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Monday, March 15

postheadericon Just a quickie...

Hello readers. Just wanted to show this to everybody real quick.

So the other day (early morning) when Tila wrote that blog about having a miscarriage, any of us "haters" who were awake were sent into severe WTF mode. The lol started flying left and right.

Our friend Tila Meth, Tila "hater" and perpetual bad ass, took it upon herself to email the Southern California Reproductive Center where Tila's supposed Doctor, Dr. Danza works.

Oh shit, wait. I mean Dr. Danzer. MY BAD, GUYS. Anyway, here's the email she sent them:

And here's the response:

At least one month? Tila was attacked by that chair on February 13. That means TODAY it has been 30 days. Sorry, Tila, it just hasn't been long enough, and that's straight from the people who are SUPPOSEDLY doing your IVF. They'd prefer you to wait until you've gone through AT LEAST one full cycle post-miscarriage, and you'd probably still be in that cycle.

Yes, I know we've been though this. But so many people still don't get it, and I thought you'd like to see the email for yourselves. You can read here what to expect with IVF.


TilaOMGSTFU said...

You're forgetting that Tila is special and has all kind of money she can throw at these people so that they will do what she wants! ;)