp?), the teacher that seduced her teenage student. I saw a show about it and they played phone messages she left for the kid and she sounded JUST LIKE Tila...and adult talking like a 12-year-old.

She is such a freak and I really, really, really hope she gets taken to task and gets put where she belongs; jail, mental institution, etc.

Anonymous said...

Didn't she bash Angelina for adopting/having so many children? Now she wants at least 5. How is that any different?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she is absolutely full of shit, but JUST IN CASE, I am going to write to any foster care agency in Oakland, California warning them of her intentions. Foster children HAVE been put into some terrible situations. I doubt Tila Tequila would even be granted a visit with a potential child, much less granted guardianship. Still, just to be sure, I am going to do what I can to prevent it.

Just a link to the recent LA Times article about her "happy pills", the Red Bull cans all over the floor, exposing her bare ass to the interviewer and some random friend would be enough to disqualify her. Or there is this quote, "in one recent video, dressed in a low-cut dress with a slit nearly reaching up to her underwear, she sang a song for Johnson and rubbed what appeared to be a fake gun sensually up and down her body. In another, she masturbated."

Yep, just sending a link with a brief note to foster care agencies that are based in or deal with Oakland will be enough to ensure that she won't be anywhere near a child.

nikki said...

No agency....NO ONE will let her adopt a child. We have absolutely NOTHING to worry about. She is so very mentally unstable they would never let her have one. I love how she said she wanted to adopt 2 children and have 3 total. then 2 tweets later she said she wanted 5. Her brain is FRIED.

Besides all of that...when on earth would she have time for a kid? She is constantly tweeting, facebooking, blogging and cyber molesting with her dating site.

She is M E S S E D U P!

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but maybe there is a way to find out if she is still living there. Maybe if someone called her landlord and tell them they were told by the person that was living there that they moved out and the place was for rent? See what they say if it is vacant or not?

Anonymous said...

I'm going through the adoption process right now. What is most disturbing about Tila is that she is acting as if she is picking out a pet from a pet store.

The background checks a person goes through is really extensive. In cases such as Angelina Jolie or other high profile celebrities, they might get a few passes here and there to expedite the process, but I have YET to see positive media coverage regarding Tila.

Hello- Shot At Love, Tila making out with numerous people, false domestic abuse claims, guns, sex out in the open, reported drug abuse.

If I were a social worker, I'd rather choose Charles Manson as a more suitable parent than Tila.

Anonymous said...

At first I found Tila's rants amusing in a trainwreck kind of way. Then I started to believe the woman needed real help and I actually started feeling sorry for her.

Now though, I think she needs a bullet between the eyes to put us all out of her misery.

It's one thing to babble on about adopting, I doubt there is any agency on the planet that would hand over a child to that freak, but when she starts inviting 14 year old foster children via the internet to contact her,that crosses the line from crazy famewhore to pedophile.

If a man had tweeted something like that, child advocacy groups would be all over his ass in a on earth does she get away with this?

I'm way beyond disgusted. I have never in my life wished a really good beating on anyone but if someone were so inclined to smack this bitch around, I'd be the first in line to cheer them on.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you guys know, I did the link to the LA Times article to some Oakland based foster care agencies. The poor people are busy enough as it is, but just in case. There have been some terrible mistakes with placement of foster children in dangerous situations, so anything is possible, I suppose. Also, fostering a child is SO much easier than adopting. As I said, just in case, I sent a brief note and a link. Chaining a dog to a stripper pole after it chews up a shoes into small, chokeable sized pieces shows an inability to control a toddler's environment. "Happy pills" and stripping with a gun? No chance in hell she has access to a child, now.

Anonymous said...

i really hope that she did call an adoption agency looking for an african american toddler boy. it is not McDonalds, you do not order your child as you would like them. some adoption agencies will not work with you if you have a gender preference.
most importantly, the difficulties that a gay, single person would face in attempting to adopt inside the US are many. there are a lot of agencies that will not help gay couples, let alone a single, gay person looking to adopt many children. she can say whatever she wants, she has created this bisexual, over-sexed image for herself here and that will definitely come into play during the adoption process.

i don't even know why i'm getting into all of this, just like everything else i'm sure that its just an attempt for more attention.

Ima said...

I almost wish it was like McDonalds. I would have ordered one who could keep his room clean :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering... is Tila even officially an American citizen?

TilaOMGSTFU said...

Here are a few things they look for in a homestudy:

In general, the following information is included in the homestudy:

* Personal and family background-including upbringing, siblings, key events, and what was learned from them
* Significant people in the lives of the applicants
* Marriage and family relationships
* Motivation to adopt
* Expectations for the child
* Feelings about infertility (if this is an issue)
* Parenting and integration of the child into the family
* Family environment
* Physical and health history of the applicants
* Education, employment and finances-including insurance coverage and child care plans if needed
* References and criminal background clearances
* Summary and social worker's recommendation.


There is NO WAY she'll be adopting a child. NO WAY.

Anonymous said...

We've begun the process of adopting and aside from the extensive interviews that my husband and I will have to go through, our young children, friends, family, etc will be interviewed as well. They want to see stability, a network of stability and love. If my sister was to say that she didn't feel it was appropriate for us to adopt or that she felt we wouldn't be ready for the challenges of adoptive parenting, there is a good chance we wouldn't pass a home study.
A home with blood-stained floors, red bull and lucite heels strewn about wouldn't bode well for her homestudy. This is laughable.

I wish that someone close to TT would sell her out and do a tell all with a tabloid or something... wouldn't that be interesting.

Anonymous said...

We have friends who adopted 2 children. One at a time. They're both teachers and they didn't tell anyone, anything, untill the adoption went through. There was no bragging,like tila, just sheer joy when it all went through.
Other friends of ours are foster parents, they have to go to classes and have random in home checks. It's not a walk in the park.
As serious as this issue is, the ordering a kid from McD's comment struck me funny, and I've got the church giggles now. I can't stop! I don't dare look at the Leprechaun again. Then I'll really be rollin'!

Anonymous said...

we allow self professed gangsters and thugs and what i consider to be dirty politicians write on gg. The only criteria is that they write positive inspirational blogs to those that follow them. Jesus hung with the winos? I am sensitive to the negative responses to Tila but i stand by our policy to be a place where we allow everyone who has positive words (and a lot of followers) to express them. If u don't like Tila and its clear many of you think she's beyond redemption, then don't waste your energy, it compromises your ability to love ,and it promotes sickness and cancer in your body Russell Simmonsa few seconds ago | reply

Anonymous said...

Tila cries foul about "haters" having nothing better to do and the fact that we call her on her shit means we are losers.

As someone who started bleeding profusely in the first trimester of a pregnancy and had the doctor write "spontaneous abortion" on my chart...I know what if feels like to think you are about to lose a much wanted child.

Thankfully, I was lucky and didn't actually lose the baby, she's now almost 15 and the light of my life.

But those 12 hours spent lying in that hospital bed waiting to find out whether or not I had lost my baby were the worst of my entire life and I will never forget how it felt.

That Tila can just throw around being pregnant, miscarrying and being pregnant again is an insult to anyone who has suffered a REAL miscarriage.

If she really wants children at all, it's obvious that it's only for publicity and that makes me want to puke.

Kids are not playthings, accessories or attention seeking devices, they are fucking PEOPLE.

I used to feel sorry for her, but I can't anymore. Even if by some miracle she gets herself help and cleans up her act, I will still always think she's just doing it for publicity.

There is no hope for this sad excuse of a human being.

Sonja said...

We all know on here Tila is mentally unstable and she is not adopting any kid from ANYWHERE. She is not now nor has she been pregant.

Tila said she found out the Russian agency was a fraud even though, as she tweeted a while back, it was 100% confirmed she was approved to adopt the Russian child. Now she's moving on to Oakland to adopt. SMH.

Tila can't go on like this. IMO, she's going to have a mental breakdown soon. I don't wish that on anyone but maybe that is what has to happen for her to get the help she needs.

Anonymous said...

Man, she pisses me off...

My husband and I have been trying to have a child for 15 years. It makes me angry to no end when I see this silly twit flaunting what many many people find a difficult process. I wish we could adopt, but money is an issue when trying IVF. The woman is simply a menace and if through some miracle is granted a child through adoption, turkey baster I will be really upset. For godsake, there are places you can not adopt a pet with out a background check!

Anonymous said...

Tila is a disgusting person! I really wish she would stop with all the lies about pregnancy, adopting, and her fake charity. If she were to stop and just go on and on about how great she was I will leave her alone, but until then I will keep outing her lies on serious issues.

Anonymous said...


I do enjoy your blog at showing that Tila lies. I do however not believe in the comment I seen on Facebook saying, your counting the days till she dies. That is uncalled for by anyone.

The Gnome said...

to each is own. it's a matter of time. it's not like i'm predicting the eruption of the yellowstone caldera.
i didn't say i WISH she'd die...i said i was counting down days until she DOES :) she's on the edge of a very steep cliff, and is only doing it to herself

Vanessa said...

just looking through the TilaOMG twitter....

TT is giving life advice to Lindsay Lohan, after Lindsay mentioned going to London after being hounded by paparazzi in LA/NYC or something.

@lindsaylohan I think u should stay there. Actually go somewhere far, lay low for about a year, then make a big comeback as....singer? oxox

For some reason, I don't think Lindsay will take TT

Vanessa said...

and she apparently raised over $100k for breast cancer. she just doesn't talk about being involved in charity work. bahahahaha. wish we could find her tax returns....

Lori said...

i think they just made a jab on cleveland show towards tila..they said to the daughter, "you can move to new york, get a gig here or there, do some modeling, then try to be your own agent but fail because your too stupid too....and everyone will think your weird but you still have your cats

Jacqueline said...

Omg!! That Woman in the Video is what i imagine Tila would act on daily bases. Tila she so f!cking Insane.