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Saturday, March 6

postheadericon More about Tila's "Charity"

Good morning readers!!! I was sitting here this morning trying my best to stumble through my hangover by drinking coffee, and minding my own business....when I just happened to stumble upon Tila's facebook page....fuckin thing seriously jumped right out of my was almost like....destiny....
Anyway, I'm sure as shit glad that I did....because I happened to find a precious little post from the whore that I found to be quite amusing.....

What the fuck?! It's still in the PROCESS of being set up? Oh well hell, that totally explains why we couldn't find it registered anywhere.....but see...what it DOESN'T why more than 3 months ago she was tweeting that her "Jayden's Angels" was official...

and it sure as shit doesn't explain why she was giving out her FAN MAIL address asking for and accepting donations

Oh Tila Tila Tila....this is bad.....even for you.....
As you can clearly see, here is the proof she's trying to desperately to refute....she may not have a "website asking for donations", but she's sure as shit soliciting them with an address...keep reporting you's very clearly ILLEGAL, and she's freaking out!!
Links to report the charity fraud:

UPDATE: Contrary to what Tila would like everyone to really costs very little to start a charity....

17510.4.Here are some specifications for how charities need to behave....
If the initial solicitation or sales solicitation is made
by radio, television, letter, telephone, or any other means not
involving direct personal contact with the person solicited,
including over the Internet, this solicitation shall clearly disclose
the information required by Section 17510.3. This disclosure
requirement shall not apply to any radio or television solicitation
of 60 seconds or less. If the gift is subsequently made or the sale
is subsequently consummated, the solicitation or sale for charitable
purposes card shall be mailed to or otherwise delivered to the donor,
or to the buyer with the item or items purchased.

17510.3. (a) Prior to any solicitation or sales solicitation for
charitable purposes, the solicitor or seller shall exhibit to the
prospective donor or purchaser a card entitled "Solicitation or Sale
for Charitable Purposes Card." The card shall be signed and dated
under penalty of perjury by an individual who is a principal, staff
member, or officer of the soliciting organization. The card shall
give the name and address of the soliciting organization or the
person who signed the card and the name and business address of the
paid individual who is doing the actual soliciting.


**And click HERE to know what exactly needs to be done to start
a charity