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Thursday, March 11

postheadericon Tweet Much!?

Remember back on the last day of February Tila left Twitter?  Well, we do!!!

And if you didn't get the point there she made SURE to let us know that she would NEVER get back on Twitter again, even if they PAID her.  We all know she'll do anything for money.  "Five dolla sucky sucky!!"  And with those tremendous beef curtains nothing is "too buku".

Well, as you all figured, she's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK.  And from her very own mouth.  I know, I couldn't believe she did this AGAIN.  However, it's from the horses ass mouth, not mine!

Doesn't it get old?  I mean, all of the lies?  I'm getting sick and tired of the skank.  Too bad "Jane" didn't pull the trigger to the altered air/pellet/bb gun that night...


saramb25 said...

This site is so credible! love it thanks for proving Tila to be a liar over and over again!

The Gnome said...

TRS, I love you! the end

Anonymous said...

Beef curtains??!!!!! My God, I didn't just throw up a little in my mouth, I hurled my guts straight into the middle of next week over that one. Thanks. Jesus.

Tila's words: "...for the millionth time I am not on twitter...even if they paid me to get back on I stop being fooled by the fake pages..."

After all this, she had the gall today on twitter to ask for 5,000 followers in 3 hours. Later on, she very helpfully extended the deadline because she was nowhere near getting that many. Heh, looks like even her smarmy army is getting tired of the "it's me... it's not me... it's REALLY me" bullshit. POW Yay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah she has tried the whole " get me #### numbers in # hours " bs before and it didnt work then either. So she reopened her old twitter acct. I believe most of her "followers" are probably people who just thought it was cool to follow her at one time and have since forgotten about her. Ive said it before, but 300K followers on twitter is really not alot there are far bigger celebs with millions of followers. As for her Facebook acct, it has 500k but the account was ran as a fansite long before she got control over it and all those followers were accquired from someone else. I doubt she is a popular as she thinks she is and will soon find that "restarting" her twitter account will be daunting because she is old news. Her fifteen minutes have been up for a while now and its time for her to realize it. Reality stars have a very short shelf life and if they cant parlay it into something else quickly they usually just die. Think about it how many people can you name from the survivor show?

Jacqueline said...

She is so f!ckin desperate. Soon or later the fire will burn her butt. She one time blocked me on myspace, but i got surprised why she unblocked me. ha ha...POW