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Friday, March 5

postheadericon Tila, here's your double- middle finger salute!!!

So, I just wanted to take a quick second and let you know that we're still here and seems there was a small server issue, but it has been resolved!!!

I also wanted to just briefly point out a couple of tweets that the dirty leprechaun mongrel mogul left for us(all the bloggers who feel the urge to mention her) about C&D's before she deleted her twitter....she never fails to amaze me by how fucking retarded she truly is.

Now, let's all keep in mind that she was on a rant, and trying to tweet as much as possible before her PR Team woke up and took the computer away..then tweets again and tells everyone they let her on so she could tell all those mean haters and bloggers to expect their emailed C&D's..then tweets again saying she's got to hurry and get off the computer...tsk tsk...look's like someones gonna get a spankin.. *shakes head*

Please see the next post for the C&D we received from Tila's's quite laughable really.