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Saturday, March 13

postheadericon The miscarriage hints and the troofs according to Tila....

Oh fuck me, I love waking up to happy little surprises in my inbox. This morning I was given a wonderful one!!! It's ALMOST better than Christmas....

It started at about 9 pm last night....Tila started ranting and going on an on...and on some the time I went to bed, she'd proposed to randoms, admitted she had a crush on another girl, professed her love to Casey, professed her love to strangers, pleaded for a baby daddy...lather, rinse repeat.....However, the REAL fun happened when a couple of the haters started goading her....As we all know, as soon as shit starts spewing from her mouth, you have to capture that shit because Tila freaks the fuck out and goes on a deleting frenzy....oh Tila Tila Tila, you're NOT fooling us...don't you get this...everyday while you're losing fans, we're gaining them....<3
Special thanks to @jay_lea1211 for being a fucking screen capping Jedi!!!

So you see!!! I don't want to boast about my psychic abilities again because, really, we ALL knew this was the case.....BUT WTF TILA!!! So it seems like the day mean old hater chair threw itself fell on her, it caused her to dent her head and in fact miscarry.

She also goes on to ADMIT to In Vitro in her ever eloquent way, and announces at last who the Dr. is....
What Tila doesn't understand though, is that NO doctor will do the In Vitro process with a woman who has "just suffered a miscarriage" the time Tila had this supposed miscarriage, she was supposedly 15 weeks pregnant (Remember the emails!!)

At 15 weeks, she would surely have needed a D&C....and would NOT have been flying to Australia and strutting her skanky ass around in white leggings....
Most Dr's will not even suggest doing In Vitro after miscarriage for atleast 2-3 months...however, you will get the odd one that may do it after 1 cycle....THIS IS VERY RARE!!!
You see, your body has to go back to normal...hormones have to disperse, uterus has to shrink back, etc....So Tila, we here at the Rotspot are calling bullshit again you tricky little demon-spawn. Either you're lying about the whole pregnancy before *GASP* (now THAT'D be a shocker) or you're lying about THIS pregnancy too...*GASP* ( ANOTHER shocker)....
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there is no baby know why? Because I'm a fucking genius....and a genius with a hangover has GOT to stand for something!!!

It's just come to my attention that Tila's Dr's name is not in fact DANZA, but DANZER!!! LMAO! What woman spends that kind of money on an In Vitro procedure and doesn't know her Dr's name?!

He is rated one of the top 10 fertility specialists in the country according to Parent Magazine...
stand by...we'll be finding out shortly if he "works on Sunday" as Tila stated before....
AHAHAHAHA, I gotta go take a piss from laughing so hard.

I guess this means we can officially rule out Tony Danza as the baby daddy too....whew....

UPDATE: So being the super duper awesome Jedi junior detective that I am...I actually CALLED Dr. Danzer's office personally.
I explained to them that I had just suffered a 15 week miscarriage 3 weeks ago...
The nurse I spoke with was wonderful. She was very kind, polite and knowledgeable. She was also quite shocked when I had explained that I'd suffered a miscarriage at that stage, and asked if I was still spotting or bleeding. (which you see, is ACTUALLY very normal) She informed me that they are in fact open 7 days a week, but that Dr. Danzer would not recommend starting the In Vitro process, until at least 1 full cycle had passed, AFTER bleeding had stopped completely from the miscarriage....**keep in vitro involves a lot of medications, as well as medical visits, ultrasounds, embryo transfers etc...they also advise you to not put your body through excessive stress, and to get plenty of rest....I'm pretty sure staying up until 4 or 6 am is frowned upon.**

So you see....caught again Tila dear...

For those of you who aren't familiar with the IVF process, here is what you can typically expect....
**special thanks to Stacey for condensing it for those of us with A.D.D**
How long will the treatment last?

One cycle of IVF takes four to six weeks to complete. You and your partner can expect to spend about half a day at your clinic for the egg retrieval and fertilisation procedures. You'll go back two to three days later for the embryos to be transferred to your uterus

They give u injections for 10 days and you have to be on the 3rd day of your period to start treatment

The First Steps for IVF--Bloodwork
Your doctor will want to do blood work to check your hormone levels and make sure you are free of HIV and hepatitis. Once the results of these tests are obtained, the IVF cycle can begin.
Ovarian Supression
Many clinics will have you begin injecting a drug like Lupron during the cycle before IVF. These injections suppress the ovaries to prevent them from ovulatingearly.
Ovarian Stimulation
Once your period begins, you will have an ultrasound and more blood work. You will then begin a second set of daily injections to stimulate the ovaries. You will administer both medications until egg retrieval two weeks later.
Egg Retrieval and Transfer
The night before retrieval is scheduled you will administer an injection of hCG, which will cause you to ovulate. After the eggs are retrieved, they will be fertilized and transferred back to your uterus as embryos a few days later.
Progresterone Support and Pregnancy Testing
After egg transfer, it is necessary to take progesterone until pregnancy is confirmed. From start to finish, one IVF cycle takes four to six weeks.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone in her 'bubble' informed her that her 'miscarriage' at the time she claimed would involve way more than a 1 hour trip to the hospital??
A d&c would be standard. It doesn't just go away. And she wouldn't just go trotting off to AU.
Lots of pain, lots of blood, lots of rest, etc. (I've had one was NO picnic)
Her just pushing it off as no big deal just pisses me off to no end.

I wondered when I woke up this morning what the hell happened with her 'blog' explaining everything.

Any doctor that would even think about invitro for her is insane and needs their medical license ripped from them.
She's obviously bi polar, borderline personality disorder and multiple personality disorder. (add more as you see fit)

This is beyond entertaining now, it's sick. She offends every woman that has had miscarriages, lost loved ones, and struggled with raising children on their own.

I'll never understand why someone in her 'bubble' doesn't get her some damn help. Cut her off from everyone/everything to just make that push. If she won't get help, then she's on her own.

I'm disgusted by her.

Thank you for your blogs, you're great. And, I'm loving you!!

*a twitter friend* dancerzmomma

Sarah said...

I feel like this is a really really bad version of LOST. She says she's answering questions, but that just creates more questions. Here's what I'm confused about...

She kept saying "my baby"...I thought it was twins? What happened to the other baby?

How does she even know it's twins? According to calculations wouldn't she have had to get pregnant like 4 days ago? That's too early to even tell you're pregnant, much less know it's twins...not to mention all the symptoms she's claiming to have.

How was she able to miscarry a baby and then sit on a plane for 22 hrs the very next day? And then party for 3 days straight, and then another 22+ hr. flight home.

If she's SO determined to have a baby and be healthy and do the best for her baby...why does she post on FB about eating Twinkies and beef jerky? And right after she says the reason she goes to the Dr. every other day is so he can make sure she's eating right. Is her Dr. Kirstie Alley or what?

I'm sure there are more unanswered questions, but this is all making my head spin. So many lies Tila. SO MANY LIES.

Unknown said...

both very good points ladies....
i'll be updating the blog today...let me get this coffee down...and i'll be on it! <3

Sarah said...

Just saw the update about her Dr. Okay, so we know she reads Parent Magazine while waiting in line for her Valtrex. Next time Tila, write down the name. Or just splurge and spend the $4 on the mag. This way you can remember how to spell your Dr.s name. ;)

Anonymous said...

UM-sure. But that STILL doesn't explain WHY the hell she pretended that she had a "bump" ONE WEEK AGO. Does it?

And WHY she keeps claiming symptoms that don't match-up with her time line, like MILK when she admits that she's not even pregnant enough to pass a pregnancy test if her due date is in December like she's now claiming.

And why all the "single mother" complaining??
On one hand, she's saying that she tried to get preggers, then she bemoans the "no daddy" to death.

So which is it? If she really were adopting as a single mom, she sure as HELL wouldn't complain about being a single mom-DuH.
Not even once.
Even complaining about that ONE TIME screams the fact that she does NOT want to be a single mom.

As far as adoption, I thought about that one too. Lets just assume that someone somewhere was STOOPID enough to hand a child over to Tila.....NOT SO FAST.
In order to make an adoption LEGAL, a "home study" must be completed. (also an extensive BACKGROUND CHECK).
Then it goes before a family court judge, but don't worry, Tila will NEVER get that far at the rate she's going.
IF someone TRIED to give Tila a child to adopt, does anyone really think that there is any social-worker that would give Tila the green light on the home study?
Which brings me back to Tila's Army who ask WHY sites like THIS exist, well, sites like this WILL come up in any background check.
Her OWN WORDS will exclude her from passing a background check to adopt a child.
She really is not fit to take care of a child.
Look what happened to her girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

I knew it, I predicted she would say she lost it when she dented her head, but couldn't talk about it cause it was too painful. PLEASEEE!!!!
So, why keep telling people she was pregnant? Duhhh!!!! Even if the slightest possibly she was, wouldn't it be too painful to go on the so called big concerts, I for one, couldn't do it. And BTW, a tampon couldnt hold all those baby chunks back.

Anonymous said...

VY said: This is the blog she was suppose to write but took it down. And I thought I was never going to see it *SMILE*...LMFAO! WOW! Nice! Jay I bet your fingers was ready to screen cap that shit LOL... Nice! I bet she hates you guys...uh but we make up for that with our love! This bitch don't understand...this blog has their own fucking TMZ and SHE STILL LIES!

Great Job for the post, thanx jay (aka. "At Home TMZ") for the screen cap!

Anonymous said...

I had a m/c at 15 weeks and then, two months later, was lucky enough to get pregnant with my daughter. I didn't need a d and c as I went into early labour, had contractions etc and then 'gave birth' to my baby at home. It was very, very painful (I found it more painful than my labour with my daughter at 41 weeks)and after it happened I had to go the hospital for pain medication, scans and tests. My baby was also tested to find out why it had died. I was off work for over two weeks afterwards and felt physically quite bad for a good month so I can guarantee I would have not been flying of to the other side of the world to peddle my crap music at naive children.

As I said, I did get pregnant almost two months later but I did this the 'natural' way and, having had fertility treatment in the past, I can say a dr would be VERY, VERY hesitant to proceed with IVF so soon after a second trimester miscarriage. You can be more fertile after a m/c but are usually recommended to wait a few cycle before trying again (we had had fertility treatment to get pregnant with the baby we lost, hence we did not think we would get pregnant on our so quickly).

I find it really disgusting that Tila keeps talking about how mothers that have gone thorough what she has will 'know'. Well as someone who has actually gone through it as oppose to, you know, MAKING IT UP, all I know is she is talking shit.

Anonymous said...

if had miscarried why would she say on radio it was like losing a pair of shoes. I had a blighted ovum and I needed a D&C and i was only 8 weeks pregnant. The pain was so bad afterwards i was in bed for 7 days and bleed 4 3 weeks. there is no way i could have been jumping around and rolling on the floor 2 days later, as for wearing white tights is tila crazy. A miscarriage is so much blood. If she was sat on a flight for that many hours when she stood up the blood would have been collecting and come gushing out soaking the towel which u could see she wasnt wearing one as her jeans were that tight she had camel toe

Anonymous said...

Didn't she start saying she was having twins over a week ago? But she's supposedly only been pregnant for like...3 hours.

I've seen highschool girls fake pregnancy better than this. That's no exaggeration. At least they kept their stories straight.

This is what makes me think she is either definitely on drugs or is going through some sort of psychotic/manic episode. Just the fact that she seems to think her lies are believable is indicative of a serious problem. Even someone of below average intelligence would know that you can't get away with faking 2+ pregnancies from 4+ fathers in less than a few months. She needs a lot of help.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm utterly confused. In this photo taken 6th March at the Oscar's gifting suite ( she's posing very obviously, trying to convey a baby bump. But now she's saying she's less than a month pregnant having miscarried her previous pregnancy? Just by posing as though she's pregnant, she's lying. Do her fans not understand that?

Is it seriously that easy to get IVF using a donor in America? So anyone can just wonder off the street with a chequebook and walk away pregnant with a donor regardless of their mental health, economic situation, or suitability as a parent?

Anonymous said...

You know what? Mothers DO KNOW, you retarded dwarf. We KNOW from our experiences having pregnancies, miscarriages and REAL LIVE BABIES that you are a lying delusional sack of shit.

Dr. Danzer should sue her for defamation of character for publicly announcing he'd do anything as unethical as this. He's a person with with an actual career and reputation, unlike this pathetic little Viet Cong hooker troll. Y'all should make sure someone in his office sees these screen caps.

Unknown said...

it's not as easy as tila is making it out to be, no....
a lot of doctors will perform IVF or IUI with donor sperm or eggs, without a spouse or partner. As for the mental health, you're required to do some counseling, but they basically tell you that your hormones are going to go hay-wire. really CAN buy "happiness"

Anonymous said...

Tony Danza.

I <3 you.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you as I myself have had m/c only mine was at 26 weeks so i had to go through labour and deliver my son. i did not require a d&c but there was bleeding after. alot of people are different mine only lasted 6 weeks. but for her to claim to be pregnant again after such a short time is crap! there is no way unless your baby daddy is god haha. this bitch sickens me to no end! she is a disgrace to all mothers out there who have lost a child and been through the pain. i know i wouldn't be up a partying the next day all i wanted to do was sleep! Fuckin little troll!

caddisfli said...

This is just absolutely a pathetic mess but what else do we expect from Tilatard! My heart goes out there to all the good people really dealing with these issues that she makes into a circus. She ought to be charged with impersonating a human and sent to some zoo.

Unknown said...

why would we subject those animals at the zoo to her you asshole? :P
they haven't done anything!!! you're mean!!
i love you, but you're mean! lulz...
how was the rainy parade?

Anonymous said...

Other than just checking her mental health before IVF wouldn't a drug test be required I would think? Surely she couldn't pass a drug test and if they were going to do one instead of just letting her pee in a cup the best way would be the hair test because it would yield the best results and would be less faulty. Of course that's just my opinion, I'm definitely not an expert.

Faka Dez said...

I was lucky enough to be stricken with crazy insomnia last night and I got to witness her go insane first hand. It was my first trip to the rodeo and holy fuck I was exhausted after that ride. This bitch is just too much.

Oh and I have a screen cap on my FB page from early this morning she was letting her fans ask her questions. A fan asked her if she felt the baby move and the retarded gremlin said she could feel the baby in the left side of her abdomen. Um, bitch, you're dumber than because technically conception starts before the zygote even implants in the uterus. It's not even a fucking embryo at this stage. Her 'baby' is smaller than a piece of rice. For fuck's sake.

Also, they had my cousin wait 2 cycles after an EARLY term miscarriage to begin the IVF cycles. They need to make sure that cycles are back to normal before they begin stimulating the ovaries to ready them for implantation. Most women do not get their first cycle until 4-6 weeks after miscarrying. The actual IVF process takes at LEAST 6 weeks. Dumb Fuck 'dented her skull' 4 weeks ago. So at the very MINIMUM the bitch wouldn't even be able to start the IVF process until now and the soonest she would be able to say she is pregnant is about 6 weeks from now. I just can't. This shit pisses me off beyond all belief. There are women out there who would do anything to have a baby of their own and this ratty chihuahua is making a mockery of the entire situation. Fuck you, you stupid cunt.

kris said...

First of all I would like to thank you for doing such great work exposing Tila's lies. She is hurting innocent people and that is NOT ok. I wanted to let you know I left a comment on Dr. Danzer's website informing him of Tila's claims, and posting this website as a reference since she deleted it on her website. I thought he should have a right to defend his reputation, because I don't know of many dr.'s that would perform invitro so soon after a miscarriage. Keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

Anon @ 9:32 "there is no way unless your baby daddy is god"

Don't give her any ideas. I can just picture her claiming immaculate conception next.

Faka Dez said...

Okay, I'm an idiot. I didn't see that you posted the IVF process before I went on my own little rant. Sorry, I just got a little heated.

Anonymous said...

Please keep in mind that this bitch is not nor has she ever been pregnant. Every thing that comes out of her mouth is a lie or contradiction. She has made up being pregnant several times for Attention. I seriously doubt that she ever had a miscarriage before or now.
Face it, she made up the fake baby "Jadeyn" just like she made up many of the things in her "book" to get attention and sympathy for her supposed "hard knock life." I would bet dollars to doughnuts that most if not all that shit never happened.

Anonymous said...


Someone, PLEASE take way Tila's phone and interwebs. She's annoyed me to the point that I really don't care if she keels over tomorrow.

Those That Do said...

She truly repulses me words cannot even express this, I've just lost my baby OK a REAL BABY. I was 17 weeks at the time. A D&C is not a walk in the fucking park. You are on heavy doses of not only antibiotics, methergine, and pain medications. For infection to help heal your uterus a bit faster and also for pain. Trust me when I say you aren't going anywhere and singing and dancing because you are fucking drained literally drained.

She was and never will be a Momma I don't give a fuck what excuse she will use whatever the emotional pain would be enough to not want to do a thing. But she is a lying whore OH and BTW my own doctors have recommended I wait at least six months before trying again as to get pregnant right away could lead to a miscarriage, pre-term labor with the new baby because you are not completely healed yet.

Fucking miserable lying cuntmuffin that she is... I am so happy people screenshot her shit before she deletes it...

Sonja said...

IMO, Tila was never pregnant, which we all knew, and in order to keep the "fake baby" story going Tila came up with the "fake cracked my head story" about falling off the chair, going to ER, blah, blah, blah. That was all part of the plan.

The ER only kept her for a few hours so we know it was not anything serious.

If the nitwit REALLY suffered a miscarriage and/or cracked her head open that night she would have been admitted to the hospital. Did she not think about that part when she planned this story.

IMO, to keep the baby story going, Tila MIGHT have visited a fertility doctor(which is how she got a doctor's name) to get info on the invitro process then "hinted" to us that a miscarriage had taken place the night she fell off the chair and she is now going through invitro.

Tila knew she was getting further along in her "fake pregnancy" and still no baby bump was showing and too many people called her out on it, which was the lead in to the invitro lie.

Now, Tila wants us to believe she went through invitro and alredy got pregnant A MONTH AFTER THE FAKE MISCARRIAGE and she is now pregnant with twins(is she still saying twins or has she changed it back to one baby) and the baby/babies will be born in December.

I wonder if she is going to tell Radaronline about her invitro????

The thing is, Tila tells so many lies she can't keep up with them and has to make up another lie to cover the first lie and the seconed lie and the third lie. She's in such a deep hole right now I don't think she will ever get out of it. SMH.

You guys are awesome. Keep it up. I can't wait to see her go down over the lies and exploiting minor children.

Really Tila? said...

For someone who is on the internet all of the time she obviously does not know how to use Google very well! Ohh maybe she will claim her new baby daddy is Corey Haim, then she can talk about how in love they were and how they were going to get married and start a family. Seeing as she likes to ride the coat tails of the dead.

I cannot believe she is stupid enough to tell people she can feel the baby! If she was pregnant it would be a tiny clump of cells about the size of the period at the end of this sentance. Stupid whore.

I love how she rants about God forgiving people for causing so much hurt to a single mother. She really thinks she is some sort of saint! I guess this goes with her delusion that she is sent here from God and the virgin Mary or whatever that rant was.

If she cares about being a single mom so much then why is she bothering having a fake baby? Perhaps to get sympathy from the children who think they are her phone bone friends and get them to send her money?

She obviously has no clue how much IVF even costs because we all know she is broke and even her garbage sale would not cover that!

I feel bad for her, she obviously is either very mentally ill and/or addicted to drugs.

HottyRotty said...

This cunt is making a mockery out of OUR real life experiences. Trust me, I'm not stopping until this bitch shuts the fuck up!

Sarah said...

I don't think she plans these lies at all. I think she just spews forth whatever she feels like at the moment and then when people call her out she makes up more lies to try to cover her ass. If she had some any type of planning for this she would have dome some research and she at least have SOME clue what the hell she was talking about.

I would LOVE to hear from her family about what she was like before she got "famous". Why haven't they come forward? Are they that embarrassed? I guess I can't really blame them. It would be interesting though.

@whatahotmess said...

i think we might all need a little levity this afternoon-this has been stuck in my head since the name "Tony Danza" was uttered:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your dedication to exposing the lies.

The Messiah complex that she has recently developed is rather disturbing.

But what I would love to know is why her new PR team doesn't tell her to seek help? She can't be making them any money at the moment, so that can't be the excuse for not helping.

I know Tila reads here, so I will say: Please get help. You need it.

Anonymous said...

What a shit stain! How can ANYONE other than 13 year old girls believe this nonsense? It reminds me of this 13 year old girl I went to middle school(she was bipolar) constantly said stuff like this. She is now 28 and a highly secured mental health ward.

Anonymous said...




Birdie said...

Yep, in agreement with everything Sonja wrote.

Anonymous said...

The comments above echo my feelings and thoughts about her fake miscarriage and pregnancy so I won't comment on that, 'nuff said.

My comment is about how she says that "God" blessed her with new babies etc. *That* insinuates that "God" is ignoring or punishing other truly good people who really are trying to have a child but, of course, Tila is being rewarded for her behavior.

Tila knows how to insult people on so many levels in just one posting.

And how is it that WE are the ones with no lives when she is online every single weekend all night long and her "three friends" don't seem to care when she is upset or alone LOL

Her crazy fans also say we have no lives yet they are the ones who defend her and support a person they have never even met. It never even occurs to them that mostly people post while at work on our downtime. Her fans are not even old enough to have employment.

Anonymous said...

1MFAO at that bitch!

K said...

I've never commented on these sites, but I've been following Tila since her infamous u-stream video with disgust. But today I'm compelled to say this, and it's an echoing statements to the brilliance of The Tila Truth (For giving the hard core straight facts) and Spiked Tequila (for her snarky delivery of the goods) and to you over here at the Rot Spot, for never missing a single second of crazy and delivering it Stephen Colbert style. She really can't sink any lower (Is there anything lower then Tila Tequila?) and she really needs to learn how to lie. My eight year old cousin would be able to convince me more she was pregnant (I'm not sure she knows where babies come from yet and I'm sure her mother wants to keep it that way for awhile)

I'm not going to rant, as so many wonderful people have done before me, but this psycho needs to go down and thanks to all of you for helping spark it.

Followingtila said...

I was up (well in bed but watching the lies unfold) and one of the reasons im sure that she deleted the post was the comments.

Myself and someone called "Nora" who wrote a great comment, basically told her she was low life scum for treating pregnancy like its something you get at a corner store, and a miscarriage is not something to just pass over like you lost a football game...

Stupid disrespectful slut!

Ohhh and maybe she is having invitro or that crap but this stupid Hater...put the lines together and you were NEVER Pregnant!!!

Tess Deco said...

No matter what she claims now ..Tila is a liar! She continued to say she was pregnant long after her infamous fall from the chair and head dent.

Besides ..why would Tila need In Vitro? In Vitro is a very lengthy and expensive process for women who cannot conceive on their own. After hormone therapy, ovum (eggs) are harvested and then fertilized in a lab. Then the fertilized eggs are introduced into the woman's uterus ..hoping they will implant.

Let's say Tila was actually pregnant in January ..then obviously she is fertile and CAN conceive on her own. She would not need In Vitro. She could simply buy frozen sperm and be inseminated. (ugh! ..that visual just made me nauseous).

Notahater said...

I'm lucky to have never suffered a miscarriage, I don't know much about miscarriage or in vitro, I'm glad that we have so many people on board that know what they're talking about when it comes to all that, even if they had to learn it under the worst circumstances imaginable. I am a mother, however, I have a six-year-old son, conceived naturally, with my husband. And while I didn't miscarry, I know that after birth, you are very much supposed to leave your reproductive organs alone for six weeks minimum. I can't imagine that it's much different when you miscarry, as your doctor will strongly recommend that you allow your body to heal properly. No tampons as you bleed, which I did for weeks after, no sex, and so...just based on common sense, if every doctor recommends that you don't have sex for six weeks after a pregnancy ends...a doctor isn't going to impregnate you within that time period either, through in vitro. It seems to me that if you had an accident so severe, that you lost your child (especially from just bumping your head), your womb would be particularly fragile for a good long while, and any doctor that's worth a damn would not support a pregnancy again so soon, as it could lead to another miscarriage. Not to mention how emotional it would all be, a real mother has to mourn the loss of the child they were so excited about, and wouldn't be in such a rush to replace that baby, especially in such a risky situation.

It's sick that every baby she pretends to bring into her life is going to be named Jayden. You can't replace one child with another. From the "chunks" baby when she was a teenager, to the pretend one last year, the pretend ones this year, even the adopted one. Tell a doctor that and I don't care how much you're paying him. He ain't helping you have another Jayden.

She's full of shit.

Anonymous said...

hold me closer, dr. danzaaaa.

Sarah said...

Notahater I'm SO with you on that one. I've always thought it was so strange that all her "babies" were/are named Jayden. WHO DOES THAT?! She's so far beyond rational thinking. Rock bottom is very very close for Tila. As much as I can't stand what she's doing, I really hope it doesn't end tragically. I really hope she will get help and just go off somewhere and live a quiet happy life.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to know what 'hold' she has over her team of ass kissers. (Mr. Bradshaw, Leo, CARLTON, whoever her non-PR people are, etc)
Certainly they have to roll their eyes at her. But what is it that they are staying by her side??
We hear she's broke, so what is it?

I wish Shawne M would speak out via his PR people about her Twitter/Facebook rants.

But then again, it's better that he doesn't. No attention to her = doesn't feed the monster she is.

She obviously doesn't have more mental capacity of a 13 year old, that's why she loves the attention from the teen boys and girls.

And as for her family, even if they disowned her long ago, there's got to be someone that can get a hold of her and force her into rehab or something.
Wonder what happened to her "Moving to Texas"?? I bet someone in the family reached out to her and offered her help. She must have considered it, but didn't like the conditions they placed on her.

And as for her claim of 'twins'...I'm betting the house that she talked to this IVF doctor, probably got explained to her that they implanted multiple eggs, and she took that and ran with the twins theory.

I'm also betting the house that there is no IVF treatments going on, and another lie will come up to try and cover for this current lie.

I'd still love to smack her into oblivion for making light of miscarriages. And I'd love her to feel the pain of a real one.

Worthless bitch.
Like the other poster said, she goes on and on how 'God blessed her'....that pisses me off to no end.

Remember when she was 'calling out' The Game and Avante using the "Bloods" call??
I am positive that didn't sit well with the real bloods...and she probably can't show her self out in public after that.

Shes a damn walking contradiction and it's pitiful. SOMEONE in her circle needs to be ashamed of themselves for not helping her.


Housewifehater said...

Uh-OH. If its true that Danzer, Dr Hal Danzer is Tila's fetility doctor, well, it looks like Danzer was MICHAEL JACKSON/DEBBIE ROWE's fertility doc.
OK-JACKSON'S children turned-out ok, as far as we can tell, but if they have any chance at being "normal" its cause they were raised by a nanny, and the JACKSONS have unlimited financial resources to protect those children.

Housewifehater said...

oh-there's the link to Dr. Danzer, as Jackson's fertility Doctor.

Sonja said...

I posted earlier but after that I was thinking why would Tila even need Invitro. I came back to this blog later and saw the comment from Tess Deco.

This is part of her comment....."Let's say Tila was actually pregnant in January ..then obviously she is fertile and CAN conceive on her own. She would not need In Vitro. She could simply buy frozen sperm and be inseminated".

Thank you Tess, thank you...I didn't know how to put it into those exact words but you did it for me. I swear you read my mind. LOL.

caddisfli said...

@ The Gnome- No worries I checked with the monkeys and they said they would be happy to fling their shit at her every day...see I'm not mean :P

and the rainy parade was wet LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article posted today about Tila "confirming" her drug use and other stuff.,0,7493040.story

It starts off:

Tila Tequila had looked everywhere, but she could not find her pills. ¶ "I need to take my medication. My happy pills," she said, as she pushed aside some of the empty Red Bull cans that were strewn about her Studio City house. She wouldn't name the medication but explained, "Just so much has been going on, my doctor has been giving me stuff to help me cope."

Unknown said...

that was a very well written article....i especially like the fact that they didn't make her out to be a martyr or role model.
it's nice to know that others see her the same way we all do

Notahater said...

Yeah I liked the article, too. The last paragraph, it's like she's admitting to being as dramatic and crazy as we've been saying all along. She's alone, and at night she goes insane, posting a bunch of mess, and it gives her a "high" because of the attention. I hope fans will take it more seriously now that it's coming from a reputable news source like the LA Times, and not like, D-Listed.

Sonja said...

@Anon 4:40 PM,
I read the article but I don't have one bit of sympathy for Tila.

A lot of people have went and are still going through hard times, celebs, near celebs and ordinary people but they don't continuously keep lying to the public.

There is no sane reason for this habitual lying. Tila's credibility is zero in my book.

HottyRotty said...

@Sonja: Right there with you. I have NO SYMPATHY for a fucktard like her. I'm over it. It was funny and shit at first. But, it's gotten stupid. And I can't wait until something changes. She's a mean, manipulative bitch...

Anonymous said...

AFTER her stupid lil australia tour, she did give radaronline an interview saying that she had NOT miscarried and was still pregnant... AND BTW, if she did recently get preg again, then how did she get the bump so early on this time ard.. rem how she was flaunting her fake bump in qvc video??

lmao the truth is there was no baby to begin with... u guys r surely trapping the bitch in her lies. GREAT WORK!!!

Anonymous said...

The L.A. Times piece was well written. I'm glad it came from something other than a gossip blog. Tila is messed up, we all see it. She knows she is messed up...hopefully this will all lead to a change. I'm sick of tuning in to see her flail. I wish she would get real to herself and us and just move on to be a stronger person. She's already humiliated herself beyond belief. Get better Tila.

Anonymous said...

I think all commenters here should contact Dr. Danzer and question his ethics in regards to inseminating a woman who a simple Google search would have told him was not a candidate at this time due to an existing pregnancy 3 weeks ago that ended in "miscarriage". Now, of course, we all know that he didn't do this, or if he did, it was to a Tila who had not been pregnant, but my point is that if we hold him responsible for what looks like very unethical behavior on his part, he will likely go public with what really happened and hopefully have his lawyer draw up and C&D on her to stop her lies and besmirching his good name! POW!

According to the invitro instructions, it seems she would have to wait for one full cycle, and she'd start treatment on 3rd day of that cycle. Let's say it takes one month for her cycle to return (I know, not likely, but let's say anyway). Now she starts the hormone treatment on that 3rd day. That would mean February 12 she had the miscarriage. Her cycle started March 5. March 8 (the third day of her period) is the soonest she can expect to begin IVF. She will undergo 10 days of injections, starting March 8 and ending March 18. Egg retrieval is 2 weeks after the last period, so March 19 is the first opportunity to retrieve the eggs and inseminate them. On March 21 or March 22 the embryos will be returned to the uterus. A baby conceived March 21 will be due Saturday December 12, 2010.

A few things Tila didn't consider with her miscarriage story.

1. TMZ has a great video of her being wheeled into the ER. Note the demeanor of the EMTs accompanying her. There is no hurry. There is no sense of life or death attached to their arrival or their transport into the hospital. Anytime a pregnant woman is in an accident, no matter what month of pregnancy, there is ALWAYS urgency. ALWAYS. ERs see a ton of pregnant women, and they know that even though the woman appears fine, the baby might not be, particularly if a steel chair fell on the abdomen. If Tila was really pregnant, they would have RUSHED her into ER, they would not wait at the front desk, but instead she would be rushed to a room and she'd be swarmed with doctors and nurses. She was released only a couple hours later, so that means she was in active miscarriage when the EMT arrived and there's no way they'd be so casual about it. She'd be writhing in agony on the gurney, she'd be crying and hysterical. She's none of those things in the video.

2. Also, back to the demeanor of the medics. They are very calm, no sense of urgency because they've taken Tila's vitals enroute. Her vitals are normal, her pupils are reactive. There is no emergency. There is no concussion. There is no miscarriage.

3. But let's say Tila had one of the those miracle one-hour, pull-up-to-the-drivethrough-window miscarriages (would you like fries with your McMiscarriage?), there is NO WAY any doctor, not even Dr. Kevorikian, would allow her to board a 22 hour flight. You see, a miscarriage means you're discharging large clots of blood. Blood clotting at 10000 feet is extremely dangerous and very life threatening. The possibility of a woman 2 days past miscarriage suffering fatal clotting complications is through the roof. I wish I had the presence of mind to call the airlines last month and warn them that she just had a miscarriage and wasn't medically fit to fly.

Awww. That felt better. Next time a take a poop, I'm going to look in the toilet as I flush, and bid goodbye to my Tila miscarriage.

boytoy said...

tila was with her family during x-mas there is a couple videos on her website of her during that time, one with her nephew shopping on boxing day and before that there is a video for at her parents house during x-mas. Tila wrote a x-mas blog saying she was in texas from dec 24-26 and again on dec 30th.

Sarah said...

So she's still in touch with her family? I wonder if they know the full extent of what's going on with her. Surely the don't...otherwise they'd do something...right?

Sonja said...

Anonymous 6:38 PM said in part...
"I think all commenters here should contact Dr. Danzer and question his ethics in regards to inseminating a woman who a simple Google search would have told him was not a candidate at this time due to an existing pregnancy 3 weeks ago that ended in "miscarriage".

I hear what you are saying but I don't think this doctor took on Tila as a patient.

Like I said before I think she MIGHT have talked to him as someone who just wanted info, like a consultation type of thing.

IMO, this doctor is not going to risk his reputation getting involved with Tila and ACTUALLY give her Invitro under her fake circumstances. He would be a fool to do that.

But IMO, he should be made aware if Tila is ACTUALLY using his name and saying he did, in fact, give her Invitro when that is not the case.

We all know how Tila lies. I just can't see this doctor doing this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

K it's obvious to all of us that she WASN'T PREGNANT and DIDN'T HAVE A MISCARRIAGE in recent months. However, I wouldn't be surprised if (as we speak) she is desperately trying to get pregnant to prove us haters wrong...

Makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

The mysterious thing about all of The Tila is WHO IN THE FUCK is backing her financially?

What was the deal with the Bloods, Joe Francis, and on and on? Makes no sense. There is a picture of her exiting the studio where Dr. Dre and The Game were working out of. That's weird. Joe Francis has claimed to be her working partner until recently. WTF?

I wish someone would do an interview with those who knew her when; like family and people she has a history with in Texas. Why don't any of these people do something to help her or at the very least make a statement exonerating themselves for having tried?

It is this idea that she is totally abandoned while losing her shit that really makes people go "hmmmm."

Sarah said...

Anon @ 8:06 I agree with you...however I believe she's extremely broke so I don't see her getting in vitro or artificial insemination, or anything like that. I also don't see her being able to trick anyone into sleeping with her after the way she's dragged others' names through mud. So really her only options are to somehow inseminate herself (turkey baster + homeless dude's sperm) find a young fan to sleep with her. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Something is way wrong with this picture and the fake pregnancy is basically redundant at this point. Girl is way gone. I think that what fuels the Tila machine now is the idea of checking her ass for being a compulsive liar, ad hominem. Fame whoring is sick and wrong and it leads me to wonder what is wrong with the rest of us who are following Tila.

The whole thing makes me sad.

ihatethereforeiam said...

Ok so the big question is...Who wins the chunk cup?!

Anonymous said...

isn't in vitro expensive? and isn't tila broke?

Anonymous said...

Tila's a broke ass bitch.

Anonymous said...


My point about all of us contacting Dr. Danzer is that you and I know he is an ethical doctor, but the way Tila works and tries to destroy people, she can already be well on her way to doing just that. If we contact him and let him know that if he did inseminate Tila, how wrong that is. That would get his attention and hopefully he'll come forward, deny any knowledge of the leach and give us all another well needed laugh at her expense. It might be inconvenient for the dr. to field our calls, but I think bringing this to his attention is way more important to his career after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Watch her try and throw this doctor under the bus>

"He messed up the process so now i have no baby"

Anonymous said...

I, too, think that people should contact this doctor.


1) If he DOESN'T have her as a patient, he will be forced to act because her lies are indeed "defamation of character" if he considers himself to be an ethical practitioner.

2) If he DOES have her as a patient, and does consider himself an ethical practitioner, he might reconsider because of the negative publicity it will attract. As a mother-to-be, if I had to go to an IVF doctor I most certainly WOULD NOT go to one who would consider doing IVF right after a second-trimester miscarriage. NO FUCKING WAY.

Anonymous said...

No surprises here.

I just feel bad for the doctor you guys are going to bug the shit out of now. Other than Tila's six fans, no one is even paying attention to this and you guys are going to harass the fuck out of this poor guy and take up his office's time.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't suggest anyone 'bug the shit' out of him. I suggest people call and tell him what is going on, in a way that will get his attention. You don't think Tila is capable of ruining lives and reputations? Do the names Shawn Merriman and Casey Johnson ring a bell? I can assure you, if I was a noted doctor, and people started calling me informing me that some no-good media whore is using my good name, and let me add, tarnishing my good name, you better believe I want to take the time to take those calls and investigate this further.

There are 71 comments. Let's just say, there are actually 50 people making those comments, that's 50 people who are aware of this doctor's name put in a negative light. What about the other people the thousands of 'followers' she has on Twitter and Facebook who may have saw her post and now either believe this doctor has done something highly unethical, or believe he's an idiot for not realizing she's a lying sack of shit and will throw him under the bus. Either way, he doesn't come out looking good.

He needs to protect himself in a way Casey and Shawn were unable to. In a way all the accused baby daddies were unable to. In a way the next victim of Tila's lies might not be able to. Is it a matter of life and death, I don't know, we don't have Casey here to answer that question. Did Tila kill Casey? I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me if she did something, like withhold her meds out of spite or stupidity.

How long do you think Shawn Merriman has to live with the rep as an abuser of women? How far has his credibility sunk in the view of the general public who may not know the true Tila?

A fine doctor who has helped countless couples and 'single mommys' may find his practice in jeopardy because of the rants of a mad woman.

The Keeper said...

In the LA Times article did anyone else notice that RazB said Tila had already given him a "hefty advance". What the hell? Where did that come from? How hefty is hefty?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you might be be interested in this: she tweeted Chris Brown saying she supports him. Would a battered woman support a woman beater? Hell fucking no. (And she's still saying she won that case, even though there settlement of BOTH their law suits was supposed to be private. Poor Shawn Merriman. Got caught up in her crazy)

Anonymous said...

How completely batshit crazy does one have to be to have Joe Francis disown them?

Anonymous said...

In the LA Times article it even says

"the 28-year-old reality television star and tabloid mainstay -- born Thien-Thanh Thi Nguyen"

I don't know why she denies that that is her real name!

Anonymous said...

People should leave the Dr alone. Tila didn't even get his name right, calling him Dr Danza.

We don't believe that she is even pregnant so why believe that she even goes to him? It just doesn't make sense!

So leave the poor Dr alone!

Sarah said...

If I were a Dr. I would want to know if some crazy bitch was claiming I inseminated her under extremely shady circumstances. I vote for emailing him though, instead of calling.

Anonymous said...

You guys are talking like Dr. Danzer is ethical himself.
didn't any of you see my post above?
He was named as Michael Jackson's fertility Doc.
Thankfully, those children look ok on the outside, and seem ok, but you have to worry about being raised with a person like Jackson who had serious drug problems--also, they sure have not had a normal life.
My point is that it doesn't look to me like Danzer cares very much about the children he creates.
Ha ha-I'm sure the kids are happy they are born, vs. not being born, but still.
Fertility Doctors don't really give a crap about women's health, those fertility drugs are brutal, and I'm sorry to say, the treatment causes a lot of problems, some fatal, for the women who want to be moms.
Maybe Tila really is doing fertility treatment?
That would explain her bizarre behavior lately- a bad reaction to the hormones.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh! You guys who are so worried about the Doc's rep better include Anon 10:53's post when you email him. They're going to ruin him just like Tila! zomg! Call him quick! Save the world!!

Jacqueline R said...

Me as a mother, I feel very pissed with all her stupid lies about kids. She couldn't even say the words straight to the point, that she had a "miscarriage" other than twisting them. Women who have had Miscarriage and had probs with their pregnancy will never support you Tila . You need to fix your brain Cell before you get IVF.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to thank you TilasRotSpot for addressing this slap in the face that many women, myself included, recieved from this heinous "thing"(I do not even feel comfortable referring to it as a person anymore). When I read what had been posted by her it torn me up inside and I sorry to have to say that I am not alone on that, to all the other women who posted and have gone through these true tragedies Hig Hugs and my love to you all. Again Thank You SOOOmuch for calling out this most wicked of lies, one of the many reasons this is one of my favorite sites, you do not let any of it get past and For that MAJOR KUDOS,I can only imagine the headaches it must cause. ~K